My Stepmother, My Fuck Toy

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My dad divorced my mom for a slut half her age when I turned 18. Her name was Cindi Carter and she used to be a model when she was in her early twenties, but more recently she was just living off my dad.

Although dad pretended to like Cindi for her personality, I knew all along he only liked her for pussy and big tits. She was just was your typical blond bimbo slut whose interests revolved about shopping, clothes and whatever lame TV show was on network television the night before. The thought that I might have to share my dad’s personal fortune with her made me want to vomit. Not to mention that she had tried to turn me against my own mother by saying things like “she didn’t love him anymore”. What a fucking joke. My father was one of the most successful property investors the city had ever seen and my mother was in total love with him despite the fact that he was always away traveling.

One night while Dad was in Shanghai for the second time that year and Cindi was attending her aerobics class, I was home in my room, smoking a joint and watching some pornos I bought in Chinatown. They were pirated discs that featured compilations of different scenes from old porns. The quality wasn’t that great, but what could you expect for five dollars each?

Half-way through my fourth beer, a scene came on that looked like any other. A big stud with long hair, muscular arms and a ten inch cock was rubbing down some blond whore in the shallow end of a pool sunk in beside a Hollywood mansion. The Fabio lookalike turned the chick around to face the camera and I couldn’t help to notice that she bore an unusual resemblance to a younger version Cindi.

The girl in the video was about 18, but her pout, thick, bee stung lips and blue eyes were unmistakably my stepmother’s. Her 34C tits were hung in a rainbow bikini that matched the tiny thong that rode up between her ass cheeks.

The more the camera dwindled on Cindi, the more I could tell it was her. I turned up the volume as a barely legal Cindi reached for the guy’s cock and swallowed as much of it as she could. The guy must have hated Cindi as much as I did, because he pounded her mouth like it was a pussy. I turned up the volume and could hear Cindi gurgling on his cock. I laughed out load when ‘Fabio’ turned her right around and jammed the full length of his cock up her asshole.

I ejected the disc and went downstairs to the living room. Cuing up Cindi’s scene on dad’s full 56 inch plasma TV, I waited for her to come home.

When she finally arrived about ten minutes later, I called her into the living room.

“I have to put my bags down! Wait a second!” She yelled.

I gave her a five minutes and called her again.

“I have to make a phone call!”

I turned the TV to cable and watched the basketball game as Cindi finished. About twenty four minutes later, I called her into the living room again and she arrived the snottiest look on her face.

“What is so important?” She asked.

“Look, I wanted to show you this disc.” I said, pressing play.

Cindi looked at the screen. “Are you watching porn?” she asked, noting the pool, the Hollywood mansion and cheap video stock.

“Keep watching…”

“You better not be showing me porn you little creep!” Cindi hissed.

Suddenly her face turned cold as she recognized her younger self naked on-screen.

“Pretty cool huh?” I asked.

“Where did you get this?”

“Why? Have you seen it?”

“No. I never saw it. I don’t watch this stuff.”

I laughed. “It’s pretty good. I only watched up to the part where your asshole got gaped, but I thought we could see the rest together.”

“That’s not me!” She protested.

“Really? Then how come you and her have the same mole on your back?”

“How dare you think that slut is me!”

“Well, she has the same voice, the same face and the same birth mark…”

She shuddered. She knew she was in trouble.

“Your face is turning red.”

“Please Robbie…”

“I want you out of the family.”

“What?” Her eyes lit up. “No way!”

“Divorce my father. Just say it was a mistake to marry him.”

“No!” She pleaded. “I love him!”

I turned to the screen. After “Fabio” had finished with Cindi’s ass, he put it back in her mouth. I laughed immaturely. “Wow, you are such a whore! You look like pendik escort you’re enjoying that shit covered cock in your mouth.”

“When your dad gets back from China, there’s going to be hell to pay.” Cindi said, putting a finger in my face.

“For you maybe. Dad’s going to really love this. How many videos did you make?”

Cindi stammered. “Look… I… told you. That’s not me!”

“Well then, I’ll have to anonymously send this to dad so he can judge for himself. I’m sure he’ll be interested in using his contacts to determine the exact identity of the actress.”

“Please Jason!!! Don’t do it! Don’t give that tape to your father. I was a porn star, sort of- I did adult films while I was trying to get other modeling work. But, I don’t want to model anymore. I’m 29. I’m too old for that lifestyle. Your dad takes care of me now and I take good care of him.”

“He’ll divorce you when he finds out you were a porn star, so you don’t have to agree to divorce him now anyway.”

Cindi tried not to cry.

I looked back at the video on-screen to catch her bobbing head pumping the anonymous guy’s cock to a polish.

“You do that really well, Cindi.” I said. “Do it to me and maybe I won’t show dad the tape.”

“No!” Cindi recoiled. “That’s disgusting!”

I smiled. My teenage hormones were raging as I watched her as she considered her dilemma: Become a sex slave to me, or get divorced and lose her legal right to leech.

“Get undressed slut.” I ordered.

“Robbie. Don’t- Please…”

“Do it!”

I turned back to the screen just in time to catch her younger self get a face load of cum dumped on her nose.

“Please Robbie… I just want a normal life…”

“Take your top off and suck my dick cunt. I won’t ask you again.”

After a long moment of hesitation, Cindi pulled her shirt up over her head. Her large breasts were barely contained by her black lace bra. They looked even fuller than they appeared on the video.

Cindi unclipped her bra, revealing the rest of her tits including frosty pink nipples. The way she stripped seemed like she had done it a few times before.

“Your pants too. And turn around.”

Cindi turned around as slow as molasses. Stepping out her pants, she was now completely naked except for a small pink thong that vanished between her round ass cheeks.

“Bend over.”

“You little punk!” She replied, not complying. “Your dad is going to have your ass for this!”

“Who is he going to believe? You Or me?”

Cindi gave me one last dirty look before she bent over, pushed her thong to the side and lifted her ass cheeks apart for me. I stared deeply at her completely shaved pussy and asshole.

“You know Cindi, I’ve never even seen a live pussy for real until now.”

Cindi started to shake and put her hands on the floor for support.

“I’m going to take your pussy…” I continued.

Walking up behind her I inspected her holes. They were inches from my face as I started to roughly poke at Cindi’s cunt hole.

“Ouch!” She moaned. “That fucking hurt! Be gentle if you’re going to touch me there!”

“Shut up cunt!” I barked, slapping her ass. “If I want to stuff a fucking red-hot iron up your cunt I will and you’ll fucking it take it like the slut you are! I’ve got my own little porno star in the house now to teach me about fucking and we’re going to get started right now. Got it Cindi? Or should I call you ‘mom’ like you wanted me to?

Cindi gasped, but said nothing.

“Now stand up and face me!”

Cindi regained her posture and turned around, but her eyes were closed.

“Open your eyes slut!”

She could barely open them. Her eyelids fluttered in short bursts like hummingbird wings. I grabbed her by the left nipple and twisted it cruelly. She shrieked in pain. “Oh God!… Why did you do that?”

“There’s lots of stuff I know about how to make you hurt without leaving a mark, mom. When dad gets home from his trip I don’t want any evidence on you”

Cindi rubbed her shoulder vigorously. “God, that hurt!”

“Now are you going to behave?”


“Get on your knees and stick your tongue out please.”

She got on her knees and did so. “Look at me while I use your mouth.”

She held her tongue out. It was long and pointed. I undid my pendik escort belt and trousers and pulled them down along with my boxers. My cock sprang out immediately. It was hard and proud, standing at full attention for Cindi’s mouth.

I could tell she was fighting back tears.

My cock was a good seven inches and pretty thick for my age. It was also uncircumcised and covered with hair and fuzz balls from my shorts. I promptly wiped it clean onto Cindi’s warm, waiting tongue.

“Thanks Mom. You’re really good at cleaning cocks. Now swallow!”

Cindi retracted her tongue into her mouth. When it re-emerged it came back clean.

“Taste good?”

“No!” she replied.

“Oh, I almost forgot-” I said, turning my back to her and opening my cheeks this time. “Lick my asshole clean too.”

She began to plead.

“Just get used it to. You’ll have to do it a lot.”

“Oh, god, it’s disgusting! Even your dad doesn’t make me do that!”

“Do it!”

“But it smells!” Cindi protested.

“Do it!”

“I’m…” She was desperately looking for an excuse. “I’m not very good at fletching.”

“I’m sure you’re fine, Mom.” I couldn’t help but laugh again. “I’m sure you’re great.”

Having exhausted her excuses, I could finally feel Cindi’s tongue probing my shit hole. It was hesitantly probing the surface of my anus.

“Put it deep in there.”I said, encouraging her. “That feels great mom!”

I could feel her tongue breaking the seal of my asshole. “Swirl your tongue around mom!”

Her tongue moved in circles inside my shit tunnel. I thought it was cool for her to be eating my shit after having given me so much of hers. Regardless, I could barely believe the tongue up my ass was attached to the same cunt who had bitched and moaned that I didn’t separate whites from darks last laundry day or said I couldn’t go out with Sheila Henderson because she might give me ‘herpes’. Or walked around barely naked in front of my guy friends and flirted with them.

When I was satisfied with the ass licking, I flipped over onto my back and ordered her onto my cock. But first I told her to thank me for allowing her pussy to be the first to slide down my dick.

She winced. “Wouldn’t you like your first time to be special Robbie? I mean, isn’t there someone who you’d really like to share your first time with? A girl your own age?”

I laughed. She should have thought of that before she fucked up my plans with Sheila.

I held my cock up for her to crouch down on. “Say it…”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you, what?”

“Thank you for letting me be the first person to fuck your cock-” she blurted.

I laughed. “Wow, you are a natural slut aren’t you? We’re going to have some fun times together.”

I put my hands up to her tits as she positioned my hard cock against the opening of her pussy. I could feel her pussy dripping down over my cock-head. “Wow, mom, I didn’t expect you to be so wet-“

She face turned redder than it ever was that evening. “It’s a natural, physiological response.” She reasoned.

“You were touching me in a lot of sensitive spots.” I moved my fingers from her tits to her pussy lips, finally resting them on the little nib just above the opening of her cunt.

“Like there?”

“Oh God!” She twitched, lowering herself on my cock. I had heard about something called the clit from my older friend Dave, he said chicks go crazy when you touch it. I guess I found Cindi’s.

She shut her eyes, soaking up the pleasure my thick cock gave her pussy.

“You know… You are a little bigger than your dad.”

As she started to bounce on my cock, her titties knocking against my open hands,

“You can come inside me,” she moaned, “I’m on the pill.”

I grunted and put a hand on her ass cheek. Moving my fingers towards her asshole, I scoop some of her pussy juice onto it and slip a finger inside.

“You don’t need that there right now.” she says.

“I’m going to fill all your holes cunt.” I answer, putting my other finger in her mouth. Her tits continued to swing above me and I caught her left breast in my mouth and sucked on the nipple.

As I felt her pussy tighten, I pushed my finger deeper into her shit-hole. I buried it it in there, knuckle deep. A drop of sweat fell from her brow to my smooth chest. pendik escort Finally, her cunt started to quiver and she began to cum.

Moaning, she exploded in an orgasm, all the while, crying and asking me to forgive her.

Forgive her for what? I wonder, realizing she’s my slut now.

She and I slept in our own beds that night, but I couldn’t fall asleep. My cock constantly woke me up and my dreams were filled with what I was going to do with Cindi for the next three days.

The next day after school I met up with a bunch of guys who I hung out with in the neighborhood. I invited them back to my place for beers. They couldn’t believe it.

“Your mom lets you drink beer in the house?” One of the guys, Leroy asked.

“Of course. My mom, well, she’s really my step-mom, is really laid back. She’ll even show you her tits.”

“Bullshit” said another guy, Tommy.

“I swear. Come back to my place!”

I brought Leroy, Tommy, Scott and Dale back to the house and immediately put them in the living room to watch some tv. I threw the dvd of Cindi on and the guys watched it in amazement.

“That’s really your stepmom?”

I got some beers from the fridge and distributed them. It didn’t take long for Cindi, who was upstairs, to come down to investigate.

“What the hell is going on here?”

“Oh hey Cindi,” I smiled. ” I was just telling these guys what a slut you are and they wanted to come meet you.”

All the guys looked at her with massive grins. None of them could believe what I was saying to my own stepmother.

“Come on Cindi,” I continued, “Say “I am a dirty slut.”


“Say it slut!” I yelled.

“I am a dirty slut.”

All the guys cheered.

“Now guys,” I said, setting some rules, “You can do anything you want to her, but you can’t leave a mark on her and you can’t tell anyone about this OK?”

The guys all nodded.

“Now. What part of her do you want to see first?”

“Butt!” “Tits!” “Pussy!” “Ass!” The answers came quickly.

“OK, I heard two requests for ‘ass’. Show it to ’em mom!”

Cindi turned around like before and, bending over, exhibited her holes for the gang. They showed their appreciation by taking out their cocks and stroking them. She turned around to see them all hard and waiting for her.

Moving one by one, cock by cock, she took each of their cocks into her mouth, sucking them to climax and swallowing each load like an obedient slut while the others looked on.

“Fuck, this bitch is swallowing every last drop!” Tommy grunted as he held the back of Cindi’s neck and blasted her throat with jism.

Scott jumped when he came which caused his cock to stab down into Cindi’s throat. She gagged and everyone laughed mockingly.

“I think my cock’s too big for her throat.” Scott said. “More training is probably in order.”

Finally, I broke the pussy ice by getting on my knees behind Cindi and jamming my cock into her pussy. I held her by the hips as I fucked her vaginal hole. The guys starting getting hard again so she took one in her mouth again and used her hands for the others.

Leroy grunted, already refueled, he sprayed a thick load of cum into Cindi’s hair.

Meanwhile, I took my cock from her pussy and pushed it into her asshole.

Dale watched me get it up there and cheered. “Fuck, he just put it up the cunt’s asshole!!! She is a porno slut.”

Everyone got behind me and watched as I took my cock out of Cindi, leaving her gaping asshole hanging open.

“Wow, you can see right down her poop chute!” Said Scott, clearly in awe of the spectacle.

Tommy puts his cock in it right away and a line formed to use her asshole. I sat on the couch, not yet having had my cock sucked. As the inexperienced guys pounded away at her shit-hole she looked up at me.

“Um, put that mouth on my cock please.”

“I need some lube, it really hurts!” She cried.

“You can take it,” I said, slapping my shit stained cock against her mouth.

The guys weren’t listening as they continued to fuck her asshole deep.

“Ugh!” Cindi grunted.

I slipped my cock into her mouth and let her know that if her asshole leaves a mess on any of these cocks she’ll have to clean it up with her mouth. Of course she failed and had to clean each and every one of them.

After the guys spent their loads, they went home leaving Cindi and I alone. Realizing that dad would be coming back the next day, I noticed it was already quite late so I went to bed. I slept in my stepmother’s bed that night and fell asleep with my cock in her mouth.

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