Naked Souls

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Linda stared at the text message. She and Josh had been social networking buddies for almost a year now. They had met because they shared an intense love of one of the games there. They had begun to battle for supremacy and share assets as well. Then they had actually started to chat on messenger there.

Just a couple of months ago when she went on holiday they had exchanged contact details outside of the social network since part of her vacation was swearing off the game for two whole weeks. It was torture and only Josh’s text updates on his progress and that of friends and rivals had kept her going during that time.

Over that time they began to discuss things outside of the game too. Linda had been more than a bit shocked to learn that Josh was into kinky sex stuff. It just did not seem like the polite, intelligent, young man that she had come to know.

Her own sexual experience was woefully limited. Twenty years married to her high school sweetheart and only sex partner. Over the years, he had blamed her and her weight gain for his decreasing interest in sex. Not that his interest in sex had actually decreased as she discovered later, just that he was getting it somewhere else.

After years and years of that subtle mental abuse as she had come to think of it, her self-esteem and sexuality were eroded away to nothing. In the whole two years that they had been divorced she had not gone on a single date. Not one. The reason was simple…she could not even imagine finding the strength to get naked with another human being.

That was actually how all this had begun…the talk about sex. Josh had asked why she was always around the gaming site. Didn’t she go out on the weekend? She had reluctantly admitted that she did not. Her friends were all married and she just was not into the dating scene. Of course, he wanted to know why. And the whole story had come out then. About her marriage, the infidelity and her insecurities.

His response had shocked her. CFNM he attested was the answer to her dilemma. She had never even heard of such a thing. Clothed female, naked male. She reluctantly admitted that the idea did present interesting possibilities. He explained that it was one of his favorite fetishes. That the idea of walking around naked in front of a fully clothed woman, especially a more mature one, always got him excited.

They had though moved back to the more comfortable subject of the game. But Linda found herself intrigued by this new idea. She found herself occasionally thinking about what it would feel like to have a naked man walking around the house, while she remained safely clothed. And if that man were younger, intelligent and handsome? She had to admit that the situation held definite possibilities.

She even began to fantasize about it. About him. She would masturbate almost every day to the idea of this young man walking around her apartment naked. About eating dinner together with him naked. Sitting on the couch together, watching television, talking…with him naked. About playing the game that had brought them together as friends…with him naked. Did he? Did he ever play the game naked? Did he ever masturbate while they played thinking about her fully clothed? She wanted to ask, but lacked that kind of courage.

Josh sent her links to a couple of erotic stories on the subject. Even though they were written exclusively from the male point of view, she began to imagine what those women must have felt. The excitement of having these young studs make themselves vulnerable like that…for their pleasure.

It might have well gone on like that forever…a shared, unspoken, hidden fantasy…except for that day. There are those days in everyone’s life, days that are so pivotal that you can never forget them. Days that change you forever.

It had begun commonly enough. She had gotten up, showered, dressed and gone to work at the restaurant that she managed. The lunch crowd had been heavy, but it was Friday so that was to be expected. She was busy counting up money and preparing the bank deposit in the back office when they barged in. Three men in masks. Linda had given them the money. All she could think about was saving her life…and her staffs’. When they locked them all in the walk-in freezer, she was certain that they would be killed. But Escort Bayan instead the men had simply disappeared.

The next few hours were a haze of EMTs and police. She had been interviewed at least three times, telling her story over and over to the cops. It was almost midnight by the time that she got home. She made herself a tall glass of red wine. She sat down in her darkened living room and just cried. She could be dead right now. Her staff could be dead. They could all just as easily be in freezers in the morgue.

What then? Linda was not sure what she believed about the afterlife. She had been raised Christian, but years in the church had shown her that Christians were the nastiest, most judgmental, two faced people you would ever meet. She had toyed with the idea of reincarnation, coming back to live life again. But considering how hers had gone, she was not so certain that was a good thing.

Staring down the barrel of those guns she had faced the mess that her life had become. She was not living. She was not sure she was even surviving. She worked and she played online games. She had a handful of friends but those had grown distant since the divorce. It was as if her friends were afraid that infidelity and divorce were contagious. Or perhaps it was just that she no longer had as much in common with those middle class housewives. The hard truth was…she was alone.

In that freezer as she rallied her staff, tried to keep their spirits up, cared for the elderly maître’ d and the very pregnant waitress, she had begun to weight out her life. And it seemed abysmally lacking. Lacking in real purpose. Lacking in excitement. Most of all lacking in human companionship. Simply lacking. Sitting there in the dark, all of that seemed to consume her as the alcohol blurred her already tired and overwrought senses.

She threw the glass against the sterile white wall that was so much like her life…an undecorated, barren, blank canvas. She watched the glass shatter and the red stains spill down the wall. She enjoyed crime dramas and knew more than most lay people about blood splatter. Was this what it looked like? How close had she and her staff come to being just another example of blood splatter, another crime scene to investigate?

She heard a distant ping. It barely registered, but was enough to bring her out of morose reverie. Even through the trauma and the wine, a distant thought made its way to the surface. Her phone. Where was her phone? She had not looked at it since that afternoon. It was lying on the desk next to her in the office. She had just made a move in the friendly rivalry with Josh when the men burst through the office door waving their guns.

The ping sounded like text message coming through. There it was again. She stood up and the room swam about her. She grabbed hold of the couch to steady herself as she made her way down the hall. She found her purse on the table there and opened it. The screen of her phone was still lit from the incoming message. But she had no recollection of how the phone got inside her purse or even how her purse came to be on the table.

She took the phone out of her purse and pressed the button to bring up her messages. There were a dozen of them. All from him. Each of them more frantic than the last. The final one read simply…are you alright?

No, no, she most definitely was not all right. Her world had come crashing in all around her. Nothing made sense. Nothing mattered. And she was afraid it never would again. Great sobs began to ravage her as she slunk to the floor in the hallway. Not the stray tears here and there that she had been spilling since the police arrived, but huge gulps that left her hiccupping and her nose running.

The phone pinged again. ‘Please answer me.’

The only person that gave a damn about what happened to her was a twenty-two year old gamer that she had never even met and probably never would. That said it all.

She picked up the phone and typed the one response that she had wondered about for weeks. ‘Are you naked?’

Her phone pinged again. ‘WTF? We r playing game and u just disappear. I don’t hear from u 4 hours. Then u ask if I am naked? What is going on Linda?’

She chuckled. That was probably the single longest message that Josh had ever sent Bayan Escort her. But the genuine concern shone through its brash exterior. She smiled as she started to type again.

‘I will tell you everything. IF you answer my question first.’

The phone was silent for several long moments. Linda was certain that she had offended her friend. That she had run off the only person she really had in her life. She had even begun to type a response taking it all back when the screen lit up again.

‘Yes.’ The single word was all it said.

Linda smiled as she hugged the phone closer to her body and began to type away a long message telling him everything. It might be weird that the only person who gave a damn what happened to her was a faceless youth she had never even met but it was better than having no one.

Josh was appalled. Terrified for her. She could not go back there. She had to quit her job, he said. They talked for hours. Linda was exhausted, physically and mentally. She said good night and slipped into bed. If she had been afraid that nightmares of gun barrels exploding and projectiles hurtling towards her would fill her dreams, she was pleasantly surprised that the only thing to haunt them this night was young men walking around naked.

Perhaps it would have all just faded into the background. Perhaps Linda lacked the will to change. But sometimes change is thrust upon us. And it was in this case. Rather than be praised for remaining calm, possibly even saving the lives of her crew, the owners fired her for simply handing over the money. Of course, she filed for unemployment and hired a lawyer to fight her unfair dismissal.

Even as she did that she made plans of her own. Plans to never go back to that place or that lifestyle again. With her free time she enrolled in some online courses. Having married so young, right out of high school, she had gone to work. She had been the one to support her ex-husband so that he could go to college. At the time, it had seemed perfectly logical. It was after all their future that they were building.

Neither was she willing to let things go with Josh. She was not certain exactly how to bring things up, the CFNM thing, but that day had shown her one thing: she did not want to die with only one lover. As Josh said given her body image issues the CFNM thing held real possibilities. Possibilities that she wanted to explore with him. She just had to figure out how.

Then her luck changed. Josh’s college roommate went away for a semester of studying abroad. Now her young stud was alone. All alone in his dorm room. And she was all alone in her apartment with not even work to interrupt.

So her day took on a new pattern. Linda did something she had never done before: she slept in until nine, sometimes even ten in the morning. She made herself a cup of coffee and took her computer out onto the balcony of her apartment. She sat back in the chaise lounge with the cup of hot coffee and began her online courses. Psychology, sociology, philosophy, literature…all the subjects that had always fascinated her. She studied them all. At her pace, which was surprisingly fast, but then again once you realized how precious and fragile life were, who had time to waste? She became like a dying man in the desert thirsting for knowledge that she had always felt was just beyond her.

And in the afternoon and evenings, Linda and Josh played their game online. They stayed up late, chatting. And sometimes…just sometimes…like this night, they used the webcams on their computers. While they played the game, she fully clothed and Josh naked. She would watch on the split screen as his handsome young face screwed up in deep thought. But she was never certain if it was over his next move or his hard cock that he casually stroked as they played.

Sometimes she still could not believe she had found the courage to tell him…send me a pic. Instead she had received an invite to video chat. While that first night they had both kept their faces off camera, even that secret had been revealed over time. She enjoyed looking at his toned young body. She could not believe that he was insecure about his weight. He was absolutely gorgeous. And she most definitely enjoyed looking at that hard cock he stroked as it jutted from his body. Escort It was his face and the honest play of emotions there that she loved the most.

This night they had been playing for hours. He did not have classes today. He admitted that he should be writing a paper but the temptation to play with her was too much he said. She giggled like a teenage girl at the double entendre. Sometimes she felt that was exactly what he was doing…playing with her mind, teasing her. It might appear as if she were the one with the upper hand, staying fully clothed and protected as it were, but the way that he teased her sometimes…

This night they had gone further, done more than ever before. They both felt the clock ticking away. His roommate would be back in less than a month. It would be harder then to find the privacy they needed. They had been playing for a couple of hours solid. Josh had been hard the whole time, stroking his cock intermittently as they played.

Her bottom lip was sore from biting it as she watched his large hand encircle and tug firmly at the tumescent flesh. What would it feel like? It had been over twenty years since she had given her ex-husband a ‘hand job’ in the movies. Would she even remember how? She watched him stroke, memorizing each movement. Not that she would ever get the chance to do that for him. But still it would give her something to fuel her almost nightly wet dreams of him. Of them.

Then she watched as his face tightened. She thought at first that he had found some deep flaw in her strategy; that he was on the verge of a big win. Then she saw his hips lift off the chair where he sat. His already taut abdominal muscles tightened to the point that she could see each delineation. Then it happened. His cock erupted. Creamy come, seminal fluid if you were technical, which she was not at that moment, spurted in long thick strands from the head of his cock. She watched in rapt fascination.

Her own hand found its way into her panties. She stroked herself slowly. She smiled as she realized that he might see her hand inside her jeans but that was all he saw. She was fully protected. Fully concealed. While he remained fully vulnerable even as his cock began to soften just a bit. It remained semi-hard for the next hour as they continued their computer game as if nothing had happened. He would occasionally still stroke his cock even. He won that game. She was too distracted by what she had seen. What she felt as she watched.

Then it had happened as they were saying their good-nights. Josh had typed…’come down, visit me.’ At first Linda had not even gotten his meaning. Come at that moment had another more primal meaning. Then slowly it had registered. A twenty-one year old college student had just asked her to an erotic assignation. After masturbating on camera for her. Fully naked. Nude.

She had turned off the computer without replying. Her hands shook that night as she brushed her teeth and undressed for bed. Her phone dinged. She knew who it was. He was the only one that would text this late. She thought about ignoring it. But she felt guilty. He had been so open with her. Made himself so…vulnerable.

And she responded by running away. It must seem like she was rejecting him. But it was not him. It was her. What was she doing? What had she been doing all these weeks, months? What was she thinking? Playing sex games that were way beyond her comfort level with a man almost half her age? She was a fool…an old fool.

She picked up the phone but she could barely see the screen for the moisture that covered her eyes. She wiped away the tears before they could even fall. She read…’I m sorry.’ She shook her head as she typed, ‘You have nothing to be sorry about.’ And he did not. ‘It is me, not you.’

‘I should not have pushed u. I just want 2 c u. Meet f2f. Please!?!’

Linda sighed. What could she say? She was too overwrought this night to think about it. To think about anything other than that hard cock erupting on camera…for her. She typed the only thing she could…’I’ll think about it. Nite.’

She went to bed…alone. Her fingers danced across her clitoris until she too erupted in a massive orgasm. But hers was not caught on camera. He could not watch as she came every bit as hard as or perhaps even more so than he had. She kept her secrets. While he had none. Or did he? She fell asleep pondering that and dreamt sweet dreams of handsome young studs walking around naked for her. If she could only find the courage to take that final plunge…to meet f2f as he challenged.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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