Necessary Roughness

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You had come home later than I, and in a rather forbidding mood. When you walked in the door, you pulled me up off the couch by the arm, shoved me against the wall and started kissing me hard on the mouth. It was painful, but just enough to love it. Leaving my lips, you bit your way down my neck, almost hard enough to draw blood, but not quite. I was already riding that line between pleasure and pain, this only served to heighten that. I could feel you hard against my stomach, and opened my mouth to ask what brought this on; you were usually far more gentle and loving. You actually growled at me and told me to shut up, kissing me again to ensure that I would. Then you dropped to my chest, and yanked my shirt open, and pulled my bra hard enough to actually break the hooks. You threw those on the floor, and pinned my arms above my head in one hand, bent your head to my breast, biting and sucking harder, which only served to arouse me more. You yanked a zip tie off your belt and tied my wrists together and started to pull me towards the bedroom.

We’d never gone this far in things like this, I’d always been able to extricate myself if I chose to. I was a little scared, but trust you that you would never truly hurt me. You sat me on the bed.

“Take my clothes Bycasino off,” you said.

“My hands are tied.” I replied.

You said “Figure it out.”

So I did the best I could, but as my hands were crossed, I had to wriggle them to face palm to palm which bit into my skin a little. You weren’t gentle when you zipped that. After what seemed like forever, you pushed me back on the bed, so incredibly aroused at the slight pain you had caused, knowing you could cut the ties, and choosing not to. You yanked my jeans and panties off and tossed them in a pile on top of the clothes that you had made me fold. You made me keep my hands on my stomach, which pushed my breasts together. Straddling my chest you rubbed your cock over them, then across my lips, telling me to open my mouth, so I did…moving over it with my tongue, my lips and a low vibration from the back of my throat. You groaned and dropped a hand behind you down between my legs. I was already hot, and damp, and you started rubbing against my clit.

Removing yourself from my mouth, you moved down and yanked my knees apart, bending them so that I was open to your gaze. You ran two fingers up me, wetting them and sliding them up inside me, moving straight to that spot. Bycasino giriş As soon as I would contract against your fingers, you would stop, moving them in and out, harder then more gently, then hard again, then once you tired of that, you pushed up hard against that spot, making me come instantly all over your fingers.

“Good girl. You are finally doing as you are told,” you said harshly.

At this point, you had said nothing to me, just telling me to take your clothes off, and that if I talked, sighed or moaned; you would stop, and leave me there till you were ready to come get me. You removed your hand and placed it against my lips, so that I tasted it. Then you flipped me over to my stomach, and pulled my legs apart. Sitting between them, you started rubbing your cock over me, against my pussy, barely sliding into me, pressing against my ass, asking me if I want this now.

I breathed “Yes, please.”

You slapped my ass, telling me to be silent. I moved my hips to better move against you. You slapped me again. It didn’t hurt, merely stung, and as I was already so aroused I was ready to scream, and this only served to heighten it. You took both your thumbs and started moving them against my pussy, almost massaging Bycasino deneme bonusu it. At that angle, that’s such an incredible feeling, and I couldn’t stop the automatic reaction that it caused. Every inch of me, even my hair follicles were so highly aroused that I didn’t know how much more of this I could take. You moved your hands to my hips, and pulled me up just a little and slammed into me. I came instantly and hard. Pounding in and out of me, rubbing your thumb against my ass, pulling my hair back, making the occasional noise in the back of your throat. I could feel you swelling, and knew it wouldn’t be much longer.

You had other ideas however. You pulled out of me put me on my back again, parting my knees, and grabbling the warming oil off the table, you poured some on your cock, rubbing it in, warming the oil. Gently you pushed against my ass, making me accept you. As I relaxed against you, you started to move. Right as it crossed the border into pain, you took the vibrator out from under the pillow, and turned it on, placing it right against my clit, I pushed against you harder in reaction to that stimulation. You resumed the moving in and out of me, telling me how good I felt, how you were going to come inside me, how you were going to give me the fucking of a lifetime. You exploded inside me, breathing heavily as you did, and then coming out me, dropping to your side.

Right as you were falling asleep, you took your knife of your belt and cut me loose, whispering that you loved me as you dropped the knife on the table.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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