Neighborly Relations Pt. 20

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PART TWENTY: The Expanding Family

CHAPTER ONE, Surprise!

Elaine decided that she wanted to take a year to earn money before going off to college that fall. She wasn’t really sure what she wanted to major in, after all, so why waste her time before she decided? Her parents thought that was sensible, though Danny was a bit annoyed that she wouldn’t be there when he finished his computer courses at the junior college and transferred over to the university in the second semester. He had been hoping they might set up housekeeping together, though both Robert and Emily cautioned that it wasn’t a good idea to be quite so public with their affections.

“Horny college students aren’t known for their discretion,” Emily said, smiling indulgently at her children’s eagerness to remain together. Incest had proved to be exactly what they needed to bind them together as a family, and she couldn’t remember the last time she’d heard her offspring argue about anything.

Of course, Elaine wasn’t just thinking of earning money. She was also thinking that her first year of school might get interrupted by an other, more momentous, event. Once she got over the hurdle of not going to school right away, she had to think of a way to break the news to her family.

The summer ended happily for everyone that year. Jason O’Neil was able to enjoy Terry Carter’s glorious pregnancy through most of the ninth month until she delivered a girl in October, and he didn’t have to pay a thing. His wife, Patrice, enjoyed his visits, too. She helped John Carter with her own, much slimmer, body, and the four of them gloried in their activities in the family room that extended from the back of the Carter’s house.

There were nights, of course, when Tillman Mosswell was outside one of the many windows watching the foursome fuck. Many nights. He always brought Laurel with him, and they stood happily crouched down to peer through the glass and bring themselves to orgasm.

Wednesday nights became Ladies Pinochle Night at Jenny Peterson’s house. The games became so popular that she often had to have three tables going at once.

Lois Whitman, the preacher’s sex-starved wife who guessed that she was probably “mostly a lesbian” now, was often at those games. Wednesday is traditionally church night, and her husband was busy with confirmation classes, choir, and council meetings. It was easy to make an excuse and slip away to someplace more comfortable. She didn’t drink, for fear of giving away the fact that she was having so much fun, so there were a couple occasions when she served as the designated driver for one of the women who lived off of the loop. All in all, Lois was grandly happy.

Her daughter, Kelly, was often at the Porter’s house those days. Her mother had gotten her on the pill, so she suddenly had permission for a much wider range of activities than most girls her age were allowed by their parents. Most mothers would never think to say, “Go on and have a three-way with your friend’s brother and father, honey. Just don’t be late getting home.”


It was the second Friday in November when Lois and Kelly came to visit the Porter’s together. James Whitman was out of town at an ecclesiastical meeting, leaving the ladies of the house alone until Sunday evening. The wonder of a cell phone was that no matter where you were, you were always at home to anyone calling in.

The Porter Family and the two Whitman women were playing a computer game based on Monopoly. Called 4PLAY, the players bought property and paid taxes, went to the clinic (rather than jail) and received money from the Slush fund and various treats or tricks from the “Grab Bag” and the “Play pen.” Though there was always the option to pay cash rent, most players paid their rent with their bodies and saved the money for purchases.

The game had progressed to the point where Robert, Danny, and Emily were totally naked. Elaine was down to her panties, and Lois was in panties and bra while her daughter was in her bra with no panties. Needless to say, the game had been fun so far.

Lois took the mouse and clicked on the button that rolled the dice and watched the results on the Porter’s flat screen TV. Her game piece landed on one of Kelly’s properties called, “Eat at Joe’s”

On screen, the game decreed what her rental payment would be. She could either pay $375 or complete the task that Kelly read out loud to her now.

“Lois,” Kelly read. “You will lick Kelly’s pussy for two full minutes. Try to make her cum.”

“Now you’re getting down to it!” Elaine exclaimed, her eyes wide with interest. She had found it intriguing to see a woman who looked so much like a middle class preacher’s wife getting down to it with her family. Now, she wanted to see if she would do it with her own.

“Oh, my,” Lois said in the small, flustered voice she still used when surprised or perplexed. There was no way that she would ever sound sensual, worldly, or even informed. It just wasn’t in her. “My, oh, my.”

“What’s it going to be, Mom?” Kelly asked, unsure if she wanted her mother licking her pendik escort pussy but willing to go along with it if she did. After all, she had listed her self as Bi Curious when they entered their information into the game. He mother simply said Bisexual. So, the game had gotten to the point where it expected her mother to pay her rent with a lesbian encounter rather than cash.

“Well, I’ll . . . Oh, goodness, dear. I’ll pay.” She clicked the button that transferred $375 from her total to that of her daughter.

“Chicken,” Elaine said, resting back on her arms on the floor, her thickening profile becoming noticeable to anyone who looked closely.

On his next move, Robert removed Lois’s bra and spent 2 minutes caressing and sucking at her large breasts, while Danny marveled at how sexy it was to see his father with this somewhat chunky woman. She was so out of place in these circumstances that it was a turn-on to see her participating.

Emily moved next and ended up lying between Lois and Kelly with her hands busy at both of their pussies. The two women squirmed and breathed in deep gasping breaths as they fought to avoid cumming while the other was watching.

Kelly lost in her effort, if you call orgasm losing, and fell quivering to her hands on the floor, her hips gyrating in time to Emily’s deft movements. Lois wasn’t about to cum anyway. She was still wearing her underwear (rather sensible full cut white ones) and it pinched on her labia where Emily had pulled them aside to get at her cunt. She found that she was fascinated by Kelly’s orgasm. Neither had actually watched the other have sex yet. This was the first time that they’d come to a party like this together.

She had rather liked the quivering, flushed look of her daughter’s body and the carnal look in her eyes.

Elaine landed on her father’s property next. “Elaine, place Robert’s cock in your mouth,” she read from the screen. “Robert, grasp Elaine’s head on both sides and fuck her mouth for two minutes. No cumming!”

“Oh, shit,” Robert moaned, standing. “I’m supposed to last two minutes in my daughter’s mouth? That’s a tough one.”

Indeed, the wet warmth and gentle pressure of Elaine’s mouth on the glans of his penis was heavenly, and he was afraid the might go off half-cocked. Grasping her head over both ears, he thrust himself forward slightly and then began pumping in and out rapidly.

Lois watched Robert’s cock disappear into his daughter’s mouth with avid interest. They looked so good together. She couldn’t imagine her husband and Kelly. They’d look crazy doing this. Still, she almost wished . . . no, forget it. She looked at Kelly, studying her body closely. Yes, her daughter turned her on, and the combination of lust and guilt made her pussy throb with hideous need.

When Robert saw that he was nearly at two minutes, he pulled Elaine forward slightly. straightening the line of entry through her mouth and into her throat. Then he thrust very hard and deep, his testicles slapping against her daughter’s chin as he felt the firm surface of her throat with the head of his invading member. He didn’t know if she was going to enjoy this, but that wasn’t the point was it? She was paying her rent.

Elaine gagged, but her time with Mister Burton had been much worse, for her father only had time for five good thrusts before the timer went off and he withdrew.

“I didn’t know you could deep throat,” Danny said.

“I can’t,” Elaine replied, wiping the spit from her chin with a smile. “But I’m learning.”

Danny had to spend two minutes showing everyone how to masturbate on his turn. “No cumming,” the game instructed him. He only barely obeyed that instruction.

Kelly rolled the electronic dice and landed on a space called “Interactions.” The instructions that came up on screen brought an embarrassed smile to her lips. “Remove Lois’s underwear and lay her on her back. Using both hands, pull her pussy open as far as possible. When you can see her cervix, give everyone a look.”

Kelly frowned. It was either that or pay the rent, and she didn’t have enough money after her property buying spree. Oh, well, time to pay the rent.

“Come on, Mama,” she said. “Let’s have a look-see.”

“Oh, no you don’t have to pay me,” Lois protested. “Really.”

“We’ve both used up our chances to chicken out,” Kelly reminded her. “Get those granny panties off and let’s see what you got.”

“But, I don’t. . .”

“Were not going to fuck!” Kelly exclaimed. “It’s just an examination! Jeeze, Mom.”

“Yeah,” Danny echoed with a grin. “Just an exam. I give them to my mother all the time.”

“Except that you usually use a probe,” Elaine said. “And you always give her an injection.”

“I’m a very good doctor,” he laughed. “Okay, Mrs. Whitman. Everyone here has seen your pussy. Why can’t you give your daughter a look now, so we can keep playing?”

Lois lay back and opened her legs a bit, closing her eyes as she waited for her daughter to complete her task. She expected to feel dirty, humiliated, when her offspring’s fingers touched pendik escort her sex, but she didn’t. No, she felt a twitching need deep inside of her body as Kelly’s fingers slipped inside and began to pull at her vaginal opening.

Kelly’s touch was too much. She wished that the girl would go all the way. She wished she had her lips on her clit right now. Did she dare ask? Right now, in front of everybody? Did she dare?

She spread her legs further, sighing, and then reached down to stroke her daughter’s forearm lovingly. Of course she could dare. These people screwed each other regularly. They probably think families that don’t fuck each other are strange.

“Would you?” Lois began, quietly. “Would, uh, could you . . . lick me? Just once. Kelly, would you lick your mother’s clit?”

Now it was Kelly’s turn to feel a new throbbing intensity in her stomach as she looked inside of her mother’s body at the cervix that was clearly visible. Behind her, Emily and Danny were leaning to have a look, too.

“Pretty,” Emily said. “Well, maybe you should obey your mother now. Lick her clit, Kelly.”

Kelly moved her face closer, her mother’s smell filling her head with thoughts of bliss, and then pointed her tongue out to touch the lips of her mother’s cunt. Her mother responded by pulling herself open to expose her hard clit. Kelly moved up to take the nub into her mouth, circling it with her tongue and sucking on it.

And Lois humped her pussy up against her daughter’s mouth as an orgasm rushed through her body, seeming to emerge in the low moan that escaped her lips. “Jesus,” she said, holding Kelly’s head to her. “Oh, shit, Jesus.”

“Oh, Mama,” Kelly said, looking up from between her mother’s legs. “That’s blasphemy.”

“Yeah, and what we’re doing is an abomination,” Lois sighed, catching her breath. “Does it appear that I care about that?”

“No, Mama,” Kelly said. “So, can you eat me, now? Would you please?”

“Hey, we’re not done with the game,” Elaine protested.

“I think we’re done enough,” Robert said.

“Do you really want me to lick you, honey?” Lois said. “Really?”

“Yes, Mama. Please suck my clit. Eat my cunt.”

Kelly crawled up over her mother’s body and brought her lips up to kiss her mother with firm command. “Eat me,” she said. And then she moved up to straddle her mother’s face and lower her sex onto Lois’s eager and amazed lips.

It was so easy. One moment you’re a fairly normal mother and daughter, and the next you’re copulating like lesbian dogs. Lois felt that she had become a wanton whore. But, if she had become one, her daughter had gone there first. And it was her daughter that accepted the challenge to open her mother’s pussy.

Still, she was the one who asked for sexual contact. She asked her own daughter to eat her cunt. It seemed as though they had gotten here together.

It didn’t matter. From her viewpoint on the floor, the pussy she was lapping at could be anybody’s. It needn’t belong to her daughter at all. Still, she rather enjoyed the idea that it did.


The progression from the Porter’s living room, up to the bedrooms, and (after a bit more activity) off to exhausted slumber was natural and easy. Kelly moved into Emily and Robert’s bed to enjoy the elder Porters experienced care, while her mother was snatched up by the kids, who were strangely interested in a middle aged body that wasn’t in quite the same exercised shape as their parents. Both groups ended up in similar positions at roughly the same time as the Whitman women tried to experience every position in the Kama Sutra.

“You children are very experienced, aren’t you?” Lois said as she lay on her side with Danny lying behind her and applying a lubricant gel to her delicate nether opening. “I mean, for you age and all. Like, what you’re doing now, Daniel,” she said. “Oh, yes, and doing very well, I’d say.”

The older woman lay sighing now, her cheek nestled against the palm of her left hand and her right leg slightly forward to all more access for Danny to do his work. He was slowly moving two greased fingers in and out of her anus while kissing the back of her neck. He took his time with two fingers before moving on to three because he knew that going slow was the key to anal sex and because he actually enjoyed fucking a woman’s back door with his fingers more than with his cock. In a perfect world, they would be lying side by side in 69 position and he would be sucking her clit while fucking her backside with his hand, and she would be giving all her attention to his cock. His sister had definitely given him a liking for blow jobs.

“Where, oh, oh, uh, where did you learn such things?” Lois asked.

“Mom taught me,” he said, sitting a bit to lift one slack buttock and begin pressing a third finger at he hole.

“Your Mom?” Lois gave into speculation then, wondering if it had been a step by step tutorial or a lesson given in the heat of the moment. She was about to ask, but the addition of his third finger stopped her. “Ohhhhhhhhh, yeah,” she said as her eyes pendik escort fluttered shut and her mouth fell slackly open.

“There’s nobody better than a boy’s mom to teach him about sex,” Danny added. Then, having inserted the tip of the next finger, he thrust all three of them in fast and hard. The woman beside him squealed and pressed her butt back on his hand. “You like something big in your ass?” he asked. “Is that what you want?”

“Oh, my, I, I do believe that I do,” Lois said. “Oh, yes I do.”

“Does your husband have a big cock?” Danny asked. “Does he like to stick it in your ass?”

“I used to think his cock was big,” she admitted, and then laughed. “Well, it isn’t small.”

“Does the pastor ass fuck you?”

“Oh, no, not at all. But I’ve never asked, either.”

Danny concentrated on fucking her butt with his fingers a moment, and then decided to go for a personal record and insert all four fingers into the cushy backside of the wanton minister’s wife. “Relax,” he said. “Just relax.”

“Oh, God!” she cried as he inserted the majority of his hand into her butt. “Oh, sweet Jesus,” she added as he pumped his digits in and out of her. “Oh, I’m almost . . . I swear I could cum this way.”

“Cool,” Elaine said from where she’d been sitting beside the bed watching her sibling at play. “I’ll get Big Wally,” she said.

“Oh, yeah, great idea,” Danny said. Though he knew he could do it, and that this woman would probably welcome it, he was wary of fisting a woman’s asshole. A cunt was made to stretch quite a bit after all, but he couldn’t imagine inserting a fist in a place where he would never allow one to go. So, though Wally was certainly the diameter of a fist and dangerously longer, he was more than willing to shove his mother’s plastic fuck buddy up this woman’s butt all the way to its plastic balls if that’s what she wanted.


Kelly Whitman lay sandwiched between Emily and Robert as the two women eagerly applied their tongues to each other’s clits and Robert fucked Kelly’s butt with languid strokes of his long cock. Kelly cooed between then, feeling that the only thing to improve this feeling would be to move that big rod from her ass to her cunt. Still, this feeling was quite nice, so she wasn’t about to suggest a change.

“Don’t mind me,” Elaine said as she opened the door and crossed the room quickly. “We want to borrow Big Wally.”

“He’s in the drawer,” Emily said “Is he for Lois or for you?”

Turning her head slightly, she could catch a glimpse of her daughter as she opened the drawer. From this angle, it looked as though she was getting a bit of a belly on her. Not much, but enough that Emily might need to suggest more exercise. He breasts looked just a wee bit heaver, too.

“It’s for Lois,” Elaine answered. “She wants more in her backside, and you know how Danny is about fisting.”

“He’s just careful, is all,” Emily said, muffled against Kelly’s swollen lower lips once more. “You be careful, too.”

“Yes, Mom.” Elaine left them alone once more.

Taking note of the size of the dong that Elaine carried out of the room, Kelly said, “My mom wants that up her ass?”

“I guess so,” Robert said. “But only because Danny really doesn’t like anal fisting. I don’t blame him.”

Anal fisting? Her mother? The image of such a thing happening to her mother coupled with the feeling of Robert Porter’s sizable cock moving in her own butt, brought her to the brink. She pressed her pussy down against Emily’s mouth and arched her back, sighting, “Arrrrrghh!”

“God, I love to hear the sound of a woman enjoying herself,” Robert said, and he began humping faster to create more of such sounds.


“That’s Big Wally!” Lois said in shock, when Elaine returned. “My God!”

“Why?” Elaine sat and reached for the lube. “You should see what you’ve got in there right now. Wally’s not a whole lot bigger.”

Lois clenched her anal muscles, just as a test, and realized for the first time exactly how much her young partner had stretched her out back there. When Elaine brought the massive dildo to the bed all lubricated and ready for action, the preacher’s wife wasn’t nearly so nervous. “Okay, so shove that big thing in me,” she said with true desire in her voice.

Danny removed his hand and rolled off of the bed as Elaine took his place. The redheaded girl reached around to fondle Lois’s soft tits a moment, and then began moving Wally’s slippery pink glans up and down on the crack of Lois’s ass. She lifted the upper buttock and took aim at the dark gaping opening of Lois’s asshole. As a woman with greater knowledge of her own body’s limitations, Elaine had no qualms about popping the fat head trough the other woman’s opening and about three inches into her bowel.

Lois screamed. It wasn’t a loud scream, and it didn’t sound at all like she was in pain, but it was definitely a scream, nonetheless. Her mind seemed to have gone numb with the addition of the plastic pleasure tool. Her mind was numb, but her ass and cunt were a different matter. The huge intruder, which Elaine was fucking her ass with now, was in deeper than Danny’s hand already, and she knew there was more length to be had. Even at this penetration, the mixture of pain and pleasure as like a small explosion between her buttocks while her pussy positively drooled for attention.

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