No Clothes Sunday

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Late Sunday afternoon.

I’d just finished going around with the vacuum cleaner and was just tidying a few loose things when I saw it.

Dan’s pen. His favorite pen. A present from our parents when he got a job promotion.


No answer.

“Dan! I found your pen!”



No answer still.

I went up to his bedroom door and knocked.

“Dan? Are you in there?”

Not a sound.

“Dan?” I said, knocking again.

I decided to go in and put it by his bed. He’d been quite upset at the thought of losing it.

I turned the handle and pushed open the door.

I’m not sure what I saw first; the laptop, the porn on the laptop, the massive and expensive headphones on my brother’s head. Or maybe his naked body stretched out on his bed. Or his cock. Or his hand frantically stroking his cock.

Whichever, I silently backed out the room and shut the door behind me. I put the pen on the coffee table in the living room and went through to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of water.


So I’m Sara. I’m twenty four and I share an apartment with my brother, Dan, who is twenty one.

We both have good jobs. I work in law and Dan’s in finance. We used to live at home with our parents and younger sister Louise, but as our jobs are in the city center, it was quite tiring commuting every day.

Our father suggested we should get a city center apartment together. We could share it and it would be cheaper than each having our own small place and paying two lots of rent.

When he heard of the idea our Uncle Steve suggested a place in the same block where he lived. We came to have a look. It was perfect.

Fourth storey. Two bedrooms. Open plan living, dining and kitchen. Balcony overlooking the bus station and with views to the river beyond. Right in the city.

So we moved in eighteen months ago. Me and my brother.

A few rules.

Keep it tidy. Share the bills and the chores. Respect privacy.

The last one was important. Always knock on each others’ door before entering. The same with the bathroom. If you bring back a boyfriend / girlfriend keep the noise down!

And it worked surprisingly well. Not that we seemed to find time for boyfriends or girlfriends.

In fact we did loads together.

We shared home cooked meals. Went out to bars and clubs together or just rented a movie and chilled at home together.

To my surprise, my brother, who I hadn’t been that close to growing up, became like a best friend.

Our parents got into the habit of coming over on saturdays. We would have lunch or dinner or just spend time with them and Louise. Sometimes our eighteen year old sister Louise would call by on her own and spend time with us.

I liked nothing more than sitting out on a summers evening on our balcony. Bottle of wine. Watch the sunset. Chatting with Dan or just sitting in silence.

The only other habit that developed was that we liked to relax on sundays. No visitors. We both had stressful jobs and sunday became a sort of unofficial rest day. A bit of housework but otherwise a day for the two of us to prepare for the hectic week ahead of us.

Of course we got the occasional visitor but we soon made them feel unwelcome.

The only person who didn’t get the hint was Uncle Steve. Mum’s brother. Estranged brother should I say.

Steve was married to mum’s best childhood friend. He cheated. They divorced. She moved away and cut all links with him and his family. So now mum and almost everyone else in the family will have nothing to do with him.

But it was Dan who bumped into him in town one day and mentioned our plans for an apartment. And it was Steve who, in one very tense phone call, told mum of this apartment.

“That’s the only drawback,” said mum. “Having that man as a neighbor. I bet he’ll be round for a free meal every evening.”

In fact he wasn’t. He lived two storeys below us and we didn’t see him much. He called by maybe once every two weeks to see if we were ok and catch up on family gossip. Usually on sunday!

Actually I quite liked him. He seemed lonely. Quiet. Very thoughtful towards us. Helpful. I discovered that most people in the block had only good things to say about him.

Certainly not the monster our parents painted him.

Louise had been brainwashed to absolutely hate the man.


So I continued tidying. About an hour later Dan came out of his room. He was dressed thankfully.

He cooked dinner and we chatted about our plans for the week ahead. We watched tv then headed off to our bedrooms.

But all the time I kept thinking about seeing him masturbating. I’d had lovers. I’d seen my fair share of penises, soft and hard.

There was a man at work, Gavin. Married and thirty years older than me. We had a loose arrangement which involved having sex with each other maybe three or four times a year. Just because… I can’t explain it!

So seeing Dan’s cock shouldn’t mean anything. But it did. It was my kurtköy escort brother’s cock. And that seemed to mean something.

It seemed to stir a curiosity in me that I couldn’t shake.

That night when I went to bed I came with my faithful vibrator. And during the night. And in the morning in the shower. Always thinking about Dan’s cock.

We had lived together for a year and a half and there had been nothing. We had grown up and there had been nothing. No curiosity. No feelings beyond that of siblings.

Like most brothers and sisters we probably grew up thinking of the other as not being of the opposite sex, just as family. I never thought of him as sexual in the same way he never thought of me as sexual.

At work I was still not fully focussed on the job. That penis kept appearing in my head. And on monday night.

As I walked into work on tuesday I decided I needed to resolve this situation.

I sat in the canteen and spoke to Gavin, my fuck buddy and confidante. I told him what had happened on sunday and my obsession since.

“So you want to have sex with your brother?” he asked, qiuetly.

“No. No. I don’t know.”

“What then?”

“I’m not sure.”

“What do you want to do?” he asked again, confused.

“I don’t know.”

“Do you want sex with him or what?” Gavin was getting irritated.

“No. At least I don’t think I do. I think…I think… I just want to know if he ever thinks of me in that way.”



“Does he ever look at your chest? Your ass? You know like I do?” he laughed.

I slapped him playfully.

“No. At least not that I’ve noticed. I don’t know.”

“Then test him out. Give him something to notice. Walk around in your underwear or something. See if he notices. If he isn’t interested then he isn’t interested. At least you’ll know.”

“Then what?”

“Move on. Find another cock to go mad about. Mine for example.”

I smiled.

“What if he does show an interest?” I pondered.

“Then fuck him!”

“My brother? He’s my brother. Ohhhh I couldn’t do that. That’s wrong.”

Gavin threw his hands up in despair and walked off.

I sat looking out the window, lost in thought.

What I really wanted to do, all I really wanted to do, was to see my brother’s cock again. That’s all. I think.

I finished work and got home before Dan. I got changed to prepare for my usual tuesday evening playing tennis with my friend Jenny. I put on my shorts and sports shirt. Usual tennis clothes. But this time no bra.

Dan still wasn’t home when I left. I got back about ten pm to find Dan sitting out on the balcony, drinking a beer.

“Hi, good game?” he asked.

“Good thanks. Jenny won, as usual. How was work?”

“Boring. Wanna beer?” he replied.


So I sat on the balcony as he brought me a beer. The night air was just beginning to kick in, and with it slightly cooler temperatures. I looked down at my chest and saw my nipples were erect under my shirt.

I wondered if Dan would notice.

He brought my beer and sat and chatted. After I had finished my drink I went for a shower, slightly disappointed that Dan had barely looked at me.

And yet, I thought as I showered, if he had mentioned anything about my chest I would probably have been really embarrassed.

That night I slept nude as normal, and again pleasured myself. I tried to picture Gavin’s cock as I played with myself, but all I ever saw in my head was Dan’s.

Wednesday morning, another little idea. After my early morning shower I left a pair of my panties and bra on the bathroom floor. Normally I would put them in the wash immediately but today I left them there.

Maybe when he went in there Dan would see them and look at them. Maybe that would awaken his awareness that I was a woman…

When I arrived home from work Dan was already home, cooking dinner. My underwear was where I had left it. Oh well.

Later I got a text from Gavin. I hadn’t seen him at work today.

‘How’s your situation going,’ it read.

I texted back, telling him what I had done, and that there had been no reaction yet.

‘Keep going. May take time,’ he replied.

I was too busy and tired to bother trying anything on thursday but had arranged to go out with my friend Jenny on friday.

Dan and I met for a very quick drink after work before heading home. I had a small dinner and went to get ready.

My plan had been formed during a boring day at my desk.

I ‘accidentally’ left my make up bag in the living room as I went for my shower. I showered, dried, then put on a quite sexy set of bra and panties.

But my make up bag wasn’t in the bathroom, and I was in a hurry! Oh no!

So I took a very deep breath. Do I really want to do this? I was having doubts.

Finally, after another deep breath, I unlocked the bathroom door and hurried into the living room.

‘Ah there it is! I wondered where I put it. God I’m so disorganized tonight,” I said as I darted past Dan, who was sitting aydıntepe escort on the couch, reading the newspaper.

I sensed him look at me as I performed my little act. In truth it was all over in less than thirty seconds but I’m sure he would have got a good look.

On saturday morning I was still feeling brave after a large amount to drink the previous night. I woke up, put on a different set of underwear, and went to make a coffee.

To my disappointment Dan was still in bed. I had just finished pouring my cup when he appeared, sleepy and dis-shevelled, from his room. He was wearing boxers.

“Hi Dan. Coffee?”

“Mmmmmm..thanks,” he mumbled.

I poured his coffee and hurried back to my room.

That went quite well. He didn’t seem shocked to see me in my underwear, so maybe I can do it more often, I thought to myself.

Our parents came by late morning and took us for lunch. They hung around till early evening. Louise had been in town with her friends and was supposed to join us but she rang to say she had gone straight home.

After our parents left I opened a bottle of wine.

As we sat in the living room I had an idea. I took another deep breath and spoke.


“Huh?” he said, not really listening.

“What have you got planned for tomorrow?”

“Nothing. Usual quiet sunday. I hope. Why?”

“Do yo fancy playing a game tomorrow? A bit of fun?”

“Like what?”

“Well I know it’s a bit childish, but…well…Jenny gave me the idea,” I lied.

“What?” he sounded irritated now. He and Jenny didn’t like each other.

“Well. What it is, right?”


“Well, tomorrow. We both have to wear just our underwear. All day. No matter what. Whoever loses their nerve first and covers up is the loser.”

He didn’t reply.

“The loser has to treat the winner to a lovely meal out later this week. What do you think?”

“What if we get a visitor?” he finally spoke.

“Just act normal. Like I said. Lose your nerve and you lose. Dinner at Watson’s?”

Watson’s was a very good seafood restaurant. Dan loved it there. We both did. I knew the idea of possibly being bought dinner there would sway him. Also Dan loved to win challenges. Especially with me.

“Deal,” he shook my hand. “Underwear all day?”

“All day.”

Sunday I was up first. I chose a fairly plain bra and panties and went to prepare breakfast. My plan was to change underwear throughout the day. Depending on how it was going and what Dan chose to wear.

I had about five options laid out, varying in skimpiness and sexiness.

I jumped when I heard a noise at the front door but it was just the newspaper being delivered.

Dan appeared in a pair of tight trunks. I think they’re called jockey shorts. Tight. Light grey. Oh my, I thought. This is a good start.

I could see his package neatly stored away in these shorts. And a perky ass.

We sat at the table and ate breakfast together, sharing sections of the newspaper.

A knock on the door. We looked worried.

“A rule. Whoever is closest to the door has to answer it,” Dan piped up.

In this case it was Dan.

He stood up and walked to the door, allowing me the chance to admire his backside again.

We have a little peephole in our front door, so you can see who is outside.

It was Carl, the eighteen year old son of one of our neighbors. He usually washes my car on a sunday morning, to earn a bit of money.

Dan came back in, fetched the car keys and the money I put aside, and returned to the front door.

“Did he see much?” I asked.

“No I kept the door mostly closed.”

Another knock about an hour later. I was just coming out the bathroom so I went this time.

Mrs Davies, another neighbor. Lives downstairs. Wanted to know if I knew who owned a little black cat she had seen running about outside last night and this morning.

I shook my head, as I hid behind the door.

“So much for a quiet day,” moaned Dan, as I shut the door.

We sat quietly and read for the remainder of the morning. I volunteered to make lunch but went to change first.

I chose a light blue matching set of bra and panties. A bit more revealing than my first choice.

We had a light lunch. Dan sat on the couch looking at the laptop while I took a book out to the balcony to read.

We have three reclining chairs and a small glass table out there. The panelling to the front is glass, with wood panels to either side. There is nothing to the right but to the left is another balcony, belonging to a fairly miserable middle aged couple, the Johnsons.

They are quite nosey, and also like to complain if we make noise out there. According to them, talking is noisy.

As I lay out there, reading my book, I sensed I was being watched. Sure enough, as I looked through my sunglasses there was Mr Johnson, peeking over, looking at me. As soon as he saw me look back he disappeared. Dirty old man.

It had got to about three in the afternoon. I was just contemplating a short sleep when tuzla içmeler escort we heard a knock on the door.

“For fucks sake! What now?” Dan cursed.

He went to the door.

“Uncle Steve!” he said, looking through the peep hole. “What should I do?”

“Let him in,” I replied.

“Hi Steve!” said Dan.

Steve seemed bemused at the sight of his nephew in a pair of trunks.

“Hey…err…Dan. Ok?”

I appeared from the balcony in my bra and panties, confusing my uncle even more. He stood for a moment, mouth open in shock.

“Hey Steve.”


“Drink?” I asked.

“Yes please. Am I interrupting some strange ceremony here?” he finally asked.

We explained it was a game we were playing, including the prize or forfeit, depending on the winner.

He seemed to understand and be ok with it. Like I said I think he is alright really.

He was there for about an hour when another knock interrupted our afternoon.

“Louise!!” I called, looking through the spy hole.

Panic took over. We had both agreed that if family appeared we would have to declare the game over. So we quickly grabbed anything to make ourselves appear decent.

Louise was more concerned by the presence of Uncle Steve, than by mine and Dan’s appearance.

“What’s he doing here?” she shouted.

“Louise, be nice,” I said.

“Tell him to go and I will.”

“Louise. This is our home and Steve is our guest. So are you. Be polite and show respect in our home or go away,” said Dan.

Dan and Louise were very close. She adored him and so when he scolded her like that it would clearly have an effect.

“Sorry,” she slowly said, quietly.

“No it’s ok. I’ll go now. I’ve outstayed my welcome,” Steve said, heading for the door.

We both told off Louise after he had left. She stayed till about six pm.

We had dinner, watched tv before bedtime.

On monday, Dan had left for work before I awoke. He quite often started early on a monday.

I got up and walked around naked for a while. I tried to work out if the underwear day had ben a success or not.

I told Gavin about it. He was clearly excited about the idea of me wearing so little all day! His advice was to take it just a little bit further.

“Just a bit more sexy underwear. Don’t over do it. A bit at a time,” he suggested.

On wednesday morning I woke up. I thought I heard Dan leave for work so I got out of bed. I pulled on a pair of panties and walked topless into the kitchen.

I was making some toast, sipping on my coffee, when Dan’s bedroom door opened and he emerged into the living area. He was wearing boxers.

“Shit!” I thought to myself.

“Morning,” he said, either not noticing, or pretending not to notice that I was only wearing panties. I kept my back to him.

“Coffee?” I asked, deciding that acting normally was the best course of action.

“Yes please.”

Thirty seconds of silence passed, seeming like forever. I sensed him walking up behind me. My heart started pounding in my chest.

Dan stood right behind me. Right behind. Suddenly his hands shot round my sides and settled on my bare breasts. He gently fondled and squeezed my tits, saying nothing.

I felt his cock stiffen as it pressed through his shorts against my ass.

I moved my hand back and onto his bulge. I slid my fingers inside his shorts and around his erect cock, and began stroking him.

I pushed my head back as he started to kiss my neck. We were startled by the toast popping out of the toaster and waking us from our trance.

“We’d better stop…before something happens, ” Dan said, moving away. I covered my chest with my hands and hurried to my room. I put on a shirt and came back.

We sat in silence for a while before I spoke.

“I think Uncle Steve was enjoying checking me out on sunday,” I joked, trying to lighten the tension.

“Well why not? He probably doesn’t see many attractive girls.”

I blushed as Dan got up and went to dress for work.

The rest of the week was busy and I think we both wanted to give each other space.

After mum, dad and Louise left on saturday, Dan looked at me.

“Same again tomorrow?” he asked.


“Underwear all day? I still want my dinner at Watson’s.”

“Yes if you want.”

“I do. Tell you what. Let’s make it more interesting,” he suggested.

“What? How?”



“Yes. Naked. All day. What do you think?” he asked.

“I will if you will,” I replied.

He headed off to his room. Ok then. See you in the morning. Don’t trick me now. Naked?”

“Ok,” I stammered, excited but nervous.

No clothes sunday…

I woke up on sunday morning full of doubts.

I climbed out of bed and looked at my naked body in the mirror. Medium everything. Medium height, medium weight, medium ass and medium, maybe small-ish, breasts. Would Dan look at me and be unimpressed.

I know we had a bit of a fondle on wednesday morning but he had stopped it. What if he changed his mind this morning?

I quietly opened my door and checked the coast was clear. No sign of my brother. I rushed to the bathroom and showered. I went back to my room and sprayed my best body spray on.

Then I heard the paper being delivered so I went to get that then went to the living room.

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