Oak Street Vixens

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This is the continuing saga of the families of Oak Street. To all outward appearances the families are typical conservative upper middle class households but what goes on behind closed doors would shock the rest of the neighborhood. For background on our seven lust-filled families check out “Oak Street Beginnings” and the other six prior chapters of this series which will conclude with the neighbors Christmas party in a future chapter. (Chapters in this series are in alphabetical order.)


The activity on her birthday had ignited a fire in Tammy that burned hottest right in the heart of her cunt. It seemed like she was always wet now and craving sex. She didn’t want to be seen as a slut though. Her only solution seemed to be having sex with everyone she could but be as discrete about it as she could.

She was quickly finding that she was bisexual. She truly enjoyed sex more with guys but lusted after women as well. Her biggest problem was that all of her friends would soon be going off to college and there would be fewer people to make out with and no one her own age would be left on the block.

She decided to worry about that when they all left. Right now she was just thinking about having fun. It was shortly after her birthday that Inga Fiskin had asked Tammy to come over to go through some old clothes to donate to charity. Tammy was right on time but no one answered the door. She thought Inga had forgotten. Then she noticed that the door was slightly ajar. Tammy pushed on it and it swung open.

She decided to look around the house to make sure the widow was alright. Nothing seemed out of place as she looked around. As she proceeded to Inga’s bedroom she heard noises coming from there. Like all teenagers in horror movies instead of playing it safe or calling out Inga’s name she walked straight for the bedroom. If there had been a chain saw murderer in there she would have been dead.

As she turned into the bedroom she saw a sight that made her eyes pop as wide open as if there had been a guy waiting with a chainsaw. At first she saw Inga’s D cups jiggling as her body thrashed around on the bed. Then she saw what was causing this action. There was a man’s head planted between her legs eating her twat. It wasn’t just any man.

There was Tammy’s dad eating out the neighbor woman. From the kiss Inga had given Tammy at the girl’s birthday party she thought the older woman was interested in a physical encounter. She wouldn’t have been surprised if Inga had asked her over to seduce her that morning.

As for her dad she knew that he was interested as they had already been fucking for a week. The only question as Tammy ripped off her clothing was whether or not they would be willing to form a threesome with her. Totally nude Tammy slid onto the bed and said calmly, “Hi Mrs. Fisk in I’m here to look through those clothes.”

Inga said nothing, at first, as the girl’s presence had startled her and she was kind of busy cumming. As for Tom he apparently didn’t hear or see his daughter as his face was filled with pussy and his ears were covered up by Inga’s sexy meaty thighs. Moaning as she came Inga managed to pant out as she bucked her hips against Tom’s face, “Oh my gawd, Tammy I forgot you were supposed to come over.”

“That is kind of obvious,” Tammy said smiling and putting a finger on Inga’s lips to stop the conversation. Then as she placed a hand on Inga’s monster titties she leaned down and placed her lips against Inga’s. The welcome was immediate from the widow as their tongues danced together. Inga wasn’t thinking at all about who she was with or she might have done something to stop it.

But Tammy had caught her in the throws of ecstasy and there was not a rational thought in her horny head. Finally, Tom looked up to see his daughter groping his lover’s tits. Inga shoved her crotch back to his face signaling him to continue eating her out. As Tammy’s tongue flicked Inga’s nipple her dad exclaimed, “Tammy, what are you doing here?”

“Well, daddy I’m here to help Inga sort some clothes. But, instead, I think I’ll let her eat my pussy while you fuck her. By the way daddy, what are you doing here?” Tom didn’t reply.

“Sorry Tom, I forgot that I had invited her over,” Inga struggled to speak as she panted in delight. Tammy pushed her father’s face back into Inga’s cunt. The teenager kissed the older woman’s tits feverishly. Quickly Inga took the opportunity to explore the girl’s voluptuous curves. Tammy’s skin was baby soft.

Inga’s fingers reached the golden curls of Tammy’s pubic hair. She gently ran her fingers through the locks. Finding the girl’s pubic lips she used her fingers to part them and find her joy button. The girl was so very wet and Inga cooed to her, “Tammy you have a beautiful pussy.”

That is all Tammy needed to hear. She gave the 60 year old woman’s tits one last good hard squeeze. Then balancing herself carefully swung her leg over Inga’s face and began lowering her hips toward it calling out to her dad, “Ok daddy, fuck her; come on and fuck tuzla escort her pussy now. I want to see you fuck Inga.”

Tom had no problem fucking another woman in front of his daughter. After all, she had seen him fuck Bonnie. But, he wasn’t sure what Inga’s reaction would be. He needn’t have worried as Inga pulled on Tammy’s ass urging the girl to hurry up. Then, Inga called out to Tom, “Come on get that fat cock of yours inside of me.”

Tammy lifted up her ass so that Inga could scoot herself a bit closer to the edge of the bed for Tom. Then the young girl settled back down on the former beauty queen’s face feeling Inga’s hungry mouth attack her entire crotch. Tom aimed his big cock directly for Inga’s hot snatch and rammed it inside of her. His daughter grabbed his face and ravished him with a prolonged kiss.

While Tom twisted and teased Tammy’s boobs as he fucked Inga she, in turn, feverishly tugged and tortured Inga’s breasts. Tom’s strokes became harder and deeper nearly lifting Inga off the bed. The sweet smell of cunt filled the room.

Between the kissing and tit play her dad was giving her and Inga’s torrid attention to her twat Tammy kept cumming and cumming hard sending shudders through her entire body. It had been a long time since Inga had this much fun as she squeezed Tammy’s ass with her hands while eating out her delicious cunt as her pussy was getting a fantastic pounding. Tom’s face grew contorted as all of his energy was being zapped by the fuck.

As their moans built into a crescendo of screams all three of them came with orgasms that rocked their bodies. Spunk shot out of Tom’s cock like a canon going off and the women erupted releasing a never ending flow of cream reminiscent of lava flowing out of a volcano. Tammy and Inga didn’t get around to sorting the clothes that day.

The next day was the last chance for a full scale blow out at the pool in the Nelson’s backyard. All of the teens on the block were invited as Maggie and Roger would be busy with school activities all day long. None of the kids knew how wide spread the fucking between them had become but all day long different combinations of kids would disappear into the house for some carnal fun.

Jerry and Janice were determined not to leave a single cock or cunt unfucked by them that day. So, they started to work immediately as soon as their first friend arrived. Linda Goldman was shocked at how fast they took off her swim suit but was soon riding the hell out of jerry’s cock as his sister tortured Linda’s boobs.

Gracie, Paul, Linda, Rex, Patty, Bill and Tammy were the perfect guests for Jerry and Janice fulfilling every sexual desire. Poolside the friends flirted shamelessly. Then a whispered comment would result in from two to four of them finding a bed inside. Most of them had no idea that everyone else was doing the same thing as they were too busy having fun themselves.

After the worn out guests left Jerry and Janice figured things out and realized that they had hosted a virtual orgy. They had both been fucked five times and figured that based on that there had been about 25 individual instances of couples fucking that day under their parent’s roof. That weekend Tammy and Gracie watched all of their friends head back to school. And, Gracie told Tammy that in a couple of weeks she would leave for computer school herself as she was tired of working at the discount store.

Tammy was sad as that left her with the 13 adults and only 6 of them were men. However, she quickly found that she was in high demand by all of them. Roger Nelson was her physical education teacher this year in her strength and conditioning class. It was the second day of school when he ordered her to report to him during study hall as she wasn’t using the equipment correctly.

Roger was happy that his planning period was the same time as Tammy’s study hall. He checked her date of birth before classes had gotten under way and a rock formed in his pants. The girl didn’t like getting in trouble like this. She was very nervous when she walked in the door. Almost whispering, “Coach Nelson here I am.”

“So you are; close the door young lady and come over here,” Roger demanded with authority. He thought as she spun around to push the door shut what a perfect pixy she was. Her boobs were standing out like twin globes with her t-shirt clinging tightly to them outlining them wonderfully.

Tammy’s eyes were drawn magically to his crotch noticing the huge bulge in his gym shorts. Warning bells went off in her head. She knew what the coach wanted. Looking him over she felt a trickle of juice in her twat. Right then she decided to cooperate if he wanted her body but not for less than the top grade in her class.

“Ok coach How was I using my equipment wrong,” she smiled as she asked not wanting to sound snotty. The coach stood mesmerized by her beauty before shaking his head and bringing himself to his senses. His decision was now made.

“Actually, Ms. Peterson you were doing it perfectly; in fact, too pendik escort perfectly. A pretty girl like you shouldn’t strain that luscious body on those weights and stuff.” He walked closer and closer. She could feel his hot breath. Tammy was having trouble swallowing.

“But, coach, I have to have a P.E. credit to graduate so I have to take this class,” she softly answered the teacher. The coach got toe to toe wither and placed his hands on her shoulders. Her nipples were now straining against her bra and she was getting very nervous as any doubt about Roger’s attentions was fading fast.

Gently he caressed her shoulders and ran his hands down her arms. When he reached her breasts he moved his hands toward himself so that his hands brushed the outer half of her excited boobs. Tammy didn’t stop her coach but pointedly asked him about what benefit she would receive if she allowed him to continue as well as the most important question of how often they would get together.

Moving quickly Roger slid his hands under her t-shirt and aggressively fondled her ripe melons through her bra as he slipped one hand behind her back to unclasp it. As he did this they continued to negotiate agreeing to meet two or three times a week for her to do whatever Roger wanted in exchange for Tammy getting the best grade in the class and not doing any exercise she didn’t want to do.

Roger lifted the shirt over her head as he felt the girl squeeze his cock hard through his pants. Juices began flowing from Tammy’s cunt responding to Roger’s kneading of her boobs but even more to what she felt in his pants. Roger moaned, “On your knees girl and suck my prick right now.”

It hadn’t been long since Tammy had sucked her first cock but deftly she dropped the teacher’s pants and underwear. Then the girl grabbed his cock and balls in her hands as she covered the head of his cock with her mouth. In no time at all she had Roger groaning with glee as her mouth bobbed up and down his shaft wildly. Her cheeks were hollowed out from the vacuum pressure she was applying to his big cock.

Not wanting to use up all of his spunk on this teenager Roger suddenly pulled out of her mouth. After all, he had to be ready for at least, a liaison with the guidance counselor, Mrs. Peterson, as well as his wife and kids before bed that night. He wanted to cum for all of them. Tammy was almost pouting when Roger suddenly lifted her up sitting her on his desk as he yanked off her remaining clothes.

“Oh yes Coach Nelson, come on eat me, fuck me; take my twat,” Tammy moaned now on fire and needing to cum more than anything else in the world. Quick to oblige Roger’s face was instantly buried in her honey pot; slurping and licking every corner of her pussy. As he worked his way closer to her very center her moans grew louder and louder. Afraid of being caught he stuffed her panties into her mouth.

The girl rode the coach’s face hard gyrating all over the desk as he nipped, bit, and sucked her cunt paying extra attention to her erect clit. With her legs draped over his shoulders she kicked him repeatedly in the back as she filled her lover’s mouth with streams of her thick honey. Her head flailed back and forth as he ate her twat while she pinched and squeezed her own nipples.

Roger just loved the taste of young pussy. He didn’t know if it really tasted sweeter than the juices of older women or not but there was truly something special about this young steamy nectar. Tammy ripped the gag out of her mouth and demanded, “I can’t take it anymore. Come on, coach, and fuck me right now. Fuck my hot little pussy!”

His face covered with Tammy’s honey Roger broke away from his treat and shoved the girl’s legs almost up to her shoulders and rammed his member into her cavernous depths. His lust had overwhelmed any sense of self control as he hammered her pussy with his pecker without any regard for his fuckmate. He roared, “Little Bitch, do you like this? Are you going to fuck me every chance we get?”

“Fuck yes; you can have all of my holes whenever you want them. God yes, give it to me, coach, fuck me harder,” Tammy moaned back. Excitedly their hips came to meet one another until Roger felt the boiling in his balls and knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He would later find out that he was correct in assuming the girl was on birth control but wasn’t about to stop when he was so close to exploding inside of her.

With one loud grunt he poured his spunk into her inner depths. Tammy’s fingers clawed into her teacher’s sides as wave after wave of pleasure surged through her spasming body. As the coach pulled out of her Tammy’s body fell like a limp rag to the desk as they both tried to catch their breath.

As the coach cleaned up and put back on his clothes he told her that he would arrange for her to come to his office on Tuesdays and Thursdays as a student assistant. Tammy knew exactly what she would be assisting him with. Tammy was convinced that she was becoming a nymphomaniac as after she got dressed she handed Roger aydınlı escort her panties as a souvenir and lifting up her skirt wiggled her ass at him saying as she walked out, “Ok coach, next time you can try out my tight little ass, see you around.”

Meanwhile, Gracie Allen was getting in her last wild times before going off to computer school. It was two days until she left home when she paid a call on Inga Fiskin. Actually sex wasn’t even on her mind as she was just trying to be a good neighbor and visit with the neighborhood widow for a while.

It wasn’t a chore to visit with Mrs. Fiskin as she was such an interesting person so she was happy to spend a little time with her. However, she had no idea just how interesting her time would be when she rang the doorbell. Inga answered the door wearing nothing but a long sheer clingy robe and breathing heavily. Gracie could swear she could smell the scent of sex on the older neighbor lady.

“Ah, Hi, Mrs. Fiskin, I came over to visit before I leave in a couple of days. Oh my, you sure look great in that robe,” Gracie sounded a bit out of breath herself. She was in awe at the vision in front of her and felt the familiar twinge in her pussy. Inga saw the sparkle in the girl’s eye and decided to let the girl in even though Peggy Goldman was laying spread eagle on her bed waiting for her return.

“Thank you dear, come on in,” Inga said not sure what she would do next. She wanted this young lady badly but had the sexy problem of Peggy waiting for her in the other room and wasn’t even sure if Gracie would cooperate. As Gracie passed by she was absolutely sure she smelled pussy juice on Inga’s face. She didn’t stop to think where the juice might have come from she just knew that she had to have Inga.

“Mrs. Fiskin you are fucking sexy; did you know that I am bisexual?” Gracie didn’t know what prompted her bluntness but nervously awaited a reply from her older neighbor. Inga was perplexed with this gorgeous young woman in front of her and an older sex goddess in her bed she didn’t know what to do. She wanted both of their bodies and didn’t want to make either of them wait.

“So, what is it that you are telling me, Gracie?” Inga needed to be sure that Gracie was really telling her that she wanted action before making a fool of herself or being rebuffed. Gracie stepped up toe to toe with Mrs. Fiskin and looked her deeply in the eyes.

“Well, Mrs. Fiskin I want to make love with you. I want to take a strap-on and fuck you hard and deep up that sexy ass of yours,” Gracie cooed as she untied the older woman’s robe and squeezed her large melons. Eagerly Inga let the robe fall to the floor and pushed her tits into the hard squeezing Gracie was giving her.

“Oh you are one hot little slut aren’t you? My ass is yours if you get those fucking clothes off and get your fucking body into my bed and be prepared to get more womanhood than you imagine.” Inga turned around breaking away from her young would be lover and quickly joined Peggy back in bed. Gracie flung her clothing off in every direction.

“Inga, where have you been, my cunt still needs attention?” Peggy asked Inga as the now nude lady walked back into the room. Peggy was gently pleasuring herself by caressing her boobs and tweaking her nipples. Inga reached down and began caressing Peggy’s thighs and bush as she waited for Gracie to appear. It took Gracie only a minute to catch up with Inga. The young woman’s jaw dropped as she entered the room.

“You two know each other so let’s forget the silly introductions and get on with it. My Strap-on is there on the dresser Gracie. Help yourself to any hole that we leave available.” Inga pointed toward the dresser as she sank back in between Peggy’s legs and dove into the glistening pink pussy of the middle aged neighbor.

Peggy smiled over at Gracie as she watched the girl clamp on the ten inch strap-on dildo. Her attention was quickly drawn back to her own cunt as Inga had sucked Peggy’s clit between her teeth. Peggy let out a low long moan while squeezing her own tits tightly as her entire body convulsed from Inga’s attentions.

With the strap-on ready for action Gracie looked further down the other ladies bodies and gasped at Inga’s big ass which was sticking prominently up in the air apparently just asking to be assaulted by the artificial prick that Gracie now sported. She thought who needed any foreplay and quickly positioned herself behind Inga’s posterior pushing the cock head against her hostess’s anal opening. Growling Gracie proclaimed, “Fucking shit Inga, you have a helluva ass and it is mine now!”

Holding tightly onto Inga’s hips Gracie shoved the head of the dildo into Inga’s bowels. A loud grunt came from Inga. Undeterred Gracie gave the strap-on another shove as Inga pushed back to help Gracie. Inga bit down hard on Peggy’s clit as the dildo fully invaded her shit hole. Honey was dripping from Inga’s twat.

Soon Gracie was pounding the older woman’s ass furiously as all three women headed toward hard orgasms. Inga’s fingers were flying over her clit as her butt was being relentlessly pounded. After cumming hard Gracie sat on the bed beside Inga and Peggy. Suddenly, Peggy pulled Inga down on the bed and buried her face into Inga’s pussy while waving her soft ass at the girl.

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