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Mary had been brought up in a conservative household. Her parents were fundamental Christians. Very fundamental. Her father’s strictures were such that they made the Amish seem a model of progressiveness. All her life it was drilled into her that her father was the patriarch and that his will was not to be questioned. Her female mind couldn’t hope to understand the subtleties of his masculine ingenuity.

Home schooling was essential, as the wild progressiveness of state schools would only corrupt her innocent mind, and the dogma that was passed off as religion in the schools run by the major churches was anathema to her father.

Now, however, Mary was eighteen, and her father had decided she should go out to work. There were rules and regulations put into effect regarding this of course. Her father would find a job he thought suitable, and she would deliver her pay to him each payday. He would make her a suitable allowance.

The job her father found her was working for a lawyer. A woman lawyer, naturally. She was not permitted to fraternise with members of the opposite sex. The actual job consisted of research for the lawyer, establishing case history and precedents that might apply to the cases that the lawyer was currently working on.

It turned out that Mary actually has a good and inquisitive mind, an extremely retentive memory and she loved research. By lucky chance the job she was given fitted her like a glove, and the employer was quite impressed with her abilities. That was how Charles came to meet her.

Charles had a case, but he was finding precedents hard to come by. While discussing this case with Brenda, Mary’s employer, she suggested that he have a word with Mary.

“She’s the best researcher I’ve ever come across,” Brenda told Charles. “Come over to my office later and you can give her the details.”

So later that day Charles was introduced to Mary. He explained his requirements and Mary nodded, taking notes as they talked. She then vanished into her back room to work her magic.

Charles was quite amused. Mary seemed such a little mouse of a girl, and that horrific dress! How could she bear to step outside wearing it?

Charles commented to Brenda about her mousey employer and Brenda nodded.

“I know what you mean,” she said. “She’s got a terrific brain and if she’d only put a little effort into her appearance she’d be sensational, but she’s completely under her father’s thumb, and he dictates her every move. If he knew you were giving her a case to research he’d probably try to forbid it. A real dictator type.”

The next day Mary approached Brenda.

“I’ve found two precedents that could be said to apply to Mr. Charles’ case,” she told Brenda. “One is reasonable, but the second would probably be far more useful if you use a bit of twisted logic on it.”

She went on to explain what she meant to Brenda, who laughed when she finally worked out where Mary was heading with it.

“Twisted logic, is right,” she said, “but I love it. Why don’t you run these down to Charles’ office and explain it to him.”

Seeing Mary hesitate, she chased her out.

“Go, go, it’ll be fine. He’s waiting for a break in this case.”

Reluctantly Mary departed, heading out of her sheltered back room into the larger world. Reaching Charles’ office she was ushered straight through.

This time, Charles paid a bit more attention to Mary, and he had to admit that Brenda was correct. Mary had a lot of potential. He listened intently as Mary went through the precedents she’d discovered and her explanation of how the second one could be applied.

“Oh, yes,” he thought. “She definitely had a fine mind as well.”

Subsequently, Charles arranged a deal with Brenda, whereby Mary would research some of his cases. He’d pay for Mary’s time as required.

The deal worked quite well, as Mary had been under-utilised just researching Brenda’s cases. If it hadn’t been for the heatwave, the situation could probably have continued for a long time.

I can see you’re wondering how a heatwave can screw up a lawyer’s office procedure. What happened was that Mary was doing some heavy research for Charles during the heatwave, and had to traipse over to his office one day during the worst of the heat. To add to that, she still wore the heavy god-awful clothes that her father insisted on.

When she arrived at Charles office she was sweating like a pig. Forget that bit where they say horses sweat, men perspire, ladies merely glow. Mary was sweating, big time.

To make matters worse, the air conditioning in Charles office had broken down, so the heat in there was just as intense as the heat in the street.

After five minutes of watching Mary sweat as she explained the precedents she’d brought with her, Charles had had enough.

“Why on earth are you wearing a dress that heavy in this heat?” he demanded. “Why don’t you just take it off?”

Then he could only sit and watch dumbfounded as Mary blushed, said “yes sir,” and took off her dress and laid it to the side.

Her Maltepe Escort underwear, he noted, was in accordance with the dress. It was atrocious. Something, he decided, had to be done. Some judicious exploring of the way her mind worked was also called for, starting with why she had taken off her dress like that.

“Mary, why did you take your dress off,” Charles asked.

Mary looked confused. “You told me to,” she pointed out.

“Do you do everything you’re told?” Charles queried.

“Men know far more than me, my father says, and that I should obey them. I can’t hope to work out how their minds work, he says. I just have to accept that they know best and do as I’m told.”

“Does he say that about men in general or about himself?”

“Well, I have to admit he says it about himself, but it seems to me that if applies to him then it would have to apply to other men.”

Charles nodded thoughtfully. “True, true. However, when I said take off your dress, I really meant to exchange it for something lighter. I should have been a bit clearer. My apologies. I assume that you don’t actually have anything lighter that you can wear around the office?”

“No, sir,” replied Mary. “My father arranges for my mother to make all my dresses and he always insists that this material be used. Should I put my dress back on?”

“Not right now,” said Charles, “you’re quite adequately covered as you are. However, you definitely need to have a change of dress.”

Picking up the phone, Charles called through to his secretary, telling her to go down the street and pick up a sundress and some light underwear for a woman. Looking carefully at Mary, he quoted the sizes he wanted.

Returning to his desk, he indicated that Mary should continue with her briefing. With the briefing finished, Charles directed Mary to sit down and wait. After a while his secretary called, saying that she had the required items. Did he want them brought in?

“Give me a couple of minutes and then bring them in please, Jessica,” Charles told her, and turning to Mary suggested that she put on her dress again, which Mary did, albeit with a disgusted look at it.

Then Jessica brought in the new clothes and out them on Charles’ desk. Her eyes flicked from the clothes to Mary and she grinned.

“Occasionally, you get a good idea, boss,” she called over her shoulder as she left.

Charles grinned at the comment and turned to Mary.

“OK, Mary, take off that dress and that terrible underwear and put these things on instead.”

He realised his mistake almost before he finished speaking, but there was no way he was going to call those words back.

Blushing again, Mary stripped off the dress and then the underwear, walking naked to the desk to get the new clothes. She really did have a sensational figure decided Charles. She needed to be brought out into the real world.

For a moment, Charles fought temptation, and temptation won handily.

“Before you put the new clothes on, can you step around here for a moment?” Charles heard himself saying.

Mary looked at him, startled, still blushing from being told to take off her clothes. Hesitantly she moved around to his side of the desk.

“I just want to make sure I estimated the right sizes,” said Charles.

Raising his hands, he cupped Mary’s breasts, weighing them gently while his thumbs caressed her nipples. He nodded thoughtfully then ran his hands down her flanks, sliding behind her and cupping her bottom, which he squeezed, before bring a hand around to run through the wild little tuft of fur on her pubic mound. Pressing his hand down, he nudged it against her legs, silently suggesting that they part. With a slight shift of her stance, Mary complied, and Charles hand neatly slipped between them and cupped her mound.

Charles held her for a few endless seconds, and then let her go with a sigh.

“Get dressed,” he said, “quickly.”

Still blushing and feeling strangely excited, Mary did. She looked enchanting, Charles thought, and her father is a monster.

“You should wear those clothes in the office,” he told her. “As office wear, you’d probably be better off leaving them in the office and wearing your normal clothes to and from the office.”

“And that way your father won’t know about them and forbid them,” he thought.

“Yes, sir,” said Mary happily, practically dancing back to Brenda’s office and her work rooms.

Brenda took one look at the transformed Mary and called Charles.

“Just what are your intentions regarding that girl, Charles,” she demanded.

“I’m not sure,” Charles admitted, “but seduction is definitely one of my intentions.”

“Good. She needs it. Maybe it’ll help break her loose from her father’s control.”

After hanging up Brenda considered the situation, and then called Jessica, Charles secretary, for a little discussion.

A couple of days later, Brenda had some things she wanted delivered to Charles. Calling Mary in, she asked her to deliver them. Considering Anadolu Yakası Escort Mary in her office clothes, Brenda suggested to Mary that for this particular errand it might be better if she wore her normal clothes.

“But Mr. Charles doesn’t like them,” protested Mary. “Last time he made me change into these.”

“That’s all right,” said Brenda. “What’s the worst he can do? Have you take those off and get you some more office clothes.”

Mary blushed.

“When I had to change last time,” she said, looking down, “he touched me.”

Brenda laughed. “That’s all right. If you’re lucky he might touch you again,” she told Mary, to her surprise.

Shaking her head Mary left to change clothes and go and deliver the letters to Charles.

Charles meanwhile had noted a couple of odd items in his own office. For some reason there was a towel spread over his couch. On querying this with Jessica, she politely informed him it was there for protection and she’d prefer that he leave it there for the day.

The other thing was that Jessica had another bag of clothes on her desk. Seeing his raised eyebrow, Jessica informed him that she thought it was possible that Mary would need a few more reasonable things, so she’d picked some up.

Knowing damn well that a good boss did not interfere when his secretary got odd fits and starts, Charles shrugged it off and got on with his work.

When Mary arrived, Jessica ushered her straight through to Charles office and waited. Next moment Charles flung open his office door and pointed to the bag of clothes. Smiling, Jessica passed them to him, where upon Charles snatched them and slammed back into his office.

Pointing at the new bag of clothes, Charles growled at Mary.

“Take off those abominations and put on proper office clothes,” he snarled.

Red faced and apologetic, Mary hastily stripped off, blushing to be nude in front of Charles, but relieved that he wasn’t trying to touch her again. At least, she thought she was relieved. She was certainly feeling something.

Reaching for the new clothes, Mary promptly ran into problems. The panties were far too large and the bra far too small. She couldn’t wear either. Trying to pull the dress on without underwear was also futile. It was at least two sizes too small.

Growling, Charles barked through the intercom to Jessica. Jessica came bustling in, seeming amused at poor Mary clutching the dress to cover herself. She was also suspiciously quick to understand the problem. She stuffed the bra and panties back into the bag and tweaked the dress out of Mary’s hand before she even knew it was going.

“I’ll take them back right now,” she announced. “You’ve got two hours free right now Charles, so you won’t need me.” Turning towards the door she suddenly bent and snatched up Mary’s original clothes. “I’ll take these with me so I’ve got something I can measure against,” she announced, and vanished out the door, ignoring Mary’s desperate plea to wait.

You don’t get to be a lawyer and not know that there are some cases you just do not bother to fight. Charles could see that he now had only two options. Take the towel of the couch and wrap it around Mary, or lay Mary on the towel and seduce her.

He knew damn well which option he was expected to choose.

He sat back in his chair and sighed.

“Come here, Mary,” he said quietly.

Mary approached him slowly, knowing that he was going to touch her again. Her nerves were screaming at her, an odd mixture of yes, go and no, stop.

Stopping in front of Charles, trembling slightly, she waited to see what he would do.

Charles carefully cupped one of Mary’s breasts, gently flicking the nipple.

“We have been set up, Mary,” he told her. “Me, as much as you. I believe that their intention is that I should lie you down on that couch and seduce you.”

Smiling at Mary’s vivid blush, Charles continued.

“Personally, I think it’s a wonderful idea, and I’m going to do it.”

The hand cupping her breast drifted down until it reached her mound, and started rubbing it. His hand pressed firmly between her legs, waiting until Mary slowly let them move apart, granting access. Nimble fingers darted between them, tracing her lips and probing at her slit.

“Turn around and look at the couch, Mary,” Charles told her.

Mary did so, and Charles promptly took advantage to run his hands over her bottom and to let his fingers gently probe the gap when the cheeks came together with her legs.

“You can walk over there and pick up that towel and wrap it around you, or you can walk over there and lie down on the towel.”

Mary stood there, her nerves prickling her, feeling those inquisitive fingers dart around her, teasing funny little sensations out of her.

“My father says I shouldn’t do things like that,” she muttered.

“All fathers say that,” pointed out Charles, “and eventually all girls do anyway. We can always stop at any point if you think we’re going too far.”

Mary looked Ümraniye Escort at him and then across at the couch, all the time feeling those nimble fingers, touching and teasing.

She finally gulped, and walked over to the couch and sat primly on it, waiting, neither lying nor wrapping the towel around her. From here on the choice was Charles.

Charles joined her on the couch, gently coaxing her to lie down, stroking her breasts as he did so. Once she lying, Charles started gently touching her, initially concentrating on her breasts but slowly reaching out.

Mary was breathing hard, watching Charles stroke her breasts and tease her nipples.

“You did say we can stop if I want?” she whispered to him.

“Of course we can,” murmured Charles, knowing that there was a lot of difference between can and would.

Bending over her, his mouth captured her breast, his teeth gently teasing her nipple while his hand slid down and rested lightly on her mound. Alternating between her breasts, he used lips and tongue to tease them into pulsating life, leaving Mary acutely aware of her breasts. And nagging through that awareness was the knowledge that his hand was resting down there, not doing anything, but not going away either.

Mary final pushed at the hand resting on her mound, flexing her hips slightly, with the half formed intention of pushing his hand away. Instead, her slight upward push seemed to cause his fingers to slip along her slit and dip between them. She gasped, and hurriedly twitched her hips again, wanting to pull away.

Again she found that she must have done the wrong thing, as those fingers now slipped even deeper into her, and were now exploring inside her. She gulped. “Charles, please,” she said, feeling the time had come to retreat a little.

Charles smiled and promptly covered her lips with his own, as though that was what she had been asking for, while all the time his fingers stroked and poked and delved into all her secret places.

Mary relaxed a little, leaning into the kiss, experimenting with it, but still acutely conscious of those internal touches. She could feel Charles hand edging around as though looking for the source of that heat she could feel building up there.

Mary suddenly screamed, her voice being lost in Charles mouth. Charles had found what he was looking for, and his fingers had started treacherously tweaking her clitoris, sending acute shocks racing through her. Mary opened her mouth to protest, to call a halt, but screamed instead as those fingers again assaulted that vulnerable spot.

Mary was shuddering now, excitement raging through her, wanting to stop Charles but not knowing how to. Not wanting to know how to, she admitted to herself. She felt Charles moving one leg off the couch, and lying heavily against her. Then she could feel his fingers again playing around her lips, and she waited for them to slip through and tease her again.

She could feel her lips parting and suddenly knew that it wasn’t a finger that was now moving between her lips. She gave a choked cry of “Charles” and then he was pressing into her, brushing past her virginity with a quick sting and sinking into her, filling her with himself.

She lay there shuddering slightly, feeling this new presence within her, wanting to accept and keep it, while part of her was crying out to reject it.

She felt Charles starting to move, slowly withdrawing and then returning, and barely noticed his finger slipping in to attack her clitoris again. Charles withdrew and then thrust in again, more forcefully this time, while at the same time he assaulted Mary’s clitoris again. Hyper sensitive due to the earlier touches to her clitoris, and feeling the full length of Charles sliding in at the same time as this fresh assault, it was all too much.

Mary screamed and climaxed, shocked at what was happening to her body and just as shocked at what her body was doing to her emotions. She lay there under Charles, trembling with aftershocks while Charles settled into a nice easy rhythm, thrusting deep and hard.

Mary came slowly out of her climax to find that she was moving in unison with Charles. He was driving deep into her and she was willingly lifting her hips to meet him. She could hear herself giving little growls of satisfaction as Charles vividly demonstrated the differences between men and women.

Charles was enjoying Mary’s body. She was hot and wet and tight and eager to please. She was meeting everything he could throw at her, matching it and tossing it back to him. He happily drove into her, hustling her to a second climax.

Mary found her expectations steadily rising. She knew roughly what to expect this time, and was quite sure she was prepared for it. She was wrong. She heard Charles groan and felt something hot and wet splash deep within her, and then she found herself convulsing and clinging desperately to Charles as her climax swept over her again.

When Jessica returned she found Charles sitting on the couch, holding Mary who was wrapped in the towel.

“Charles,” Jessica said, “it’s time for you to take a walk. I need to talk to Mary. I’m losing one of my housemates on Friday and Brenda thinks that Mary would be an ideal replacement. Just think, if she moves in with us you’ll be able to see her outside of work hours.”

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