One Hell of a Day

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I was walking down a path, not too far from a park down by the river. I had my little plastic bucket and it was already half full of big juicy Fall blackberries.

It had been one of those perfect years, nice warm Summer rains for just one day with 10-12 days of sunshine in between. Then in late August the rains had stopped.

The berries were the size of quarters and just dripping from the vines.

I had stripped one section pretty well, I was looking for the vines with the lighter colored leaves. Those were the Himalayas, they have that lighter sweet flavor that make the very best Blackberry jelly and I also had plans on making a couple of pies.

I cooked pretty well, since I had been single since my divorce a decade before. My wife Debra of 15 years that I assumed was totally faithful turned out to be unable to handle the horniness some women get when into their late 30’s.

I was surprised to walk in the door just after noon, the damn truck I was supposed to drive that day had broken something in the engine so that was it until another rig could be brought in.

Debra was on her hands and knees and a guy in a delivery driver uniform was behind her with his pants down. I knew right then why Debra had been buying so many trinkets on the auction sites.

I probably wouldn’t have been too pissed off about that if she has just said something, I have to admit that being on the road I had dipped my own wick a time or two. Debra even asked me if I ever had any “outlets” as she called it, while I was on the road. The Portland to LA run was one day, then overnight and off to the East coast, overnight again and then back. It was a long run and after a few trips I had found some places that were warm to sleep in.

Hell, I admitted it. I had even told her that since we were sometimes apart for a week and more that I was understanding about that if she found a friend. Then when she was in her early 30’s for damn near two years she couldn’t get enough of me, when I was home she was always after me.

I just wanted to know, being left in the dark would be cheating. So when I asked her if she had done anything with anyone she denied it, claiming she could never do that.

Well, not only was she lying, she had been doing the delivery driver for at least a year, maybe more as it turned out. There were some others, too, I never did get all the details.

Me? I had been slowing down in the sex department and it was at least that long if not longer since I ran into anyone I might slip into the sleeper cab on my truck.

There was a couple of regulars I could have had my fun with, but the truth is I lost interest in them after a time or two.

Double standard, they call that. OK for me but not for Debra.

Yea, I know. I am an asshole. But I wasn’t hiding it and she was. I kicked her out, we split the sheets, and I was suddenly single again.

The truth is I had liked Debra, she was OK.

But love?

Naw. So why did I marry her in the first place? Hell, she could cook, she kept the house neat as a pin, and she loved to fuck.

There was also the fact that the driver guy was a scrawny little shit that I just did not like, he had a wiseass attitude when I had answered the door a few times as he delivered some plastic piece of shit.

Then I walked in and the bastard had more cock left over on the back stroke than I had on the downstroke, my 7″ dick is best described as normal. The jerk had a root on him that would have served him well in a porno flick.

OK. That just pissed me off even more. Debra didn’t even put up too much of a fuss, the truth is I think she was relieved to head off on her own, too. What the fuck, we were only together maybe 3 days out of 10, anyway.

So like I was saying, I was wandering down the path, I came around a corner and spotted a guy and a pretty redhead sitting on a blanket in a little clearing.

The gal had on a green bikini and there wasn’t very much to it from what I could see. They were maybe 50 feet away from me. I would have just gone right on by and left them alone but there was a patch of berries right there and they were so thick I walked over and started picking them.

I glanced at them a couple of times, noticed the guy leaned over and said something to the redhead. She lay back on her back and let her legs fall carelessly apart. There was a tiny patch of red right alongside the green of the tiny wisp of cloth. I glanced again, sure enough, that güvenilir bahis was pubic hair. That wisp of cloth wasn’t centered very well.

The guy looked up at me and back down to her.

I moved a little bit closer, still picking berries. I glanced over again and her legs had widened even more, now I could see some pink in between the red hairs.

I felt myself start to fuss up, it had been quite awhile since I saw any pussy at all. I kept sneaking glances. Then I realized the guy had reached out and and was holding the string that tied the tiny bottoms at her side.

He was just holding it, I moved a bit more their direction. He was grinning at her and said something I couldn’t quite catch, she giggled.

He tugged on the string. The knot slipped a bit, then he tugged again. The knot fell apart, the bit of cloth was now just laying on her. He still held the string in his hand.

I looked at him just as he looked up at me, he grinned. I guess I grinned back. She just lay there with a smile on her face.

Then a couple of fat ladies came around the corner, both carrying buckets.

“Sure is a lot of great berries, isn’t there?” One of them said.

“Uh…Yea.” I answered.

They spotted the couple laying there, one of them sniffed and they headed on down the trail. I moved over to the next patch, now I was less than 10 feet from them.

“Want me to?” The guy said to the redhead, his hand still holding the string on her bottoms. I heard that, it really got my attention. Her eyes opened and she looked right at me, those eyes were smoky green and the expression was wicked. I was just standing there holding the bucket.

That piece of cloth was all but off of her.

I knew what he was going to do and he did. He pulled on the string and the cloth fell off to the side. She lay there with her legs wide open, sunlight shining right on one of the most spectacular pussies I had ever seen.

I suddenly felt brave.

“Mind if I join you?” I asked. The guy nodded towards the blanket, I sat down at her feet.

“Wow, I never ran into anything like this before.” I managed to mutter, staring at the redhead’s shiny clit poking out of it’s hood.

“It’s OK. We just like to show off, it’s fun and gets her hot.” The guy said, sticking out his fucking hand.

I shook his hand, why not? It was like were being introduced at some goddamn dinner party or something.

“I’m Walt, this is Patty.” He said.


We both were looking at Patty who was just laying there with her legs open, beaver right out on display. She ran her hands up her sides and over her lower abdomen and shuddered a little bit.

Then she sat up, reached behind her back and her top was off. She didn’t have huge breasts but they were nice and well formed. She smiled that same sweet smile at me, then lay back down.

Walt reached over into my bucket and picked up a ripe berry. He rubbed it gently up her slit, leaving a trail of purple juices. She twitched slightly but didn’t move. Then he stuck the berry in his mouth.

“Want some?” He asked.

Why the fuck not, I picked up a berry and reached out to rub it on her. I flicked her clit a few times as I rubbed it across her, popped it in my mouth with a grin.

It tasted just like a blackberry. Walt reached out and got some more berries, rubbed her again. Her eyelids flickered that time, so I did it again, too. She was getting pretty juicy by now.

“That juice will stain her bikini, we better clean it up.” Walt said, reaching out and tugging her knee over.

I can take a hint.

I leaned forward, scooted closer until I could reach her. I almost expected some kind of protest but she just lifted her hips to meet me. I buried my face in her soft flesh, began to lick. I used the tip of my tongue to tease up and down, Patty’s hips began to buck. Then I widened my tongue, dragged the flat of it all the way up and over her, repeating that over and over.

Walt just sat there and watched.

She tasted like blackberries with a hint of pussy in the background. I reached up with one hand and fondled first one breast, then the other, leaving streaks of the purple juice from my stained hands. Walt leaned down and began to lick off the drippings, that pretty much did it as she let out a loud groan and her hips jammed up, shoving her pussy into my face.

“Well, I never!” I heard from behind me. I looked over my shoulder and the two fat ladies were there, one güvenilir bahis siteleri had a pissed off look on her face but the other one seemed real interested.

I sat up, laughing.

They headed off down the trail, the one lady looked back several times as the pissed off one hustled on ahead of her.

“Man, looks like we upset someone.” Walt said, laughing too.

Patty had her top back on and was fumbling with the tie on her bottoms.

“That was good, guys, thank you!” she smiled.

I had been thinking of a bit more than what we just did, to be honest. My dick was about to pop the zipper on my blue jeans.

“Catch you later, guy.” Walt said, and damned if they didn’t get up, gather their things and head off down the trail leaving me sitting there.

“Hey, maybe I will run into you guys again?” I called out.

“Maybe.” Walt said, and they were gone, just like that.

I sat there munching berries and thinking about it. Man, what an experience! Another couple of minutes and I would have been trying to fuck her, but I wasn’t sure that was what they wanted. Just teasing, showing off, I guess.

Pretty wild shit. I ate some more berries, feeling horny as hell. Finally I sighed, got up and went back to filling my bucket.

I had the bucket full and rounded up in short order, so I headed back towards my car. I went by the spot where Walt and Patty had been, my mind flashing back to the vision of her red hair covered pussy exposed in the sunlight, those puffy pink nipples reacting to my touch. I had let the tip of my tongue flick upwards on her clit until she climaxed in a huge wave.

Damn, that was fun! Young and snug, damn I had wanted to stuff my cock inside her.

I got another boner, one stiff enough that it was actually uncomfortable to walk. I looked around and didn’t see anyone, so I slipped off the trail. There was the creek about 50 yards away, I went down there and found some bushes. I dropped my pants and grabbed my 7 incher and began to stroke it, I just had to get the damned thing down or I would have sore balls for a week.

I must have been at it for 15 seconds when I heard a rustle in the bushes nearby. I stopped and listened, nothing. Deciding it was a Rabbit or a Deer or something, I went back to rubbing my dick. My balls began to snug up, I was getting close to blasting off. I figured I could probably fire off a shot it all the way to the creek about 10 feet away.

“Oh, God!” I heard from right behind me.

Startled, I damn near sprayed out the back at that one, let me tell you! I looked over and there stood one of the heavy set ladies I had seen earlier. She was staring at my cock, one hand on her breast over her blouse. She had short gray hair, and kind of a pretty face.

I grabbed at my pants, they were wadded up around my ankles.

“Jesus Christ, lady!”

“Don’t stop. Please? It’s OK.” Her voice had that husky tone to it I had heard in women before. I did stop, my pants were pulled up almost to my hips, my rock hard cock was still sticking straight out into space. She was staring at it, her hand on her breast was now squeezing her boob.

“I want to……” She took the 3 or 4 steps between us, reached down and took ahold of my cock.

I stood there in shock for a second.

This was turning out to be one hell of a day!

Her hand gripped me, then began to stroke back and forth, I stiffened right back up at that.

“That is so beautiful.” She said.

I felt my hips start to work back and forth with a mind of their own.

“Would you…will you…fuck me? Please? I don’t get very many chances.” She asked. Hell, it almost sounded like she was begging.

I looked at her, she was at least in her 50’s, and as round as a woman can get. It felt strange as hell to be standing there in the woods with my pants down around my ankles and some woman I didn’t even know had her hand on my cock, begging me to fuck her?

I looked around, there was a small patch of soft grass a few feet away. I steered her that way, she never let go of my dick. I sat down and she sat down right with me, her hand still pumping away. It was like she had gotten ahold of something she wanted and no way in hell was she going to let it get away.

I reached for the buttons on her blouse, tripped them. A giant white bra appeared, I reached around and undid the catch in the back and her huge breasts spilled out. I saw her look at me for a reaction but I already iddaa siteleri had one hand on her, twirling the fat nipple. She leaned forward, naked to the waist and tugged off my tennis shoes, not bothering to untie them. Then she tugged my pants and briefs off. All I had on was my shirt, she undid the buttons and pushed that off my shoulders, too.

Then she rolled up first one hip, then the other, working her skirt and panties down. Her pussy was covered with a thick matt of black curly hair. Her tummy was round, I was surprised because there was no big roll of fat, she was just round.

Naked, she pressed her body against me as I reached down and stroked her puffy lips. She shoved one hand between my legs, feeling my nuts. She rolled one, then the other in her fingertips. My cock was now so hard it was twitching. She lifted one leg to allow me access, letting out a groan as my finger went up and into her.

I felt a sense of urgency since I was now almost at the point of going off into the air, so I pressed her back. She opened her legs and I probed at her, I felt her wiggle her fanny around, trying to line up my cock with her pussy. I reached down and spread her open with two fingers, she was soaked. I lined up and pushed, it was like sliding my cock into a bucket of soft butter.

Lord that felt good, I began to thrust at her, she pushed right back. I was also surprised at how far she could spread her big legs, she was almost doing the full splits. Then she brought her knees up and splayed them wide, a more comfortable position.

I went off in just a few seconds, but the whole situation kept me hard as a rock so I just kept on. I felt her pussy start clamping down on me, it was like I got it stuck in a damned vacuum cleaner and that got me off the second time. I finally came to a stop, lay there on top of her until my dick started to soften. I pressed with my hips trying to stay inside of her as long as I could, but finally I slipped out.

I rolled over onto my side, reached out and started playing with her huge titties. One hung down on each side of her chest, gravity had been winning the battle for a long time.

I didn’t mind one damn bit.

She lay there with her eyes closed, her chest was bright pink, her nipples still stood up like little rocks. I reached down and played with her snatch for awhile, it was pretty gooey.

Satiated, I got up and went over to the creek, washed my hands and my cock in the ice cold water. Then I went back, she was sitting up looking at me.

“Thank you.” She said.

“You are sure welcome, Ma’m, that was one fine fuck.” I grinned at her. Then she got up and went over to the creek, too. She was on the way back when we heard someone yell.

“Melissa, where are you?”

I figured that had to be the other woman I had seen before, the snooty one. Melissa quickly put on her bra, reached for her panties and tugged them up. She got the skirt into place, reached for her blouse.

The voice was getting closer, I realized I was standing there stark naked, so I grabbed my pants and pulled them on just as the other fat lady walked out of the bushes.

“There you are, Melissa. Why didn’t you answe….!” She started to say, then she spotted me. I managed to stuff my cock away as her eyes dropped down in surprise, then began pulling my shirt back on.

She looked at me in shock, then back at Melissa, then back at me.

“Hello.” I said, with a smile.

“What? What’s going on? Melissa?”

I looked at Melissa, she was blushing bright pink.

“Did you…are you? Oh my GOD!”

“This is my friend Sydney.” Melissa said to me, her face bright red.

“Sorry, I didn’t get your name?”

“Dan.” I grinned at Sydney, held out my hand. She ignored it.

“My GOD! You don’t even know his NAME?” Sydney exclaimed. I saw Melissa get a pissed off look on her face.

“Goddamn it Sydney, shut the fuck up! I haven’t been laid in years. You should try this guy. He is pretty damned good!” She smiled at me.

Sydney turned bright red at that, looked at me with her mouth hanging open.

“Any time, Ma’m.” I grined at her, picked up my bucket of berries and started off down the trail.

“Hey Dan! Wait a minute!”

“What?” I stopped and looked back.

“I don’t know how to get ahold of you.” She smiled.

“I will be back tomorrow, to get some more berries.” I held up the bucket.

“Bring your friend if you want to.”

Sydney stood there with a shocked look on her face, but then I saw her expression change. Melissa just grinned.

This could prove to be very interesting, I thought.

I went back to my truck, headed home humming to myself.

I was going to bake myself a pie.

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