Paradise Island Ch. 06

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Preface – Just to let you know, there are some playful scenes where Susie and Sam enjoy a little company from another. But there is no real intercourse with another. I’m letting the Love of Susie and Sam win. It’s not going where you think it is.

I want to thank the readers of the raw work and your comments. This is not a closure to the story but the beginning of another. I hope you all enjoy the change. I’m not sure where it is going as not one word of it is written. I just feel the need for another view point to the story. I have an idea, but that don’t mean anything at this point. Until the words pop onto the screen I don’t know where it is going myself. It excites me to see where it is going.


Dinner and the evening was simple, I got to chat with James and he’s okay with how things are going with him and Carol. He wants Carol to branch out. I told him how happy Susie and I are, and he pointed out it’s a little different that we are of the same age group, and we can have kids where he’s had a vasectomy. That and he wants someone he can talk to also. So I have an IDEA…

That night in bed with Susie, we started talking about them, “Did you see Sylvia was checking James out. I bet that was the first time she ever saw him naked.”

I said, “I bet you are right and you know James is looking for someone in his age bracket too. I know it might be wrong to some people but what do you think we do a little match making?”

Susie replied, “I’m game, do you have any ideas?”

I said, “As a matter of fact I do, but right now I need you.” I rolled over on top of her, my cock piercing her red muff, hitting her clit and following it down and right into her until our I bottomed out inside her. One smooth motion, and we made love, a soft caring love, She came softly into my mouth as I kissed her. Minutes later, her breast pressed into my chest, holding me tightly, her fingers digging into my back I was spilling my seed into her waiting pussy. I held her in my arms until she we both fell asleep. When we woke up in the morning, her pussy hair was glued to my leg hairs.

She tried to pull away, “You know I’m stuck and it hurts to try to pull off your leg.”

I replied, “No shit it does. What now.”

She replied, “I don’t know, lets try to get to the shower to rinse it off.” and We slowly moved off the bed. Still stuck We made it to the bathroom when she said, “I’m sorry.” And I felt a warm tinkle down my leg and the we were free.

“Did you just pee on me?” I asked.

“I’m sorry it’s gross but I couldn’t help it, you bumped my bladder once to many times.” She said.

We threw a towel down to soak up the pee, and we walked into the shower. I was behind her and pressed myself onto her back and let lose my own stream. She said, “This is just gross, but I kinda liked how it feels” so I emptied my bladder, she turned to face me, a look of mischief of her face, she hugged me closer and kissed me, Her tongue coaxing mine out of my mouth, sucking on my tongue and bring my cock to full mast between her legs. Then she cut loose with the rest of her urine at the base of my cock, with it running the length to my head. I found her pussy with my cock and somehow lifted her up a little and was inside her while she was peeing on my cock. We both came in no time, turned the water on and washed off, rinsed and washed again.

“That was different, but let’s not does that again if we can help it.” I said.

She smiled and said, “We’ll see, I wasn’t keen on the smell of pee myself. Now let’s go get some breakfast, I smell coffee.”

Everyone was downstairs in the kitchen when we came down. Naked as the day they were born, except for the babies who had their diapers on. We picked them up, and played with them while Sylvia donned a apron and was cooking breakfast, Omelets today.

When it was time to eat the babies had been fed and worn out buy all the attention, and were fast asleep again within minutes of being laid down.

I said to James, “You all having a good time?”

James and Carol both nodded, James spoke, “It’s been great so far. Really relaxed compared to the cruise ship and real life too.”

Susie said, “My parents are going to take the kids for the weekend so we thought about going over to the main island and getting a suite, maybe go out dancing tonight.”

Carol perked up at that, “That sounds really fun daddy.” She was giggly and her breasts were bouncing and all I could do was drool as I stared at them.

“Sylvia, How about you?” I asked.

She replied, “Humm… let me check my schedule.” She mimicked checking a calendar, “Nope, I’m good with a night out on the town.”

Susie got James alone, and I got Carol alone. I told Carol our plan and she was against it at first, but then she thought back on the night before and the saw some interests from James to Sylvia and thought that someone his age would do him good.”

Well the plan was a go. Susie felt James out and he was interested. Like any kartal escort guy he loved Susie’s Tits, and red pubic hair. She told me he asked if he could touch it. She said okay but nothing more. “He put his hand on my snatch, and his finger found my clit and I thought I would come. HE pulled out, and told me thank you, and I saw him, I swear, he licked his fingers when I wasn’t looking. That guy needs to get laid, and I’m not doing it.

“Let make a rule,” I started, “We can touch other but no sex.”

Susie said, “That’s kind where we’ve been at since the night with Sylivia. I’m good with it if you are. I’ll get James worked up a little, and you can get Sylvia going a little.”

We all got dressed, I know a bummer right, for the night out. I called got the penthouse at then hotel on the main island. It was loaded with things it’s self. We went to the restaurant in the hotel, and the best Prime Rib and Wine I’ve ever had. We went to the club afterwards, too stuffed to dance so we had a couple drinks and let dinner settle. Susie had explained things to Carol so were a go with the mission. Susie got James out on the floor, I took Carol out and Sylvia joined us. When a slow dance took over, Sylvia started to walk off the floor, I asked Carol if she minded, and she was fine with it so I took Sylvia’s hand and we SLOW danced, I swear I don’t know who was getting Who worked up. The music picked back up and we parted, Susie said to me “Nice boner.”

I said, “Oops…” I walked over and got my beer, sat with Carol and drink some while the girls on the floor Teased poor James. I could see his boner from here.

Next slow song, Sylvia got James, and I took Carol out for a swing. Carol was a great dancer, I could feel her muscles vibrate with the music. I found my mind drifting to seeing her naked. I felt myself harden, and she did too. She said. into my ear, “Is that my fault?”

I said, “You know it. So where do we go from here?”

She said, “We got to get them upstairs into one of the bedrooms somehow. I have an idea, let move this upstairs for some cards or something where we can lose clothes.”

I said, “I’m game.” We got Susie on board with this plan, and we moved it upstairs,

We had a few more drinks from the stocked bar in the room when Susie was feeling buzzed she announced, “We came up to play strip poker, but I don’t think I sober enough for that. Lets play Truth or dare instead.”

I said, “I don’t know that could get us in trouble, especially the dare part.”

We looked in the game cabinet of the penthouse for something more or less fun, but not requiring sober people. We found Jinga, a stupid game, our rules were if you lost you had to answer one question from the last loser honestly and that person loses an article of clothing except for the loser.” Well first round was okay, Susie lost. Questions from Sylvia to Susie, “Have you ever kissed a girl.” Susie replied, “Yes and I LIKED IT.” And Sylvia lost her shoes.

Next round, James lost, so Susie got to ask the question, “What did you think when you saw your sister naked for the first time.”

James said, “Can I choose dare?”

Sylvia said, “No…Come on.”

James relented, “Okay, I tried… I Though oh my god, all those years as a teenager trying to catch a peek and here it is.”

Syliva smiled, and Susie lost her shoes. Next round I lost and it was James’s turn to ask, “Have you ever kissed your sister? And what was it like?”

This was easy, “Yes I have, every night before bedtime for probably my first 10 years of life.” James lost his shoes just like that.

Sylvia lost next, My question for her, “What did you think when you saw your brother naked.” She did the same thing, “Can I take a dare.”

Susie chimed in, “Only if I get to choose the dare!”

Sylvia thought, “I though how yummy his … ah… penis looked.” Being different I lost my shirt.

We were all kinda surprised, We carried on. Carol lost next, Sylvia’s question, “Are you upset I find your Dad attractive?”

We only thought we were surprised earlier, Carols answer, “No, no way, I’m excited about it, I can see how he looks at you and you look at him.” Sylvie Lost her shirt, and had no bra under it so she was topless.

James Lost again, Carols question, “Do want to have your sister in bed?”

James, “Can I Take a dare.”

I said, “Only from me”

James said, “Deal”.

I put it out there, “My dare is this, Take your sister into your room and see where it goes.” Without a word Sylvia stuck her hand out, James Grabbed it. And they were gone from sight for the evening. We could hear them and it sounded like they were having run, The three of us drank some more, a few more round and we were all naked. The one dare lead to another and another, until we well in the bedroom, carol with my cock in her mouth and Susie rubbing her pussy onto hers. We never went as far as sex, that is our rule. But Everyone would up eating everyone. And I finally got to fell kartal otele gelen escort a perfectly waxed pussy. I liked it, but I prefer my sisters red bush over anything. I do have to admit, I’ve done it a few times now, there is nothing like waking up with two naked women. When I woke up it was to my cock being sucked, I opened my eyes and I had both of them sharing my cock, Susie and Carol were for all intents and purposes kissing with my cock in the middle. Susie had a hand on Carol’s face. It was hot to see them enjoying each other. I smiled, lay back and I would love to say thought of where things could go, but all I could think about was centered on my cock at that moment. Carol was not bad at this at all, and Susie was great and still the best cock sucker I know. I had 2 boobs pressed into each of my thighs and was in heaven. The girls from time to time would forget about my cock and kiss, letting it rest on their cheeks. The girls got into a 69 position with each other, and I got behind Susie and slit my cock into her very wet slit as Carol was licking her clit. My balls would from time to time run across Carols face, at one point she reached up, took hold of my balls, taking one into her mouth and the other. I got back to fucking Susie, and I would get the occasional lick on my cock, When Susie’s orgasm came, I we a little worried about Carol getting crushed, but it didn’t happen. Instead I got a surprise finger up my ass, and I filled my sister’s pussy then and there. I pulled out, and Carol sucked the last few drops of my cum out. and proceeded to eat Susie into another orgasm.

I moved to the other end of them, slide my face up between Carol’s legs, and kissed my sister. Tasting Carol on her lips, I said “You really like that don’t you”

All I got from Susie was a muffled “Mmmmm” as she continued. I worked my head into where I could lick Carol also. She tasted good and was dripping wet. Her smooth bald pussy was wonderful I loved the feel of in on my face, and in my mouth. I later found out that she had the hair removed permanently with a laser. Susie taking the hint, moved off Carol and let me eat as she took carols breast into her mouth, one my one, doing her magic on Carol’s nipples until between my assault on her pussy and Susie’s nipple kung fu Carol Screamed out in pleasure.

On that note, we all three showered together but robes on and went to the main living room area to order Coffee and breakfast from room service. Which arrived just in time to catch James coming out of the bedroom with Sylvia’s panties tied around his ankle looking for a knife. His limp cock flopping back and forth. He saw the guy bringing the cart in just as Sylvie exited the bedroom behind him, Treating the poor guy to a view of her spectacularly naked body. To the guy’s credit, he just carried on like it was nothing he doesn’t see every day.

When he left, Sylvia jokingly said, “You could have warned us you know.” She found some kitchen scissors and cut her panties off of James’s leg. “I’m going to get a shower.” And she went back to the bedroom.

James said to the three of us, “Thank you, Last night was wonderful, about 20 year later than I wanted, but it was wonderful. I think I’m in love.”

Carol said, “Well get in there to the shower.”

He started in, turned again and said, “Thank you again! I love you baby, always will.” And with that he too h is now hard cock and disappeared for about 2 hours, while we ate, got dressed, and talked.

Carol said, “I’m glad for them, I know the incest thing seems wrong but we got to take love where we find it.”

Susie said, “I agree, they are good together, I saw that on the island.”

I said, “I think you two are good together too, you make a great pair for me.”

On that last remark I got two of the couch pillows tossed at me Susie adding, “Yeah I think we do too.”

Carol put her two cents in, “Me three. I really felt a connection with you guys. I mean we like a lot of the same stuff.”

I said, “Speaking of that, If we ever get the two lovebirds out of the bedroom we can go find something to do”

Susie said, “Any ideas? We need to be out of here by noon”

I said, “We could take the boat out to that little island for sunset, but we’d be cramped if we spend the night out.”

Susie said, “I want to get home to the kids, I missed them today.”

Carol said, “Me too, they grow on you.”

“Well, We can go eat down on the pier, They have some good fish normally., and then maybe, I don’t know just go home and chill. We’ve been really busy lately.” Susie said.

Carol replied, “That’s good with me.”

About this time the lovers came out, freshly showed and dressed. Sylvia said, “Guys can we talk?” This put us on alert, figuring something bad was happening. “James and I have realized we are in love, and have been for a long time and were afraid to let it go anywhere. We both have some money saved up, and we have decided we want kartal eve gelen escort to do some traveling, and be together. I’ll stay on with you until you find someone else.”

James said, “Sorry to take her from you, and she’ll miss the kids.”

I said, “Nonsense you are not taking her from us, We are still all friends. And I think we have someone in mind already to help out.”

Susie said, “We haven’t offered or discussed it with here yet, but I think it will work out.”

Carol screeched out, “Oh my god YES, The job is a dream job for me.”

I’m not going to go into a lot of details on this, but James and Sylvia did some traveling and together with our help they have published a book, bought a ranch on the main island so they are close to us, and we still see them from time to time.

When thing got settled down, Carol took to her new job like a fish to water. The babies love her, Especially young Sam. He’s just over one now, and is as fascinated with boobs as I am, and hers are no exception. We put off the session with Kelli and Marc, as the buyers wanted our sequel to the first one bad, and I had more than enough to put it together. We got enough to expand the house a little, and actually built a guest house of our own. Mom and Dad still live on the island, but they have been cruising a lot, and bought a little place in the mountains back where they used to live and have been spending a lot of time there. There’s talk of us buying them out.

Carol and Susie have become like sisters. After the night in the hotel, we decided to leave the sex out of our relationship. Carol has become a great nanny for us. Sure there is still some nudity, and occasional snuggles on the couch with Carol for one or both of us, most times me being in the middle. I know some people probably think , “Yeah Right. One guys 2 girls, no way” and they are right. I have one girl, and we have 2 kids and a nanny.

We started work on our next book when the kids turned 4, The cover was a picture of us as a couple, holding the kids in front of one of the waterfalls on the island, all nude, but the kids vital parts covered along with my junk. The tile of the book, “Expanding Paradise”. On the back cover is a picture of the Susie and I walking into the sunset alongside one of our kids. Nothing but our bare back sides showing.

When I finished the book and showed it to Susie and Carol, they loved it. I told them, “I think this book will pay to buy out Mom and dad on the Island.”

And it was and the royalties from the other books alone was enough to add things we wanted on the island. Iike our steam shower, a sauna by the pool, etc. We did move up to the main house turning our smaller house back into a Guest house/office. The main house had a better view. We really didn’t need 2 guest houses, but an office was needed, as with the kids around, no work got done in the main house. We also converted our old bedroom into a PLAY room. Not the a bondage room mind you, We tried it once and didn’t see the point. We do like our toys sometimes. But mostly we have a Big comfy bed in it, some soft lighting, candles, and a killer entertainment system, etc. We do hide out sometimes as an away thing from the kids, when carol is watching them.

Time Flys by.

Time pass by, sex happens, Love endures. Or characters Grow.

We are putting in a garden, have a well for water, and even got some chickens, and a few cows. We got some solar panels for the roofs installed that look really good, they provide enough electric for us most of the times, except for super hot days when we have to run the AC constantly, we then run the propane generator.

Susie pointed out, the garden is nice, but a lot of work. So we get most of our produce from the main island anyway, and a hour boat ride never hurt anyone. We are not running a plantation anyway. All the books I’ve been reading have taken a toll on me. I set up a small food store in the cave we found on the island. Just some extra water and dried food, and what some might call MRE’s.

We had an intruder on the island once, they stole some stuff. Nothing major. That prompted us to get an perimeter alarm installed on the island, and a weapons store. We even set up a small range on the other side of the island for practice. Since none of us have even shot a gun before. The guy in the gun store loved us, we enough ammo in his words, “To take over a small country!” We got 3 – shot guns, 2 high-power rifles, and 3 hand guns. We all three got good at using them. We kept them in a gunsafe in the main house. I got a couple hand guns more later, and put one in the office, and our bedroom.

We debates a fence around the island, but wound up just putting one around the 3 houses. It was a nice wrought Iron fence, with very sharp spikes at the top. After Susie got scared once, it wasn’t happening again. We also put a safe room in each house, and some food and water in them just in-case. And of course a Sat phone and radio to call for help if we need to. A few camera went around the island at the Dock, Gates, and around the islanded watching the Ocean. We could vie them from the safe rooms, office, or our bedroom on the TV.

Yeah, a bit paranoid, I will admit. But who cares, its something to keep us occupied with in our free time.

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