Pimping My Mom Pt. 01

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Hello My Dear Readers…

Thank You for all the Support you have given me so far. I am very happy to see my recent works being accepted well, and I assure you all that I am trying hard to be as punctual as possible – All Series left Pending will see updates soon.

The following New Story, that will be told in Two Parts, is A Fast-Paced Over The Top Sex Drama, and I request each one of you to please not look too much into The Logical Possibilities of the setting, and only consider this as An Unrealistic Entertainer at best.

The Plot is set in India, and is Narrated by 20 Year Old Mayank.

I have put in a lot of effort to make this as interesting as possible, and I really hope all of you will like it.

Happy Reading!!


My Mom, Neelima, and My Dad, Rajender, were once again fighting, and for the third time in two weeks, the latter fumed his way out of the house, after an argument.

I had been broken ever since I first heard them disagree, and I hopelessly cried each time they quarreled!!

However, that day, I knew I had seen enough – They almost exchanged blows, and there was no way their relationship was going to get back to how it was a year ago.

I always wished for a happy life with my parents, but that was never a possibility now.

I had always taken the effort to make things better between them, and I had begged & pleaded both my parents to reconcile, without success.

Rightfully, the latest episode deeply hurt me, but unlike the earlier occasions, I did not wish for their marriage to be magically fixed anymore – Instead, I decided to take advantage of the disturbing situation!!

I knew I had the opportunity to turn this difficult plot into a pleasing scenario, and I was going to do just that.

But, little did I know I was going to be given a chance to start working on my twisted scheme, straightaway!!

“What did your Dad tell you before walking out of the door?? I am sure I noticed him whisper something!!” My Mom quizzed me, in a demanding manner, just moments after her husband left.

In reality, all My Dad said was to not overly stress myself, but unfortunately for him, I was not going to be honest about it with his wife – I had planned to make it very bad for the couple, and I implemented my wicked idea right away!!

“I… I don’t know what to tell you, Mom… I really don’t know how to share this detail with you…” I replied, faking an uneasy hesitant tone, leaving my mother extremely curious.

Just like the last two instances, My Dad would have in all probabilities gone for a long drive, but I was all set to devilishly lie to My Mom!!

“I want to know the truth, Mayank!! Where has Rajender gone?! You got to tell me that!!” my female parent was shouting at me, tightly grabbing the collar of my shirt.

“Mom… I am sorry… And… Please don’t be sad… But… Dad has gone to spend time with his lover!!” I feigned a confession, with my head bent down, to make my acting look more convincing.

“What The Hell!! Mayank?! What on earth are you even telling me!!” My Mom rightly could not believe what I just said.

“I am sorry, Mom!! But, that is the truth…” I continued to fake disappointment, standing still.

“No Way!! Rajender sure is not the same person he once was, but he will never do something like that… He will never cheat on me…” the faithful housewife stuttered, as she completed the sentence.

Mayank : I know this can be really hard on you… But, this really is the truth!!

Neelima : How can I trust you!!

Mayank : Why would I ever lie to you?? Why would I lie about Dad!!

Neelima : Why did you never tell me about it, if you always knew what was happening?!

Mayank : How could I, Mom?! You and Dad were already thinking of a divorce. I could not afford to take a risk.

Neelima : You are really serious?!

Mayank : Yes, Mom!! Believe Me!!

Neelima : I just… How long has this been going on!! I want to know!! Now!!

Mayank : Mom!! I really have no idea… But…

Neelima : But… What??

Mayank : Listen… I caught them, Mom…

Neelima : What?! Where did you see them together?? At the beach?! A Cafe?!

Mayank : Mom… No!! I caught them in the act!! I saw Dad sleeping with her!!

Neelima : Noo!! Mayank… Nooo!! Impossible!! This is not…

Mayank : I saw her on your bed, Mom!! She was Naked… And… Dad was on top of her!!

“Stop It!! Just stop it!! Stop… You are lying!!” My Mom was in tears, and she could barely talk.

“Why did you not tell me about it?? When was this?? Wait!! Who is this she?? I want to know, Mayank… I want to know… I… But… Why!! Why is this happening to me!! What wrong did I do…” she was sobbing vehemently as she spoke.

She totally looked like a destroyed woman, who had her life turned upside down, and at one point, even seemed out of breath, but only to finally scream with all her might that she wanted to take revenge!!

“Mayank!! I know what to do!! I Magosa Escort want to get back at him!! And you are going to help me do it!!” My Mom declared, with a clear sense of pride.

I very well knew what she was intending to do – She shared a Joint Bank Account with My Dad, and she was going to financially choke him. She just needed me to be by her side.

Without any delay, I gladly promised her my support, much to her delight, keeping her still clueless about how easily I had manipulated her!!

Dad & Mom, had on that day fought because The Chicken Curry was more spicy than usual – It was a silly topic to brawl over, and equally meaningless in every context, but it was this very state of affairs that their son was going to gleefully use to fulfill his greatest sensual desire.

Yes!! Indeed!! Hahaha!!

Well, Sorry for being a jerk so far, and not making my objective clear enough – I was going to Fuck My Mom, just like I always wanted to, and nothing could now stop me!!

The poor mature woman had no idea about what was coming her way, and was aimlessly walking towards her bedroom, trying hard to strategize her moves.

But, before she could even think how exactly she was going to carry out the task, I had pushed her onto the bed, and also forcefully removed her over modest clothing!!

Ripping apart her very astoundingly attractive undies, I pushed my erect cock inside my own mother’s dry tight pussy, straining to stretch her love-hole, as her neglected cavity struggled to accommodate my 9 inched monster.

She yelled & howled, and resisted for five full seconds, before she herself wrapped her legs around my waist, in submission!!

“This is not what I meant, You Stupid Son Of A Bitch!! Get out of… Ohh, Fuckk!! Just don’t stop, You Bloody Bastard!!” she groaned & moaned, astonishingly resembling a proper slut, as she proceeded to pull me in to her more and more, as I shot my seeds deeper and deeper into the interiors of her womb.

“That felt so good!! Shit… I think I finally learned how to cum!! Oh My…” my otherwise conservative ripe mother blurted, with her eyes & mouth wide open in venereal awe, as I pulled my leaking tool out of her dripping cunt!!

It was a surreal feeling, and I felt like the very purpose of my life was over – I felt I had achieved everything I ever would.

However, I still wasn’t done just yet – This was in reality only a very small part of the elaborate plan I had wickedly developed!!

Truth be told, I was always attracted to My Mom – I always had the hots for her, and I always craved for her.

But more importantly, and more than anything else, I wanted to see her 34-28-32 sized body ruthlessly objectified and mercilessly used, and she was soon going to find out what exactly her sex-crazed son had in his mind for her!!

When Dad finally came back home, late at night, and later than ever before, from what was actually a visit to his office, as there was a very urgent project discussion, he did not find much changes in Mom, and could never guess what she had been subjected to.

In-fact, he was pleased to find her less nagging, and he felt relieved for once – Well, little did he know that her comforting silence was only her gratified body gleefully relaxing!!

Throughout that night, My Mom showed no signs of disgust towards My Dad – She even went on to ask him whether he wanted a cup of hot coffee, much to his surprise and delight.

He was happy to think that there was a chance for things to turn better between them, and he really had no clue that his partner’s sole intention with her query, was to actually shame him, by serving him a drink as another man’s semen dropped out of her satisfied hole, and he was also completely unaware of the dangerous path she had conveniently designed for her future self!!

The drafted course of action was simple…

My Mom was not going to divorce My Dad – She was going to continue being his wife.

And, she was going to cheat on him by forever fucking his Son, making a cuck out of her husband.

That was exactly how she had mapped out her revenge!!

The only matter of concern here was that there was no real reason to seek vengeance – This was all just a ploy by her own abnormally horny offspring.

Luckily for me, neither of my parents sensed the wrongdoing, and that is when I decided to put the second phase of my dirty game into play, and that too on the very next day!!

“I am sorry… I am really sorry, Mom… I just cannot do it again!!” I exclaimed, in a worried and unpleasant tone.

“But… I Mean… Rajender needs to be taught a lesson… I Mean… Oh… I… Okay…” My Mom confusingly sighed, with a dejected face, cursing herself for having come already naked into her son’s room, with her mind full of lust, read the urge to continue taking revenge!!

It was a given that she was very keenly looking forward to having sex with me – She could have said whatever she wanted to, but it was definitely Kıbrıs Escort only sex she had in her mind when she entered my private space.

I wanted it too – I really wanted to Fuck My Mom again.

Having said that, I wanted something else even more!!

Mayank : I feel so bad… I just cannot do it one more time with you…

Neelima : Ohh… My… Why… I Mean… But… Why… Yesterday was good… So Good… I mean… You helped me take revenge!!

Mayank : I know!! But it’s wrong… It is All Wrong… I Am Sorry, Mom…

Neelima : Ohhhh… Yeah…

Mayank : But… I cannot see you hurt either… And… I think I know how to make you happy.

Neelima : I don’t want to be happy… I… Err… I want to take revenge on him!!

Mayank : I know… I know it is only revenge that you have in your mind… And… I also think I know how I can still help you.

Neelima : Yeah?! Really??

Mayank : Do you trust me??

Neelima : Completely!!

Mayank : Will you do everything that I tell you to??

Neelima : You don’t even need to ask!! I will do anything!! Just Tell Me What To Do!!

I knew I had won her, just like I always wanted to…

i knew I very well owned her, just like I always wanted to…

I knew I could now share her, just like I always wanted to…

We lived in the rural parts of The State of Delhi, in the over crowded Chamki Chowk District. The locality was occupied mostly by the less privileged, who could not easily afford a bigger better space.

The people there were always busy running behind money, to make their ends meet, and whenever they took a break, they spent time complaining about the lack of facilities in their households.

Nobody in the neighborhood even cared about each-other’s well being, and Nobody even talked to one another, with the only good thing about the situation being the fact that Nobody even knew who exactly lived next door!!

Because of all these reasons, and how ever scandalous things could have turned out to be, I was of the strong opinion that the cramped area was still the best place to start practicing renting out My Mom.

Even if one of our neighbors happened to know anything about the immoral activity, the chances were very less that they were going to be aware of our real identities, and even if somebody realized who she really was, nobody was going to take the effort of letting My Dad or anyone concerned know!!

Okay, I think I should just make myself a little more clear here, but you can already guess what the deal is.

Yup, I was not just going to trick My Mom into having sex with other men, claiming to be supporting her in resuming her act of revenge, and thereby fulfill my desire to see her exploited as well – I was also going to make money out of it, and perhaps, it was always about getting her to spread her legs in exchange of some easy cash!!

Once the matter of choosing the right location was settled, and Once I had cunningly taken the distressed yet hopeful female into confidence, the only question remaining was regarding who would be the first to do it – Who would be the first to go inside her.

Or rather, regarding who would be the first to pay to go inside My Mom!!

Fortunately for me, I could quickly find the right man – I very easily came to the conclusion that the 65 year old drunkard watchman of the building opposite to our house was the perfect option to get the job done.

He always loudly boasted about having had sex with more than a thousand women, and he also always looked like a creep ready to pull his pants down, even if it meant having to shell out the whole of his monthly earnings!!

However, it was still a risky operation, not just because there was a chance he had seen My Mom before, and well knew who she was, but also because the probability that his meat would actually fail to stand erect was very high.

It was extremely important that this primary mission was a success, since a failure could have lead to my mother doubting the very requirement of the agreed upon arrangement, and wanting to simply go on having sex with me instead – It was never that I craved for it any less, but I then clearly only wanted to look at the bigger picture!!

Coming back to the watchman, even though I myself had heard him talk about his sexual conquests, filling women residents in every place he had previously worked, I still always believed he was just bluntly lying.

He looked weaker than the other men of his age, and also sleep deprived, thanks to the timing of his duty, and I was worried whether my very doubtable intuition would completely let me down.

But to the amusement of both My Mom and me, he drilled her pussy for two full hours at a stretch, not pausing even once in between – He was not even panting as his aged body humped my much younger mother, who was evidently battling it out to get into terms with the new condition, confirming to me that his long lusty speeches Lefkoşa Escort were never his mere fantasies, but indeed from true experience!!

I was standing outside the closed small door, as he did her inside his tiny cabin, and though I had no chance to see the very stimulating indecent sight, as I originally desired for, what I was still certain about was that he had fucked her much better than Dad ever did, or even I had, the previous evening, because that is how noisy she was when begging him to just not stop pounding her.

As expected, My Mom was exhausted when she finally came out, but she also had this glow on her face, that confirmed she had fully enjoyed the shameful session!!

The loyal wife of so many years, who hardly ever worried about sex, and who had strayed only just a few hours ago, and also barely due to any fault of her own, had on the latest occasion cum so many times, that she herself had lost count – She had been relentlessly leaking, and shaking, throughout, that even her unusual older partner had no clue about how many times she must have climaxed, let alone when she had her earliest orgasm.

However, despite the lack of awareness of that particular detail, the watchman still very well remembered the exact point My Mom had squirted – It was the very second the elderly citizen had told her he always checked her out, and he knew she was a genuine slut at the very first glimpse of hers, and also that he firmly believed she deserved a hundred rupees extra, for she had helped prove himself right, by turning herself into an absolute whore!!

I myself felt I had ejaculated just listening to the still horny bull narrate the incident, and I could imagine everything what the receiver of his thrusts would have felt during the event, as my mother slyly looked at me, sensually biting her lips, overhearing our dirty conversation, holding her initially used bra & panties in her hands, after conveniently putting only her sleeveless nighty back on.

She looked so gratified and so content, I clearly knew what she wanted next, and before My Mom even said she wanted more, I knew she was waiting to be stripped naked again, and I was already adamant that I was going to proceed with gloriously Pimping My Mom!!

The plan had worked perfectly, and I very hastily began getting more clients for the hungry lady.

In-fact, that very night, three more strangers had separately fucked My Mom, before we got back home, 6900 Rupees richer!!

We did not discuss money with any of them, and simply took what they gave us, with the watchman paying us 800 Rupees for the service, and an additional 100 Rupees as the promised tip, while the others gave 2000 Rupees each – I could have easily charged them more, but I just did not know how ably the Hot MILF was going to perform on the very first shift of her sinful career.

Truth be told, she had stunned me with her sexual stamina, and I knew she had done exceedingly well, seeing the joy in the faces of her mates – But still, one good night was not enough to rate My Mom’s potential, just how one undisturbed night was not enough to confirm that the sleeping pills mixed in My Dad’s dinner would keep him perfectly asleep!!

Now, I could have continued with the trials, if I still felt it was a must, and the mature mummy could have been discreetly rented out more, as many times as I decided to, and whenever I chose to, and I knew it was not at all difficult to make her to do it – I only had to instigate more hatred towards her husband, and remind her of the revenge she was to take.

Of course, she also wanted the sex, and was desperate for more, and she equally needed this to go on, regardless of the verity I considered her a novice, or admitted her to be a pro!!

Unfortunately, what was actually dampening my confidence was the realization that I found myself to be under a lot of stress that eventful night – I was all of a sudden shockingly feeling the disappointment a normal son would feel at his mother’s sluttification.

More than once I wondered whether I had to just fully stop my evil scheme, now that I had made My Mom do everything I ever wanted to make her do, or at-least, take the same slow – Till, I finally firmly opted against it, convinced that My Mom seemed happier than ever after taking a meat inside her, and more convinced that she had it in her to remain sane while being screwed by the nastiest of men, and even more convinced that she was already very ready to be taken.

Also, this was not just about only sharing her anymore – I had hardly ever got any kind of pocket money, and this was the time to make some serious moolah, and I was just not going to quit!!

As soon as I woke up the next morning, I got My Mom’s bio added in multiple Adult Forums, all of which were famous for secretly controlling the local prostitution business.

I changed her name from Neelima to Neelu, to give her a more appealing address, uploading a few of her pictures in the most traditional yet scintillating attires, even going on to the extent of submitting a vintage photo from the very day of her wedding!!

The response was extraordinary, and the interest generated by My Mom was unbelievable – The very understanding of her housewife status had got all the website visitors more than just thrilled.

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