Ray and Shelly and Sarah

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I don’t think most guys are aware of their mom’s bodies when they’re growing up, but I (Ray) was.

My mom had a beautiful face and a bombshell body with big boobs and a curvy ass, and when my friends visited, they always commented on how hot she was, which was embarrassing.

And it wasn’t just her looks. Mom knew she was hot and loved men and loved to flirt. So there was always a steady stream of people at our trailer. Mom worked at Walmart and didn’t make much money, so we lived in a trailer park in Florida.

Mom acted like a mom with me, but I couldn’t help but notice that she was different around men. She often had people over on the weekends. It’s not like I ever saw anyone make out, but there were always lots of adults smoking and drinking and talking and laughing. I remember our trailer almost being blue with smoke and some of it smelled funny!

Mom would shuffle my older sister Shelly and me off to bed around eight, but it was hard not to hear them. They got louder and louder as the night went on. The next morning, mom would get up late. Shelly and I knew from experience never to wake mom up early!

Shelly was a social butterfly, so she loved it when mom had people over. She loved to watch and listen to the adults but not me. I was more reserved and felt uncomfortable in groups of people I didn’t know and went to my room to read, whereas I don’t think Shelly ever cracked a book.

Unfortunately, mom went through guys like water, and Shelly and I had different dads. Mom had Shelly when she was twenty and me four years later. Neither of the men were around anymore. I wouldn’t recognize my dad if he walked right by me.

But I didn’t feel hard done by because mom was very loving, and our neighbors were like an extended family, and there were tons of kids to play with, and Shelly was a great older sister. She was like a little mom to me.

I didn’t dislike the trailer park because it was all I knew at first, but as I got older and met more kids at school, I began to realize other people lived differently. Other kid’s parents had nice new cars, but our car was old and worn out. Other kids went on vacations, but we never did. Other kids had money to buy lunches in the school cafeteria, but I never did. Other kids lived in houses. I lived in a trailer.

One good thing about my school was the library. I loved to hang out and read the newspapers and magazines and books and learned there was a big world outside of the trailer park. And the more I learned, the more curious I became.

In grade twelve, on my eighteenth birthday, I decided I would leave the trailer park when I graduated. I studied as hard as I could and got good marks. Mom had a brother in New York City who visited once in a while. He was the studious one in my mom’s family and took an interest in me when he realized I was like him. I dreamed of moving to New York after graduating and living with my uncle until I got established. Amazingly enough, it happened! My uncle let me stay at his place and helped me get a job. I was thrilled when I got my first paycheck!

I took some college business courses, and my uncle was very helpful. He worked for an investment firm, and that’s what I wanted to do! He was constantly telling me everything he knew, and I soaked it up like a sponge.

It took a while, but eventually, I got a job at an investment firm. My uncle was very proud of me and took me out, and we celebrated. I didn’t feel very good the next day!

I wasn’t a social butterfly like Shelly, but I did start to notice women around me, and they noticed me. Apparently, my dad was good-looking, and I looked like him. I was tall with thick wavy golden hair, a handsome face (that’s what they told me), and broad shoulders.

I was doing well at work and saved some money, and started to date. There was lots to do in New York if you had money, and I gradually built up a clientele, and money flowed in.

I quite enjoyed going out with the ladies, if you know what I mean, and they seemed to enjoy being with me! Apparently, I filled them up nicely! Word spread, and I had no trouble finding female companionship when I wanted it.

I went out dancing one night with a mixed group. It was my first time, and I was nervous, but I relaxed and had fun after a few drinks. After that, I enjoyed going out dancing which was another plus when the ladies decided who they wanted to see.

I always kept in touch with Shelly, and she filled me in on life back home and sent me pictures. Shelly was a dead ringer for mom and was a babe. Unfortunately, mom’s drinking and smoking, and lifestyle caught up with her, and she looked way older than I remembered.

Shelly didn’t smoke and didn’t drink much, which was good, but there seemed to be a new guy every second time I called, which worried me. I didn’t understand all the different guys. She either had mom’s bad luck with men or got bored quickly, or was picky or something. I didn’t know!

Then she got pregnant! Crap! At least she still lived Girne Escort with mom and had trained to become a hairdresser and had an income.

Then mom got very sick, very quickly, and I came home. She had lung cancer, and it had spread throughout her body, and there was nothing they could do. She was dead a few weeks later.

I stayed a while to make sure Shelly was okay. Mom left the trailer to Shelly, and it was paid off, and Shelly made enough money cutting hair to get by. I met Shelly’s boyfriend, who knocked her up. I didn’t like him, which worried me, but I didn’t say anything to Shelly. She was stressed enough with mom dying and being pregnant.

Shelly assured me she was okay, so I went back to New York.

It was never the same, though. I couldn’t stop worrying about Shelly being alone and pregnant. And to be honest, there were things I didn’t like about New York, like winter! I hated the cold and driving in snow and ice and having to bundle up. And it was so bloody expensive to live there! The weather had been nice when I went back home. Everything was green and alive, and then I went back to cold and snow! Yuck!

Then Shelly called, all upset. Her jackass boyfriend left, and she was on her own.

That was the last straw! I decided to move back home that night and called a real estate agent to find a place in the trailer park. One came up quickly, and it was unbelievably cheap compared to New York!

I told the firm I was leaving and thanked my uncle for his support. I was okay for money because I’d done quite well, and some of my clients wanted to stay with me, which was no problem. I could do Zoom calls and make financial transactions just as easily in a trailer park as in New York.

I didn’t tell Shelly because I wanted to surprise her. I moved my meager possessions into my new trailer and then walked up to her place and knocked on the door. She just about fell over when she saw me and started to cry when I walked her to my place and told her I was home.

I gave her a big hug, inhaled the warm air, soaked in the sun and lush green surroundings, and smiled.

It was good to be home!


I don’t know what I would have done without Ray!

The plan was for mom to help me with the baby, but mom was gone! And then my dipshit boyfriend took off, and I was totally alone.

After seven months, my belly was big, and I couldn’t stand on my feet all day cutting hair and had to stop.

I had no money coming in, and mom’s car was burning oil and would cost thousands to fix. I was getting desperate and thinking about calling Ray when he appeared out of the blue and said he’d moved back. I was so happy to see him; I broke out crying!

He visited me several times EVERY day to see how I was and cleared up my outstanding bills. Then he fixed my car. I had no idea how much it cost, and whenever I tried to bring it up, he shut me down.

Ray was like a mother hen! I think he was more worried about my pregnancy than I was. One night he showed up with a tube of vitamin E cream and said it was good to prevent stretch marks. I rubbed it in every night and didn’t have a single stretch mark later, even though my stomach got huge. He even made me go to one of those childbirth sessions and pretended to be my husband.

Ray panicked and forgot the childbirth training when my water broke, and I had to tell him to get the car and take me to the hospital. I didn’t want to have the baby by myself and was thrilled when he said he would be in the room with me.

The delivery was brutal. I arrived too late to get an epidural, and Sarah was almost ten pounds. I almost broke Ray’s hand, squeezing it as I screamed out in agony! Ray looked as distressed as I felt. His face looked kind of green! Eventually, Sarah came out, and fortunately, I didn’t need a C-section.

You should have seen the smile on Ray’s face when he held Sarah! He looked like a proud papa!

I hurt like hell below, but the doctor said I could go home the next day. Easy for him to say! What the hell did a guy know about how much pain I was in and whether I was ready to go home!

Ray pampered me like a princess and did everything for me except breastfeed Sarah. He slept at my place and changed her diapers and clothes, and brought her to me the first few nights for feeding, and he fed me! What a sweetheart!

He even hovered by the door when I had my first shower to make sure I was okay.

I finally had to tell him I was okay so he would go back to his place, but he was at my door the first thing in the morning and before I went to bed and fed me for weeks and changed more diapers than I did.

I started pumping my breasts to save my milk, and Ray delighted in bottle-feeding Sarah. But the milk came out of the bottle nipple quicker than my breasts, and Sarah drank too quickly. Her little tummy overflowed, and she barfed milk all over Ray the first few times until he learned to Kıbrıs Escort pace her feeding.

Time flew by in a sleep-deprived blur until one day Sarah slept through the night! Thank God!

Ray had been supporting me financially the whole time until I felt well enough to resume haircutting. Neighbors helped watch Sarah in the day, and Ray watched her at night so that I could do some cuts. It felt good to be back and earning some money!

One morning I woke up horny and masturbated myself to my first orgasm in many, many months! It felt glorious, and Ray must have noticed the smile on my face.

“You look happy!”

“I am!”


I grinned. “I woke up aroused this morning and took care of myself! It felt great!”

Ray smiled. “Welcome back!”

I started to wean Sarah off my breast milk onto formula because it was more flexible. Other people could watch and feed her without me having to pump my breasts which was a pain. Besides, Sarah was so fat you could roll her down a bowling alley lane, so I think my breast milk got her off to a good start!

Another reason to switch to formula was my breasts were huge, and I was hoping to get them back to their previous size and stop leaking! Ray seemed to enjoy looking at my milk-engorged tits, but my regular boobs were large enough, and he could ogle them as much as he wanted when I was back to normal, given how much he helped Sarah and me!

You should have seen Ray around Sarah! He lit up like a candle when he was with her and constantly talked to her, and she was very smiley when he held her. She was already wrapping him around her little finger! He was going to make a great dad someday, and in the meantime, he was great with Sarah.

After a few months, I was FINALLY able to get back into my old clothes and was so excited I gave Ray a treat.

I called him. “Ray?”


“Can you come over? There’s something I want to show you.”


He was over a few minutes later, and his eyes just about popped out of his head when he saw me.

I’d put on some makeup and slipped into my black string bikini.

I twirled around for his viewing pleasure. “I can finally fit into my old clothes! Do you like what you see, little brother?”

Ray didn’t say anything but had a wolfish grin on his face.

I loved it when men looked at me like that and couldn’t resist. I backed into Ray, snuggled my ass into his groin, and pulled his arms around my chest. He didn’t resist. In fact, he pulled me tighter. It felt glorious being held again by a man, and if Ray weren’t my brother, I would have thrown him on the floor and ravaged him!

I was ready to start dating again!


Shelly’s body was killing me! I know I’m not supposed to look at my sister, but she was so bloody hot looking, and I was seeing so much of her!

I saw her every day, and she didn’t seem concerned about how she dressed around me.

I’d pop by in the morning, and she’d be sitting at the table in a short silk wrap that barely covered her ass with no bra or panties. And she had such fantastic tits! How was I not supposed to look at them! She wore lots of brief, tight shorts that showed her luscious ass! How was I not supposed to look when she bent over! She frequently didn’t wear a bra in her trailer, and her tits jiggled like jello. The jiggling caught my eyes! How was I not to notice!

I whacked off a lot in my trailer, so I didn’t get a boner around Shelly and occasionally dated, but no one caught my eye except for a little girl that only lived a few minutes away. I saw her every day, and as time went by, I developed a deeper and deeper crush on her.

There were always new milestones happening in her life! First, she sat up. Then she crawled. Then she staggered across the room like Frankenstein on two feet, grinning in pride. Then she began to talk and never stopped. I was ‘unca way’ at first but had been ‘uncle Ray’ for a while.

Then she became toilet trained, and didn’t leave any unwelcome presents for me anymore! Yay!

I taught her how to ride a tiny little pink bike with pink tassels on the handlebars, and we went for rides in the trailer park and visited people or just explored! She loved going on bike rides with me.

I couldn’t get enough of her, and the years flew, and we recently celebrated her fifth birthday!

She talks steadily now, like her mom, and never stops asking questions. She visits me frequently and even has a key to my place.

She looks like her mom when Shelly was small and has the trademark red hair of the females in the family, and is outgoing like Shelly.

I still date, but if I have a choice between going out on a date or spending a night with Sarah, I usually chose Sarah.

Unfortunately, Shelly’s success rate with guys is still poor. I think her good looks are a curse, but I also worry about her getting serious with someone. I feel like Sarah’s dad Magosa Escort and am very protective and don’t want anyone to take her away from me!

Fortunately, I have a spy. Sarah loves to blab, is very observant, and is more than willing to tell me what she thinks of her mom’s dates. So I get frequent updates when she’s with me. So far, Shelly hasn’t met any keepers, and Sarah and I are quite happy keeping it that way. I don’t want someone replacing me, and neither does she!

In the meantime, I enjoy looking at Shelly, who is easily the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. Sex appeal just oozes out of her! Her body is the definition of voluptuous, and I get to see her every day in just about every way and take full advantage of my privileged access to enjoy her beauty! And the few times my sister has caught me checking her out, she just smiles. I think she’s flattered her little brother finds her attractive.



I jumped, and Sarah grinned. Little bugger! She scared the crap out of me, again!

Sarah would often visit my place unannounced. I didn’t mind, but she moved so quietly! She was like a stealthy cat! I’d be sitting there doing something, and then she’d be right behind me and yell, ‘HI, UNCLE RAY!’ and I’d jump out of my skin! She thought it was funny!

“What’s up, sweetie?”

Sarah rolled her eyes. She was already a drama queen!

“Rhonda is visiting mommy, and they’re talking about guys.”

Rhonda was Shelly’s best friend, and they were always chatting about their social lives.

“Is it happening again?” I asked Sarah.

Sarah frowned. “Yes.”

“Which one? Your mom or Rhonda?”

Sarah frowned again. “It’s mommy! You should hear her uncle Ray!”

It was priceless when Sarah started to pantomime Shelly.

She got a mock ‘breathless’ look on her face.

“Oh, Rhonda! I saw a guy in the grocery store! He was a major hottie, and I think he noticed me!”

I broke out laughing. It’s just the kind of thing Shelly would say. She went in predictable phases with guys.

She would be smitten by someone and would breathlessly talk about how wonderful they were. Things would hum along nicely for a while, and then you wouldn’t hear about the guy as much. Then there would be the occasional negative comment. And then we would have to listen to her complain about the guy for a while. And then he would be gone.

Then the cycle would repeat itself with a new guy.

It wasn’t always the same, of course. Sometimes Shelly only went out with a guy once or twice if they didn’t hit it off. There was one guy that lasted a year. He seemed like a nice guy, but then Shelly found out he was fooling around, and that was it for him. Most guys lasted somewhere in between. I suspect some guys just wanted to go out with her for sex because of her looks. I didn’t know the details of why she broke up with different people. It wasn’t my business unless I thought the guy was treating her poorly, and then I might say something, but it was her life and her decision.

Sarah was only five, but she’d already seen the pattern enough times to recognize the signs.

“I think I’m going to talk to mommy, uncle Ray.”

“About what?”

“I’m going to tell her she doesn’t need to find a dad for me.”

“Oh?” This sounded interesting!

Sarah crossed her arms with a look of consternation.

“Yes! I’ve been thinking, and I think mommy thinks I need a dad, and that’s why she keeps trying to get a new man. But she doesn’t seem to have very good luck. She gets all excited and then is disappointed later. It makes no sense to me! I don’t need a dad! I already have you! I don’t see why we need another man! What if mommy got a boyfriend and he thought he was my dad and started telling me what to do! What if he didn’t want me to see you! That would be terrible! I’d have to move out and move in with you!”

Wow! Sarah had gotten herself worked into a tizzy, and her tiny nostrils were flaring. I was curious.

“When are you going to talk to your mom?”

“Tonight. I was just waiting for Rhonda to leave, and I wanted to talk to you first to see what you thought. You don’t want mommy to find someone to replace you, do you?”

I certainly did not want mommy to replace me concerning Sarah and told her in a firm tone!

“I don’t!”

“Good! Because as far as I’m concerned, you’re my dad!”

Goosebumps broke out all over my body hearing that!

“Would you like a good luck hug before you talk to your mom?”

Sarah nodded yes, and I gave her a long supportive hug, and she hugged me back. Then she left with a look of determination.

“Let me know it goes, sweety!”

I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation!




“Can we talk?”

Uh, oh. Sarah had her ‘serious’ look on her face.


Sarah jumped up on my lap and looked me in the eye with a ‘serious’ gaze. Then she held my hand in her tiny hands, which meant it was ‘extra serious’ business!

“What’s up, honey?”

Sarah took a deep breath. “Mommy, you can stop looking for men. I don’t need a dad. It’s okay. I have uncle Ray, and he’s the only man I need in my life for now.”

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