Role Over Ch. 02

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Author’s note#

This is the second story in a series telling of the rewards available to adventurous couples willing to share and play out their most erotic sexual fantasies.

In this tale my couple delve into the wild world of dogging.


I hope I’m right in saying this, but each of us has a sexual preference. One unique way of achieving that dreamt of, mythically perfect and long lasting ecstatic orgasm.

With me it was a hand-job.

Nothing else quite did it.

Not self masturbation.

But laying on my back while a skilled woman, a master craftswoman, takes control of my cock and over twenty minutes or so, works me up to that magical point of no return. I honestly preferred it to a normal fuck.

My wife, (Debs) on the other hand (unintended pun) gets off riding on top of me. Or at least she did until the day we agreed to discuss our personal sexual nirvanas.

But let’s not move on too soon.

Let me tell you about Debs, or to give her her full names, Deborah Susan Brown.

She had just had her traumatic thirtieth birthday and was an art teacher at the local girls school.

Debs is average height for a woman, slim with distinctive auburn hair. And attractive, but in a warm, cuddly girl-next- door sort of a way.

Sadly she preferred to hide her looks and figure by dressing like a 1960s hippie, with floor length skirts, denim tops, flat shoes and John Lennon rose-tinted glasses.

Debs never wore makeup at work.

This way she came across as homely, rather than sexy.

O’h yes, and I’m a maths teacher at the same school and we meet in the staff room for lunch and morning break.

And we’d been happily married for nearly six years.

Neither of us wants children.

So back to the story.

It all began one Sunday afternoon when we were wiling away an idle couple of hours pleasuring each other on our bed.

I had set up my laptop computer on her dressing table and she was learning a few new moves from a DVD called, ‘Amazing hand-job techniques’.

I was the lucky guy rating her new skills.

Debs had always given me exciting hand-jobs which only very seldom failed to produce a cum-gusher ejaculation.

I was on a high, relishing her new moves and trying to conjure up fresh mental images that would trigger the point of no return.

“Debs?” I said in passing, “do you ever fantasise about jerking off other guys?”

“I sometimes wonder what it would be like,” she said, concentrating both hands on the head of my cock.

“Wonder about what in particular?” I pressed her.

“Other men’s cocks, what it would feel like to hold them, you know, big ones, black ones. But it’s only a fantasy. I’d never actually do it.”

“And do you dream of riding these guy’s cocks? I asked.

“We’re talking about fantasies here right? Not actually going out there and doing it?”

“Fantasies, of course!” I reassured her, but I was secretly fascinated to hear what she had to say.

‘Well,” she began, “don’t blame me if you hear something you don’t want to hear.”

“Don’t worry Debs,” I said, “I’m getting harder just waiting.”

“My main fantasy, the one I imagine when I’m riding you, is me on top of a huge black cock with several other men waiting for me to fuck them. They’ve all got their cocks our ready Then I fuck them all – everyone of them bareback and coming inside me!”

“I never imagined anything like that Debs,” I said with a whistle that I really meant, ‘Wow!’

“It’s just what I fantasise when I want to come,” she added.

“And do you take it anally for these fantasy guys, blow them and stuff?” I said.

“Dear god no!” she exclaimed, “I just want to fuck them, nothing else. I think the stink of their unwashed cocks would put me off blowing them! Anyway you know I don’t do that.”

And I did. No matter how many times Sakarya Escort I asked or how drunk she was, she had never given me a blow-job.

The room was quiet for a while as we both thought about what we had just said.

Then I added, “Would you ride another guy – a stranger, if I was there to watch and protect you?”

Debs stopped stroking my cock and looked up at me quizzically.

“For real you mean?” She said.

I nodded.

“Where’s this come from all of a sudden? I thought we were just swapping fantasies,” she added, her fingers circling the rim of my cock.

“Look I’ll show you what I mean,” I said, standing up and walking around the bed and sitting at the laptop. My cock still standing rigidly to attention. Debs giggled but came and sat besides me curious at where this was going.

I quickly went to my favourite porn site and did a search for dogging videos.

After scrolling down a list of titles I clicked on the one I was looking for.

The video opened on a scene in a wood somewhere. The camera was focussed on a slightly chubby but sexy 30-something blonde standing in high heels. All she had on were black stockings held up with a matching suspender belt and a push up bra.

She was looking about cautiously and talking softly to the guy behind the camera.

Debs cuddled closer and casually resumed the hand job while staring at the screen.

A minute or so later 3 men shuffled into view, their heads out of shot. But each had his erect cock in hand, massaging slowly to maintain their erections.

“Jeez,” said Debs, “is this for real?”

“Keep watching,” I said.

The blonde then bent forward, her back parallel with the ground and steadied herself on a tree trunk, opened her legs wide and exposed her shaved sex to the men.

I felt Debs’ hand grip tighter on my prick as she watched the first guy mount the blonde from behind and fuck her until he came, gripping her waist as his thrusting slowed and he began to groan.

As the first man withdrew the second immediately took his place and began dogging her with the same urgent upward thrusts.

Debs gasped in amazement as the second guy climaxed, withdrew and was immediately replaced by the third. By then four other men shuffled into view, cocks in hand and joined the queue to fuck the blonde.

“Is this something like your fantasy? ” I asked.

Before she could reply the video ended. “Rewind and play again,” demanded Debs.

As it began to play again Debs pushed me back on the bed, turned so she was facing the laptop and began to ride my rampant cock like a crazy rodeo cowboy.

As she watched the blonde begin to take the seven cocks again she began to groan and said, “Oh god, fuck me like that!” As the third guy climaxed Debs groaned with pleasure and gasped “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” as she climaxed.

Twenty minutes later she wanted to ride me again but demanded the video played. Again she climaxed with loud gasps and more, “O’h Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Next morning Debs had a free teaching schedule so I went into school as normal leaving her pottering around the house in slippers and one of her many colourful kaftans. Her yellow Volkswagen Caravanette covered with multicoloured flowers stickers was still parked in the driveway as I drove away.

It was only when I went into the staff room at lunchtime that the deputy head told me Debs had called in sick and for me not to worry.

Of course I did. Debs was never sick – not even a headache.

I arrived home just after five-o-clock and noticed her van had been moved and the engine cover still warm. Wherever she’d been, she hadn’t been home very long.

Unlocking the front door I called out her name and she replied I was to come upstairs to see what she’d bought.

Dumping my briefcase and a sheaf of homework for marking in the Sakarya Escort Bayan hallway I skipped up the stairs two at a time to see what it was that couldn’t wait.

I stopped in my tracks in the doorway to the bedroom.

There, standing beside the dressing table was the blonde from the dogging video.

Only it wasn’t – it was Debs in a short bob-cut blonde wig. She wore the same six strap suspender belt, seamed black stockings and four inch stilettos. Her breasts were bursting out of a push up bra and she had put on lipgloss and eyeshadow.


As I stared she turned and bent forward over the dressing table, pert ass facing skywards on her high heels. Then she spread her legs revealing her gorgeous shaved cunt.

“What are you waiting for?” she said forcefully, “Get over here and fuck me – come inside me for once will you?”

But I had to pause look and take in the wildly erotic sight of her seamed stockings, the silken sheen contouring her shapely legs from stocking top to the heel of her stiletto heels. The vertical lines of her suspenders emphasising the milk white of her thighs, framing the perfect curves of her ass. The picture was a vignette of thrilling lines and curves of her lacy suspender belt as it followed the contour of her lower back.

I wanted to weep with aching pleasure as I fell in love with my new, ultra sexy, Debs.

As I dropped my trousers to the floor my cock was hard and rampant.

We had never had sex without me wearing a thick condom before.

But Debs was watching me in the mirror and as I went to remove my shirt she said, ” Leave the rest of your clothes on and take me from behind as you are – just like the video.”

Within a few seconds I was hard up inside her – right up to my balls.

She let out a sigh of pleasure as she felt me enter her, followed by more groans of delight as I began thrusting hard upwards.

Instinctively I ran my hands around her waist feeling for her seductive suspender belt and stocking tops.

The sensation was something I’d never experienced before and I held her waist tight as I rushed towards my climax. The touch of her silken lingerie added a new and heighten level of arousal.

My orgasm came like a train out of a tunnel and I almost screamed with pleasure as I came hard and fast, pumping cum inside her,

Debs tightened up the muscles in her cunt in an attempt to milk every drop of semen out of me. Then she climaxed too, shuddering with delight and groaning loudly with pleasure.

Spent, I slumped forward on her back, my dick slowly shrinking inside her, cum slowly oozing from her cunt.

To my amazement Debs said, “Fuck me again, fill me full of your cum!”

“Give me a minute or two to recover love.” I said, my cock now soft after its efforts.

“No, now!” she demanded forcefully.

Obediently I straightened up, my cock popping out of her warm, moist cunt. Strings of cum hung from my knob before dripping on the bedroom carpet. The air smelled of perfume, sweat and semen.

Without waiting she turned, knelt down on both knees in front of me and began to give me a gentle hand-job.

The whole scene was so erotic that I started to harden again.

To my amazement she gently pulled back my foreskin and kissed the head of my semen- smeared cock with her glossy lips.

This was forbidden territory.

As I watched, praying she would blow me, she took the head, then the shaft into her mouth. And began to suck me off.

For a few seconds I closed my eyes as we entered nirvana.

But I’d got it all wrong.

She did begin to give head but soon as I stiffened between her lips, she stood up, bent forward over the dressing table, assuming her open leg position.

I stood, feeling confused as my prick throbbed in the still air.

Then she made eye contact Escort Sakarya with me through the mirror, anticipating me dogging her for a second time.

So I began fucking her again, but it took much longer than the first time as I was not used to consecutive ejaculations.

This time I closed my eyes and began to imagine we were in a wood where I was just one of several guys taking my turn to fuck the blonde in the six strap suspender belt, stockings and heels.

She was still wet with my first cum, some of it dripping down the inside of her thighs onto her nylons, so it felt as if I really was having ‘sloppy seconds.”

Reenergised I began to thrust harder, grunting like a rutting animal.

Debs encouraged me by using dirty language and insulting me for not fucking her hard enough.

“If you can’t get it up, fuck off and make way for a real man who can give me a proper humping and fill me with thick jizz!” she said nastily.

That was too much.

Deep in the roots of my prick I felt a switch click and knew I had just passed the point of no return.

The sap began to rise. My shaft thickened and without thinking I began thrusting harder, our bodies slapping together as we rhythmically hit the buffers, again and again.

Instinctively my hands groped her hips, feeling down each stockinged leg and suspender strap, searching for somewhere to pull her body closer.

With every thrust a waft of semen and sweat filled my nostrils.

Debs held tight to the dressing table, straining to keep her legs wide apart while balancing on her high heels.

“O’h God!” She shrieked, oblivious of whether or not the neighbours could hear us rutting

The wave of ecstasy crashed on the beach and I cried out with pleasure as the first pulse of cum exploded from my prick, pumping string after string of warm sticky semen into Debs’ glorious cunt.

The head of my prick was almost unbearably sensitive as still it pulsed.

Debs moaned with ecstasy, pushing her gorgeous ass hard back on me, squeezing my shaft rhythmically with the lips of her vagina, milking every last drop of semen from deep inside me.

Then my thrusting began to slow and my shaft soften again, but Debs reached behind her, trying hard to keep me from slipping out of her.

For the second time in ten minutes I slumped forward, my chest on Debs’ beautiful back, my hands still feeling for her stocking tops and suspender straps.

Debs was still, her body tensed as if ready for another cock to enter her.

Gradually I straightened up. My dick now hung limply, a string of semen sticking to my rumpled trousers. The head turning from purple to a less aggressive pink.

But I struggled to take my hands away from her stockings, ‘God’ I was in love again!

Forget hand jobs, it held no attraction for me any longer.

This was now my sexual fixation, my new fetish.

Eventually I pulled away but Debs remained bent forward in her new favourite dogging position. She too had strings of cum oozing from the lips of her sensual vagina.

We both smelled strongly of sex.

It took a few minutes for the spell to break.

Then Debs began to sob.

At first I thought she was laughing, her shoulders shrugging up and down like someone stifling some great joke.

But there were real tears streaming down her cheeks when I stood her up and turned her round to face me.

“Did I hurt you Debs?” I ask in real concern.

But she shook her head gently and smiled.

“Quite the opposite,” she said softly, dabbing a tearful eye with the heel of a hand and sniffing.

“It was wonderful,” she added, “for a while I thought I was in paradise!”

I took her in my arms and held her close to me, our legs touched and once again I was reminded of her stockings and suspenders.

“Thank you my lover,” she whispered, “Lie back on the bed and I’ll give you the most sexy hand-job you can imagine. You’ve earned it.”

I thought for a moment then shook my head. “No thank you Debs,” I said, “I’ve sort of gone off hand jobs. I think I’ll wait for another half an hour, then finish off what we began earlier!”

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