Satisfied Ch. 01

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He had messaged her one day online, saying he just found her through member profiles. They talked for a while and then he wanted to meet her.

She liked him, so figured why not? She got ready, showering, putting her makeup on, doing her curly brown hair up where it framed her face but was swept back. She dressed in a black pants and a shirt that showed off her 42 D cleavage, which she was proud of.

He called to let her know he was almost there, her stomach was tied up in knots. Then a couple minutes later she was climbing into his brand new truck. It was a couple hours before darkness would fall. They talked, drove around, listened to CDs. He asked if she’d like a massage, since he was good at them. By now, it was dark out. They pulled off the path in the woods they were driving in and he had her turn her back towards him. His hands touched the bare skin of her shoulders and something electric went through her. Her nipples automatically tightened and rubbed against her shirt. His hands slowly worked down her arms, kneading them. She started to feel so relaxed, leaning against him. Suddenly she started feeling his hands grazing her breasts and with every stroke got more insistent and more of a caress.

Finally, he gave up all pretense of a massage and cupped her breasts through her shirt. Finding her nipples he lightly pinched them until they stood erect. Her breathing started getting more erratic.

“Like that, do you?” he asked, knowingly.

All she could do was nod. She was feeling sensations for the first time that only before she had made herself. She was a virgin and had never done anything with a guy. But this was way different from her touches. This was causing her pussy Anadolu Yakası Escort to get wet so much faster and made her so much hornier than she could have ever imagined.

He slid her up on his lap and sideways, having her lean against the seat he bends down and takes the nipple closest in his mouth. She arches her back as his mouth engulfs it.

He slipped her shirt off over her head, giving him complete access to her breasts.

“Mmm baby, your tits are amazing.” He squeezed harder almost to the point of pain. She was panting for breath. Moving restlessly back against him.

“I want to suck these baby, can I?” When she whispered “yes,” he had her lean against the seat and sucked her tits one at a time. The second his mouth touched the first one she moaned and automatically arched her back. He rolled the other one between his fingers as he lightly bit the first one.

It was like her tits were directly connected to her pussy. It was throbbing and growing steadily wetter the more he sucked her nipples. She never thought they were that sensitive, apparently she was wrong. Her legs parted on their own, her pussy pushing against her panties.

He sees this and smiles against her breast. His hand travels down to her waistband and unbuttons and unzips her pants. He pauses while still sucking on her tits, giving her time to push his hand away. Her hand slides on his, but to urge his hand inside her pants. He chuckles as he slips it inside her panties, between her spread legs. As he rubs her pussy lips, he feels how wet she is getting. Before he goes any farther, he slides her pants and panties off in one smooth motion, leaving her bare to his gaze. His Pendik Escort hand snakes back down between her legs. He rubs her clit gently, causing a low moan to escape her lips. He rolls it between his fingers, her hips pressing up involuntarily. While rubbing her one hand his other hand slides down and he pushes a finger into her tight hole. Her pussy walls automatically squeeze around it. He slides it in and out a few times, then adds a second finger, stretching her hole a little wider. Another moan, louder this time, comes out of her mouth as he slowly fingers her.

“You like have your pussy filled, don’t you baby?”

“Oh God yes!” she moves her hips in time with his fingers, trying to get them deeper.

He starts sliding them in and out faster and faster, her juices soaking his fingers. Each time they push in hard and deep she moans louder than the last time.

“That’s it, come on,” he urges her.

Her head is thrown back against the seat, her breathing erratic. He switches between watching her face and her pussy, which is in plain view with her legs spread so wide. Suddenly he feels her tight hole get even tighter as her juices flood out around his fingers, as he hears her moan his name. He slows down his fingers as her pussy convulses around them until she collapses, her tits moving up and down hard as she tries to get her breathing under control.

He smiles as he pulls his drenched fingers out and licks them clean.

“Mmm, you taste so good.”

She grins, her body feeling wonderfully relaxed for once. Her legs still splayed wide, but now limp against the seat.

As she starts getting her energy back she slides off his lap and sits next Kurtköy Escort to him.

“Now it’s your turn,” she says, letting her hand glide over his hard dick through his pants.

“You want me to teach you?” he grins as she undoes his button and zipper and pulls his 8 inch dick out.

Her breathing gets a little shallow as she gets to see her first dick in person and just nods her head. She takes the head leaking with precum into her mouth and licks it off instinctively. He guides her head to take more in her mouth until she gets in a rhythm and then he fists his hands in her hair, his head laying against the seat enjoying the feel of her warm wet mouth.

She bobs up and down on his hard shaft, loving the feel of it filling her mouth. Occasionally licking right under the head and letting it slide out only to take it back in.

By now he is moaning and pumping his hips harder and harder in and out. He guides her hand to his balls and shows her to squeeze and play with them. After showing her, he lets go and goes back to grasping her hair and she cups and squeezes his aching balls and lets him fuck her mouth.

“Oooooh Gooood,”‘ he moans with one last thrust as he spills his load in her waiting mouth.

She tries to swallow as much as she can, but some seeps out between her lips and dribbles down her chin. She sucks his now limp shaft a couple times to get the cum off then lets it slide from her mouth. She licks her lips clean and uses her finger to get the rest from her chin.

“Mmm, that was so good,” she smiles.

He laughs and grins, “Well then we’ll have to do it again soon, but for now I need to get you home.”

They straighten their clothes and he starts his truck up and make their way back to her house. He drops her off with promises of seeing each other soon for more fun.

That night she falls into an exhausted slumber her fingers still buried in her self-satisfied pussy trying to recapture the feel of his fingers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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