Saturday Ride

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The alarm clock buzzed and Laci’s arm flew out from under the covers to tap the snooze button. She groaned inwardly as she remembered that it was Saturday morning and she and Scott were to join the cycling group for their weekly ride.

As she rolled towards Scott, still sleeping soundly, she glanced towards the curtains and noted that sunlight was showing around the edges. As she snuggled up behind Scott, nestling her mound into his warm back and reached for his morning hard-on, she wished it was raining…

Under a pale blue morning sky, the group left from the community centre – four men and two women – and cycled out on the country roads north of the city where the traffic was lighter. The sun was shining and there was a light breeze.

As a new cyclist, Laci hung back from the group, unsure of her ability to ride in a pack. The route that morning was to be about 30 miles with one rest stop and, although Laci was fit, at almost 50, she was not confident that she would last the entire distance.

Laci’s confidence was tested further by the rolling hills in the countryside. Going downhill was a blast, but she struggled to get up some of the steeper inclines and her quads were screaming by the time she reached the top.

Her other anxiety was her weak bladder. The community centre from which they started had washrooms, but this morning’s ride had no particular “rest stop” destination, like a coffee shop or bakery. The members of the group were encouraged to bring sport drinks and granola bars or fruit. Laci had packed one of each but, having consumed half a bottle of wine the night before, became mildly dehydrated early on in the ride and had almost finished her beverage.

When they finally stopped at a crossroads with not a coffee shop in sight, Laci’s bladder was near bursting. She dropped her bike in the ditch and scampered into the woods. When she was safely out of sight of the road, she hastily pulled at her bike shorts and had barely got them to her knees when a stream of hot piss escaped from her crotch. She had just enough time to squat so as not to wet her clothes and shoes. She was surprised at how much liquid she had been holding and at how good the cool air felt on her buttocks and pussy lips.

The sound of water drumming on the leafy forest floor alerted Laci to the fact that she was not alone in her need. As she quickly wiped herself with the tissue she had had the foresight to put in her pocket, she türkçe altyazılı porno looked around to see Scott shaking the last drops from his penis. A sudden tingling in her groin reminded her of what they would have been doing had they stayed in bed that morning.

“Hey, Scott,” she crooned, just loud enough for him to hear, “I don’t think I can keep up with the group for the ride back. They’ve set too fast a pace and I’m really sore and tired. Do you think we can just let them go off and we’ll get back at our own speed?”

Scott looked at her and smiled. “Honey, you’ve done really well this morning, keeping up. But if you need to go back at a slower pace, I’ll let them know to go on ahead.”

Laci followed Scott back to the road while he explained the situation to the group and got his bike ready. As the group cycled off, she turned to Scott. “Why don’t we just move these bikes off the road and go into the woods to “rest” for a bit before we take off again.” She smiled seductively. That the message got through was obvious by Scott’s immediate erection, clearly outlined in the tight lycra of the bike shorts.

Making sure they were hidden from the road, Scott put their bikes down and wrapped Laci in his arms. Lightly, he kissed her nose, nipped at her top lip, then covered her lips with his own and entwined her tongue in his. She could smell the clean, testosterone-infused sweat on his body and it caused another shudder in her clit. Breaking apart, Laci took off her bike helmet and shook her shoulder length, blonde highlighted hair loose.

Hand in hand, they moved deeper into the woods. Laci leaned back against an old oak tree and Scott pressed against her, their lips and tongues locked. Deliberately, she moved her tongue in and out of his mouth, anticipating the thrusts he would later make into her. She could tell he was enjoying it as he pressed his growing cock against her belly. The tightness of the bike shorts had parted her “lips” and her clit throbbed, aching to be rid of the fabric that separated them.

His hand found its way under her cycling jersey and sport bra, lifting both to expose her pert breasts. The cool air and his fingers teased her nipple into a tight little bud, causing a near flood between her legs.

She reached down between their sweaty bodies and caressed his spectacularly hard cock with her fingertips on the silky fabric of the bike shorts. Her hand twitter porno stroked upward and found its way to his waistband. With both hands, Laci rolled the shorts down around Scott’s hips and his swollen cock sprang free.

Dropping to her knees in the bed of crinkly leaves, Laci slowly enveloped him with her mouth and began to work her lips and tongue up and down and around his shaft. She loved that he was uncircumcised and took delight in teasing his foreskin back until the smooth, gleaming head of his cock was almost exposed, then bringing it back up again.

He groaned and barely restrained himself from thrusting into her mouth as her fingers found the cleft in his buttocks. Her fingers brushed his crack and then parted his cheeks to prod his willing anus.

As her tongue worked its magic on his cock, and with her left hand alternately caressing his balls and probing his anus, Laci moved her right hand between her legs and found her pulsing clit. Dipping into her moist cunt, she brought her cum up to her clit and began massaging it with slow gentle circles, letting up when she felt too near to cumming.

Scott cupped her face with his hands and brought her back to standing. They kissed deeply, tasting each others’ need, breathing each others’ want. Not caring about the leaves and weeds that would end up in her hair, Laci laid down on the ground and beckoned for Scott to join her.

He covered her face with gentle kisses, becoming more insistent as his lips moved to suck her neck and then her breasts. She loved how the years of being together had taught him exactly how to arouse her nipples so that she often came close to orgasm just from that stimulation. There was such a strong connection from her nipples to her clit that the barest touch of that little bud would send her skyrocketing to pleasure.

This time, though, she needed him deep inside her. She needn’t have worried about wetting her shorts when she peed – when she stripped them off, they were soaked with her juices. The cool breeze on her bare buttocks excited her even more as she eagerly guided Scott’s engorged cock into her. It didn’t take more than a few thrusts before both of them exploded, Laci’s orgasmic waves sucking the cum from his pulsing cock.

“I love you,” he breathed into her hair before tenderly and deeply kissing her mouth. Reluctantly, they parted, their bodies glistening with sweat and cum.

Scott üniversiteli porno helped her to her feet and cum dribbled down her leg. She reached down between her legs and dipped her fingers into her dripping pussy, bringing sweet nectar to her lips. With their mingled cum glistening on her lips, Laci reached behind Scott’s head and brought his mouth to hers so they could taste, together, their love juices.

Knowing it was at least an hour back to the car, Laci needed to pee again. Feeling bold and knowing there might never be as good an opportunity to explore her secret fantasy, she parted the lips of her pussy, exposing her little slit.

With Scott looking on in pleasurable astonishment, a golden stream arched out from her body, staining the leaves on the forest floor a dark brown. A car rumbled by a few yards from their leafy screen, adding to her excitement.

As the stream slowed and the last few drops fell, Laci realized she had nothing to wipe with, but Scott was already on his knees in front of her and, before she quite realized what he intended, like a thirsty puppy he began to lick her dripping pussy, tasting both salty piss and sweet cum. She parted her legs as his tongue became more insistent, the tip thrusting into her cunt, massaging her G-spot.

She held his head, silently urging him to continue. Using the technique she had been practicing while masturbating, she bore down, engorging her clit until it felt like a miniature cock.

Bringing his tongue back to her clit, Scott massaged and licked it in alternating circles and strokes while thrusting his fingers into her slippery, tight cunt. Laci closed her eyes and gripped his head as the pleasure built up within her.

Scott began to flick her clit with the tip of his tongue, a move he used to bring her to the most intense orgasms. This time was no different. Within seconds, Laci arched her back and cried out as waves of orgasmic pleasure spread out from her centre.

To Scott’s amazement, he felt a forceful stream on his tongue and thought Laci was peeing again. When he lifted his head, he could see that the spurts were not coming from her pee hole.

“Laci,” he exclaimed, “you’re squirting!”

“No way,” she panted, looking down to see the last spurt, “I’ve been working on that for a while and wanted to surprise you! I’m glad it happened today!”

Literally spent, they both put their clothes back on. Without a towel or tissues with which to clean up, Laci realized she would have to ride back in wet shorts. But it didn’t matter. Newly energized, she felt she could cycle strongly for the rest of the day, or at least the ride back!

All the way back, she replayed what had just happened, hoping there were more Saturday morning “rides” in their future!

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