School for Scandal: Diamond’s Day 07

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Big Tits

nb. This was written in conjunction with gunde – thanks to him.


A short while later, Diamond was standing naked in the shower of the quaint and cosy little room – Diamond’s best guess was that it must be some sort of guestroom – that Charles had directed her to, her back to the shower curtain as the water splashed down onto her front while she absentmindedly soaped up her toned stomach and huge tits after having already finished taking care of her hair, legs and arms. Not being extremely turned on and desperate to cum for the first time since meeting Miss Hart that morning, Diamond had taken the opportunity to make the most of her temporary clear-headedness and had forgone trying to recall how many times so far that day that she’d cleaned up and changed outfits to instead consider her future prospects. It seemed increasingly likely that she would end up spending years at the school, the only issue that she could see being whether or not she would be able to continue her career while attending it. She also felt extremely sheepish as she recalled her attitude when she’d first arrived, and wondered with a smile just how outrageously attired she would have to have been to manage to shock those “stuffy Brits” at the school.

“God, I was such an idiot,” Chuckling at her own prejudices and how wrong they had proved to be, Diamond was just about to lean back and let the water wash away the soap buds from her front when she thought she heard the bathroom door close.

“Hello?” Diamond called out as she turned around, the shower curtains blocking her view of the rest of the bathroom. She was just about to yank it aside when she spotted a protrusion forming in it as though someone was pressing his or her fist into it from the other side, someone with awfully large hands.

While Diamond watched, the protrusion began to expand further towards her, the bottom of the solid white curtains starting to rise and the plastic rings from which it was hanging began creak. By now, she could see a pair of large feet planted on the other side of the curtains, and the thought crossed her mind that it couldn’t be as the bulging protrusion reached a length of at least a foot, and showed no signs of stopping its steady growth towards her. Instead, it kept on growing, until a pair of toned legs were revealed up to the knees underneath it and the bulge must have grown to a foot and half in depth, its tip being just below her tits. Then, an extremely aroused Diamond heard a deep, masculine groan coming from the other side of the curtains, followed by a loud, sharp Riiiiiiiipppp! as the curtain rings were torn to pieces and the entire thing came flying towards, wrapping itself round her dripping wet and completely naked form for a second or two before falling down in front of her feet, where it began to be drenched in water that formed puddles among its creases.

Not that Diamond really noticed that, not when she’d just found herself ogling another absolutely breathtaking specimen of hard, thick, throbbing monstercock pointing her way, its crown encased in a shiny layer of precum. The stud that it belonged to turned out to be tall, quite muscular, brown-haired and – Diamond spotted once she finally got round to looking at his face – rather handsome.

“You’re Diamond Gazongas, right?” The huge-dicked stranger asked, breaking Diamond out of her cockstruck reverie just as her knees had begun to buckle and she’d been about to drop down to start worshipping his mammoth schlong.

“Come on, honey, of course it is! Don’t you recognize her?” A female voice called out, just as a decidedly female form stepped out from behind the man. A leggy blonde with a face that was breathtakingly beautiful and a pair of lips that looked custom-made to be wrapped round a fat cock, the woman smiled at Diamond while she in turn decided that the new arrival had a pair of huge, round knockers that were in the same league as hers, before leaning in and pressing those pair of ginormous, torpedo-like boobs against the man’s side as she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

“Yes, Sanddy, I did,” The young man, both of them looked like they were students at the school rather than teachers, replied, “But how else should I introduce myself to her?”

“You could have told me your name and ordered me to turn around so you could fuck me in the ass,” Diamond helpfully suggested, feeling her pussy twitch with excitement as her gaze drifted back to the young man’s humungous schlong.

“See, that sounds much better,” the blonde smiled at Diamond as she placed herself next to the young man and wrapped both hands round his cock, “I’m Sanddy, and this is Robert. Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell sent us here to make sure you got to the party for Miss Hart’s baby sister.”

“You’re going too?” Diamond asked, instantly feeling silly for asking as she finally got around to examining Sanddy’s skimpy outfit. Of course they were going to the party, why else would she be wearing a dark burgundy band of satin – Yalova Escort less than an inch wide – round her huge pair of bulging, spherical tits with a neat ribbon in front of her cleavage and a teal, extremely triangular thong that was so thin at the bottom that it disappeared in between her pussy lips and had “Happy b-day Candi” written on it? Not related to the party but rounding out Sanddy’s minuscule outfit were a pair of black, stiletto-heeled stripper sandals, as did the black leather choker with the word “SLUT” embossed on it in all-capital silver letters that was strapped round her slender neck.

“Hence the matching outfits,” Sanddy smiled at Diamond.

“Sanddy’s looking after mine,” Robert clarified when he saw Diamond’s perplexed expression, and Sanddy let go of his cock with her right hand and held it up in the air, shaking her arm to draw Diamond’s attention to the card hanging from a very loose noose round her right wrist and which had “Happy birthday Candi” on it.

“Miss Hart suggested them,” Placing her other hand on Robert’s cock, it was too thick for her to get her hands round its trunk, Sanddy twisted the giant slab of fuckmeat to Diamond’s left, “But it was Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell who suggested we interview you for the school paper.”

“Robert, honey,” Immediately going on to address Robert in a tone that strongly suggested that they were romantically involved, Sanddy flashed Diamond a dirty grin, “Remember what you did to me this morning?”

In response, Robert groaned and his cock bucked, then convulsed as it unleashed a long plume of precum that streaked past Diamond’s hip. As she heard the jet of prejizz impact just behind her, Diamond noticed that the flow of water that had been raining down on her back all this time had suddenly lessened somewhat.

“And what you did to me last Sunday?” Sanddy continued on, her voice sweet and her breathing heavy as she slid her hands down Robert’s fuckpiece and made it explode again. This time, Diamond craned her neck to follow the jet of precum’s path, and moaned when she saw it smack against the faucet, which creaked as it was pulled backwards by the force of the impact, and the flow of water from the showerhead above her lessened further.

“Remember what you did to me the first time we met? When you popped my anal cherry and made me your slut?” Sounding like she was about to cum, Sanddy squeezed Robert’s cock lovingly as he unleashed his biggest, most powerful surge of precum jet, making Diamond fear that it would demolish the shower as it flew past her and smacked against the faucet, nearly knocking it off the wall and causing it to be turned all the way back and the downpour of water was cut-off completely.

“What do you say, Diamond, should we get started on that interview?” Sanddy playfully asked.

*** Interlude ***

It started as a small white dot on the horizon, a small car coming towards the grandiose country house, weaving through the roads that bisected the fields and hedgerows of the rolling, green countryside, and as the car slowly drew towards the house and grew in size, Ian’s excitement grew in equal proportion.

He was quite excited about the arrival of Candi, Laura’s younger sister, and was trying to contain his excitement – and arousal – as Candi drove closer and closer to where she was going to spend the weekend with her older sister and enjoy her birthday celebrations. Ian thought it tactful to try to conceal the brimming intensity of his mounting excitement from his girlfriend, though only out of some wierd feeling that it would be a wierd breach of protocal to admit his enthusiam for what wwas, in any case, Laura’s scheme.

He hadn’t seen Candi for about a year, about when she had been studying for her exams at school at an occasion upon where he had visited Laura’s parent’s house, with whom Candi still lived. At that point in time the explanation that had been given for Laura’s kid sister – or rather ‘baby’ sister, as everyone seemed to insist on referring to her as – for not participating fully with the family activities of the weekend (which consisted of yawn-inducing dinners out with Laura’s parents, not that Laura didn’t find her own particular ways of spicing things up for him when they were out, one of which was fondling his rock-hard cock under the table so it kept smacking the underside of it and making the crockery bounce and cutlery clang on top of it), was that since Candi was studying for exams, she was ‘not to be disturbed’. Ian didn’t know whether this had been a deliberate ploy to keep Candi from encountering him at close quarters, or whether it was in fact a perfectly honest state of affairs.

Nevertheless, while the recent encounter with Laura, in which his massive titted slut girlfriend had emphatically assured him that Candi was coming over to the school’s exclusive country house for the weekend, that she was to celebrate her birthday tomorrow, and that she was going to sample Ian’s monstercock on that occasion, all seemed Yalova Escort Bayan pretty clear cut, Ian was – perhaps wisely – playing it cool at present with Laura. Laura’s sluttish sense of herself as an unimpeachably desirable whore of stunning proportions (and not merely her physical proportions, which were irresistibly cartoonish, her monstrous knockers bigger than head that jutted out of her chest like torpedoes above her sculptured, ripped, sexily black-tattooed abdomen), meant that her self-confidence was pretty much ironclad. Nevertheless, even the most confidently sexual nuclear blonde bombshell like Laura (with appropriately matching massive warheads), might encounter the most minor twinge of disquiet should her partner loudly and confidently profess an attraction for her younger sister – and not merely an attraction, but one that amounted to entrenching an eighteen inch penis the thickness of her arm all the way up her asshole.

While this was an instance where Ian fervently hoped he was to have his cake and eat it, he decided it was unwise to broadcast his arousal to Laura just yet, and he tried to stick to this prescription as the two of them stood on the steps of the column-flanked main entrance, watching Candi drive up the lane, the car being driven in a rather carefree, identifiably teenage way, revealed as a very sleek convertible.

Of course, concealing his obvious arousal was easier said than done for Ian, who, blessed with an immense, girthsome, iron-hard monstercock of some eighteen inches, was tenting his trousers quite prodigiously at present, and the magnitude of the column of meat that thrusted out of his groin was, to put it mildly, a pretty accurate reflection of what was occupying his mind.

‘Excited, Ian?’ Laura said, deadpan, looking at him from the corner of her eye.

‘A little…’ Ian’s mouth went a little bit dry and he gulped slightly. ‘Has she changed at all?’

Laura smirked, ‘since you last saw her? She’s a year older… a year wiser…’

Ian gulped again. He had seen Candi a few times over the weekend he had been at Laura’s parents, and only fleetingly. The impression he was left with was of blondeness, but not much more than that.

‘All grown up…’ Ian mused.

Laura’s smirk grew a little wider, ‘not until midnight…’ she teased.

Ian groaned. The reminder sent off an involuntary tremor in his trouser area. His giant penis, visibly throbbing and pulsating underneath his trouser leg, was beginning to agitate the tightly stretched fabric over that area where it came to rest just below his right knee, and space was at a premium.

‘I can’t meet her like this!’ Ian expostulated, arms waving helplessly, ‘it’s not appropriate!’

At the word ‘appropriate’, Laura looked at Ian fully her hand coming to rest on her hips. Her own appearance had little to do with notion of propriety. She was dressed rather more like a slutty fitness girl than a PE teacher, though at first glance her attire would probably just about sustain the illusion that she was a member of staff rather than a pornstar dolled up for a workout-themed shoot, which is what she looked like. She had on hot pink bikini bottoms, tied in bows at either side of her curvy hips, a skintight pink vest-top that went over her left shoulder with a diagonal slash in it that went all the way from her left collarbone to her stomach, meaning the entirety of her immense, gleaming, bulging, tanned cleavage was on show. Her stomach was bare, revealing her ripped abdomen, her fantastically tight, pronounced stomach muscles glistening in deep, neatly etched rows. She was wearing clear stripper sandals with platforms soles and eight inch heels that were set off with pink-leg-warmers over parts of them.

‘You look like what you are, which is a teacher,’ said Laura, noting Ian’s jacket and shirt, ‘which is in fact what both of us are at this moment in time.’

‘Yes I know…’ Ian said out of the side of his mouth, as the car drew closer still, ‘but what if I… come out? What if I can’t control it?’

‘Can’t you wait until tonight? I’d tell you what I’ve got planned for that hot little cockteasing minx but you’d literally blow your load right away and in all honesty I think you’re better saving up if this party is going to do what I want it to.’

‘I swear, Laura, I’m on a hair-trigger here…’

Laura was good naturedly exasperated: ‘I mean, for goodness sake, Ian. Is it really so difficult for you to meet a member of my family without your massive fuckstick tearing your trousers apart just once?’

‘I really try Laura, but you know how it is…’

‘I mean to say Ian, that it will not do, it absolutely will not do,’ Laura chided her boyfriend playfully, ‘for the instant that Candi steps out of the car for you to rush to greet her and for that huge, rampant, pussy missile to explode out of your trousers, tearing everything to shreds, and then to rear up like a god damn bucking bronco from out of your groin to slap straight Escort Yalova into Candi’s teenage honeypot and for all I know – and god forbid if she were wearing anything small enough to enable it, which is just like the little slut – your fat fucking cockend were to lodge straight between her pussy lips. I mean that would not do Ian, it really wouldn’t. I wouldn’t know where to put my face.’

Ian grunted as the car crinkled on the gravel as it drew up outside the country house, ‘you’re really not helping Laura, really not helping at all…’

Laura chuckled at her compounding of Ian’s predicament, and noted with a smile how her boyfriend hunched himself in the middle slightly to try to minimise the massive projection of obviously tumescent penis all the way down his trouser leg. It was a gesture as ineffectual as it was comic, and at the very last second, Ian elected to whip off his jacket and drape it over his right arm, hoping that the garment would conceal the incipient protuberance.

‘Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit…’ Ian was chanting under his breath, desperate to maintain appearances as the car stopped, the door opened, and Candi got out.

It was a little early for a proper comparison, but the snap judgement that Ian made when Candi stood up out of the car was that her tits were actually bigger than Laura’s. It was hard to tell because they were dominating what was otherwise a hyper-slender teenage frame, with a waist so small and petite that the contrast it evoked with the monstrous pair of knockers situated just above it was mind-wrecking. If Laura’s proportions were from some delirious cartoon, Candi’s were impossible. Her rack stretched out the tiny navy blue t-shirt she wore, which had the phrase ‘WHO NEEDS TITS?’ on the front of it, the pair of enormous mounds elevating the lower section of the garment quite substantially, so that the lower part of it dangled in the air just where her cans projected out. Thanks to this, Candi’s tiny midsections could be glimpsed, where underneath she was wearing black lycra workout-bottoms with slashes arrayed in them all down the front of her legs. The skintight material showed every succulent curve of her sleek, slender legs, even where the tanned skin underneath was not exposed. Candi had very long blonde hair indeed, done up in a ponytail that cascaded upwards and then down, probably reaching almost down to her ass. She was wearing a tight leather jacket that was hanging open and didn’t quite reach down to her midriff and a pair of black-rimmed glasses fashionable for the time. Her face was unbelievably stunning, very much like Laura’s of course, though perhaps her eyebrows were than little bit more curved and her lips that little bit plumper.

Candi stood up properly and said ‘Hiiiiiiiiii!’ in a bright, almost sing-song tone, and Ian grunted, the sound mercifully not audible to the new arrival. There was, however, a rather more tell-tale sound that accompanied Candi’s greeting, however, and it was a very distinctive sound of cloth tearing, specifically the seam of some garment announcing that it was about it give. Ian gritted his teeth, and prayed internally that the integrity of his trousers held up.

Candi was not out of the car long before she had flung herself into Laura’s arms and the two blonde sister hugged for a bit.

‘Sis! So good to see you!’

‘You too Candi,’

‘Thanks for inviting me! I can’t believe you’re going to throw a party for my birthday! This place looks amazing!’

‘Well this house belongs to the school and it’s where we hold our interviews and some conferences. We’ve kitted out one of the rooms just as I described –’

‘Oh my God!’ announced Candi, cutting her sister off, ‘Beach party! I love it!’

At this point Candi started jumping up and down and Ian decided to avert his eyes in case the dimensions of her pneumatic body compromised his already precarious position. His cock was throbbing almost painfully now, he was squirting precum all the way down his leg, and there was precious little room left in his trouser leg.

‘And of course you remember Ian,’ said Laura, indicating Ian, standing there, smile fixed on his face and his suit thrown over his arm.

‘Yes, hi Ian,’ Candi moved towards Ian. Ian daren’t move his right arm for fear of revealing the raging boner that was threatening to tear through his trousers, so instead he kept it planted to his side. His mouth was fixed in a rictus grin as his whole being struggled to control his megacock’s urgent need to escape, and small beads of sweat dotted his forehead. He had a ghastly premonition of something disastrous happening akin to what Laura had described, and thought he foresaw, for one awful moment, his cock bursting out of his trouser leg, thrusting on upwards through the sleeve of his jacket and his cockend poking through to emit a blast of precum in Candi’s gorgeous face, but thankfully his fears were misplaced. Candi leant forward, and there was an intoxicating moment where she pecked him on the cheek, a sublime second of bliss that was interrupted by another abrasive sound of fabric tearing. Candi looked slightly quizzical as she leaned back away from Ian, but in an instant, the moment was passed.

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