Shawn Worships Mommy Ch. 04

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This chapter has Anastasia simply exploring the power her body has over a gym instructor who has the hots for her. She has seen how his abs look when he runs on a treadmill or uses the leg press for hours, and she can’t wait to have his massive body on top of hers as she tries to control how good he feels buried inside her depths. Also contains cheating, cuckquean humiliation, and humiliation of his wife, although he doesn’t actually have sex with her… yet. Shawn isn’t in this chapter, but he’s not gone from the picture. He’s still fixated on his mother’s ass… in a different hyperspace dimension.

Fetishes: big ass, buttjob, homewrecker, skinny, big tits, latex, stiletto heels, high heels

Tags: Anastasia, mommy, gym, training, workout


Anastasia picked up her lipstick, looking carefully into the mirror to ensure it was put on correctly. She started applying it across her pink slash of a mouth, pouting occasionally to make sure it showed in the mirror. She turned her head left and right, making sure her mouth was completely painted. She placed her lipstick down and put her hands on her hips, surveying the results of her primping.

She was wearing a full-body latex suit just like she had with her darling Shawny a few days ago, making him worship her ass for hours. And she intended to do just that with the trainer she was going to today.

She found his website and called him directly over the phone to discuss some hamstring exercises, deltoid strengthening and bicep curls which she claimed to need since her body was getting softer. In truth, she had her own private gym at home and every exercise she did was all over the walls so that she would never forget them. The results were such a hard, toned body, she could knock a door in with one movement of her hips. However, she didn’t care as long as she got the instructor to grope her without realising it.

After calling him, she made sure to drop her voice into a sensual purr to talk to him. Her enquiries were laced with double entendres, like ‘Does it feel good stretching this muscle?’ , ‘Could you help me with working one thing I always have trouble with?’, ‘I want you to work me over good since I’m afraid of becoming fat, and there’s only one way to avoid that!’, or even, ‘I want even my son to look at me like a woman when you’re finished with me!’ She constantly teased and pushed his imagination to the edge as she talked, her voice changing from a purr to a soft, sensual whisper when she asked him what exercises would be best for her legs, ass, hips, and if there was a way to make tits bigger in the gym. She had to keep covering her mouth and move the phone away from it because the trainer sounded like a blushing teenager as he stammered his way through some explanations of the exercises he said would tone up her ass. He even apologised for using the word and said he meant her bottom, despite the fact that she had used it herself when asking for help. She nearly told him not to worry as she loved the word being used to describe her booty, but then decided it would be fun to embarrass him with it at the next meeting. As she hung up, she passed her tongue over her plush, soft lips, thinking of slamming them over his cock the moment she got to the gym… but no, she had to have some measure of self-control. It would be useful in getting him to eat out her booty like the Last Supper. She licked her lips again, thinking of his own covering her ass in wet kisses, then his nose being shoved between her ass cheeks, rubbing up and down her butt crack. Lastly, the idea of having his tongue pushed into her asshole in a tube shape and licking her wildly until she squirted all over the floor or his hands left her throbbing, aching pussy in dire need of relief.

She stood up and walked to the closet, looking through her collection of gym clothes. She had to be properly dressed for today since she had to make sure everyone’s eyes were on her at the gym today… even any fat pigs who were struggling to lose weight. She wanted to be the envy of both skinny chicks and landwhales, as well as admired by everyone who wanted her. Maybe she could get somewhat naked and tease them at the gym… the thought sent blood flowing to her pussy lips, engorging them and turning her slit into a dripping mess.

She looked down at the latex outfit she was wearing, and then back at her gym shorts and frowned. She didn’t look slutty enough in her gym outfit even if it hugged her ass and tits very tightly. The sports bra she wore was tight enough to show the outline of those amazingly huge knockers, and it even allowed them to bounce high enough to smack her in the face whenever she used the treadmill. She still felt that it didn’t quite show whichever parts of her she wanted. The shorts showed most of her muscular legs from the tops of her thighs to her ankles where she wore running shoes, and the top was cropped to reveal that delicious, mouthwatering midsection which was as fulya escort firm and flat as a washboard. She wasn’t skinny in any place at all, revealing lots of female curves and muscles in the right places. She bit her lip and paused as she reached for a bikini to put on in the gym, knowing all eyes would definitely be on her as the prize. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea. She closed the wardrobe and stared at herself in the mirror again.The latex would have to do today, she would only show that tight, fit ass of hers to the gym trainer and let everyone else see her outline. It would be good enough for those bimbos and horny studs, or so she hoped.

She pouted and blew herself a kiss in the mirror, her pussy making a wet squelch inside her latex leggings as she thought of her bee-stung lips wrapping around the trainer’s cock and taking it deep inside her mouth, up to his balls. She wondered if they would taste sweaty and musky from all that training he did all day and demonstrating how exercises were done. She thought of herself gagging as she stuck her tongue out to swish gently along his massive balls, licking them and marking them with her own DNA using her spit. She wondered if his tongue was as good as his body, slipping gently between her lower lips and bringing on that delicious shudder she recalled her Shawny giving her when he pushed her favourite dildo — which she named Big Jamal — up her tight pussy. He had teased around her slit for several minutes, allowing her anticipation to build up before sliding it in so slowly into her wet treasure she feared it might never go in. She struggled to thrust her hips against that dripping dildo, wanting it deep inside her as she’d already sucked it for long enough with her son masturbating in front of her until it was wet enough to slide in without trouble. She closed her eyes and leaned against the mirror, thinking of the trainer leaning over her and his body pinning her helplessly to the barbells as he started sliding his thick, throbbing cock deep inside her asshole. Even if she protested and told him she had never had a cock there before (which was a lie), she wanted him to pull her head closer to his and hiss, ‘I don’t care’, in that sexy, husky voice which pulsed with unbearable, overflowing desire. He ignored her protests and kept sliding that huge cock balls deep in her asshole until she was squealing like a little girl, begging him to hurry up and pretending it hurt at the same time so he would do what she really wanted — thrust his cock back and forth in her ass as savagely as he wanted until he filled her ass with his cum, owning it. She whimpered and began to masturbate through the latex as she thought of him getting off her, giving her a smack on her dripping ass and telling her she was a good anal slut. He would also tell her she better be there tomorrow, or he’d hunt her down and drill her ass in front of anyone else who happened to be in her home…

The ringing of her phone brought her back to reality. She started, moving her hand away from her fluttering pussy and drew it out of her pocket. She swiped the accept button and put it to her ear.


‘Hello, Anastasia, this is Luke, your trainer. I think you wanted a special training session today at around four, isn’t it?’

Anastasia moved her phone away from her ear and checked the time. She cursed quietly. It was a quarter to four, and she had spent half an hour fantasising about the different things the trainer could do to her instead of getting her juicy ass there and ;etting him smack it around for his pleasure.

‘Y-yes,’ she began, then cleared her throat. She wasn’t supposed to sound like a blushing schoolgirl. ‘I wanted that personal training for two hours at the time we agreed to. Are you already there?’ She ended with a sultry purr designed to make any man drool with his mouth as well as in his pants.

‘Sure,’ said the trainer. He sounded like he was blushing again. She massaged one of her breasts as she thought of him training her on how to suck cock. It shouldn’t be too long before he was. ‘ill need you to be here as soon as possible, though, because when the two hours are up, someone else will be holding an aerobics class here. They won’t leave the gym for a while afterwards, so we’ll need to hurry if we have to get anything done.’

Anastasia gasped. It wouldn’t do if she missed her chance to execute what she had so carefully planned — take the gym instructor’s cock and play with it the way she wanted and hope that his wife came to catch them in the act. She was sure that he’d take her side and pin his wife down so they could have fun instead. She just hoped nothing would go wrong.

‘Oh, um, of course!’ she said quickly, before her courage failed her. ‘I’m in my car, I’ll be there in a few minutes!’ she fibbed.

‘That’s wonderful’, responded the instructor. ‘I’ll be waiting, like I said, I’m already inside.’

‘Of course,’ purred bomonti escort Anastasia. ‘We need to have a long, intense session if this is going to work. See you around.’ She smacked her lips together, making a loud, kissing sound at the microphone, then quickly cut the call before he could respond. She hoped it would keep him rubbing his boner through the tight little gym shorts she hoped he would wear. It would almost play into a CFNM fantasy she had, though that would have to wait a little. She couldn’t have the trainer undressing in front of everyone at the gym or she’d never get his hard body to play with in private.

Anastasia strolled to the door, grabbing her car keys off the dresser. Her big ass swayed right and left with her practiced movements. She always moved her hips and bum this way whenever she walked to make other chicks jealous and let teenage boys gawp at her mature body, because she would hate it if they grew attached to their skinny teenage girlfriends. A mature woman’s body was a delight to behold, worship, love, kiss, and fuck for days, and she wished they would know what it was like to lay with one. She was willing to break into their houses and gangbang all of them on her own if she had to. Her tongue passed over her moist lips as she thought of all those horny, but scared and self-conscious boys locked into a house with her. She felt her pussy lips quiver at the thought of forcing their heads between her tits, letting them take in the musky, underboob sweat of a fully ripened lady’s breasts. They would all be motorboating her and grabbing her ass, wondering what else she had to offer them through her infamous latex outfit. She would stand like a queen and turn around to show them that enormous booty with black rubber stretched over it. She recalled some of the hoots and hollers she received at school from a few jocks whom she later dated (read: ‘fucked and sucked, or had orgies with in the locker room’) whenever she passed by. Her pussy started moistening at the idea of those young boys whistling at her ripened ass. She spanked herself subconsciously as she passed through the living room, squeezing her butt cheek to see if it was still firm. It was, much to her relief.

She walked through the living room slowly, thinking of how it would feel to have all of them kiss her ass and pay homage to it. She would be sitting on all their faces, humping their noses and pushing their tongues into her ass crack. Maybe she could have several of them on her body at once. Two of them behind her, licking her crack and sucking on her pussy lips, and she would grab two of them at random to push into her tits. The rest could be made to run their young, fresh lips all over the rest of her, including her hands and feet. Of course, that tiny waist of hers could do with some tongue primping. The idea of having her pussy and ass licked at the same time while her breasts were suckled on like she fed her Shawny once particularly excited her, though. The things she would make those little boys do and find out the delights of both fucking and serving a mature woman… she could hardly stop the flood of wetness gushing out of her slit now. She pressed her legs together, feeling her warm juices trickle down her pussy and stain the inside of her latex a little. She rubbed her fingers over it and raised it to her nose, sniffing cautiously. They didn’t smell very strongly, but she wondered if she could get it to do that. The smell of her aroused self filling the room, or even the gym, while those aroused boys jerked off on her instructions or having the trainer rubbing her booty to check for irregularities as he stroked her bare lips up and down with his tip almost made her melt into a puddle on the floor.

‘Shit,’ she thought. ‘I don’t know if it’s a good idea to smell of pussy juice all the way to the gym… I mean, if someone else had a musky odour going up their nose while they work out and realise it’s from me, I might actually be dry humped or gangbanged by a different group of horny fuckers. But it might still be worth it, since he could be standing there polishing his big tool and ready to stick it in me until I have my legs wrapped around him, moaning his name and whispering in his ear that I need him to creampie me thoroughly before I soak the yoga mat in my girlcum. Yeah, it’ll all be worth it in the end.’

She shrugged and adjusted her latex pants to get them out of her pussy lips. It took more effort than normal, since her pussy seemed to think the latex was a rubber cock which she did actually use to fuck herself to sleep at nights when she was oversexed. The latex came out of her cunt with a squeaking sound, and she sighed in relief. The wet mess inside it wasn’t visible from the front, fortunately. She turned around to see if it was stretched over her ass properly for Luke to notice when she walked in. She lifted up the rubber and let it fall back over her ass with a satisfying snapping kurtuluş escort sound. Smiling to herself, she walked out with that practiced sway of her hips designed to make his dick fall into her holes… or him fall into her arms, if he was an incurable romantic. She hoped he wasn’t.


Anastasia hurried through the revolving door of the gym, hoping she hadn’t come too late. She had already cum, of course, from how the latex against her pussy felt wetter than before, but she could repeat that numerous times. What couldn’t be repeated was the training, since she might never get another such opportunity. If only she’d asked Luke where exactly he would be training her, since the gym had around forty different rooms and was huge. Each one was to be used for a specific form of exercise, including martial arts. They were all occupied at some or the other time for an hour or two, then the trainers and students changed for a different exercise or fighting form. She looked around the lobby desperately. Surely he hadn’t gotten tired of waiting and left? Maybe she could check the parking —

‘Miss Anastasia! Welcome!’

Startled, she spun around. The man standing behind her was devastatingly handsome. His long, blonde mop curled around his forehead in a cute, boyish style. His arms were not huge like a typical bodybuilder’s, but they had enough tone in them to show he was more than capable of being a trainer. She looked down at his legs as discreetly as possible. He was wearing the typical gym shorts a regular trainer did. His calves were well defined and muscular, like two stone columns. She licked her lips subconsciously. It would feel so good against her back if she took him in the Amazon position, or rubbing against her own when he bent her over a table. If only the other out-of-shape whippersnappers weren’t around now —

‘Miss Anastasia? Are you all right?’

She snapped out of her reverie, coming back to Earth. ‘Oh, I’m sorry — it’s just, you looked different than I expected!’

‘A good kind of different, I hope.’ He winked.

Anastasia looked him up and down slowly, biting her lower lip. ‘Oh, you have no idea…’

Luke laughed and gestured to one of the rooms behind him. ‘Well, let’s get started. Time’s running out, isn’t it? Although we’re only five minutes behind schedule.’

Anastasia gasped. ‘Oh, I didn’t mean to keep you waiting. I just arrived —’

‘No worries, Miss Anastasia, I saw your car pull into the driveway right on time. You might not want to use the car mirror to check yourself out before you come in though, you look fine without primping.’

Anastasia blushed.

‘So, shall we?’ he said, gesturing to one of the treadmills on his right.

Anastasia nodded and started walking to the machine. She stared at his ass as discreetly as possible while they walked. His ass filled out his shorts, making two twin bulges behind him. She reached out a hand and placed it close to his ass, waving it around near his butt cheeks without actually touching him. She looked around furtively under her eyelashes to see if anyone else was looking. To her amusement, she noticed most of the (very fit) guys holding on to the treadmill were looking at her discreetly, enjoying how her ass bulged out in the latex. She looked at the fronts of their shorts. They had delicious bulges in them, which she would’ve been more than happy to taste if the trainer wasn’t around. He had to be the first one inside her… for today at least.

‘Okay, Miss Anas —’

‘Please, Anastasia is just fine. I feel old being called that, and since we know each others’ first names, why don’t we just —’ she ran a finger down his chest, pausing to poke the front of his shorts gently while she leaned in to smell his neck ‘— keep it simple.’

‘Of course,’ said Luke quickly, taking a step back and swallowing when she gave him her most alluring smile. She reached up to finger his collar slowly, reaching behind his neck and giving him a gentle pull towards her. He reached up to stop himself falling into her bounteous cleavage, and ended up grabbing her boob. He gasped and moved his hand down, but Anastasia’s hand on his wrist kept it there. She bit her lower lip, looked up at him with shadowed eyes and widened her smile as she moved his hands across her tits. She even pressed his fingers with the other hand to make it seem as if he was squeezing those orbs, and his face was a sight to behold when she slipped his hand inside. His hands moved over those large melons subconsciously, though he seemed to snap back to reality and struggle to get his hand out when he realised most people in the gym were checking them out. It took some tugging and pulling, but he managed to get his hand out of her catsuit. She gave him a slightly disappointed look, but gave his bulge a last squeeze and placed her hand on the treadmill’s handles.

‘Okay, boss,’ she said, throwing her hair back and winking at him. ‘Let’s start this session before someone catches us… or our time runs out.’

‘Ummmm, of course,’ said Luke quickly, getting behind her and placing his hands on hers. She moved back and let her ass grind against him for a while, before she felt a huge hard-on pressing against her rubber latex.

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