She Likes to Look Up

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I like to look up

I’m a short, tiny girl, tiny feet, a cute tiny butt and tiny titties. I am eighteen, almost finished high school and I love boys, but haven’t had much experience. I have a wide circle of friends, both girls and boys, most of them sexually active.

I am outgoing, but I’m careful to date shorter guys, I’ve never dated anyone over 5′ 5″, on purpose, I’m very comfortable with short guys. I’ve stood next to tall guys and I look like a miniature doll, I look funny and I hate to be laughed at. Tall guys usually don’t date short girls.

My first boyfriend was only 5’5″, we were together for a long time, I was very comfortable with him. The beginning of our relationship we only petted, eventually he turned me on enough to let him take my pants off, even though I would never have stopped him if he tried.

One day, during a make out session he put his hand, between my legs and rubbed my crotch, it felt great, my underwear was soaked, but he didn’t go any farther.

I’m surprised he never pressured me to have intercourse, I think we were both too inexperienced. We petted and he played with my breast and crotch, once when I was wearing a skirt, his hand covered my crotch. His fingers rubbed my slit thru my underwear, I soaked my panties. I relaxed and let him rub me, I grunted and finally squeezed my thighs tight, he fingered me and gave me a great, first, orgasm.

This first orgasm was a surprise, I always enjoyed him playing with me but this was my first bone shaking orgasm. All I could do was lay there and catch my breath, I didn’t know what was supposed to come next, so I just lay there. I was smiling, we hugged, this was different and wonderful, I looked forward to seeing an kissing him.

I never thought about intercourse, his fingers opened a new pleasure in my life and seemed to keep me satisfied, I looked forward to our make out sessions. Our lovemaking was elevated to a different level.

After a few months of him giving me orgasms, he asked me to play with his cock. I was interested, I smiled and agreed, to fondle his cock.

He pulled down his pants, I stared at his hard on, it wasn’t huge and not too scary. I moved my hand over it and squeezed the head. I squeezed gently a few times, he moaned a little.

I was wondering what he wanted me to do. I knew what a blow job was, my girlfriend always talked about giving them. I never thought about the mechanics and having a cock in my mouth.

He pushed my hand lower and started pumping his hips, I moved my hand up and down and was stroking him, it seemed to come natural. I stared at the cock, I wanted to bend over and kiss it, so I did, the head of his cock pushed past my lips, it didn’t push too far into my mouth.

It felt good in my mouth, I was drooling over his cock, I tightened my lips around it but I was still drooling and making a mess.

His hand moved to my shoulder and started pushing my head farther down, I was enjoying the cock in my mouth. I never thought about his orgasm, or how long it would take, I just kept taking him deeper, I sucked him deeper into my mouth.

I know I was smiling, every time I heard him moan, my lips gripped his cock tighter. He was holding my arm and shoulder, pushing deeper. I felt his cock in the back of my throat, I let my mouth slide farther down the cock.

It was exciting me, my lips pushed into his pubic hair. His pumping hips made my head bounce off his crotch, my saliva was running out of my mouth and covered his crotch. I felt him tighten and pull me down on his cock, he was fucking my mouth, I had to swallow.

He stopped pumping but I stayed down on him and kept sucking and using my tongue. I had to continue to swallow. My mouth tasted funny, I slowly realized that I was swallowing his cum. I couldn’t tell if it was a lot or a little, my saliva was all over my face and his crotch.

I lifted up, his soft cock slid out of my mouth. I was smiling and staring at his face, he seemed content. I looked at his crotch, the soft, tiny cock was laying in my saliva.

I got up from the couch and went to the kitchen, I let the water run until it was hot. I wet a paper towel and wiped my face, I spit out what was left in my mouth, it was a thick mess


I brought a wet, warm paper towel and covered his cock. I wiped the soft noodle, and then his balls, I played with him for a few minutes, his cock was getting hard again, I stopped.

I was sure he wouldn’t want to kiss me, so I lifted my leg, straddled his hips and sat on his crotch. My pussy was pressing against his hardening cock, I could feel it through my panties. It felt like his finger, but thicker.

I rocked on him, the friction from my panties and his cock excited me, until I flooded my panties with an orgasm.

This was the extent of my sexual experience, we dated for almost a year, we each had about three orgasms a week, but that was all we had, we grew apart.

When I look back at our relationship, I Bostancı Escort wonder why we never had intercourse. He never pressured me, but maybe I gave such great head, he didn’t think it could get any better. I didn’t know how good actual intercourse would be, so I wasn’t too eager.

It was awhile before I got close to anyone, I didn’t know how to act around guys. I was short, the boys were nice, but I never turned them on.

I really wanted to have an orgasm, but I wasn’t sure how to break the ice with guys or how aggressive to be. I would have sucked every boy I met, I enjoyed it, if I could have an orgasm.

When I met a boy, I flirted but couldn’t lure him with big breast or a sexy body, I was tiny and it was not easy to get them interested. I was sure if I fondled his cock, and then sucked him into my mouth, he wouldn’t push me away afterwards.

After a few dates, with different guys, I started giving up, I never had a chance to suck a cock. I wanted a relationship, but no one turned me on or even made me tingle. I went with my friends to different functions and events, I had fun but couldn’t find anyone interested or interesting.

One night out we went to a school basketball game, my girlfriend knew some of the guys on the team, we met them after a game. They were all nice guys, they were hungry and tired, we talked while we ate.

One of the guys started talking to me, he was interesting and fun. He was tall, and I almost shied away but he was cute and nice. On the way out, he asked me if I need a ride, my friend that drove said, “go ahead, he’s a nice guy.”

I walked with him to his truck, he opened the door to the old pickup, I stepped up on the running board and scooted in. It started quickly, I laughed, “does it start every time?”

“Of course, this is my baby, she’s had a lot of TLC.” The truck rumbled and sounded great, I smiled, “I can tell, it sounds great.”

I told him where to turn, we drove past the school, he asked me if he could stop by the locker room. He parked and we walked in together, it was empty and I walked with him into the boys locker room.

He held my hand in the dark. It wasn’t pleasant smelling, very musky, he grabbed a large gym bag and led me out. I laughed, “wow, now I get all the jokes about boys locker rooms.”

He opened the door while he dropped his bag in the bed of the truck, I stood up on the running board and turned toward him, his arm went around my waist, and we kissed. This was a great kiss, my arms went around his neck, we kissed for a while. His hands were large and almost circled my waist, after a few kisses, they moved past my hips and onto my tiny ass cheeks.

His hands covered my whole ass and his fingers reached into the crotch, he pulled me against him. I started to remember how good and exciting kissing was. He was a great kisser. I tip toed and squeezed him tighter, his hands moved down my ass, past my skirt and back up to my ass, he was feeling my bare ass.

His hands massaged my ass, it was happening fast, I was enjoying my new friend. His long fingers were rubbing my pussy through my thong, I moved my hips back and forth, I had a slow, tiny orgasm.

He felt me tighten and I kissed him hard, I was whimpering into his mouth. It was over, I drooped down and lay my head on his chest. I looked up at him, and smiled, “Guess what,” I asked?

He looked down and smiled at me, “are you okay?”

I slid down and sat on the seat, I put my hand on his waist band, and pulled down his shorts and underwear, the big white boner popped up. I wrapped both hands around it and looked up, he was surprised, I guided it to my mouth, I kissed it and licked the tip.

I knew putting their cock in my mouth excited boys, my tiny tongue licked slowly, finally my lips slid over the tip, my tongue was licking it while it was in my mouth. The tip of my tongued slid into the slit of his dick, both my hands were slowly stroking him.

I slowly let him slide into my mouth, I never gagged, I just tried to take him deeper.

I know I do a great job of sucking dick, but this one was huge. I didn’t dribble I slowly bobbed my head and stroked him with my hands.

I felt his dick pulse in my hands, then the flood. My mouth was filling with cum, I swallowed but not fast enough, I felt cum dribbling down my chin and out of the sides of my mouth. I didn’t quit sucking or stroking.

His cock softened in my mouth, I looked up and smiled, he was staring down. I used both hands to push it in my mouth, I sucked while I pumped the cock into my mouth. It started getting hard again, I pulled it out of my mouth. “I need a towel.”

He reached into the back of the truck and pulled a towel out of his bag. I took the towel, it was damp, but I still wiped my mouth. I wrapped it around his cock, it was soft, I cleaned him off. I was tempted to put his cock back in my mouth, I looked up, “is that okay?”

He was smiling, he threw the towel in bed, Ümraniye Escort and pulled up his pants, he pulled me up and I was standing on the running board. We hugged and talked, I told him I was a virgin, he smiled. I told him his penis was huge, and I hope that my mouth was okay. I’m glad I didn’t gag, I wanted to let him know that I am a skilled cock sucker.

He stared at me, we laughed, “I don’t think it could be any better.”

We sat in the truck and talked, I wanted to play with his cock, but kept my hands to myself. He told me his room was above his parents’ garage and I could spend the night. I told him we would have to stop at my friends’ house and I needed to call my mother. We stopped, I made the call, I was out for the night.

We drove over to his house, we went up the stairs and into his room over the garage. I didn’t think I was looking my best, so I went into the bathroom and closed the door. I washed my face and rinsed out my mouth, the taste of cum was gone. I removed my thong, and hung it on a hook, they were soaked. I came out of the bathroom and asked if he had a shirt and a pair of underwear that I could borrow, I’m not sure why I asked for underwear.

After he gave me clothes I dressed in the bathroom and came out in his clothes. The shirt was long and the white undies baggy. He told me I looked cute. He offered me a beer, so I drank a beer. I was sure he was tired from the game, I asked if we could get in bed.

We slid under the covers, some of the lights were still on, we lay in bed facing each other. His hand went to my back and slid down, he pulled me closer. He kissed me, it was a great kiss, again, I told him I was still a virgin, he smiled. We kept kissing.

I rolled onto my back, pulled down my borrowed under wear and spread my legs, I was ready and wanted him to finger me. He leaned over and started kissing me, he played with my breast, I pressed his hand against my left breast and squeezed. He squeezed my little titty harder, I made little sounds, he pinched my nipples. “that feels good.”

I pushed his hand down to my crotch, his hand covered my pelvic bone and his long fingers reached past my puckered butt hole. He rubbed me and kissed me, his finger slid between my lips and into me, I was nice and wet. I opened my legs, his hand was huge.

His finger slid into me, It felt like a cock pushing into me. I grabbed his hand and pumped my hips against it, I had a great orgasm, I gasped for breath. I kissed him, his finger slowly slid out of me, then I felt it sliding back into me, but it was thicker, he was using two fingers. My pussy was sloppy, his lubed fingers slid into me.

It felt tight, I let him do what he wanted, mostly because I was enjoying it. His fingers were halfway in, I tilted my hips and started grinding. It was happening again, his fingers worked their way in and out of me, I tightened and had another orgasm.

I had to reach down and pull his fingers out of me, my tiny pussy was sore.

I told him I was sore, he smiled and started kissing my breast, I held his mouth on to my tiny breast, I said, “suck hard.” I loved to have my breast abused.

His mouth kissed my stomach and moved lower, then his mouth was on my mound. He lifted my leg and kissed my thigh. He lingered, I was getting crazy and wanted him to keep going.

He adjusted my body, his head was between my legs, he was kissing my pussy, I could hear sloppy kisses. The tip of his tongue licked my clit, he lingered and I had a quick orgasm.

I held his head with my hands, it was the most exciting thing that I’ve ever experienced, I tightened up and almost passed out from the multiple orgasms his mouth gave me.

This was a first for me, I like to suck cock but never had anyone lick between my legs. His hands went under my hips and he lifted me up, his tongue was licking the length of my pussy, I pulled my knees up to my chest and spread my legs.

His mouth never stopped, his tongue slid into me, I moved my hips, his tongue kept sliding over my clit and into my tiny pussy.

I had a string of orgasms, this was my first time to have an oral orgasm, I was delirious.

Finally, my legs dropped, he pulled himself up and started kissing my mouth, this was my first taste of pussy, I was exhausted.

He was on his elbows, I felt the tip of his cock pushing between my legs, it was pressing into me. I knew he was going to fuck me, It opened my legs, my pussy lips spread open, I tilted my hips and could feel the big tip opening me.

“I think your too big, I’ll tell you if it hurts too much.” I looked up at him, he smiled. My crotch was drenched with my cum and his saliva, he slid into me.

I tensed and fell the tip of his cock, it popped. I felt a small stabbing pain. I just lay, there, I’ve never felt this much pleasure, the pain felt good, I could feel the head of his cock spreading me.

I wrapped my arms around him, “you’re too big,” I said. I pulled his Ataşehir Escort mouth to mine, I kissed him, I groaned and pulled him tighter, “ow,” I cried, but I wasn’t thinking about anything but how good he felt.

His cock kept pushing deeper, I moaned and grunted, “too deep.” He pulled back and just used short strokes, I wanted him deeper but couldn’t take the stretching.

He seemed to take forever, he kept fucking me, I had a multiple orgasms and was getting exhausted. I kept my legs pulled back and open, he never stopped fucking me, I was laying like a rag doll under him.

I let my legs drop to the bed, I just let him fuck me, I kept grunting, finally he sped up and pushed deeper, he was cumming in me. I wrapped my arms around him and pumped my hips, I felt his cum flood into me.

He was getting soft, I kept pumping, his half hard cock pushed deeper. Finally, I dropped my arms and lay flat on the bed, he was on his elbow looking down at me.

I just stared up at him, his noodle was still in me, he was still pushing into me. I lifted my knees again, it gave him better access. I wasn’t sure what to say, I wanted to rest but I was enjoying him between my legs.

I used my hands to pull my knees up, his noodle slid deeper, I smiled at him. “I can’t give you anymore, I think I’m done.”

He kissed me, I wrapped my arms around his neck, I felt his dick growing in me. “No more,” I gently pushed him off. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“I couldn’t be any better,” I said. He kissed me again. We cuddled, finally I rolled onto my side with my back to him, I dozed off, his arms were around me. He pulled me close, I smiled, then felt his hard cock between my ass cheeks, I have never cuddled in this position, I felt like a rag doll, he just fucked into submission.

I lay on my side and let the head of his cock slide between my pussy lips. I pushed my hips backward, the tip slid in, it didn’t hurt, I grunted and smiled. My pussy was sloppy and sore, “I think I’m too sore, and you’re too big.” His arms wrapped around me and pulled me close, he slid into me. This was easier than when he was on top of me, I liked this position, it felt good.

He slowly slid in deeper, I let him fuck me, I pushed back, I could feel how tight my pussy was, soon his whole cock was sliding into me. I lay on my side and let him fuck me from the back, I knew this was just sex, and certainly more than I bargained for.

I thought he would be tired after playing a basketball game, but he proved to be like the bunny, his batteries never died. I fell him gush and pull me tighter and push deeper. I knew he came in me again, I didn’t have an orgasm but I felt happy and satisfied.

We slept, he stayed close all night, cuddling with my lover, this was a first for me. I woke up and had to pee.

I slowly slid out of bed and walked to the bathroom, my pussy was sore, and my lips were swollen. It hurt when I walked, but it didn’t bother me, I still had after glow of great sex.

I sat on the toilet and peed, I spread my legs and looked down, my pussy was red and swollen. I had to smile, he popped my cherry and I loved it. I looked into the toilet, there was much more than my pee, gobs of his stuff was floating in the bowl.

Last night was a surprise, I met a guy that was fun, not pushy but apparently a great lover, I thought his dick too big, but maybe not. I’m sure I’ll learn to love it.

I washed between my legs, I was sure it was very musky smelling.

I patted dry with the towel, I thought about bringing a warm wash cloth and cleaning the monster between his legs, I decided against it, I’m not ready for him again.

I slid back into bed, I faced him, he was still asleep, I smiled while I watched him. I was wondering if I should let him drive me home or let him drop me off at my friends house, I’m not sure it mattered.

His eyes opened, I smiled, he bent to kiss me, a cute little peck on my forehead. “I am wondering if I can get you to drop me off.”

“Not a problem.” He pulled me close and kissed me. I let him, he is a great kisser, “I think you are trying to fuck me again.” His hand went to my ass and squeezed, I said, “I’m worn out, I can’t take you again.”

He kissed me again, “stop, I can’t do it anymore, I’m too sore, you’ll have to wait a few days.” He hugged me and smiled, “that’s not a problem, I had a great time, maybe we can have diner tomorrow.” I laughed, “I’ll call you when I can walk again.”

I slowly crawled out of bed, I could feel him watching me. I turned toward him, pulled off the shirt and dropped it on the floor. I stared at him, he was thin and very cute, I wanted to look at his cock, but turned and walked to the bathroom.

I showered, I didn’t want my mom to smell sex on me. I dressed and walked out of the bathroom, he was sitting on the side of the bed. He stood up. I got a good look at his cock, it was hanging down, I wondered how much of it was in me.

He went to the bathroom, cleaned up and dressed. I gave him directions to my house, he pulled me close to him, I’m sure I had a glow that I’ve never had before. He chatted and said he like being with me, it was fun. I didn’t feel like a one night stand. I told him, “I’ll call you in a few days,”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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