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Double Penetration

Alana Fowler, a single 26-year old baker/dessert eatery owner, was in her apartment in midtown Atlanta, thinking up ideas for cakes for her bakery/dessert eatery called Sinfully Sweet & Decadent. Her bakery has cupcakes, layer cakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and other desserts so rich that would make even a hardcore aerobic addict want to cheat on their diet. One of her new ideas was a new vanilla layer cake that was beyond vanilla. She was already in the kitchen, writing down dessert ideas and recipes. Despite being a successful baker, she was also single.

She had a serious relationship with her boyfriend of 4 years, a pharmacist named Phil. But recently, they had ultimately split up for various reasons. (Cheated on her with one of her friends, was jealous of her success, etc.) After the breakup, she focused all her energy on her career and went out more with her friends. She also embraced her full-figured, size 18 self. She’s a plus size woman who loves food, loves to cook and bake, and has the stocked pantry and fridge to prove it. Just because she’s not a single digit size doesn’t mean she’s boring. Other than food, she’s a feminine girl loves to shop for clothes, makeup, among other things.

As she gathered the ingredients for the vanilla cake and frosting, she heard a knock on the door. At the door was a cute, young salesman.

“Hello, my name’s Cameron. I’m from the Indulgent Additions company and I’m selling chocolate, honey, and among other sweet things. Mind if I come in?” He said as he flashed a toothpaste ad-worthy smile.

“Please come in. ” Alana replied as she let him in.

“So what are you selling?” She asked as they sat down on the sofa in the living room.

“Here’s a new catalog featuring our fresh chocolates. We also have honeys, syrups, ice cream toppings, etc. We also a new line of chocolate honeys.” Cameron said as he gave Alana a copy of the company catalog.

“Wow! Everything in it is so yummy!” Alana happily exclaimed.

“Yes it is. Shall I tell you about the new honeys?” Cameron said.

“Yes please.” Alana replied with enthusiasm.

“Great, we have these new chocolate honey products. They’re the best of both worlds. The temptating taste of chocolate and the sweetness of honey.” He added.

“Do you have any samples?” Alana asked with amazement.

“Indeed I do.” He said with a smile on his face as he took out the sample jars.

“What kind of flavors do the chocolate honeys come in?” Alana asked as she watched him take the sample jars out of case.

“We have them in white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate mint, chocolate raspberry, chocolate vanilla, and chocolate caramel.” Cameron described.

Alana was very thrilled about trying the chocolate honeys. She wasn’t sure which one to start with.

“Let’s start with the white chocolate honey. Would you like a warm sample? ” He said as he opened the sampler jar with a tasting spoon.

Being an avid chocolate lover, Alana couldn’t wait to kütahya escort taste it.

“I would love to.” Alana said happily.

“Enjoy” he said to her as Alana took the spoon and sampled the white chocolate honey which was very tasty.

“So delicious.” Alana replied after giving the honey a taste. She was about to taste it again but she then was taken aback by Cameron’s scent as he came close to her. She noticed that his scent contained a hint of vanilla.

“If you enjoy that, you must try our chocolate mint honey. It’s best when it’s slightly hot. May I indulge your desire?” He said her in a seductive tone.

“Please do.” She replied.

Cameron handed her the chocolate mint honey and brushed her arm in the process. He noticed that Alana looked intensely at him as she pushed her tongue out to receive the spoon. He felt a stirring in his pants and blushed. She then smiled, knowing that her advance had worked.

Being bold, he asked her “Would you like to taste it when it’s warmed by body heat?”

“Mmmmm. Sounds yummy already.” Alana said as she became aroused.

He offered his wrist, wiped the skin with a cloth, and put a dollop of chocolate mint honey on his wrist. Alana then noticed how turned on he was as his growing bulge couldn’t be hidden for long. She put her hand on his hip as she lowered herself to his arm.

She slowly licked the honey from his wrist. He moaned as he felt her lips on his skin. Alana took advantage and began to suck the honey from his arm. He started rubbing her hair. She looked up at his baby blue eyes and licked her lips. The seduction was already so delicious.

“This honey is so addictive to me. I want, no, I need more.” Alana said in enjoyment as her hand moved down to his bulge.

With that, Cameron slowly pulled her large, beautiful frame up and tight to his body as he kissed her deeply. His tongue seeked the remants of the honey in her mouth. Alana moaned as she kissed him. Cameron held her tight and moved his kisses down to her neck. He then put two of his fingers into the sample jar and offered them for her to taste. He continiued kissing her neck as she tasted the honey some more.

While she sucked on his fingers, she then moved his leg between her thighs and let it rest against her mound. Cameron felt her heat with just enough gentle pressure as her body grew in lust for more touch and honey.

“Even on you, it tastes so good.” She brazenly said to him.

Being emboldened by her words and aroused by her body, he asked, “May I taste it on you?”

Alana was intrigued by his proposition as she led him into the kitchen with the honey samples in tote. Then, he guided her hand to the sampler jar of the chocolate vanilla honey, dipped a finger, raised her hand to his mouth, and took a finger in deep. As he sucked harder, Cameron felt her thighs tighten on his leg as she pressed hard to him.

Next, he placed both hands on her generous bottom and lifted her malatya escort to the counter. He was very strong for a 19-year-old. Standing between her legs, Cameron placed a touch of honey on her neck and licked it off. Alana then unbuttoned her dark blue button-down blouse and motioned him to place the honey lower and he obliged. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him closer. His hands gently squeezed her naturally large breasts as he continued kissing and licking her neck. Alana moaned at the feel of his slow, soft kisses. He slowly took off her blouse and lowered the straps of her black satin underwire bra. He spread some of the honey on the tops of her breasts and on her nipples. He kissed and licked the honey from her already warm body. To Alana, it became hotter by the minute and the passion between her and Cameron became deeper.

While he kissed and licked her honey-drizzled tits, Cameron moved his hands lower to the waistband of her black skinny stretch jeans. Alana had moaned and groaned at the feel of his hands and mouth on her body. He unbutton and unzipped her jeans letting them fall to the kitchen floor. After he took them off, he also took off her shoes, which were a pair of black ankle boots. He spreaded some of the chocolate caramel honey on her massive belly and thick thighs. Alana became more turned on when Cameron took off his shirt. He had a body that look as though he studied every issue of Men’s Health magazine from his older brother’s stash. Cut and ripped in all the right places. His tanned skin so smooth to the touch.

Alana’s arousal had grown into a fever pitch when she looked his body. As Cameron tasted her honey-covered belly and thighs, Alana moaned constantly while her fingers ran through his short, dark brown hair. While licking the honey from her body, Cameron unbuttoned his fly and unzipped his dark stonewashed jeans. With one hand, he began stroking himself. He then got up and slowly took off her black satin bikini brief panties, looking forward to taste the pink cupcake between her thighs.

He dipped his fingers into the sampler jar with the milk chocolate honey, put it on his tongue, and licked her down there. Alana tasted much sweeter in his mouth. Her moans and groans have gotten higher and louder as he savored her pussy like a delicious pink strawberry cupcake. The combination of her woman cream and the honey on his tongue made the experience more delicious. Alana held his head in place as he tasted her some more. Once he was done tasting her, Cameron kissed her lips. While they kissed each other’s lips, he sat his naked body on her square kitchen table. Alana got up and looked at the sampler jars.

Trying to decide which honey to try on his body, Alana went with the dark chocolate honey. She opened the sampler jar and poured it on his chest, abs, and his already hardened young cock. She first licked the honey off his chest before kissing his lips. She continued to kiss and lick down batman escort his body while on top of him. His moans were sounds of enjoyment to her ears. His hands played with her hair and caressed her back as she tasted the honey from his body. The mix of the honey and his body heat became irresistible to her taste buds.

When her lips and tongue came down to his cock, Alana took her time, licking him slowly with cat-like licks. She softly licked and sucked his cock, making Cameron even more turned on than ever. She poured some more of the chocolate raspberry honey onto his cock and balls. Once she cleaned him up, both were ready for each other.

Cameron put on a condom and slowly slipped his cock into her inch by inch. Once inside, he held on to her hips as he slid in and out of her hot slit. While he slipped in and out of her, he kissed, licked, and the rest of Alana’s body while they climaxed. Their hands and mouth kissed and caress each other’s bodies as they climaxed again and again. Then, they got up from the table and lowered themselves to the kitchen floor. Cameron briefly got up and took the chocolate raspberry honey sampler jar. Cameron’s body molded with Alana’s body as they spooned together.

He entered her pussy again as poured some of the honey on her body. He went in and out as he wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her neck and shoulder. They simultaneously reached before taking himself out, removed the condom, and came on her belly and breasts. After the earth-shattering orgasm they had shared, Cameron kissed her with such passion and then he licked his own man milk and the chocolate raspberry honey off her body. They kissed some more.

The kitchen was filled the combined aroma of musk, pheromones, vanilla, chocolate, and honey. If all the scents were mixed and made into a perfume, it would be named either Horny Honey or Bee Seduced.

“Cameron, you were fantastic! After a lot tasting, I think I’ll make your day and order two jars of each flavor of the chocolate honey. I plan on using them for my batch of new treats, among other things.” Alana said with excitement as she got out her wallet.

“That’s splendid!” Cameron happily said.

Alana ordered two jars for each of the chocolate honey flavors and Cameron had made a sale.

“I’m so glad to be your first customer.” Alana said as she paid him.

“Me too. By the way, here’s my card with my phone numbers on it. Feel free to give me a call if you run out of honey.” Cameron replied with a sexy dimpled smile on his face.

“I own and operate a bakery. If you want to, you can by here for something sweet.” Alana said in a flirtatious manner as she gave him a flyer for the bakery.

“Love to because after meeting you today, I can also visit the bakery and come back here for seconds.” Cameron said with a wink.

“We’re both so sticky from all the honey. I need myself a hot shower.” She added.

“Mind if I join you?” Cameron asked.

“You sure can.” Alana replied as Cameron followed her to the bathroom.

After the honey-covered encounter Cameron, she was inspired and turned on at the same time. Not only did she get ideas for a new batch of treats for the bakery, she also got herself a hot, hunky salesman on call to fulfill her needs both sexually and culinary.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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