Storm Damage Ch. 02

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The cleaning ladies had done a great job on the kitchen and living room, as well as helping me sort through the personal stuff in the disaster zone. The last good long fuck we all had in the hot tub wasn’t too bad either, but that was days ago and now all I had was the memory as I drove home from work to the empty house. I was a bit surprised to see a one ton truck parked in front of the house with a large fifth wheel trailer attached. I pulled into the drive and got out to see who it was.

“Hi. Mister Carlson?” the young lady asked. She looked to be about thirty or so, wearing steel toed boots a grungy T-shirt and jeans. It was hard to tell what kind of body she had under the clothes, besides a thin waist.

“That’s me.” I said as I took the hand that she held out to me to shake.

“My name is Tina Romburg. Good to meet you. My dad told me I had a special job and pulled me from the one I was on. Said this was one I could really sink my teeth into.”

“Well I don’t know about that, but I have a real mess here.” I said as we turned and walked toward the house. He said he was sending his best manager, I had no idea it would be his daughter. We walked into the house through the front door and then I led her to the disaster zone. We ducked under a hanging tarp, and into the area trashed by the storm. She pulled a small camera from her pocket and quickly started snapping pictures of whole room areas as well as close-ups of the wood work and trim.

“Man… who was the contractor that did this work? This is some really nice detail work.”

“Actually I did.” I said.

She looked over her shoulder at me. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply you couldn’t, it’s just not every day that people take the time to really do it right.”

“Well, I built it for my wife almost five years ago. It took me almost two years to do it, started with an old garage slab and build the rest from there.”

“Nice job. She’s a lucky woman!” She said as she took more pictures.

“She was. Passed away two years ago. Diagnosed with cancer one day and was gone within a month.” I said quietly.

She stopped talking pictures and took a step back towards me. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know. Don’t worry, we’ll put it back the way it was. If there are parts you want to do or help with I’d be happy to work with you on it. I’m pretty flexible that way.”

“I appreciate that.” I said as she walked away again. “So where do we start?”

“Well, I have some prep to do, and then we’ll have to do some demo. I’ll have a better idea tomorrow when I finish laying it all out.” She said. “I’m going to need to park my trailer. Lots cheaper than driving back and forth every day. Is that a good place?”

“Sure that’ll be fine. Do you need some power?”

“I have a generator, but if you don’t mind I’ll run a temporary service for it so I can run the air without you having to listen to the damn generator.”

“well anything you need, just give a holler.” I said as I turned to head back into the main house.

“One thing.” She called, stopping me.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“My name is Tina. What should I call you?”

“Mike will work fine.” I answered to her smile.

“Thanks. Go ahead and relax. I’ll work here a bit more if you don’t mind.”

“Any time you want. The front door is open so any time you need to get into here, help yourself.”

“Great! Thanks!” She said with a big smile.

I headed back into the house and made some dinner while she measured and sketched and photographed on the other side of the big blue tarp. It was pretty warm in the house, even thought the air was running, so I stripped off my shirt while I cooked. It was a quiet meal, but tasty. I had decided that I had enough of the tiny tv in the back so after dinner I went out and got a new thirty inch LCD. The cable company had been nice enough to replace my HD cable box, so I hooked that up and sat back to try and watch a movie while I did some computer work. It was almost ten before I put my laptop aside, deciding for a quick soak in my hot tub. I stripped out of my clothes, thought briefly about digging out a swim suit, which I almost never wore in the tub, and then decided to just wrap a towel around myself and use the tub like I normally would.

I turned the underwater lights on and flipped the cover back before sinking into the hot water. After a hard day at work the hot foamy water is a real relaxer. I had been in for about fifteen minutes and decided it was time to hit the sack, climbing out and heading back inside, using the towel to dry off on the way. I was probably asleep before my head hit the pillow, sleeping naked in the warm room.

The next morning was typically bright and sunny. I was showered and backing out of the driveway the head to work before I saw Tina. She was standing next to her truck, the passenger door open, leaning in digging for something. She turned and waved to me, wearing a pair of red satin shorts and spaghetti strap midriff top that were apparently her pajamas and a pair of untied running shoes. She actually looked very stunning and in the shimmery material, slim waist and nicely rounded hips. She had a nice sized pair of tits making the bilecik escort shimmery material stand out prominently, including two pronounced bumps dead center on each breast. Her arms were muscular and her tank top tan lines made her look even cuter. The gap between her hip hugger shorts and her red top was creamy white with a small silver loop shining from her belly button. Her green eyes crinkled around the edges and she had two prominent dimples on her cute cheeks as she flashed her bright smile to me from only a few feet away. All in all an extremely attractive and surprisingly sensuous package, compared to what I had seen the day before.

I had told her she didn’t have to worry about privacy, since I was the last house on a dead end road. Hell, you couldn’t even see a neighbor’s house from mine, which was just fine with me. I guess it was just coincidence that I backed out the same time she was at her truck dressed this way. Not a bad coincidence as far as I was concerned. I smiled and waved back as I drove off, leaving her to go back into the trailer.

I pulled into the driveway after work to a totally different scene than when I had left. I ended up parking in the yard to avoid the dump trucks that were lined up to be fed by the large piece of equipment that I could only describe as a steel dinosaur. The huge yellow machine was swinging back and forth, taking huge bites out of my house, and dumping the shattered contents into the dump truck. I stood and watched while it literally chewed on a section of wall, breaking the studs and sheet rock into smaller pieces before taking a bite of the debris pile and unceremoniously dumping it into a truck. The whole house seemed to shudder as it grabbed a piece of hanging roof and ripped it off, like a dog shaking some offending stuffed toy. I stood near my suburban and just stared, part of me wanting to cry, as I watched hundreds of hours of work devoured by the metal monster.

“Hell of a thing to have to watch, isn’t it?” I heard Tina say. I looked over, not even having heard her walk up.

“Yeah. It’s pretty rough.” I said quietly. “That wall that it just tore down took me almost three days between framing, wiring and sheet rock. It turned it into splinters in seconds. Not to mention all that oak flooring that is getting trashed.”

“I feel for you. I had to watch my whole bedroom get put in a truck when I was a kid. Lost all my stuff in the fire. I guess this is even worse.”

“Yeah. I think so. I used to be a fireman, and I know how hard it was for people to watch their stuff burn, but this…”

“I understand.” She said, placing her hand on my back. “If you want to come sit in the trailer so you don’t have to watch, you can. They’ll be at it for about another hour or so.”

“Thanks, maybe in a while.” I said as I leaned against the front of my truck and watched a section of wainscot woodwork get dropped into the truck. I felt her hand leave my back as she walked back toward the trailer to continue whatever work she was at. I must have stood there almost half an hour before I finally walked over to the trailer and knocked on the door.

“Hey, Come on in!” Tina said as she opened the door and saw me standing there.

“I decided to take you up on your offer.” I said as I stepped into the trailer. It was a nice layout. I could see a bedroom in the front over the hitch, a bit of a low ceiling, but not bad otherwise. The room I stepped into was a nice sitting room with a recliner , a table with a couple chairs and a nice TV mounted on the wall. There was a little kitchen that looked well stocked and set up and down a short hall was a work room with papers and pictures spread across the table. I presumed there would be a bathroom in between as well. “Nice little place you have here.”

“Thanks, It’s not huge, but a lot better than a motel room. Would you like to sit?” she asked, offering me the recliner.

“Thanks!” I said sitting down.

“It’s gotta be hard to see all your hard work getting torn down like that.”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“Once we start building it back it should be a bit easier.”

“I hope so. I’ve had too much hard shit in my life the last couple years.”

“I guess so. You said your wife passed away.”

“Yeah. She wasn’t feeling well, we thought she had a flu bug. They diagnosed her with pancreatic cancer and she was gone less than three weeks later.”

“Wow. That’s rough.”

“It was a bit of a shock. I guess I’m finally starting to get over it, but it has been pretty lonely around here.”

“Have any kids?”

“Just one. She’s married and moved half way across the country. I do get to see my granddaughter once a year or so.”

“Granddaughter? You aren’t old enough to have a grown daughter, let alone a grandbaby.” She practically snorted.

“Yep. She’ll be two this year… How old do you think I am?” I asked her curiously.

“Oh I don’t know, Thirty-five or so? I know you’re not that much older than I am.” She said with conviction.

“Thank you very much, but I’ll be forty-six in a few months. Which makes me a lot older than you at what… Thirty two?” I responded.

“Thirty manisa escort three.” She said with a smile. “I never would have figured you to be an old geezer.” She laughed.

“I certainly am that.” I laughed back. “This poor broken down old body just cant hardly make it out of bed each morning.”

“Ok. Now you’re just pulling my leg. I know you’re not broken down. Not if you built that in the last couple years. Hell it takes someone in pretty good shape to horse all that stuff, especially the trusses and roofing.”

“Yeah. It was a bit of a stretch. Not sure I could do it all alone any more.”

“Well, you don’t have to. That’s why I’m here!”

“True… If you don’t mind, I better go inside. I haven’t had a chance to use the restroom yet.”

“Oh… I’d rather not have you inside while they’re ripping the end off. You could get hurt. If you want you can use mine, just down the hall.”

“Thanks.” I said, getting up and heading down the hall. I found the bathroom and stepped inside and closed the door. It was small, but had all the amenities, A tiny tub, and I mean tiny, a shower, sink, toilet and several mirrors. I got the impression as I sat on the toilet that she liked mirrors. I saw her red PJ’s sitting on the counter and couldn’t help but touch them. The shorts slid to the floor and I leaned down to pick them up. I couldn’t resist, and held them to my nose a moment, taking a gentle sniff. I could smell the scent of woman mixed with what struck me as vanilla. Possibly some body wash or similar. I looked around, seeing lots of perfume, body wash, lotions and other female type things. It was a stark contrast to the bluejean and T-shirt attire she was wearing right now. I had spent more than enough time in the bathroom and got up and pulled my pants and underwear up, flushing the little toilet. I used the sink and realized that there was no water or sewer connection when I heard the little water pump run under the sink.

“Thanks!” I said as I came back out. “Kind of tight in there isn’t it?”

“A bit, but still a lot cheaper than a hotel.”

“What do you do for water?”

“Oh. I can hold a weeks worth of water and sewer in the tanks. I dump it when I go home at the end of the week.”

“Kind of a hassle to have to drag it around every week isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but I really hate hotels. I like being close to the jobsite so I can go look at things and work when I feel like it.”

“Well, I have a guest bathroom you are welcome to use any time you want. It might save you a few trips with this.”

“I appreciate that, but I really don’t want to be a bother. This will work fine.”

“Well, the offer stands. Any time you want. The front door will always be open. I’ve never been one for locking the house out here. Hell the closest neighbors are a hundred yards through the woods. “

“It is pretty secluded out here.” She agreed.

“OH yeah. There’s also a hot tub out back. Feel free any time you want to use it. There’s also a shower head on the deck so you can rinse the chlorine off after you use the hot tub. My wife used to hate it when I came in smelling like a swimming pool. “

“I saw that out there. I wondered about the shower. No walls.”

“Never felt like I needed them. Like I said, no one to ever see you, besides… I used to like to get my wife to take her suit off and use it . Kind of sexy at night.” I said with a grin.

“Thanks, I’ll remember that!” she grinned back.

“Well, I better think about dinner. I guess they’ll be done soon?”

“I thought they would be already. Let me check and see what’s happening. I’ll be back in a minute.” She said as she stood up and put a red hardhat on. She stepped out the door, letting in a small blast of heat, and disappeared. I poked around her little place curiously as I waited. The bedroom was up the tiny stairs in the front, overhanging the hitch area. I could see that it had a nice sized bed, probably a queen size, but the ceiling looked pretty low. There were some clothes tossed around on the foot of the bed. I was just getting back to sit down when she stepped back in again.

“They want to work a bit later. They think, if they get a couple more hours in they can finish tomorrow.”

“Oh. Well, I guess it’s dinner out then.”

“Tell you what. How bout I treat tonight? You won’t mind some company will you?”

“Not at all. I haven’t had dinner with a lady in over two years. I’m going to need to get some stuff from my room though.”

“Not a problem.” She said as she held out a second hard hat. “As long as you don’t mind me coming along. I really don’t want you to get hurt.”

“I won’t get hurt.” I said taking the hardhat and adjusting it to fit my head.

“Well, let’s not take any chances.” She said as she held the door open for me. We walked to the front door, trying to ignore the noise from the heavy equipment. We had to just about shout at each other as we made our way down the hall to my room. I dug in the closet as the whole house shook from another piece of structure being torn off. I really needed to change before I went to eat.

“I’m going to change in the bathroom!” mersin escort I shouted. She held her thumb up for me, and I stepped into the bathroom while she sat on the bed. I quickly stripped off my dirty work clothes and was standing in my underwear when the house shook again, the bathroom door swinging open. She sat staring at me, starting to blush, as I shrugged my shoulder and pushed the door closed again. I quickly put some more deodorant on and then pulled on my shirt and pants. I opened the door and Tina was wandering aimlessly around the room looking at things while I changed my belt to my other pants and stuffed my pockets. “All set!” I yelled as I picked up the hard hat and stuffed it back on my head.

“Great!” she shouted back as we made our way out of the house and back to her trailer. “I’m going to change real quick.” She said as she headed for the stairs. “Make yourself comfortable.”

“Ok.” I said heading for the chair in the corner. I sat down as she climbed the stairs and ducked into the bedroom. I heard the clump of her boots as she kicked them off and let them hit the floor, one after the other. My attention was drawn to the open door of the room as she asked me where I wanted to eat. I could see her jeans fly across the opening, landing in a pile of clothes at the foot of the bed.

“Oh. Anyplace you want. I’m pretty easy!” I called back, my dick getting hard as I pictured her getting undressed, her shirt landing on the pile.

“How about a steak house?” she called as her sports bra was added to the pile. Now my dick was getting really hard, wondering how she looked standing there with just underwear on. That situation got worse when a pair of white panties plopped unceremoniously on the pile. Now I knew she was naked.

“Steak is fine with me.” I called back trying to sound relaxed. I saw a flash of bare leg and foot near the end of the bed as the bed bounced. I guessed she was crawling across it to get to the other side. My hardon was like a steel rod and I finally had to stand up and adjust it to a more comfortable positon. She was quiet for a long time before she finally stepped around the door and came down the stairs hunched over. I watched practically mesmerized as she stood at the bottom of the stairs, bending over to put a pair of black high heels on. She was wearing a white silk tank top and a black skirt that only came to her mid thigh. Her legs shimmered inside the pair of stockings as I watched her pull the second shoe on and stand up.

“Well, what do you think?” she said as she turned for me, her arms held out from her sides so I could really see her from all angles. She was absolutely gorgeous, from her twinkling green eyes past her perl necklace to her prominent breasts and all the way down her slim body and long sexy legs.

“Wow!” was all I could say.

“I take it you approve?”

“Yes. Very much so!” I said, my already hard dick getting even harder, if that was possible.

“Great! Let’s go. Since I’m taking you out, how about I drive?” she said pulling a purse from under a counter and picking the keys from the counter top.

“Sure!” I agreed. Hell I would have agreed to anything at that moment. She looked absolutely stunning! I opened the door and stepped down, turning to offer her my hand to help her down the stairs.

“Oh, a gentleman too? I like this!” she said with a giggle as she stepped down the three steps to the ground. I held my arm out and walked her to the driver side of her truck and opened the door. She stepped up into the truck her skirt riding up a bit as she slid in, exposing the tops of her stockings. Definitely not pantyhose.

I walked around the truck and slid into the passenger seat as she started it up. This was defiantly a girl’s truck. There was a cute little air freshener stuck to the AC vent and “girl stuff” all over the compartments. It was a stark contrast to the construction equipment stuffed in the folded up back seat area of the truck. This young lady was a definite contrast and definitely interesting.

“So where to?” She asked. I gave her directions to the steak house and we were on our way. I couldn’t help but look periodically at her lap, where the seat belt had pulled the short skirt up enough so that now the tops of both her stockings were showing, and when she lifted her foot to put the break on, I could see a little flash of white between her legs from her panties. It was almost a disappointment to get to the steak house, given the little show I was getting, but I got out and walked around, opening the door for her and helping her out. She smiled and looped her arm into mine while I led her into the restaurant. For a little gal, she had a pretty hearty appetite, eating almost as much as I did. We chatted about all kinds of things, my life, how I was getting along, a little about my wife. I asked her about herself and how she got into the construction trade. She explained that her dad wanted sons, and kept trying, only to end up with three girls. To his surprise all three got involved in the trade, taking different specialties. She said I would probably meet her sisters later in the job. Tina said she loved doing the woodwork and trim, Sandy, her oldest ran a sheet rock and finishing crew and Patty, the baby, and the tomboy of the family did structure. I shook my head in amazement. I told her that she was an incredible woman and that I was very impressed. I asked her how her boyfriend liked her being gone so much, and her face fell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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