Study break Ch. 02

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It was later in the week after Lisa and Jen helped me study that Christy and her parents came into the restaurant where I waited tables.

“Well hey there, young man,” said her father as I approached the table, my eyes frozen on Christy in her blue summer dress.

“Oh hello Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher. Hello Christy,” I said as I pulled out my note pad. Holding it in front of my face, I looked at Christy’s brown skin under the spaghetti straps of her dress.

Somehow I made small talk about remembered all the specials even as I looked at the way Christy had pulled her hair back to show her long neck. I made nice with her stepmother, who seemed like she was maybe five years older than Christy.

But Christy said almost nothing, except to order the vegetarian lasagna and remind her father she didn’t drink and wasn’t old enough to order wine anyway.

We were straight out in the dinner rush that night, but I kept looking over to their table. Christy looked super bored but never seemed to warm up even as I brought over the meal, dessert and the bill.

“It was good to see you, Warren,” her father said as he wrote in a pretty decent tip on the credit card slip. “I bet you are going to see more of Christy soon – we are dropping her off to spend the night with your sister.”

The shift could not end quickly enough after that, even though I made about $200 for the night.

When I got home my clothes were sweaty and greasy and the house was dark. There was no sound inside – my parents were gone for the weekend and I figured Christy and Erica went out too.

Only after I showered did I look outside and see someone partially in the light by the jacuzzi. I was thinking about taking a swim anyway, so I slipped on my suit and a t-shirt and headed out to the patio.

Only when I got within 10 feet did I see the same long ponytail I had been staring at in the restaurant. It was Christy – but where was Erica?

“Hey,” said as I approached the table by the tub. “Where’s Erica?”

“Passed out. She was shit-faced when I go here.”

“Damn, sorry to hear that. You want me to run you home?”

“Why, you don’t want me around either?”

That was when I noticed she was in the bikini with blue palm trees and an orange setting sun again – the same one that had me thinking of her and jerking off before Lisa caught me.

“Who says I don’t want you around?” I asked as I pulled up a chair and sat next to her. “I just figured you would be bored here with me.”

“I don’t think Lisa and Jen were bored.”

“Oh shit, they Göztepe Escort told, didn’t they.”

“They didn’t have to, we could hear all of you. Lisa especially, but you were pretty loud, too.”

What the hell could I say? I knew I couldn’t tell her I was thinking about her when I got it on with two of her friends.

“Look, I’ve had a long day – I’m gonna soak in the tub,” I said, and got up to turn on the jets. “You want to join me?”

“You don’t mind?”

I stepped to the edge of the tub – it dropped away from the patio on one side and bordered the pool. “Come on in, it’s very relaxing,” I said as I settled back.

My view was perfect to see her long athletic frame, curved slightly to soften her angles. She walked over, the orange of her bikini shimmering in the moonlight, and dipped her foot into the water.

Christy stepped into the water and then hunched down, finding a spot across from me. Now all I could see was her neck, but then she couldn’t see how hard my cock had gotten.

“So why doesn’t anyone want you around?” I asked.

“Oh, I was just being a little silly. I’m mad ‘cuz Erica was drunk and my dad and Jenna just about peeled out when they dropped me off. How come you never come outside when we come over?”

“Ummm, it was kinda fun inside this week,” I said. “Plus, physics is killing me.”

“It sounded like Lisa and Jen killed you too.”

I decided what the hell and slid over next to Christy. Our thighs rubbed together, she made no effort to move.

“Ummm, Lisa kinda walked in on me…” I said.

“Walked in on….”

“Yeahhh, while I was jerking… Can I tell you something?”


“I was thinking of you when she caught me.”

I almost expected Christy to smack me and climb out of the tub, but if she had, it would not be the first time my right hand had kept me company for the night.

Instead I felt her slender fingers move up my thigh. Christy tickled my hard shaft through my shorts, moving up and down in a steady motion.

“You mean you got this thing all hard thinking of me? Wouldn’t you have liked it better if I made you cum?” In a quick motion, Christy reached inside my shorts. Her thumb and fingers gripped my cock just below the head, tugging at it as she leaned in and kissed me.

I opened my mouth as her tongue sought mine, and my hands caressed her pert breasts. I wanted to fuck her so much, but forced myself to move slowly. I pushed down the halter top to expose her breasts. Breaking our kiss, I leaned down to suck her stiffening İstanbul Escort nipples.

“Mhhhmmmmmyeahbaby,” moaned Christy as I bit each one lightly, then traced with the tip of my tongue. As I licked and sucked, I ran my fingertips over her skin, down under the water. She opened her legs as I probed at her bikini bottoms.

As I played with her nipples, I was moaning into them, Christy kept a grip on my shaft, tugging up and down and then rubbing her palm over the cock head.

“Oh God, I could cum all over your hand,” I said.

“Save it for somewhere else,” she said, kissing me as I edged my finger into her bikini bottoms.

“I want to taste you, let me lick your pussy,” I said.

“I thought you’d never ask,” said Christy as she stood up. She reached behind and unclasped her top as I pulled down her bottoms and pushed her back to the edge of the tub.

With long strokes of the tip of my tongue, I worked my way up her thighs to her naked pussy. Then I teased her more, kissing her navel and all around her stomach as her grasped the back of my head.

I moved down through her trimmed muff, sopping from the pool, and kissed her pink pussy lips. Then I attacked them, forcing my tongue into the folds of her pussy as she began quivering.

Christy grabbed my head with both hands, pushing me into her hips as she started bucking. I reached around and gripped her ass as my tongue danced over her.

She began gasping, making small short cries and then one longer one as I felt inside her tight wet pussy with my middle finger.

“Higher,” she said as I sought her clit while fingering her. “There, oh God yesss there, ohhh yess make me cum,” she cried as my finger and tongue moved in time.

I sucked at her clit as she went over the edge, her juices coating my chin and cheeks. I looked up at her face, her head thrown back, mouth open as her passion consumed her.

Christy bucked once more, hips rubbing against my head, my nose buried in her muff. I leaned back as her orgasm abated, then kissed her pussy once more.

“Was it good for you?” I asked her, looking up as she ran her hands through my hair.

“My God, Jen said you could eat pussy, but she didn’t say it was this good. Of course, she said you hadn’t fucked her yet, and I want to find out about that too.”

I stood up in the tub, and pulled off my shorts. Even when Lisa and Jen were in my room, I don’t think my cock was as hard as it got standing naked in the tub with Christy.

I didn’t need to guide her hand to me. As she French Anadolu Yakası Escort kissed me, Christy rubbed my cock against her pussy lips. I gave a small thrust, pushing the head inside her tight lips.

I pushed again, filling her more as she spread her legs. I knew standing in the tub was not the ideal position, but I had to feel her pussy.

“Please tell me you are on the pill,” I said as I held her hips to get better leverage.

“Oh yesss baby. You can fuck me just like this,” she cried out as I pushed deeper inside her.

Christy was tight, but so wet my seven-inch rod moved easily through her. But standing was not the most comfortable position for us, even as felt the velvety grip her pussy had on me.

I pulled out of her, my rod standing straight up in the night air. Without a word, Christy understood. She kissed me again, her tongue pushing into my mouth while she stroked my shaft.

She unfurled a towel on the deck and lay back, breasts jiggling as she pulled me closer to her love hole. My pole plunged inside her as she raised her legs. I held her calves as I began to thrust, trying to ram the head of my cock deeper each time.

Christy’s long fingers snaked through her trimmed muff to find her clit, as her hips rose she rubbed it. Looking down, I could see the tan line of her bikini, the lighter shade of skin where it covered her small breasts and firm hips.

“C’mon baby, fuck me, fuck me,” she said as she squirmed below me. I put her long legs over my shoulder and did just that.

I could feel her getting ready to cum again, I knew I was not far behind. I pulled back, pushing inside her just past the head of my rod for about five strokes.

“Don’t tease me, fuck me,” Christy called out, her hands bunching the towel behind her head.

With that I rammed my cock home, filling her as I pressed my palms over her titties.

“That’s it, ohhhyeahhhhhhhhh,” she moaned, flopping as her orgasm raged.

Then I felt the cum surging inside me, a wave that was going to engulf us.

“Christy, I’m gonna cum, where do you want my cum?” I yelled.

“Fuck my pussy, cum in me,” she wailed as the first shot exploded from me. The first two spurts made me roar as I filled her. For the third, I pulled out, jerking my cock and aiming towards her breasts.

My cum landed on her stomach and near her right nipple as she leaned up to watch me. After the shots on her skin, the last dribbled into her muff. I leaned down for another kiss, smearing my cum over her skin and mine.

Then I crawled out of the tub, moving in beside her as we caught our breath.

“I am so glad Erica got shit-faced,” I said as I nuzzled closer to Christy.

She held my hand as I cupped her breast.

“Yeah, but she may hate me for giving her all that vodka,” she said.

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