Surprising Massage

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My friend Deb said I should go and get a massage at a place she normally goes to. Deb said they will get all the kinks out after they are done. My body was pretty sore from all the workouts I had been doing at the gym. I decided to take my friend’s advice and seek out the place she goes to. I got the address from Deb and I drove over one Saturday afternoon. A female attendant led me back to a room and told me to get undressed. She gave me a set of towels to place over myself.

I got undressed and got onto my back. I covered up and then I heard the door open. In walked this man who had to be in his late twenties. My eyes must have gone wide. I asked this guy where the female attendant was. He said that only male masseurs worked here. I didn’t know this. I could just imagine Deb having a good laugh at my expense. I didn’t want to act like a prude so I kept my mouth shut.

My masseur said his name was Brad. I didn’t know if that was some fake name or the real thing. Brad proceeded to strip down to just a bikini brief. I am sorry to say I couldn’t take my eyes from his body. Brad’s bulge was pushing out against the material of his briefs. Brad did get down to business. He took some oil and let it drop over my body. I then felt his strong hands start to work the kinks out of my tight muscles.

Brad was also standing so close to my face. His crotch was barely a foot from my face. God, I Şerifali Escort felt my pussy twitching as I started to fantasize what he must really look like naked. Brad’s hands eventually moved my towels away and he started to massage my breasts. My nipples were getting so hard. I had a hard time thinking this was part of the program. Brad then moved down to my pussy. His slick fingers were sliding across my folds.

I thought I might just cum right then. This forty plus year old woman was getting so turned on by this young stud. Brad touched me all over and then he suddenly stopped. I watched as he slowly removed his briefs. I finally got to see his enormous cock. My husband didn’t look anything like Brad. Brad’s chest was so toned and his legs were muscular. His cock, well, his cock had to be over eight inches in length and thick as well.

I don’t know what came over me. Brad was standing above my face and massaging my tits once more. I reached out and took his massive cock in my hand. I could see Brad’s face and he was smiling. Brad kept working on my nipples and I started to stroke that thick rod of his. It didn’t take much before Brad was rock hard. I hate to tell you what was going through my head. I wanted Brad in the worst way right then. Brad didn’t disappoint me.

He climbed up on the table and his hands spread my thighs apart. Then next thing that happened was I Üsküdar Escort felt his mushroom head rubbing against my folds. I raised my hips up hoping I would feel more of Brad. Brad sunk the tip of his cock into my pussy. I let out this low moan as Brad began to enter my dripping wet pussy. Brad went slow at first. It was like he was trying to stir me up with his fat cock.

Brad then reached under my legs and pushed my thighs nearly to my chest. That was when the fucking truly began. I could feel his big balls hitting my ass. Damn, I never got fucked like this at home. Brad was now pumping faster into my greedy hole.

“Oh God Brad, please fuck me harder!” I was practically begging him to take me like some cheap whore.

He was drilling my oozing hole as hard as he could now. Brad had me folded back and he lowered his face to my tits. He took each nipple into his mouth and he was biting on the tips. My pussy was going into convulsions as I had every hard inch of Brad’s dick inside me now. I must have gotten so stirred up that I let loose. I began to squirt all over Brad’s pecker. To be honest, I got a little embarrassed. My husband had never got me this worked up when we made love.

Here was a complete stranger making me cum like mad. My juices were all over both of us. That must have gotten Brad to the boiling point. I heard Brad grunt and he arched his back and flooded Ümraniye Escort me with his hot seed. I was thinking that thankfully I was taking birth control pills. I could feel the heat of his sticky load firing deep into my belly. Brad didn’t just squirt once or twice. It was like he was filling me up with a bucket of his love seed.

Brad continues for some minutes until he was finally spent. My pussy felt raw by the time he finished with me. He did pull his love muscle out and I felt his cum drip out of me and down my ass. Brad got up from the table and got some towels for both of us to clean up. Brad helped me up and he led me to a small shower. I let the water spray over my body as I managed to push out most of Brad’s cum.

I got dressed and Brad returned with a bathrobe on. He kissed my mouth and told me not to be a stranger from now on. I walked out of the massage parlor and drove home. I did call my friend Deb on the way back.

“You bitch,” I said to her, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what, Jessica?”

The bulb went on. Jessica didn’t have a clue as to what I was saying. Here I thought she got the same treatment as I did today.

“I never knew a massage could feel so good,” I told her.

“I knew you would enjoy yourself,” Deb said to me.

When I got home I could barely look at my husband. I hadn’t told him that I was getting a massage today. Better to keep him blind and stupid for now. Thankfully my husband Jim didn’t want sex that night. I felt spent and I could still feel some of Brad’s cum swimming around in my pussy. It seems I am going to be a regular at the massage parlor from now on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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