T-Girl Fantasy Island Pt. 03

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Sorry for the delay. It was finals week last week and I had to deal. This part of the story is actually a bridge to a story I sent another writer for their opinion. Still part of the same series. This part grew into something else beyond just a bridge and has a possibility for more concerning these characters if there is interest from readers. Other than that I would continue on with the series. Let me know if the story series drags out too long. These are my first stories so advice is always appreciated. If anyone has experience as an editor I would really appreciate the help and guidance.

As always, I want to thank the folks who run this site and allow us to post our stories here and I want to thank the readers for the comments both good and bad. Happy Holidays to you all!


‘Could my life get any worse,’ lamented Paul Wilton, as he watched his angry landlady throw his suitcases and clothing out in the hall of the apartment he was being evicted from. Three months past due on the rent, it’s about what he had expected. Still he was stunned that it was actually happening. In the past three months, he lost his job, his car and now his home.

“I’m keeping your furniture and your deposit against what you owe!” ranted the red faced landlady as she shut and locked the door to the apartment with the key she had demanded from him a few minutes before.

Paul picked up his clothing and stuffed it into his few bags like a robot. He only came alive again when the beautiful blonde next door walked down the hall way. She looked at Paul with a kind of embarrassed pity, quickly skirting the broken young man to disappear into her own apartment. He never knew her name.

It wasn’t that Paul was an unattractive man. Women found his smile and brown eyes very appealing and even said so once or twice during his life. It was the fact that at barely five feet tall, Paul rarely stood a chance with any girl. Most girls wanted someone at least a few inches taller than they were so dates were few and far between. The few girls that did have an interest in him were not the ones his mother would have approved of.

They were basically bullies who assumed that Paul’s height would make him easier to push around and intimidate. They were right. Constant insults and demands from these girls left the poor young man with no self-confidence or self-esteem. To make matters worse, he had become desperate to keep these unhealthy relationships but the relentless psychological abuse left him unable to perform in the bedroom leading to even more abuse and eventually being abandoned all together.

Paul walked quietly out of the grubby downtown apartment building with cases in hand and no hope in his heart. As if on cue a final insult from the cold hearted mistress of fate, it started to rain.With no place to go, Paul sat down on his suitcases and watched blankly as the city moved on with its life around him. He knew down to the penny how much cash he had on him. His whole worldly wealth amounted to exactly one dollar and fifty six cents. Of course, his stomach picked that moment to remind him he hadn’t eaten in the past two days. Placing his head in his hands, Paul closed his eyes and tried to shut out the whirlwind of despair that seem to have engulfed his existence.

“Excuse me,” a soft voice came from behind him. “Are you Paul Wilton?”

Paul didn’t move, didn’t breath, for fear that this was another agent of suffering about to drop another bomb on his ruined life.

A gentle hand gripped his shoulder, “Can you hear me?” the voice sounded so concerned.

‘Go away,’ thought Paul. Not willing to hope that this long chain of misery was finally taking a break.

“Are you ok?” the woman asked again. “Here, let’s get you out of this rain.”

Another set of hands helped pick the drenched and beaten young man up and walked him down the sidewalk. They entered the only restaurant on his street. The one restaurant he could never afford. “Sabastian’s” was written broadly across the wide and well-lit entrance. A doorman smiled at the ladies while completely ignoring the poorly dressed man they held between them. Once inside the Maître d greeted the two lovely ladies with a smile that evaporated when his eyes fell on Paul.

Ignoring the look on the greeter’s face, the lady to Paul’s left commanded, “Our usual table please, Stewart.” The smile creased the gentleman’s lips but never made it to his eyes.

“Right away, Madam,” as he selected two menus and led the group into the dining room.

The delicious smell of countless dishes had Paul’s nose twitching and mouthwatering. They barely sat down before he reached a timid hand across and took a bread stick from the decorative basket in the middle of the table. Half afraid of an angry yell or a slap on his hand, he bit into the bread stick and nearly swallowing the food without chewing.

Paul felt so ashamed and so completely useless as he finished the breadstick before the two ladies had handed off their coats to the Maître d and sat down. çapa escort Locks of his dark hair dripped water in front of his face as he looked at the women who sat silently watching him.

“Paul,” the one to his right finally spoke. “I want you to relax and enjoy your meal. I understand things have been rough for you lately and I think we.. My friend here and I, have a solution for your predicament.

Instantly, Paul’s eyes narrowed suspiciously. The bread seemed to swell in his empty stomach giving him a little strength back. “And what is this solution?” A thousand answers popped into his head, each worse than the one before.

“Paul,” began the beautiful lady on his right. “We represent the Blue Fantasies Resort on Bear Island. Our establishment is outside the borders of this as well as any other country. We are a retreat that offers special services catering to a certain clientele.”

Paul looked from one lady to another, “I’ve never worked in a resort before, Why me?”

“You won’t be working there, Paul” smiled the lady to his right. “We have a job that you are uniquely qualified to fill. But we are rude not to introduce ourselves. I am Madeline Farnsby and my companion is Tracy Sheridan. We are… recruiters, you might say.”

Tracy leaned into the table with a smile. “How would one hundred thousand dollars cash suit you, Paul?” She leaned back with a satisfied grin at the look of shock on Paul’s face.

A frown of suspicion instantly returned to the young man’s face as he looked around as if the cops were waiting in the shadows with handcuffs and billy clubs. “What is it that I have to do?”

Madeline placed her hand reassuringly over Paul’s and said “You don’t have to worry; you won’t be breaking any laws. You will be flown to the port in Miami, once there you go through a brief physical with our medical staff. Then you will go over your contract with our lawyers and then board a ship to our island.”

“You still haven’t mentioned what I will be doing for one hundred thousand dollars.”

“Oh! You are right!” Madeline said with a smile but paused. At that moment their waiter appeared. “Yes, James! My favorite waiter! I am so glad to see you again!”

James grinned in obvious pleasure at her recognition. “It’s always a pleasure to serve you Miss Madeline!” He had slipped another waiter twenty dollars just to ensure he waited on their table. The feel of Tracy’s hand slipping behind him to grip his ass sent a shiver up his spine. He almost missed the order as he remembered the night he spent with the two sexy ladies last time they visited.

“A salad for myself and Tracy and I suspect our guest will enjoy a double helping of your delicious rib roast, extra helping of mashed potatoes and those lovely green peas with pearl onions your chef does so well!”

“As you wish, Miss Madeline,” replied the breathless waiter as he scurried off with their order. He returned after a few moments with a bottle of white wine for the ladies to sample and a tray of cold cuts and varied sauces.

Madeline poured the wine and smiled as she handed Paul the delicate glass. “Let’s discuss business after the meal which is completely on us whether you choose to accept our offer or not.”

Paul accepted the glass still wary of the hidden agenda these two beautiful ladies had for him. The wine filled him with a pleasant warmth that went straight to his head. The table conversation was lively and carefully avoided any mention of Paul’s past experiences. It was as if he was lost in some sort of hunger induced hallucination while still out in the rain sitting on his bags.

The food arrived and Paul wasted no time diving in. The meat tore apart easily with his fork. The hollandaise sauce was spicy and soothing at the same time. He had never eaten better in his entire life. Another bottle of wine accompanied the beef, this one a rich red. He felt his spirits lift with each sip. Finally, unable to eat another bite he turned to his two angels as he thought of them now.

“After we discuss our offer with you, I know the perfect little night club not too far from here we can celebrate afterwards!” Madeline beamed with confidence. By this point, had she suggested that walking in front of a speeding bus would be in his best interest he would probably comply without hesitation. His head swam slightly with that wonderful buzz of a full stomach and the warm glow from the alcohol.

“Our resort sponsors a hunt of sorts every year,” began the sexy brunette. “wealthy and powerful Women from all over the world come to participate.”

“What do they hunt?” Paul wanted to know trying to focus on her lips and not the deep inviting cleavage she had on display.

Madeline suppressed a smirk sensing how easy this one would be. “You,” she said simply.

“Me??” started the startled young man. “You mean with like.. guns or spears or something??”

“No, we aren’t like that at all.” She reassured the frightened man. “The hunt will consist of you and several other people like istanbul escort bayan you being released into the tropical paradise of our island where you will be chased by beautiful ladies such as these.” She reached into her bag and pulled out a binder to hand to Paul.

Paul paged through the photos of the ladies who would hunt him. He paused to take in the exotic beauty of each new photo. His mind instantly drew back on the gnawing fear that this was all too good to be true. He spoke his concerns in a slightly slurred tone.

“Well, since you are looking for a catch, I will give them to you here and now,” smiled Madeline. “For one thing, you and the hunted will be naked as will the hunters.”

Paul stared blankly at the dark brown eyes of the beautiful girl beside him.

“Naked..” he echoed.

“Yes, naked as in no clothing.” Madeline continued without missing a beat. “The hunt will last exactly twenty four hours. If you avoid capture during that time, you will be returned to the destination of your choice.. with one hundred thousand dollars cash in hand.”

“One hundred thousand dollars..” Paul whispered in disbelief. A small part of his brain still managed a decent defense. “What if I am captured?”

“Well, Paul,” Madeline said as if reasoning with a child. “Your present living conditions aren’t the best in the world, right?”

Paul said nothing but quietly sipped the last of the wine at the memory of what waited for him just outside the restaurant walls.

“What if you no longer had to worry about where you would live, how you would live? You didn’t have to fear another bill or angry phone call?” asked Madeline as she tried to make her next statement easier for the young man to come to terms with. “If you are captured, you become the hunter’s prize; her slave legally and only to be released whenever she desires to release you.”

“Slave?” Paul jumped in his seat. “You mean like. She can do anything to me? Hurt me? Even kill me?”

“No, no,” Madeline said evenly. “Our rules do not allow any harm to come to you. Some pain will probably be involved but nothing that is lasting more than a few minutes and no permanent damage. Many come to enjoy the experience of being a slave. We make spot checks on our client’s homes where we can make sure nothing bad happens to you.”

“Imagine, Paul.” Tracy joined in placing her slender hand on his leg beneath the table. “You would have a fabulous home to enjoy, food, drink, clothing to suit the desires of your Lady.”

“Sounds great but what do I provide for my Lady?” Paul said fearfully aware of his past failures in the bedroom and dreading that this would be where the conversation was heading.

“I can see you are a quick one, Paul.” Madeline smiled at the bleary eyed young man. “I’m sure your duties will include most menial tasks of housekeeping and such but yes, sex would certainly be involved but a wonderful young man can provide pleasure in more ways than you can imagine. Trust me, any hunter that captures you will be very pleased indeed. Many of our best hunters prize young men such as you!”

Paul felt a shiver run up his spine at those words.

“So what do you think Paul? Are you in or out?”

Paul looked from one lady to another still trying to spot the hidden danger he felt was certain to be there hiding beneath the surface of those beautiful smiles.

“I go to a resort on a tropical island, get hunted.. naked.. by those beautiful ladies.” He went over it all mostly for himself. “I avoid capture I win one hundred thousand dollars and I am returned any place I want to go?”


“If I am captured I become the lady’s slave for however long she wants to keep me and she must take care of me not hurt me in anyway.”

“Aside from the possible pains of sexual paradises I am sure even a handsome young man, like you, has yet to experience,” Madeline’s smile took an almost predatory shade. “No pain above that and no killing.”

“Well,” Paul hesitated but he and the ladies already knew his answer. “I guess I am in.”

“Excellent!” beamed Madeline as she produced a small stack of papers and a plane ticket. “These are preliminary contract agreements stating you will be on the plane tomorrow at 9:00 am sharp. You will be received in Miami by our staff and they will take you to the medical processing site at the docks. From there you will be placed in a nice stateroom on the chartered ship we have waiting where you will meet some of your fellow prey.”

The word “prey” blazed into the young man’s thoughts.

“The ship will take you to the island where you will be picked up and transferred to the dormitories where you will be prepared for the day of the hunt. Sign here,” she flipped of a few pages “and here.”

Paul took the pen and, with a sinking dread that he was signing his soul to the devil, he scribbled his name as she had commanded.

“Great!!” Madeline beamed. “Now that we have concluded our business, it is time to celebrate!!”

She and Tracy güngören escort signaled for their coats and led the slightly drunk young man out of the restaurant.

The nightclub had a name but Paul was too muddled in his thoughts to have noticed. The wine left him in a warm cozy place and his future seemed so much brighter now. As bright as the lights that lit up the sign they walked under at the club. The bouncer waved the group in with a smile and Paul was quickly lost in the sounds of smooth jazz.

He watched couples dance through a glassy haze and a faint smile on his lips. Madeline and Tracy exchanged smiles of their own as they rubbed the vulnerable young man’s legs. He was strictly hands off, they both knew but they did love to tease. Paul looked from one beautiful face to another in amazement.

The night continued like a dream, with a dance in the arms of each angel. Paul gave himself over to the alcohol induced heaven.

“I think our favorite soldier has had enough for tonight,” smiled Madeline as she signaled to a well-dressed man standing silently against the wall. “Andrew here will take you to your hotel and wake you in the morning for your trip to the airport.”

“Good luck, Paul!” grinned Tracy. “Whichever way the hunt turns out for you but personally, I wish I could capture you myself!”

Paul turned red at the compliment and his cock stirred in his drunken state. “Thanks” is all he could manage before a firm hand guided him out of the club.

Madeline grinned at her companion. “That went easier than I thought it would.”

Tracy sipped her drink with a smile. “Come on, what choice did he have?”

Their eyes roved around the club floor; now that work was finished, it was play time. No one was hands off in this room. Tracy felt a nudge from her beautiful best friend and glanced over to see Madeline tilting her head towards a table with two attractive women sitting.

The gleam of wedding rings brought a wolfish grin to Tracy’s lips as both she and Madeline had a weakness for luring married victims back to their hotel room to enjoy.

Madeline made things even worse by leaning in and whispering “If we don’t have those two tonight, I’ll take it out on that sexy ass of yours.”

Tracy squirmed in her seat as her cock sprang to life at the image. The two ladies went to the dance floor. They had played this game many times. Their dance drew the eyes of everyone in the room. Even the other couples dancing slowed and paused to watch the two beauties grind seductively against each other.

Slender arms and legs rubbed soft flesh barely concealed in their dresses. Men all over the room found it difficult to hide their growing bulges. Women watched breathlessly as they silently considered their own secret day dreams of a sexy woman holding them the same way.

Tracy and Madeline stole glances at the pair of young housewives, who sat at their table quiet as church mice, drinks forgotten in the moment. As the song came to a close, Madeline dipped her companion low and then drew her back up for a passionate slow kiss that drew groans and gasps all over the room.

The stunned and obviously excited crowd parted the floor back to their table. They walked past the two young ladies whose eyes never left their lush bodies. Once they were close, both ladies quickly shifted their eyes to their half empty glasses. Faces turned a heated red as each young girl was afraid their friend had caught them staring at the sexy women with obvious desire.

Once back at their table, Madeline signaled a waiter over and ordered the best champagne to be delivered to their target’s table. The two young ladies looked up at the waiter in momentary bewilderment as he poured their glasses. When he motioned to Madeline and Tracy, both eyes went wide and faces went red once more. The smaller blonde mouthed a fluttering “thank you.” Which Madeline returned with a raised glass in salute.

Tracy and Madeline smiled as the two women turned to each other in almost frantic conversation.Before the ladies could decide whether to stay in their seats and enjoy the music or beat a hasty retreat back to the safety of their homes and husbands, Tracy and Madeline cornered them at their table.

“May we join you?” asked Madeline to the young blonde she had already chosen. Tracy sensed that as did the young ladies seated at the table. She quickly took the seat next to the taller brunette. Both house wives blushed as the two beautiful ladies turned their full attention on them.

“I’m Madeline and my companion is Tracy,” said the sexy brunette as she stared into the wide blue eyes of the blonde.

“I’m Amy,” the young girl said breathlessly and “This is Barbara, my next door neighbor.”

“Hmm two sexy young ladies out to play without the husbands to slow you down?” asked Tracy as she took Barbara’s hand, gently rubbing the wedding ring glistening on her finger. Barbara was lost for words as she and Amy were completely entranced by the bold, commanding presence of the beautiful women.

Both wives shared a look that brought a smile to Madeline’s lips. “No, we are just having a girl’s night,” stammered Barbara as she blushingly allowed Tracy to continue holding her hand. “You know, just a chance to escape the same old boring routine.”

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