Teased by a Stranger

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…Just as you think you’re alone in your bedroom you start to get undressed, taking your top off first, as you’re standing in front of your bed dressed only in a black lace bra and a pair of tight denim jeans you hear the unmistakable sound of the door closing behind you, you quickly turn around to see who is there but before you can say a word I push you down onto the bed and kiss your soft wet lips while pushing your arms down onto the mattress, I slowly slide my hands down your body towards your tight little pussy, but I tease you by stroking my hands back up your body to squeeze and stroke your nipples through your bra, you’re starting to stroke yours hands down my body moving them towards my jeans to open them up and reveal my hard cock, to tease you again I pin your arms to the bed with one hand and using the other I remove the black lace bra you are wearing, exposing your warm perfectly shaped breasts and hard succulent nipples, instead of dropping the bra to your bedroom floor I decide to take your left wrist and press it against the edge of your bed, I use your bra to tie your wrist to your bedpost.

I open your still clothed legs and grind my hard cock against your now moist pussy, I slide my thirst off over my head and drop it to the floor, my flesh is so close and you want it, you use your one free hand to try and just touch my body, I push your hand back down onto the bed, I slip my belt off from my jeans, press your free hand against the right side of your bed and use my belt to secure your hand to the opposite bedpost.

You’re now spread across your bed, completely helpless and at my mercy in just a pair of tight denim jeans, you’re getting so horny now that your come has made a wet patch on your jeans and is starting to drip onto your bedsheets.

Again I stroke my hands down your body towards your warm wet pussy, I slowly unbutton your jeans and start to pull them down revealing your matching black thong, to tease you one more time I slowly move my hands back up your body stroking and squeezing your hard nipples, while my hands are busy playing with your erect nipples my mouth moves up to your earlobe, while I’m nibble on your earlobe I can hear that this is driving you wild you ask me to make you come, without saying a word I move my mouth down to your neck, kissing it gently, with each kiss you moan with pleasure begging me to fuck you, I reach down to the side of your bed and pick up my discarded t shirt, I fold it over and bring it up towards your head, without saying a word I use my t shirt as a blindfold to cover your eyes so you won’t know what’s coming next.

I continue kissing your body, starting from the top of your chest and slowly moving down to your soft warm breasts, I start gently kissing your left breast then I start gently sliding my tongue over your erect nipple, this is making you moan with pleasure, one of my hands moves down to your wet pussy, I don’t touch it but hold my hand over it, you can feel the warmth from my hand heating up your soft pussy, you want to feel my fingers sliding in and out of your hot pussy, slowly at first but getting faster and faster, you struggle to try and free your arms to push my hand inside you but your arms are secured to the bedpost, you realise that you can’t do anything to stop me from teasing you like this.

I stop licking your nipple for a few seconds but you can still feel the warmth of my hand above your wet pussy, you can only see the darkness of the blindfold which which make you wonder what I’m going to do to you next, you wonder if I’m going to remove your jeans and let you have an orgasm you so desperately want.

I move my hand away from your pussy and slide my tongue over to your right nipple, this makes you moan with pleasure, as I suck and caress your nipple I feel your legs spasm and open even more, this lets me know that you have had your first orgasm, but I still think you want more. My tongue slides from your right nipple down to the top of your stomach, I slowly kiss your soft toned body down to the top of your hot wet pussy, I brush your clit with the bottom of my chin which sends a shiver up your spine, making you moan and ask me to slide my tongue inside you.

You don’t hear a reply from me, you hear my jeans coming off which makes you wish you could see beyond your blindfold, you feel your jeans coming down and breathe a sigh of relief as you know that my hard cock is going to be sliding in and out of you bringing you to a second orgasm.

I kneel in between your legs, reach over and remove your blindfold, you are dazzled by your bedroom light before you focus on the bulge poking Bostancı Escort against the fabric of my boxer shorts, I move up towards your face, straddling you with one leg either side of your neck, I push my hips towards your mouth letting you feel my hard cock against your chin, I then move it up to your lips where you try to take my throbbing penis in your mouth, even though I still have boxer shorts on you desperately want to feel my juicy cock in your mouth, I let you wrap your soft warm lips around my hard throbbing cock, you start to move your tongue around the head of my penis, slowly at first but gradually getting faster as you see that I like it, the movement of your tongue on my cock nearly makes me come, I take my even harder cock out of your mouth, move my legs down to kneel in between your thighs, my mouth moves down and kisses your neck which makes you moan with pleasure, I slowly start kissing your hot soft body again, starting from the bottom of your neck, slowly moving down to your warm breasts, I use my tongue to lick all the way from the side of your left breast, across your erect nipple then over to your right breast, across to your right nipple making a circle motion with my tongue when I get to your hard nipple, before I kiss your body again I gently bite your hard nipple which makes you moan with pleasure, I start to run my hands down the sides of your body and at the same time I am kissing your tight body from the top of your flat stomach down to the bottom, you moan with pleasure and I feel your legs wrap around me letting me know that you have had your second mind blowing orgasm making you ask me to put my cock deep inside you.

I move my mouth down to the top of your thong and take the material between my teeth, I can taste your come now it is making me want to slide my hard throbbing cock inside you, I pull your black thong over your thighs using my teeth, you lift your bum up to help me pull your come soaked underwear down to your knees, I slide it toward your ankles and finally take your thong and throw it down to the floor letting you spread your legs and beg me to push my hard cock into your dripping wet pussy.

I can see your come running down your small, tight and shaved pussy which makes me want to fuck you until I come, I can’t take it any more, I take my boxers shorts off, you can see my hard throbbing shaved cock and ask me again to slide it in to you, once again I move my throbbing cock up to your face, kneeling with one knee either side of your neck, I lay my hard heavy cock on your chin, you can see how purple the head is and know I’m ready to come, you try to move your head to take my cock in your mouth but I push your head down to the mattress, I take my hard cock, place it just above your lips, you kiss the shaft which gets me even hornier, I move my cock down to the middle of your mouth so you can wrap your lips around my hard purple head, the warmth of your mouth around my cock drives me wild, you can feel me throbbing in your mouth which lets you know I’m about to come, you start moving your slippery tongue around my throbbing cock making me squirt my hot sticky come over your tongue, I take my hot wet cock out of your mouth and watch you move my come around your mouth, making sure you taste every last drop of it before I watch it slide from the tip of your tongue down to the back of your throat before you swallow my juices. You still want me inside of you, the fact that I just came doesn’t worry you, you ask me to get your rabbit out of your drawer, I reach over for it and place it on the bed next to you, I reach back over to your drawer and take out a vibrating bullet, you like the thought of having two toys used on you at the same time, I turn your bullet to full power and start running it over your body, first I run it up your stomach, from the bottom to the top, I then move it over to the side of your body and move it down to the top of your hips and across your stomach just above your clit, you are so horny right now, you want me to use your rabbit on you as well, I turn off your bullet and start to walk out of the room, you wonder where I’m going but I don’t say a word to you.

You’re spread out on the bed lying in a pool of your own come and wanting to come again, I come back in the room holding some thing behind my back, you wonder what it is but I want it to be a surprise for you, I place something on the floor, you are trying desperately to see what it is but before you can move your body I have grabbed your legs and put my head inches away from your hot pussy, I can see your come running down onto your bed and decide you have been Kadıköy Escort teased enough, I gently start blowing your warm pussy which makes you start moaning, I reach for your vibrating bullet and take it off your body, I turn it onto the lowest setting and gently rest it on your clit, the gentle vibrations make you moan even more, I only leave it on there for a few seconds then I gently lick the tip of your clit with the tip of my tongue, I slide my tongue down the outside of your pussy making you ask me to slip my tongue inside you, I ignore you and put the bullet back on your clit the gentle vibrations send shivers up your spine making you arch your back, I can tell you’re about to come, I push the bullet down on your clit, you like it so much that your legs start to spasm out of control with the pleasure of your third orgasm, I keep the vibrator on you making sure every last drop of your come drips out of your hot wet pussy and onto your already wet bed sheets.

I start to kiss your left leg, firstly kissing the soft flesh on the back of your knee, moving my lips up the back of your thigh then across to the side where I slowly move up towards your hot dripping pussy, I can taste your come on your thighs, as horny as I am I resist the urge to slide my tongue in to you, I am still holding the vibrator on your clit which is making you moan with pleasure, I move my mouth across to your right thigh and start to kiss your leg down towards your soft warm knee, just as I start to kiss the back of your right thigh your back arches and you start moaning louder now, I can see your whole body quivering as the gentle vibrations bring you to an explosive orgasm, your come is running down your tired pussy and soft thighs onto the bed, the sight of you in extreme pleasure starts to make my cock rise.

I take the vibrator off your clit and let it fall onto the bed.

The thought of pleasuring you again makes my cock get harder, I start to lightly slide my tongue up the front of your wet pussy tasting your hot come, you have been waiting for my tongue to be licking your tight little pussy, you want me to put my tongue inside you, I reach for your rabbit that you so badly want inside you, I bring it up towards your wet pussy and tease you by stroking your clit with it and slowly sliding it down until you are begging me to put it in you, your pussy is so wet now that I can slide it in with ease, I only put it in an inch and then take it out again, on the next stroke I put it in two inches which starts to make you moan, I tease you in this way until it is all the way in, when you are moaning even more I turn the rabbit on, the vibrations on your clit instantly get you moaning loudly, reminding you of your last orgasm and making you want to experience pleasure like that one more time, I start to move the dildo in and out of you going slowly not caring how long it takes for you to come, I raise your legs up and rest them on my shoulders, this tightens your pussy and makes the dildo rub harder against you, your body starts moving uncontrollably as you reach another intense orgasm, I keep the rabbit in you pushing it in and out of your slippery wet pussy until you can’t take it any more and beg me to stop.

I put your come covered rabbit next to your hot body and reach down to pick up the surprise I have for you. You feel some thing cold sliding up your leg, you look down to see me with an ice cube in my mouth running it up the side of your leg towards your hot pussy, I tease you by using my mouth to slide the ice cube around your hot wet pussy, the fact that my mouth is so close to your tight pussy is making you want me inside you. I gently push the ice cube into your pussy with my mouth until it is halfway in you, I come up to your mouth a kiss you, you like the taste of your come on my lips, I slowly run my tongue from the bottom of your neck in a straight line down to the ice cube, I push it into you with my tongue, this make you moan with extreme pleasure, you like the feeling of hot and cold going in to you at the same time, I start to quickly move the ice cube around inside of you, pushing it deep in to you and letting it come back to my tongue so I can taste your pussy.

The ice cube is starting to melt in you and the feeling of the cold water and my hot tongue moving around inside you makes your legs start to spasm out of control, I have to hold them down because you like it so much, your back starts to arch and you moan your way into an orgasm you wish you could have every time you come, the thought of me making you come makes me so horny I want to fuck your brains out, the taste of Göztepe Escort your hot come mixed with the cold water makes my cock even harder. Your come dribbles down my throat as I swallow the hot and cold mixture, I kneel between your come covered thighs, you want to feel me inside you so bad you’re trying to free your hands to push my throbbing cock into your tight little pussy, I lean over you and push your hands against the bedposts, I start kissing you so you can taste the sweet mixture of your come and water, my cock is resting on top of your warm pussy, the head of my cock is rubbing your clit as we kiss and it is driving you wild, I can hear you moaning asking me to put my cock inside you and make you come.

I lift my body up so I am kneeling at your pussy with my throbbing cock still resting on your clit, I slide my cock down your pussy ready to enter you, I spread your legs wide and push the head of my cock inside you, you start to moan with pleasure as you finally get my hard cock inside you, I put my hands around your waist and pull you closer to me sliding my hard cock inside you, you continue to moan, you love feeling the warmth of my hard cock sitting inside of you.

I start to grind my hips against your thighs keeping my cock inside you making small circular motions which feel so nice, your back starts to arch but I push your body back down to the bed, I can hear you moaning and feel your hips start to move making my cock go in and out of you, you let out a loud scream as I drive you to another orgasm that you don’t want to end, your body is tingling all over you find the slightest touch against your soft flesh so nice, the feeling of my cock inside you makes you want to come again.

I can feel your warm come dribbling down my hard cock and over my hot juicy balls the feeling of your come on me makes my cock throb inside of you, the feeling of my throbbing cock makes you moan, I start sliding my cock in and out of you, starting off slowly then I stop and take my cock out of you, I push it back in hard and fuck you faster, you’re moaning and just about to come, I pull my cock out of you, beg me to put it back in you and make you come, I move up to your upper body and kneel with one knee beside your neck, I push my hard cock in to your open mouth and let you suck and lick my throbbing cock, I want to come in you, I take my cock out of you mouth and move back down to your wet pussy, I push your legs up towards the ceiling and rest them on my shoulders, I push my hard cock in you and hear you moan with delight, your pussy is gripping my cock tight and I am rubbing you hard making you start to arch you back getting ready to come, I push you down to the bed and hold you down by your neck, you cannot move your body now you have to lye there and let me fuck you hard, you start to grip the bedposts, I can feel your legs tighten around my shoulders, you let out a loud scream as you have an earth shattering orgasm which leaves you begging me to stop, I continue fucking you hard while you’re having your orgasm making it more intense and getting every drop of come out of you.

I run my hands down your body towards your hips and pull you closer to me as I keep fucking you hard with my cock deep inside you. I move my hands up towards your sensitive nipples and start stroking and squeezing your warm breasts as I explode with pleasure inside you, the feeling of my hot come inside your hot pussy makes you moan, I take my tired cock out of you and put your legs back down on the bed, I move up towards your mouth and slide my cock in between your lips, I let you use your hot tongue and mouth to get the last of my come out of my still hard cock, when you have got all of my come out of me I move back down to your wet and tired pussy, I can see my come dripping out of you, I push your legs apart and slide my tongue in to your hot pussy to mix my come around with your come, I suck our come out of you and move my mouth up to yours, I hold your head down to the mattress and then pull your chin down to open your mouth.

Our come dribbles down from my lips in to your open mouth, you catch the mixture of come on your tongue and once again let it dribble down to the back of your throat, you swallow our mix of come before kissing me to get the rest of our come out of my mouth.

We are both exhausted, and just have enough energy to kiss, I move my hand up to your left arm and untie your bra that is holding your wrist, your arm flops down to the bed, I move over to your right wrist an unstrap my belt to let your arm fall to the bed, we lay exhausted next to each other, your hands move over to my chest where you leave them as we fall asleep for a much needed rest.

I wake to feel you stroking my body, running your hands up and down my chest as you straddle me, my cock is inches away from your little tight pussy.

The night is not over…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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