Tent with a Rear Entrance

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Hi! My name’s Ellie. I used to live pretty wild and stupid, but then I had a baby and I decided to try and be smarter. Inside, though, I’m still as impulsive and hungry as ever. Sometimes to help myself work through my drive without acting out, I sit down to write about it.

Today I wanna tell you about Stephen.

So you get the picture, I’m eighteen with long dark hair and brown eyes that shift between chestnut and mahogany depending on the light. I’m in good shape, but I’m not an athlete or a model. I work hard to keep my curves fit and think I do my 36C breasts and 34-inch hips justice. I wear glasses and a nose-stud, and I almost always dress to show off cleavage.

I first met Stephen a few years ago when he came to our church. I had a crush on him almost immediately. He was in college and even though he was blonde and under-muscled by usual standards, I loved his smile and the quietness of his confidence. He was nice and he was gentle, but it was a stillness that came from inner strength and not from weakness. I found that strength insanely attractive.

When he was one of the leaders at youth camp, I fell even harder for him.

I sometimes wonder what it would be like if we were at camp again now that I’m eighteen and he’s graduated college. Now, as then, I think about coming to him at night, when he’s alone in his personal tent. Because it’s night and we’re camping I’m in sweats and a t-shirt. I don’t have anything underneath either.

Stephen’s laying on top of his sleeping bag.

I crawl up beside him, throwing a leg over him. I’ve seen him watching me. He’s always watched me. Now that I’m legal, I don’t want there to be any doubt that I want him to keep watching.

“Hi,” I say quietly, my voice softly playful.

“Well, hi,” he says in the same tone.

I slide so that I’m straddling him. He’s been thinking about me anyway and the presence of my womanhood over him, brings him to a quick arousal. I can feel him getting hard inside his pants and that hardness is pressing through my sweats at the lips of my young pussy.

“Stephen,” I whisper. “You can fuck bahis siteleri me if you want.”

It’s probably the boldest, most frank proposition he’s ever received. One of his hands rests on my backside. The other caresses my hair. “I’m twenty-four,” he says, as if it means he cannot fuck me.

“I’m eighteen.” I kiss under his chin and pull his hand up to my chest.

Stephen rubs my ass through my sweets and fondles my free tit though my t-shirt. “I’m also your leader.”

I kiss his lips and grind against him. “And I want to follow you.”

“We really shouldn’t.” He’s protesting, but his hands are busy.

It takes a few moments before I can put words together. His touch is strong and confident, but not violent. It’s the sort of manliness that I always dream about but never experience. “I’ve been attracted to you since I first saw you, and I know I’ve seen you looking at me.”

“I’m attracted to you too,” he admits, kissing my mouth. “You’re the prettiest girl here.” He grips at my flesh like he’s afraid I’m going to slip away, even as he rejects my advance. “You’re the most beautiful woman in church, in fact. But we can’t.”

I make a noise that combines a moan and purr, and I roll over him and an act of total submission. I lay head head back, pressing my cheek against his. I move my backside against his hardon. His arms wrap around me, one pawing at my tits, the other groping at the warmth between my legs. I arch my back and shiver.

“You can’t tell me you don’t want this,” I say.

“I do,” he says. Then, as if searching for a final argument, he says, “I don’t have any condoms.”

I slip a small bottle of lube out of my sweat pants pocket and say, “I have more than one hole.” I lift myself and pull my sweats down part way. “And one of them is right in position.”

“Oh god.” He fumbles to free himself. He’s already hard and I can feel him slathering lube on himself underneath me. “Oh god, Ellie.”

I lift myself again and position my asshole over the tip of his cock. He presses up. I press down. He grips my hips to pull me down. I groan.

I move carefully canlı bahis siteleri up and down. He tries to match.

“I’ve never done this before,” he whispers. “You’re so tight. It feels so good.”

“Don’t hold back, baby,” I tell him, rocking my ass up and down. My hands join one of his at my crotch. His other is inside my shirt, tugging and twisting at my tit. All I want to do right now is make him feel good.

He can’t hold out for long in my ass, and that’s okay with me. I just want him to feel good. And when he jerks hard inside me and sucks on my ear I know he feels very good.

But Stephen isn’t just any guy. He doesn’t leave it at that.

He pulls out of me and then scoots me off him. He pulls my sweats all the way off, then my t-shirt. His mouth finds mine for a strong, commanding kiss. His left hand plays with my nipples until they are so hard they’re going to burst. His right does the same for my clit.

Only I can’t cum from clit play most of the time.

Stephen senses that and slides his tongue down my throat as he slides a finger inside me. It swirls around in the well of my juices, pressing against my swollen, pulsing walls. When it finally finds my g-spot, I gasp and buck once.

Immediately, the older man frigs me hard and fast until I get so close to exploding that I can’t stop myself from yelping repeatedly inside the tent. My fluids are flowing. My body is under his complete control.

His fingers deep inside me, tapping at my trigger spot, Stephen dips his head to my lap and tastes my sex greedily.

I roll onto all fours so that I can bite at Stephens sleeping bag while he fingers and slurps at me from behind. It’s not long before I cum and collapse in stimulated exhaustion.

My eyes staring at Stephen from behind my glasses, my face full of appreciation, I watch him undress in the darkness. I can tell he’s getting hard again. He curls up beside me, spooning behind me. I can feel his hardness at the entrance to my womanhood.

As he nibbles at my neck, I whisper, “My body’s all yours, Stephen.”

“Thank you, Ellie.” He’s lubing his canlı bahis cock up again and I feel him at my asshole.

I arch my back. “You liked that, did you?”

With a long, slow grunt, Stephen buries himself in my hole, pressing against my cheeks. “So hot.” Sliding in and out and out now. One hand on my hip. Another hand on my chest. “I knew your ass looked good. I couldn’t imagine how it was going to feel, though.”

I groan and arch my back. “Oh fuck, Stephen.”

Our coupling this time is more animal. Fucking on our sides, me completely in his control. His body ramming into mine. Our only sounds are grunts and whispered obscenities.

As we get sweaty, I roll onto my belly stuffing my clothes under my hips to prop myself off. Stephen lies on top of me, humping as hard as he can.

I feel so submissive to him. Like I’m providing myself for his pleasure. It feels good on so many levels. The emotional satisfaction is matched by intense physical pleasure. His hardon is pounding deep, near my spine. It rocks my entire body.

I’ve cum from anal before, a couple of times. It’s an intense orgasm that practically cripples me. I can feel it building. I am powerless against it. I usually try to fight it off. It terrifies me. But Stephen makes me feel protected.

And I let myself go.

When it comes, it’s like a bolt of lightning deep inside me. My core trembles and my limps feel paralyzed. I can’t help drooling into my own hair as it falls in front of my face.

Stephen fucks through my orgasm to his own, keeping me on the plateau until my head swims and I feel like I’m going to pass out.

When his own orgasm is over, he collapses beside me.

And we fall asleep.

In the morning I sneak out, careful to avoid attention. I’m not ashamed, but I don’t want to get in trouble either. There’s no one else in the shower, so I go to clean up.

Streams of hot water falling over my body, lost in thought about last night, I gasp when I feel a pair of hands on my hips.

“I’m sorry.” It’s Stephen’s voice. “I can’t stop thinking about last night.”

I look behind me and I see him lathering up his erection with soap. I smile as I presses me against the wall, my tits flattening against the tiles. His cock presses into my ass again.

I have created a monster.

And I love it.

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