The Adventures of Becky Ch. 4

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Early in the afternoon three days after Annie and Liz visited me, I called Sandy. She was simply overjoyed to get my call. I had expected her to be pleased, but I was not quite ready for the response I got.

“Oh, Becky, honey, I’m so glad you called. I think about you so much. I just can’t wait to see you again. I’ve wanted to tell you that I love you, that I want to be with you. Please tell me you love me, too. Oh, please, let’s get together soon, I just can’t wait,” she pleaded.

“Yes, Sandy, honey, I called to see when we might get together. I have several afternoons free this week, could you come to see me?”

“Oh, Becky, I can’t wait. Can we get together today? I’m so excited, I want you. I want you soon. I live alone, you can come to my apartment if you think that would be better. Let’s meet this afternoon, please.”

“Oh, Sandy, baby, I love you, too. Please come to my house as fast as you can. Come right now. I’ll be waiting for you. We can shower when you get here.” I told her.

“Oh, Becky, I love you so much. I’m leaving now. I can’t wait to see you. Bye,” Sandy said hurriedly.

As I hung up the phone, I pondered the situation. Sandy had indeed decided that she was wildly in love with me. I hadn’t thought much about it before, but an exclusively lesbian girl would probably fall in love as hard for another girl as other girls and boys fall for each other. I loved the relationship with Annie, Liz and especially Sandy, but I loved my husband very much, and didn’t intend to jeopardize my family. I would have to make it clear to Sandy that I was going to go on loving my husband, regardless of our love for each other.

I immediately started setting out some glasses and checked to make sure what wine coolers were chilled. I laid out towels, wash cloths, and two very beautiful but thin and lacy bath robes. I got out two new dildos I had purchased through the mail, and washed them, just in case we decided they’d be nice, and put on a robe to await Sandy’s arrival. I was really looking forward to seeing her, and was getting aroused as I thought of her.

I didn’t have long to ponder, because Sandy had really hurried to get to my house. She rang my door bell less than 20 minutes after I talked to her. I went to the door, expecting her to be casually dressed, but didn’t expect her to be wearing a coat, since the temperature outside was near 75 degrees. She had evidently just grabbed the coat and ran for her car. I hoped that my neighbors hadn’t noticed. Later, when I learned what she had on underneath, I was glad that she was wearing the long coat!

“Hello, Sandy baby, please come in. I’m so glad you hurried, I could hardly wait,” I said as I held the door open for her.

“Becky, oh, Becky, close the door, I just can’t wait another second to have your arms around me. I’m so glad to see you, I want to kiss you, I want to hug you.”

I did close the door quickly, took her face between my hands, and turned her head to the side and upward to give her a kiss. Her lips were soft and inviting as I parted them with my tongue. She responded by pushing her sweet, darting tongue in and out of my very receptive mouth. Our tongues engaged in a duel, trying to wrap around each other, to excite and tease, to capture and devour. Her arms were around my neck at first, but soon shifted downward until her hands were on my ass, massaging and squeezing and pulling our loins together. She was wiggling and rubbing herself all over my tits and belly and between my legs as I became very aroused.

I pressed a leg between hers, working it back and forth, rubbing her pussy through her coat and my robe. I interrupted the kiss, and began unbuttoning her coat. She untied my robe, parted it, and placed her hands on my ready tits. I winced as she began to massage them. I hurriedly got her coat unbuttoned and opened it to find her dressed only in a pair of panty-hose and shoes. When I saw those lovely and exotic tits that I had been longing to suck, I could not resist; I put a hand around a tit, squeezing to making the enormous nipple stand out as I bent over and put my mouth to it. I began kissing it and teasing it with my tongue. My free hand fingered and lightly pinched the other nipple. Her nipples and areolas swelled and hardened as I manipulated them.

“O-o-oh, I lo-o-o-ve that,” Sandy cooed as she continued squeezing my tits and fondling my hard nipples and areolas.

“Oh, Sandy, baby, I didn’t realize how much I missed you, how much I wanted to be with you. Let’s go drink a toast to our love, then go take a shower. Let’s hurry.”

“No, no, I can’t wait for a drink, let’s get to the shower. I want to do things for you. I can’t wait. Please, let’s hurry, let’s shower together. I want to bath you, I want to feel you all over, I want to make love to you.”

“You’re right Sandy, I want to hurry, too. I want to feel you, too, and make love to you,” I said as I took her coat off and laid it on a chair near the door.

I gaziantep escort led her to the bedroom and assisted her in removing her shoes and pantyhose. I laid my robe aside and took her in my arms for another erotic french kiss. I just couldn’t get enough of her tongue. I started to suck it, and she rolled it into a pointed probe. I then rolled my tongue around hers, and her tongue fucked mine frantically. Finally, I broke from her, so aroused that my juices were running down my leg.

“Come, Sandy, the shower is the place for us right now. I want to give you something nice and fresh to eat!” I joked with her as I led her to the bath.

“Oh, me, too, Becky. I know I’d love tasting you just the way you are, but I want to be clean for you.”

I adjusted the shower for the temperature I liked, and asked if it suited her. It did and we stepped into it and closed the door. I took the shower massage from its holder and sprayed Sandy as she turned around. I quickly put the sprayer back into its holder and turned it so that it did not shower us. I filled a hand with liquid soap and rubbed my hands together to form a little suds, then placed a hand under each of her tits and began massaging them.

“Oh, God, that feels good, but my tits don’t need washing,” Sandy chided.

I began at her shoulders, down her arms, into her arm pits, around her neck, down her sides, across her belly, then to her back and down to her beautiful ass. I stopped there, re-soaped my hands, and began again massaging the soap over her ass cheeks, gradually getting lower and into her lovely crack. I asked her to bend over, and as she did so, I slid my hands down the outside of her thighs to about her knees. I reached around the outside to the front of her thighs and worked upward toward her crotch as I gradually stood and pressed against her ass. I bent over her to be able to reach around and under her belly and to the inside of her thighs very close to her pussy. My tits felt very good as they rubbed across her back. It was obvious from her squirming that I was starting to get her hot.

“Jeez, Becky, you are getting me all heated up, and I haven’t even started to soap you yet. Let’s hurry and get out of here,” Sandy said.

“OK, I’ll move along, but I love to feel you. I love to feel you up, to tease you. Turn around now,” I requested.

She straightened up as she turned around and I placed both arms around her and squeezed tightly, then ran my hands downward over her ass and into her crack. I soaped the area of her ass hole, ran my hands back around to the front and under her belly. I turned the palms outward and ran them down her inner thighs to her knees and back upward to her crotch. I turned my right palm upward, reached between her legs and upward to behind her ass hole. I pressed upward and slowly moved my hand forward until my middle finger was on her ass hole. I wiggled it slightly while I pressed it into her hole a little.

“Oh, oh, what are you doing to me? That feels funny! Oh my, I think I like it! But let’s hurry, I want to feel you all over, I want you on the bed,” she said.

“I’m sorry, Sandy, I just can’t help myself.” I said as my soapy hand slid over her pussy and half a finger slipped into it.

“Oh, God, Becky, if you don’t quit that you’ll have to fuck me here!”

I soaped up my hands again and quickly covered her whole pubic area and ass with a final massage. I turned my back to her to let her soap my back, which she did. As she finished my back she ran her hands down between my legs and returned the ass hole punch that I had given her.

“Sandy, Sandy baby, you have found my secret place, please come right in,” I joked as I wiggled my ass and pushed toward her hand.

She did a little girl giggle as she continued down the inside of my thighs and up the outside. I turned to face her and she resoaped her hands and started at my neckline down the outside of each arm and back up the inside to my armpits. I was anxiously waiting for her hands on my tits, to squeeze them, to massage them. Instead, she soaped down my sides, down the from of my thighs, then up the inside of my thighs. She bypassed my cunt and continued up over my belly to my breasts. Finally, she ran a hand back and forth under each tit, then up and over as I groaned in appreciation. My nipples and areolas were hard and very sensitive. I put my head back and pushed out my chest, as I moved back and forth.

“That feels so-o-o go-o-od. I can’t wait to let you suck them.”

“Neither can I, but now I want to feel your pussy, will you let me feel your pretty pussy?”

“Yes, please feel my pussy; please soap my pussy good. Rub it, put a finger in it. Rub my clit” I ordered, then, as she did so, I wiggled and humped. “U-u-u-uh, that’s good, scrub it good, make it taste good for you. That’s enough, let’s get rinsed off now. Your back first,” I said.

I took the shower massage from its holder, turned the pulsating spray giresun escort on just a little, and began spraying back and forth from her shoulders down to her knees. I told her to spread her legs and bend over as far as she could as I increased the pulse frequency and force. I then turned the shower onto her ass and gradually circled her ass hole and cunt, getting closer and closer. She began to anticipate my movement of the spray and tried to move her cunt into its path. I teased briefly, then turned it full into her ass hole. She jerked away, then reached back and spread her cheeks, opening her hole a little deeper. She moaned a little as I hit the hole with a pulsating stream. It was obvious to me that she was beginning to have a very receptive back door.

I lowered the spray to her beautiful pussy. The strong spray parted her lips and a pulsating stream entered her vagina, giving her a douche, as she squealed. Her big clit was erect and I avoided hitting it with the pulsating streams. I told her to turn around as I adjusted the spray back to a gentle shower. I sprayed back and forth from her neck to her feet, and under each arm pit. I then handed the sprayer to her and turned by back.

She sprayed my back and legs, told me to bend over, turned up the pulsation, and quickly hit my ass hole. I jerked and wiggled my ass as she hit the hole, but she didn’t slow down a bit. She very quickly gave me a douche, turned me around, finished rinsing me, placed the sprayer in its holder, and turned the water off.

I opened the door for her to step out, followed her, and picked up a large towel. I dried her back, turned her around, and started to dry her beautiful and unique, protruding breasts. I could not resist leaning over and taking one into my mouth. She drew back, prompting me to hurry, and I did so. I let her dry herself between her legs as I grabbed a dry towel and dried between my own legs. She finished drying me, and we hurried across the bedroom with arms around each other. Before getting onto the bed, however, I took her into my arms and began a very long and probing kiss. We were soon back to an erotic state that had us wiggling and almost purring as we fondled each others tits, rubbed them together and squeezed each others asses. We murmured “I love you” to each other over and over as we became both emotionally and sexually excited.

“On the bed, Sandy, my love. On the bed and spread your legs. I’m going to make love to you, pet you. I’m going to kiss you and lick you all over. Oh, how I want to please you. I want to make you love me. I want to fuck you better than you have ever been fucked before. I want your tits, I want your mouth, I want your pussy, I want to put my tongue in you, and I want yours in me, eating me, loving me.”

“Becky, that’s wonderful, that’s just what I want. I love you, I’ve loved you from the first time I kissed you. Please do everything to me, anything you want. Come to me, come lay on me, come fuck me.”

I lay on top of her, one of my legs between hers, I held her face between my hands as I placed my mouth on hers. Her lips were soft and parted, her tongue poised to probe my mouth. I was almost overwhelmed with desire for it to rapidly penetrate and retract in the wonderfully erotic reciprocating action that, I was sure, only she could impart. I pushed my tongue into her mouth, tried to do to her as she would do to me, but I lost before I started. Her pointed, snake-like, slithering tongue darted into and out of my mouth so fast and erotically that I could only suck, and enjoy the feeling of her tongue sliding over and around mine, tantalizing me and exciting me beyond belief.

I was getting hot and wet between my legs, my tits ached for massaging, my nipples were hard and wanted to be sucked, yet I didn’t want her to stop working her tongue into me. I wished momentarily that we had company, someone to take care of other parts of me, to ravish them as Sandy was ravishing my mouth. The thought passed quickly, though, because I realized that I didn’t really want to share her with anyone. I finally broke from the kiss, shivered, and put my arms under and around her.

“I love you, Sandy, I love you, I love you, I love you. You are so beautiful, so sweet, I want to kiss you all over, to lick you, to suck you where-ever you like. Oh, tell me, what can I do for you, my baby?”

“Hold me, lick me, put your tongue in my ear, in all my holes, eat me, do what you like with me, I’m yours, I love you, too; do things to me. Squeeze my tits, suck them, bite them.”

Her ear was near my mouth when she spoke, and I immediately began to kiss it as if it were a mouth, rolled my tongue to a point and moved it in and out of her ear as far as I could. She groaned a little, moved her head slightly, assisting my access, and wiggled all over. She began to hump and grind, rubbing her crotch against my leg. Her ears were obviously very erotic points which I’d pay a lot of attention to in the future. One of gümüşhane escort my hands found a tit, and began to massage and squeeze it.

“Oh-h-h, that feels so good, my titties need you, they are ready, they need sucking, they need biting.”

I moved downward, my mouth leaving her ear and moving to her tit. I kissed around the hard areola, then licked from its edge toward the enormous hard nipple. I moved slowly around the areola as I continued licking, intentionally avoiding any real attention to the nipple. She began to squirm and groan.

“Oh, Becky, don’t tease me, don’t tease my tit, suck it, suck it hard, it’s aching for your mouth.”

I put both hands around the base of the tit, surrounding it and making it stand up high, topped by that large, hard, plum-shaped areola and large nipple. I puckered my mouth tightly, and started sucking the nipple in slowly between my tight lips. Sandy squirmed, groaned, and pushed her chest toward my mouth trying to get me to suck more in. I resisted, and as the nipple slowly came into my mouth I began to run my tongue over and around it, flicking and teasing.

“Oh-h-h, yea-a-a-ah, suck it, suck it in, suck harder, Becky, suck harder; I want my whole tit in your mouth, down your throat, swallow my tit, swallow it.”

I relaxed my lips slightly, sucked the big nipple in, and squeezed it between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. That felt so good to me that I continued for a while before I sucked more tit in. Sandy’s twisting, humping and groans assured me that I was doing things right. I milked her nipple harder, and she began again to beg for more, for me to get more into my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and sucked at least half of her tit in. The nipple was deep into my mouth, almost gagging me at first. I soon got over that and found that I could make swallowing actions, pulling her nipple into my throat, causing Sandy to squeel and wiggle.

“Ye-e-e-ah, ye-e-e-ah, swallow it, swallow it! That’s it, that’s it, oh-h-h-h,” she cried, as she frantically pinched and pulled on her other tit.

I didn’t keep swallowing for long before I began to gag again. I released her tit and swallowed a few times to recover.

“Sandy, baby, I know you like for me to play with your tits, but there are other things you’d like for me to play with, too, I’ll bet,” I told her.

“You know it, I’m so hot for you! My cunt wants you. But I want to do things to you, too.”

“I got you going, and I’m going to keep you going, I’m going to lick your pretty slit, suck your clit, and fuck you with my tongue. I’ll eat you up, I’ll make you come over and over.”

“Oh, I love for you to talk that way. I love you, love your mouth, love your tongue.”

I lowered myself to get to her crotch, then asked her to bend her legs and to lift her ass off the bed while I placed a pillow under it. I started kissing the inside of her thighs, one after the other, getting closer and closer to her clean shaven pussy. Her hands were working on her tits, pulling and pinching the hard, extended nipples. When I finally got to her cunt lips, I saw that they were oozing with her delicious juices. I resisted the urge to dive right in, and instead started to slowly and lightly lick from just behind her cunt forward. As I did so, she spread her legs wider, and her big, juicy, cunt lips parted, opening up for me. I traced the soft edges of her hole, then zig-zagged across the smooth pink area forward to her out-sized clit. She started to moan softly, and her ass and belly began to wiggle and twitch as I proceeded to very lightly flick her clit with the tip of my tongue.

“Oh-h-h, God, Becky, are you trying to tease me to death? You’ve got me so hot I can’t hold still.”

“Hm-m-m-m,” I murmured, lifting up to talk, “I just love the way your big juicy cunt tastes. Do you like the way I lick your big hard clit? Would you like for me to suck your clit? Eat your pussy? How about my tongue in your hole, think you’d like that?” I teased.

“Yes, yes, I’d love everything, suck my clit, put your wonderful mouth over my clit and suck it, suck it and lick it. Fuck me with your tongue!”

I pursed my lips slightly and sucked at her clit, kissing it and treating it just as I would a nipple. I circled and flicked, pushed, sucked hard, licked, milked, and finally bit it lightly. Sandy groaned, twisted, and wiggled as she got hotter and hotter. I became absorbed in my work, loving it. I noted her responses to my actions and repeated the things that got the biggest groans and jerks from her. I licked and sucked faster and faster while she started having little spasms, shivering and groaning her way to an orgasm.

I put my mouth into her loose and sloppy hole, extended my tongue into her as far as I could, and moved it around, and pumped it in and out. I loved doing it; I loved the smell, the taste, and the feel. I loved her cunt, I loved fucking her, I wanted to crawl into her, be a part of her. I was almost ready to come myself.

“Oh-h-h-h! Oh-h-h-h! That’s it, that’s it! I’m coming, I’m coming! Eat me! Eat me! Ye-e-e-a-ah-h-h, ea-a-a-a-a,” she cried, as she humped into my face so hard that I had to stop licking. I just put my head back and let her bounce and rub her clit on my chin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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