The Church Ladies Cunning Club Ch. 02

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Ariana Marie



This is the second chapter in the Church Ladies’ Cunning Club in which Simon, a mature man with a talented tongue is asked to provide that for a series of women who have not enjoyed the benefits of a true cunning linguist. All characters in this series are of legal age and participate in this adventure with full consent.

It was almost a ritual. Melissa had driven Simon out to Janine’s little bungalow at the edge of town. The night was cool and wind-voices whispered in the tops of the pines across a field of corn stubble. The place was cute, almost an Irish cottage with thick white walls and a low hanging ‘hobbit’ roof. Melissa let herself in the red door. Janine was not there.

“She’s picking up her mom’s second cousin at her place. Better that way. Just a friendly relative taking the girl out for a few laughs. Bring her home at a decent hour. Nobody will know she has been doing something… indecent. Drink?”

Simon nodded. Melissa knew his tastes from years at the bar. And now he knew her taste too. Would he get to sample it again tonight? That wasn’t exactly the idea. After that initial session in the bar’s back room he and Melissa and Janine had had a few pops and the gals started cooking up a plan. They were sparking off each other about who would really benefit from his talented tongue. What the fuck? Apparently there was an impressive list of ladies of all stripes who would be up for ‘that,’ as they continued to call his ability to make each of them come out of her skin with his cunning lingual skills. Curiously, most of the women attended the same church where both gals went.

“Given our profession I’m sure pastor Jake thinks we come to atone for our sin of inebriating the people of the town. Actually, both being single, we go there to meet men…”

“…and women.” Janine laughed a dirty laugh.

“… and to drum up business. So, who do we think…?”

“… Oh, there are so many who badly need it, though they might be shocked to admit it. But everyone knows there is more that goes on in this town… I mean, why do you think so many pretty single women like to ‘listen to Pastor Jake’s sermons?'”

“Shh now. No tales out of school. But we know a certain person pays well for his private delivery of single malt. And if he doesn’t have company when the delivery is made? Would you ever…?”

“Tut tut, I’ll never tell. And I have no idea who owns that Mercedes convertible I don’t sometimes see behind the preacher’s manse….”

“Or the pink VW Beetle. Or that huge mommy-wagon”

“Some are single. Some lonely mums, yes. Shh, we have a mission to accomplish.”

“So we do, so we do.”

Then they really got serious, working out who would want it, and wouldn’t be shocked or grossed out by the situation, and who wouldn’t ‘tell tales out of school.’ The names kept popping up.


“Madeline the church lady of church ladies? No!”

“Yes! I heard her whispering to my sister Agnes in the back of Fellowship Hall over vanilla cookies and Cool Aid. She was very proper, but I knew what it was about; how maybe it was a sin, but she ached for ‘the way Bobby Ells had given her that different kiss in his RAM back in ’97 after the Lansdowne game.’ Cause her Earl just ‘did it the regular way and was done.’ Oh yes, definitely Madeline. And Agnes will want it too, because she is the queen of toys but doesn’t have a man.”


“Hey. I hadn’t thought Ojonya, but yes, she was kind of hinting about how she felt so far from Kingston and no men from her church were on the exchange this time.”

“Granny Burton?”

“Oh, yes. You don’t think Simon will have an age thing…?” Simon was sitting right there sipping his beer.

“Doesn’t matter. You gotta be dedicated, and you ever seen Granny Burton at the pool? That woman could crack nuts with her thighs.

“And probably does.”

“But not as much as she wants to….”

“And what about your mom’s cousin…?”

“The sweet one, don’t have but peach fuzz on her.”

“Yep, her. She is always so… restless. I saw her come out of the ladies last Thursday at Anna’s birthday and her cheeks was all purply-pink. I knew just what she had been doing.”

“Would she agree to it?”

“Dunno. I could ask her. Real discreet-like. Maybe hint that you and me had enjoyed something few girls, women, ever got full-tilt. She’s a curious kitty. Might figure we was going to ‘talk about’ new toys we just got.”

“Girls that age are real curious about that stuff.”

“But do you think she would let…?” Melissa looked over at Simon.

“Yep, I know so. That’s what made me think. Because she was whining the other day about how boys always wanted to maul her, and ‘just stick it in’ and paw, paw, paw on her sweet puppies. She actually said something dreamy about ‘maybe an experienced older man.’

So, yeah, she’s ready.”

They went on to tally Kolej Escort a whole crew of other women, some of whom they passed on or laughed off.

“Assistant Pastor Hartford’s wife Alice? She probably would never, but sweet Jesus she needs it. Oh, that old girl needs it bad. What say we work that garden kind of slow and careful. Have to figure how she could get it and not have it be a sin. That one’s a puzzle. Could be fun. Lord, I’d love to see old Alice calling out for the holy spirit.”

But the first one to come around was the cousin. Maybe curiosity caught the kitty. But it was “Georgia” who was coming over tonight.

Janine came in the door with a blue-eyed blonde young lady who looked like she had just stepped out of a Dutch milk and cheese commercial. High cheekbones and a wide shy smile. Short blonde hair cut in a simple bob. A modest blouse and a short summer skirt. There was a twinkle in her eye like she was playing hooky from school. Maybe in a way she was, or maybe she was out to learn something entirely new, Simon couldn’t tell, but he was happy to find out.

He liked the way she came right up and shook his hand, taking some time to look in his eyes, examine his mouth, even a quick glance up and down his body. She seemed pleased by what she saw and almost did a little dance. Nice things jiggled on her body.

While Georgia drank some lemonade he and the two women had a little confab.

“So how is this going to work?”

“Well, I think Janine and I are going to go in the bedroom with Georgia and have a little ‘talk’ about our experience with our bodies, and men, and maybe women….”

“A talk…?”

“Well, maybe a little demonstration of some of our favorite play things.”

“Demonstration… “

“Yes, and we’ll see how that goes, and then when, or rather if Georgia is ready and willing, we will bring you in to ‘illustrate’ what a girl might expect from an expert… cunning linguist.”


“We thought so. So feel free to hang out; watch something on Flix or amuse yourself in general. Maybe, maybe if all goes well we can bring you in a little early to watch. Would you like that?”

“What the fuck.”

“Exactly. Georgia, honey, come on in and let’s start your lesson.”

Georgia giggled, but it was kind of low and dirty. Hmm, not a total innocent. The women led her into the bedroom and left the door slightly ajar. Good.

Simon set up Youtube to crank through a bunch of old music videos, starting with Fleetwood Mac’s “Little Demon.” He sipped his beer. The women were murmuring and chuckling in the other room.

After a while he heard a buzzing, then silence, then Melissa’s raspy tones humming a personal love song to herself.

“God yes, oh yes, shit yes!”

The buzzing stopped. Georgia’s sweet voice asked, all innocent, “Why did you stop? You seemed to be having such fun.”

Melissa, still panting growled. “Maybe too much fun. Not my night, honey. At least not yet. Besides, Cousin Janine is dying for a turn, aren’t you, you hungry bitch?”

“Don’t be mean now, Melissa.” Georgia was being the peace maker. “She deserves to have fun too.”

“And so she does. Here, hand me the wipes. There you go, J. Knock yourself out, and I know you will.”

The buzz began again and it wasn’t long before Janine was moaning. Simon’s curiosity got him up and to the half-cracked door. Pretty good view. Melissa and Georgia were standing with their backs to him on either side of the bed where Janine was absolutely scrubbing her mound with a pink shell-shape vibe. Melissa reached in and snatched the fat buzzing insect from Janine’s hands. Cackling. For many moments Janine didn’t know where she was.

Georgia turned to Melissa. In the dim light he could just tell that she had one hand pressing her skirt between her legs. “Heeeey, wasn’t that kind of mean? She was really getting… into… something.” It was Georgia who was objecting, not Janine.

“Sure, Georgia hon. I’m a little mean to Janine. But I know it just makes things stronger for her later. And we really want to help you.”

“You think I’m ready for that? That was… that was almost scary. It was like some… spirit had a hold of you.”

“And how did that make you feel?”

“I don’t know. Just watching your face and seeing you kind of… lose it. That was, what? A new kind of exciting, I guess? I never knew… But now it’s more like I want that… that too. Does that make me a really bad person?”

“Only if you hate your body and don’t want it to know everything it can be. Is that how you feel?”

“Sometimes that’s how I think I’m supposed to feel. But no. I kind of like my body, and like, right now, I want to let it, make it feel…”

“We know. That’s why we invited you here. Figured maybe you should get the right idea of what a girl, a woman deserves to feel, before a lot of horny boys were pawing Sincan Escort you and telling it’s your job to get them off. So, Janine, up and at ’em. Georgia, do you want to try our little toy here?”

“Maybe. Maybe not… yet. It seems kind of… strong. I usually just…”

Janine got up and gave her a little hug.

“Okay, sure, between us girls, what do you usually do?”

Georgia was blushing, pale raspberry splotches on her cheeks.

“Well, not all all the time, but sometimes I like to get my pillow and kind of tuck it between my legs, and just sort of ride it, or sort of coast on it until I…I feel better.”

“And how do you feel about doing that? Is it as good as what boys do…?”

Georgia stood there thinking.

“Kind of better. Cuz they just want to make a mess on me or, have me suck on… but I’m not really good at it. The only time…”

“Yes?” Georgia was sitting in the bed now and Melissa was stroking her back.

“Well, Randy kissed me this one time down by the lake, and just kept on kissing me until I almost couldn’t breathe, and after a while, just before we ran into the lake with our clothes on, I could feel I was really hot, and wet, down there. And I think about that sometimes when I’m…”

The light wasn’t very good, and Simon was trying to be discreet, but he could tell from the moisture on Georgia’s upper lip that she was pretty hot and bothered.

“Do you want to…?”

“I kind of do. On my tummy. Can I have the pillow there? I need to put it just right.”

Janine gave her the pillow and she scrunched it up one way and then another until it was bulky and firm, then tucked it under her hips; lifting a gorgeous pair of buttocks half covered by her skirt into the air. Janine whispered.

“Do you want us to leave you for a little bit? I think you have the idea about what a vibe can do. We can give you your privacy.”

Georgia turned her head toward Melissa.

“That’s okay. It’s kind of nice having you, and Melissa here. This feels like what…? Like some… real women do. So I feel if you think it’s okay I can… love myself the way I want to.”

“Is it okay if we touch you?”

“Uh, okay, just a little, like nice….” Georgia was lying on her belly, ass high, already rocking on her pillow, pushing down into it, her cheeks, peeking out from under the ruffled skirt, squeezing tight as she pressed down. She rocked like this for some time and Simon felt his cock twitch. To be between those plump thighs. As though to echo his thought Melissa moved her hand from Georgia’s back to her skirt-covered ass. This caused those buttocks to clench tight for a moment. Melissa gave them a squeeze just as Georgia tightened down on her pillow with a little moan.

Soon she found her rhythm, rocking until the bed squeaked. The rhythm quickened and Simon could hear Georgia beginning to pant. She was frustrated. She wasn’t getting something she wanted. Janine put a hand on the back of Georgia’s bare thigh.


For a moment this sped up the action, especially as Janine’s hand slid up the inside of her skirt. Georgia pressed hard into the pillow groaning.


“I can’t get it!”

She flipped over, thumping her palms on either side of her. “I was so close. But something feels different. I can’t go my usual way, and you being here makes it…. I’m sorry. I can’t but I want to. Damn!” She buried her face in Melissa’s ample bosom. This seemed to calm her, but also bother her.

Melissa patted her head. “Should we call it a night? All this, is pretty… different.”

“Uh uh. When I start to do something I like to finish it. Maybe… maybe we should try the… the thing.”

“Melissa nodded. That sounds like a plan. Did you ever use a vibrator before?”

Georgia pouted. “Well, actually… I stole this plastic sort of pink penis shaped one from the dollar store when my mom was buying some jams and jellies. I was so scared I’d get caught. Anyway, it broke pretty quick.”

“Did it get you off?”

“Not off. I don’t know if I know what that really is. But kind of up. I kind of liked that achey feeling inside and the way I could even feel the buzzing in my ass. But it took a long time to do nothing much. Flutters. And I didn’t want that thing in me.”

“Too bad. But get ready. This one is different, better. I can show you how to make it not so strong.”

Georgia’s blue eyes were wide, curious.

“Okay, let’s.”

Janine took some pillows, including the crumpled one (which she secretly sniffed) and put them behind Georgia. The girl lifted her skirt and slipped off her scanties. Simon wished the light was better because what he glimpsed was very pretty. Elegant. Wide plump outer lips against a tight groove disappearing between thick cakes and crowned by a modest nub at the top. Smooth as a baby’s ass except for a blonde curly tuft at the crest.             

“Georgia, Yenimahalle Escort honey, what do you do with your hands first?”

Georgia thought a minute, her hand touching different parts of her body.

“Kind of smooth myself all over, a lotta times with some body lotion, maybe starting with my tummy and then massaging my boobs. Sometimes I can do that for a while, until my nipples get tight and achey. Tease myself a little. Put some lotion on the insides of my thighs. Sometimes rub them hard, sometimes kind of tickle them with my nails. Sometimes put some on my… my lips down there and sort of tug at them. I don’t like much inside me, though I dip in a little when it gets juicy so I can spread some on my clit. Once in a while I put something on my… well… on my asshole and rub in a little circle.”

She stopped for a moment, embarrassed, half turned on.

“Would you like to… show us?”

“Umm, okay, what the heck. I need it so bad now.”

“Lotion.” Janine had a bottle with a pump top. She didn’t tell Georgia it was real lube with a little warming agent. She squirted it into the girl’s hands.

Georgia smoothed it all over; pulling her top up to anoint her breasts. Simon caught the gleam of the perfect round shapes peaked by tiny puffy pink nipples. All three women and the secret watcher admired these beauties. Georgia tweaked one.

“Ooh, I felt that down there. I’m gonna….”

Her hands drifted down over the skirt, now hiked to her waist, stroking the curves of the creamy belly, giving the little pubic tuft a tug, rubbing her thighs.

“More?” She held out her left hand to Janine and received a generous dollop of lubricant. Georgia spread the clear liquid all over her smooth raised mound. The plump outer lips grew shiny. Her eyes closed as one finger disappeared into the groove down at the bottom then dragged slowly upward. A flick of the clit hood.


A little rub.


Georgia settled into her new rhythm. Just small circles with two fingers followed by some rubs up and down. She was in no hurry. Her other hand clasped her left breast, thumb flicking the tight nipple. Her eyes almost closed and lips pinched between her teeth like she was really concentrating. Brow furrowed.

The two women sat quietly on each side of the bed, hands in their laps. If they were frigging themselves they were doing it very discreetly.

After a while, as Georgia began to breathe more quickly and her hips struggled to move, Janine returned a warm hand to Georgia’ thigh. Then Melissa did the same. Georgia smiled with half-open eyes.


In a very low voice Janine said, “It’s okay to move your hips and let the sound out. Whatever is natural for you, and in this place you can let it go.”

Georgia’s breath at once got heavier, rougher.

“I… didn’t… even… know… I… was… holding… it… in. Oh, yes!”

Her belly clenched and hips shuddered upward.

“Oooooh! Whoah, that was nice… but… uh… I think… uh… I want more now.”

Janine and Melissa glanced at each other and Melissa materialized the pink vibe.

“You can put your hand on your clit and then buzz the back of your hand with this. Here, give it a try.”

Melissa turned it on to a medium pulse and handed it to Georgia.

“Whoa! That’s…”

“Isn’t it now? Just let your fingertips find the right spot.”

“Uh huh, that’s nice. Ooh, that’s even better. Whoa! Shiii….”

Georgia wasn’t silent, but she couldn’t speak. High color was rising in her cheeks and flowing toward her collar bones. She found her rhythm. Her hips undulated. Her mouth made little animal noises. The hand holding the pink vibe pressed into the other and that one crushed into her mons.

“I can’t… I can’t… I need my… my titty touched, but my hands…”

“I think maybe Simon can help.”

Melissa glanced toward Simon and beckoned him in with a finger to her lips.

“Will that be okay?”

“That’s f-fine.” Georgia was lost in the feeling.

Janine slid aside and Simon knelt by the side of the bed worshipping the sight of the amazing round breast in front of him. He placed one warm hand under it and squeezed a bit so the puffy nipple rose toward his mouth. Tickle and tease? Or swallow as much of this amazing fruit as he could?

Undecided, he let the tip of his tongue just touch the soft bud. Across from him Melissa smiled and imitated his action. Simon was mesmerized. Georgia was in heaven, her chest heaving upward to meet their mouths. He held Melissa’s eyes as the two of them opened their mouths in unison and sucked up the tender flesh.


Georgia’s hips popped as she felt the shock from her nipples crash into her belly and join the crest already at its peak from the feeling of the vibrator. Her mouth opened wide, trying to swallow all the sensation and her eyes rolled back in her head. A beautiful shudder flowed from the top of her head to her tightly curled toes.

Simon realized that Janine had one hand wrapped around the girl’s thigh, fingers just disappearing… Were those fingertips exploring…?

“Oh no-o-o!”

Georgia went rigid for a long moment and then collapsed, panting hard.

“Holy CRAP, that was….”

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