The Club Scene

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I sat there across the bar watching you. While you were taller than my usual choice in women, there was just something about you that would not allow me to take my eyes off of you. You had a down to earth beauty, unassuming and unpretentious. From time to time you would glance over in my direction and smile.

At first I did not take it to mean anything because you would smile at everybody. But something eventually drew me to you. I don’t know why, but I approached you as you came near the bar to order another drink. Without a word, I took you by the hand and led you onto the dance floor. I was not, by far, a good dancer or even comfortable dancing, but with you in my arms I felt as if I were floating on a cloud. We danced the first song, a slow one, holding each gingerly, getting a feel for the other.

With each step we drew closer and closer until our bodies rubbed pleasurably together. By some fortunate chance, all the songs stayed at a fairly slow beat, allowing me to hold you close for some time. I leaned in and softly brushed my lips to yours. My hands drifted down until one softly caressed your shapely rear. Your breathing grew deeper in my ear as I massaged you and you could feel the lump growing in my jeans. I spun you until your ass gently pressed against my crotch and you slowly, sensuously ground yourself into me. I groaned, softly, into your ear as your body yenibosna escort teased mine.

With a gentle push, I guided us away from the crowd into a poorly lit area of the dance floor. I pressed you against the wall, kissing your lips and neck softly but with an undeniable hunger. You groaned as I slid my hand up your loose skirt and across your smooth mound. My heart began to pound when I felt no barrier, no panties obstructing my fingers from entering your wetness. With a hunger and desire I had not thought possible for one I had just met, I spun you around until your face and chest rested against the wall.

I lifted your skirt just enough to reveal the soft globes of your ass to me. Not even glancing around to check to see if we were being watched, I not so softly smacked one cheek. You moaned as you felt the sting of my hand. I reached down and unzipped my jeans, allowing myself to slide out. With another small slap, I slid myself into you. You moaned a bit louder as I began to slide in and out.

I moved closer to you, attempting to maintain the illusion of us dancing, knowing full well that even the briefest look would give away that lie. You ground your hips against mine in perfect counterpoint as I fought to control myself. You were so tight and so wet. I was a step into heaven with each thrust zeytinburnu escort into you. I pistoned into you harder with each thrust. Finally, you shuddered in climax as you bit your lip to keep from screaming. I withdrew myself, still hard and unfinished. With a couple quick tugs, our clothes were quickly returned to a close semblance of normal.

We turned and saw the stares of the crowd, they knew what we were doing but no one said anything, allowing us the illusion. I grabbed your hand and led you out of the club. We wandered the parking lot until we found a quiet, deserted area isolated in semi-darkness. Once assured our privacy, or as near as we could achieve, I pulled you into an embrace and kissed you deeply, our tongues entwining as our bodies had been so shortly before.

You pushed me back until my back rested against a wall. You knelt down and undid my zipper, releasing my manhood again. You licked your lips as you began to stroke me. With an evil grin you slowly slid me into your mouth. With an expert grace, you sucked me down hungrily. Your lips, throat and tongue were magic as they brought me nearer and nearer to the peak. I grabbed your hair as I came, pulling you into me, not allowing a drop to escape your soft lips.

You stood, daintily wiping your lips, pleased to see me still acıbadem escort hard. I pulled you in, kissing you again. Then I pushed you down into a patch of soft grass, onto your knees. I lifted your skirt, once again freeing you to the elements and the ministrations of my hands and cock.

I slid myself into you again, not nearly as gently as before, possessed by an animal ferocity I could not explain. You moaned as I quickly set a rhythm, slamming myself into you and slapping your ass on occasion. Then I reached up and grabbed a fistful of hair, pulling your neck back as I leaned in and gently bit you on the side of your neck. With a few more thrusts, I felt you spasm once again in orgasm. You thrashed and moaned loudly, trying once again not to scream.

As you finished, I flipped you over onto your back, never once allowing myself to slip free of your tight embrace. I pushed your shirt up, knowing you weren’t wearing a bra underneath. I began to set the pace again, this time a bit slower, but now I leaned in and began to suck and nibble on your beautiful nipples.

Your breathing increased as you built to your biggest of the night. Feeling you climb that wall of ecstasy, I knew that I could not hold on any longer. With a final hard bite into your nipple that set you off into the stratosphere of pleasure, I grunted loudly and emptied myself into you.

Pump after pump and jet after jet, I shot into you for what seemed an eternity. Eventually we both wound down to exhaustion, drained beyond words. I held myself up on my arms so that I would not crush you under my weight. You reached up and pulled my face down to yours and kissed me again. As we broke our embrace, you looked into my face and asked me, “What’s your name?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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