The Curtain Cums Down

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(This is my first attempt, please tell me what you think. Enjoy!!!)

The curtain came down and Jim ran from the stage toward his dressing room. He showered with lightning quickness. When he emerged from the bathroom area of the room, his fellow actors looked up.

“Hot date tonight, Jim?” said one, as he cleaned off the heavy stage makeup.

“I’m picking up my friend Lynn at the airport. Her plane should have landed about 5 minutes ago. Don’t distract me; I gotta get out of here!!!

Jim had been working in Indianapolis since December as an actor for a good-sized theatre company. He and Lynn had met this summer at a summer theatre festival in Colorado. Since then, he’s been in Indianapolis and she in Philly. They had seen each other twice in the fall, and the attraction only grew. She was always seeing some other guy. But, that didn’t stop him from thinking about her. She was his current favorite in his spank bank. In fact, he was getting a little worked up just thinking about how within 2 hours she would be at his house for a whole week. He cleared his throat, and tried to shove his throbbing cock into his pants at the same time as pulling a shirt over his head.

“Dude, slow down before you hurt yourself! She knows what time the show comes down, right? From what you’ve told us, she seems like a pretty chill chick… so make sure you keep cool, ’cause it ain’t gonna be good if you get into a car wreck on the way there and miss your opportunity, ” said another actor who was removing his moustache.

“You’re right. It’s just that I haven’t seen her since the end of October. And she finally broke up with that jerk photographer in Philly. So, nothing is in my way.”

“Except she doesn’t live anywhere near here, and she’s going someplace else than you this summer. And, every time you do get to see each other, something always comes up to wreck the deal… mostly you.”

“Fuck off!”

“That’s what she’s going to say!” both of the other actors laughed. Jim picked up his bag, swatted at the two and went for the door. As he was out in the hallway, he heard them cackling

“We want details, bro!”

Jim ran down toward the stage manager’s office, almost knocking down a stagehand carrying what looked like 25 swords. He was able to dodge him at the last minute. Finally, he made it to the office.

“Hey, Bob… you got those keys for me? I’m in a hurry.”

“Yeah, guy. Here. Now make sure you get them back to me by tomorrow pre-show. We have to go pick up some consumables.”

“You got it. Thanks again.”

“And remember… you didn’t get it from me.”

He ran down the stairs to the parking deck. Shit! He forgot to ask what the car looked like! Or where it was… no time. He ran out onto each floor and pushed the button on the key fob hoping for a sound. After three floors, he heard it. Ah! Finally! He followed the sound and found a Volkswagen Jetta. Perfect… Fast and sleek!!!

Within 5 minutes, he was on the highway heading toward the airport. His cell phone rang; it was her. His groin area twitched in anticipation.

“Hey there, how was your flight?”

“Not too bad, not too bad. We just landed…. Some kind of delay in the air. There were like a million planes out there… bumper to bumper all the way.”

He smiled… her humor was one of the things he loved about her most.

“Cool, cause I’m like 15 minutes away. I was worried you’ve been waiting in some airport bar, getting hit on by disgusting business men.”

“Nope, well… not in an airport bar. But the nice businesswoman next to me offered to buy me a drink some night this week while you’re in your show. Maybe, if things go well, you’ll have two shows that night.”

Oh my God, she is so hot!!!! He had to keep control or else he would crash into the steel railing, or worse… cream his pants.

“Ok… well, I’ll be there soon.”

“Don’t bother parking. I’ll be right outside baggage claim. I’m going to just run and jump you when I see you!”

‘You have no idea what I’d like to do to you when I see you,’ he thought.

He hung up and concentrated on driving. But that song… the one she had played for him the last time they saw each other… came on the radio. It was such a hot song… the singer extolling his woman’s virtues from her pants to her ability to party like any guy. That was Lynn… she was like your best buddy. Only hot. They had instantly been comfortable with each other. One of his favorite images of Lynn in his mind is her, fresh from the shower.

She comes toward him in her jeans and t-shirt and says, “Hey, I wanna show you something.”

“Okay,” he said. She walked closer, pulling up her shirt, unbuttoned her jeans, and started pulling down çekmeköy escort her zipper.

“Whoa,” he had said (stupid!!!) “What’s going on?”

“Oh stop it!” she said, and finished pulling it down, and revealed the sexiest little pair of hipster panties he had ever seen, they had monkey faces all over them. But that wasn’t what she was showing him. On one side of the zipper, there was a label that said “Lucky you”. She was smiling, and her eyes twinkling that mischievous way. But nothing had happened that weekend, short of talking and sleeping in the same bed until 4pm. No matter how much he tried to be a gentleman and let her have the bed, she wouldn’t hear of it. Finally, he had given up. And they both fell asleep in each other’s arms. It was amazing… And then, he had gone to see her in Philadelphia. They didn’t get to spend as much time together as he would have liked because of her work schedule. One night, they went out with some of her work buddies, and from what he can remember from the PBR and Jack Daniel’s induced haze, they had some pretty hot conversation at the bar, and then gone home to make out, and had ended up passing out entangled in each other. The next morning would have been the opportune time to seal the deal, but her job called saying she was supposed to be there and she had to race out. They spent the rest of his last day there watching videos and laughing. He had fallen asleep with her little tight body spooned inside his.

Shit! All this reminiscing had made him almost miss the exit for the airport. Get your head together! He squealed over three lanes, cutting off a Toyota truck and getting the finger in response. Don’t worry buddy, I’ve got someone who will take care of that for you!

He circled around the drive, his cock jumping with excitement. He couldn’t wait to see her. Those blonde curls, those blue eyes, her smell… oh man, she smelled so good. A smoky sweetness mixed with laundry clean. And all that underneath… he hoped he could make it back to the apartment, and be enough of a good guy to carry on a conversation as long as she wanted to.

There she was! Standing on the curb, smoking a cigarette. Jim didn’t smoke and he found it so sexy. She was looking this way and craning her neck trying to see what she could. He pulled up to the curb a little ways away, and put on his flashers. He got out and walked up to her, her back was turned to him. Perfect.

“Excuse me little lady, but how much would it cost to have you stay the week with me?” he said into her ear as his hand went to her shoulder.

She turned, those curls flying. He couldn’t wait to run his hands through them! Her face lighting up, a squeal came out of her mouth as she jumped up into his arms and hugged him tightly. Her legs were wrapped around his waist as he was supporting her with his arms under her perfect ass. She leaned back still gripping him tightly with those amazingly strong legs.

“Hey!!! Shit! Look at your hair! It’s gotten so long!!! Oh my God! It is so good to see you!”

She hugged him again tightly and unwrapped her legs. It took all of Jim’s resolve to let her go, instead of throwing her up against the airport wall and taking her right there. She let go of his neck and put her hands on either side of his face and looked deep into his eyes. He pulled her in for a kiss, which she willingly gave and then broke off.

“It’s freezing out here! Let’s go!” she said pulling him toward the way he came. He laughed and ran a little so it was him pulling her. He threw her backpack into the trunk and came around to the driver’s side, which she had conscentiously opened for him.

They pulled out into the airport traffic and drove toward his apartment.

“Can we stop and get a drink? I can’t wait to hear about the show.”

Panic!!! There’s no way he could stand sitting at a bar across from this stunningly beautiful woman.

“I’ve got all kinds of stuff at the house. I even managed to get some of your favorite beer. Besides, I’ve got two shows tomorrow, so I need to make it an early night.”

“Okay, sounds good. We can sit in the kitchen on the floor like we used to!”

“It’s a date!” That was not exactly the plan he had, but it was beginning to sound good… a few drops of liquor might calm him down a little and allow them to reconnect before he ravaged her.

Luckily, they weren’t too far away from the apartment. It wasn’t long before Jim had pulled the German car into a spot right in front of the door. He jumped out, opened the trunk and pulled out her backpack and went around to let Lynn out of the car. Always the gentleman. As he went to open the door, a snowball hit him in cevizli escort the side of the head. He turned… she had already gotten out of the car and beaned him!!! That smile, those eyes. That was it; he was going to get her. He dropped the bag and scooped up some snow when he looked up; another snowball hit him square in the chest. He threw his at her, and it landed right on her ass as she turned to run away. He of course ran after her. For a smoker, she could run fast, and she was agile, making quick turns and ducking under his arms when he was close enough to try a grab. Her laughter made him crazy; he made another desperate lunge and lost his footing, taking her down with him in the fluffy cold wet stuff. She landed right on top of him. They were both laughing so hard and gasping for breath, her cheeks red from the cold. He pulled her down to him and kissed her passionately. She didn’t even try to fight it. He pulled away and smoothed her curly hair back.

“You ready to go upstairs?” he asked looked straight into her eyes.

“Um hmm,” she said… somewhat nervously he noticed.

Upstairs, she had gone and put her bag in the corner of the bedroom and pulled off her gear while he was mixing up a few cocktails in the kitchen. A Manhattan for him and a martini straight up for her, three olives. He loved this woman!!! She came out to the kitchen wearing some great looking jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt. Her curly hair tamed for the time being in a ponytail. He would take care of that later he thought with a smile.

“What are you smiling about?”

“Just thinking about something”

“What’s that?” she asked as she accepted the drink and sat down on the kitchen floor. This was one of their rituals. Usually, it had to suffice to sit on the floor and talk on the phone. But, not this time.

“It’s a surprise,” he sat down catty-corner to her.

“Whatever, Sneaky McSneakster,” she rolled his eyes in his direction and sipped her drink.

They began chit chatting about work and life in general. He put his hand on her foot and took off her shoe, then her sock and began to massage her foot. It was the most beautiful foot he had ever seen. His cock was returning to it’s stiff military like stance and he knew he was going to take his time. He wanted to savor every moment he could stand. He began to massage her ankle and looked at her, her eyes were closed; she was leaning up against the kitchen cabinet. Her beautiful chest was gently rising and falling with a steady pace. She was relaxing. He pulled gently on her ankle, her eyes opened, and he pulled her toward him. She slid across the linoleum into his straddled legs. She looked up at him, and put her hands on his face, pulling him down in a passionate kiss. His hands went around her back and lifted her up until she was sitting on his lap, her legs wrapped around his back. They were kissing with fervor now, his hands roaming all over her muscular back. And then, under that shirt, lifting it up and over her head… her bra was a creamy beige color… it almost perfectly matched her milky skin. He ran his hands up her sides and over her shoulders, to that lovely hair. He pulled then hair band out so curly tendrils fell on either side of their faces. He brushed it back with his hands and grabbed it, pulling her head back revealing a long beautiful neck, which he attacked with biting kisses and pulling her bra straps down her gorgeous arms. A moan escaped from her mouth as she fell back to the floor. He followed suite, making sure he unbuckled her bra on the way down. It fell away. Those breasts were more beautiful then he imagined, if possible. He dropped down to kiss down to those beautiful mounds. The skin was so soft and light. He kissed and lightly bit them all over, teasing the nipples with his tongue. She squirmed and laughed. He kissed down her perfectly flat stomach and went for the jeans. He looked up at her first for a sign of approval; she was sitting up on her elbows a crooked smile on her face. Still looking at her, he moved his hand to the button and undid it, then to the zipper. He looked down, and there it was…

“Lucky you” she said huskily.

“Lucky me. Let’s go to the bedroom.”

“Is this the surprise?”

“It might be.”

He picked her up off the floor in one powerful scoop and walked into the bedroom, and softly put her on the bed. He leaned down and pulled at the bottoms of the jeans, easing them down over her slender hips, and beautiful legs. She was wearing those hipster panties again, but different ones this time. These had strips and were silky to the touch. He was in the perfect position to see the little wet spot that was there. erenköy escort He went down to his knees and began kissing up her leg. Closing in on that precious space in between. His cock was practically bursting out of his pants. He had an idea. He stopped the kisses.

“Hey, I’ve got a big… problem, could you help me with it?” he asked standing up. The tent in his pants right at her eye level.

She giggled and shifted on the bed until she was within a short arms length from him. She stood up and pulled his shirt off over his head with one smooth move. Then ran her hands down his chest and stomach that he obsessively kept muscular. As she was getting toward the pants area she sat back down and unbuckled his belt. Then the button, and the zipper, then she stood up off the bed and slid the pants down. She pressed up against him and smiled as the pressure of his erect penis pressed into her stomach.

“I’ve got to see this!” She ran her hands back toward his hips and pulled his boxers down, carefully pulling them away to allow for the erect pole that bobbed out. Before he knew what was going on, she had kneeled in front of him, and was lightly licking his shaft.

“Oh my God, Lynn… that feels so good!” he said as he searched for someplace to put his hands… that hair, it was perfect. His hands went to her curly haired head, and quickly got his hands tangled up in it. He was rhythmically moving his hips pushing in and out of her beautiful talented mouth.

“Ummmm, hmmm, ummm” she hummed over her mouthful. The vibration sending shivers down his spine. He looked down at her, stroking his cock with one hand as it went in and out of her mouth, the other rubbing her clit working herself up. That’s was it, he had to have her… right now. He pulled back out of her mouth. She looked up at him with a questioning look. He reached for her hand, which she gave and he pulled her up and threw her over his shoulder. He carried her that way over to the bed and threw her on. He reached and tore those beautiful panties down her legs and slingshot them across the room. He slowly leaned into her, kissing her passionately. He stroked her hair as he laid down on top of her. She moved a bit to get their groins lined up a little better. He looked down at this woman… the one he had pleasured himself to for months and he wanted it to last as long as possible… but it had already been so long, his cock felt like with was going to burst just looking at her. He had be inside her… NOW. He leaned up and grabbed his cock… aiming it for her sweet hole… tasting it would have to come some other day… now was the time for hot, pure animal fucking. He slid in a little at a time, allowing her to adjust to the presence. She took a long breath and moaned as he slid in up to the hilt.

“Oh shit, that feels so good, Jim… I want you to fuck me. I’ve wanted you to fuck me for so long. Please, don’t wait any longer.”

That did it. He no longer had control. He put his hands on her beautiful hips and pulled her toward him and then pulled away at first, getting the rhythm. Soon, they were both moving together… his hips into her, hers elevated and into his. His cock was growing rapidly, filling up her tight hole. He started moving faster, harder. Her moans were getting louder, his grunts becoming more animalistic. He wanted to blow up right inside of her, wash her in his seed. They were slamming into each other now, she was grinding her clit into his stomach… he reached down and began rubbing it with a practiced slow hand as he continued to thrust into her. Her moans were getting higher pitched, her cunt getting tighter and tighter, he had to wait, he had to hold it until she went off.

“I’m cumming, Jim, Oh God!” She screamed and violently thrust in and upward, her back arching and breasts jutting out. Her cunt contracted so suddenly, Jim had no choice… with one last thrust, he burst inside her, fireworks exploded across the wall… for those moments… involuntarily thrusting angrily against each other in the throes of passion… time stopped.

“Oh Lynn, oh shit, baby,” was all he could manage. Her body kept thrusting toward him in involuntary after spasms. God, it was so sexy. He wanted to do it all over again. He collapsed on top of her, his cock now flaccid and twitching from overexertion after a long time of no exercise except his own hand and her memory. He could feel her stomach spasming slower and less violently each time. He didn’t want to leave this spot, his head between her breasts, his hands enveloping her beautiful body. He wanted to wake up the next morning in this exact position. He looked up at the woman who had come all this way for him. She was smiling lightly, and playing with his hair.

“Think you could pencil me in for tomorrow?” she teased.

“You liked that, huh? Well… I’ll have to see what my schedule looks like, but…”

She smashed a pillow over his head, and soon, they were in the full-blown throes of a pillow fight. And soon after that… they were asleep, Jim lying on top of Lynn… in absolute ecstasy.

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