The Family Mansion Rewrite Pt. 09

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Chapter 9: Dr. Laurel Scots

By Charlie Flemming

Copyright 2020 Charlie Flemming

The rest of lunch went by without incident after Liz gave Nathan, her son, a handjob under the table. Once the waitress, Darlene, was out of sight, mother and son laughed awkwardly and then proceeded to eat quickly so they could clean up the amazing amount of sperm that Nathan unloaded all over his legs and the underside of the table.

As Liz cleaned up her son’s leg she ducked under the table for a moment and gasped when she saw her son’s cock was still very hard, reminding her that they needed to get to the doctors as soon as possible to see Dr. Laurel Scots, the Slope family doctor who started her residency at the local doctor’s office just a few weeks after Liz was pregnant with Brooke.

Truthfully, Nathan was just as surprised by his erection as his mother as he was so scared of getting caught, but that was interlaced with thoughts of his mother giving him a handjob in the middle of a public place, the hottest thing he’d ever done up to that point, and the erection stayed. Even after his mother came back from under the table, Nathan shoved his cock back in his shorts leaving a large tent, and they ate lunch faster than deer ran from hunters. Nathan pulled his shirt over his cock in his shorts, but it was still obvious to anyone looking at him that he was trying to cover up a massive boner. Luckily, no one looked at him as he and his mother rushed out the door.

“Well, that was an interesting meal,” Liz said to her son as they got back in her car and she started driving. She meant this as a joke but said it so oddly they were both ushered into an awkward silence as Liz started the car. The problem was she sounded both like the awkward mother she always was and the sexy seductress she seemed to become while they were in the diner. Liz was in conflict, even more so than she was before.

This morning, Liz thought as she drove to the doctor’s office only a few blocks from the diner, giving my son a blowjob while he slept was just a sexy secret I had. Something that only happened because I was drunk and could never, ever, happen again. Nobody knew but me, but now this isn’t just me. Nathan, oh my God, my son! What is wrong with me? She glanced at her son, and noticed he still had a massive erection that was going down the leg of his shorts and she bit her lip when she saw the tip of his cockhead sticking out, Jesus, what a massive cock. I really wanted to suck it in the diner, maybe I can suggest I relieve him before we get to the doctor’s office? Liz shook off this thought immediately as she realized it was her Sex Demon getting the better of her again. My Sex Demon is why I was such a slut in the diner, and that bitch needs to calm down and I need to stay in control and make sure she doesn’t come around ever, ever, ever, EVER again! Though as she made the vow to never think another sexual thought again, Liz’s pussy twinged with need and she was flooded with memories of that morning when her son was rubbing against her until they both came. Fuck, I wish I made Nathan finger fuck me in the diner. Maybe when we get to the doctor’s office we can fool around in the car first….NO! Liz thought loudly as she again forced all her sexual thoughts as far away from her as possible and just pretended her cunt was pulsating intermittently for no reason at all.

Nathan, when he entered the car, just shoved his cock down his short leg, and didn’t notice it was actually sticking out the bottom because he simply turned and stared out the window instead. He didn’t want to look at his mother out of embarrassment. As usual, he blamed himself for what happened and the more he thought about it the more he was certain he had basically forced his mother to jerk him off. He was unsurprised when they got to the doctor’s office that Liz practically ran out of the car and into the office and away from Nathan.

Of course, Nathan didn’t realize that Liz was half certain she was so horny that if she stayed in the car for any length of time she was going to rip all of her clothes off and fuck her son right there in the parking lot. So, in an effort to run from her problems, she ran into the doctor’s office. She came in, barely noticed signing in, and sat in a chair in the waiting room in the corner and pretended to look at a magazine for sheep farmers that someone had left there as a joke. It didn’t matter since Liz wasn’t even looking at it.

Though hastily leaving the car did keep Liz from ripping her clothes off, that did nothing to stop the sexual thoughts of her son. And when Nathan walked in the room, the magazine did nothing to stop her from glancing at him. Once she did she smiled and kept from laughing as her son came in, practically ripping his shirt trying and failing to hold it down far enough to cover up the tent in his shorts. Instead it was even more obvious as his cockhead pushed into the shirt and it stretched over Girne Escort it in an obvious outline.

Nathan sat down and as he walked over he saw his mother seeming to giggle to herself as he walked over to her. He was glad no one else was around at the moment because he knew his erection was obvious, and it didn’t help that while he walked over to Liz he noticed how angelic her face was, how beautiful her smile especially when she was laughing, how her large perky breasts hugged in her t-shirt, how her sexy, silky legs flowed out from her yoga shorts and how that made him remember how it felt to touch her leg in the diner, how taboo and wonderful it felt to kiss her in the doctor’s office, how fucking sexy she looked when she was covered in his cum after their yoga session that morning. With thoughts like those as Nathan walked over and sat next to his mother there was no chance his erection was going away.

Liz smiled, still more amused than horny and feeling good again. Her son sat next to her and his tent was made even worse as she started laughing out loud. His shirt stuck out as his cock stuck up and he looked angrily at his mother.

“You look so stupid,” she said and this was enough to get them both to laugh for a few seconds.

Nathan felt a bit calmer but knew he should probably apologize for what happened in the diner. “Look Mom, I’m sorry that-“

He was interrupted by the sound of the door into the hall leading to the examination rooms as Dr. Laurel Scots came in.

Dr. Scots was 46, but longevity ran in her family so she looked at least ten years younger than that. She had large EE tits only slightly smaller than Liz’s and blonde curly hair that she usually kept up in a bun. One of the reasons Liz kept in shape was that she was always jealous that Laurel seemed to stay sexy naturally while Liz felt she had to work for it. Laurel had been married since she graduated college at 22 but before she started medical school, and had always put her career in front of any other part of her life. This was partly because she was an even later bloomer sexually than Liz was. Laurel had never been interested in sex and had long ago accepted that she was asexual. Despite this, she was still very beautiful and attracted many men and women both but turned them all down until towards the end of college. Marriage seemed the thing to do, and she took upon her the next suitor, since it didn’t really matter to her, who paid any attention and they married. Still she wasn’t interested in them sexually and mostly ignored his advances and she knew he was cheating on her with his secretary. And then, 19 years ago, he decided he wanted a child and she bore him a daughter they named Mindy and was 18 and soon to be a senior at the high school.

But, though Laurel had convinced herself that she didn’t have a sex drive to speak of, she would still have private moments in the batth when she liked to light candles and put on easy listening music and get really intimate with her shower head. But she didn’t fantasize as such and instead considered these acts of self-love exactly that. Just moments to find relief for herself after a hard week. She also bought a few sex toys to use on herself, Laurel’s favorite being an exceptionally large black vibrator which would make her cum harder than anything else she did, even with her showerhead.

When she walked in and greeted Liz and her son in the waiting room, she didn’t notice that Nathan had a humongous erection under his t-shirt because she was so professional she only looked the two of them in their eyes and said, “I can see you both now.” Before turning around and leading them to her examination room. I wonder what this is all about, the blonde, buxom doctor thought as she led them down the hall. Liz had merely said that it was “an absolute emergency” but wouldn’t answer any questions as to what it actually was, only that her son, Nathan, was in some kind of medical danger.

So, when they got to the examination room, Laurel sat in her chair and patted the examination table, “Get up Nathan, and tell me what seems to be the problem.” she said, and as Nathan did this she turned away to grab some disposable gloves from a nearby box of them, she turned back as she put them on.

“That’s the thing,” Nathan said, glancing at his mother, “I’m, um, not entirely sure what this is about.”

The table Nathan sat on was at a higher elevation than everything else in the room so when Laurel turned back she was now face to face with his enormous cock sticking up under his t-shirt. For about three-tenths of a nanosecond, Laurel’s sex drive seemed to kick start but only sputtered and died as Laurel decided that Nate was obviously only holding an extra long flashlight under his shirt. “So, ,you’re here for no reason?” Laurel said, shifting her gaze from Nathan’s “flashlight” to his eyes and then to Liz.

Liz, after sharing a laugh with her son in the waiting room, had killed the Magosa Escort part of her brain that was telling her not to stare at her son’s cock and was now doing so while remembering what his dick tasted like very early that morning. “What’s that?” Liz asked the doctor having not been listening at all since they entered the room.

“I asked why did Nathan need to be brought in today?” Laurel repeated, “What was the big emergency?” If she had a bigger libido she might have realized she was making a double entendre but Laurel had no idea.

“Well,” Liz started as her eyes went right back to her son’s huge erection, she was so horny that her own personal Sex Demon was more or less in control at that point, “to put it bluntly, my son is suffering from very frequent and very large erections.” Liz licked her lips sexilly as she thought about how frequent and large her son’s erections were before continuing, “It’s obviously not natural.” She added quickly as her non-sexual side reminded her this was for her son’s benefit and not some excuse to behave like a slut.

Laurel was surprised, not so much by what Liz was telling her but rather in how she was acting. She’d never seen this side of Liz before, someone she’d known for almost all of her adult life, to behave as confidently as the usually shy and timid woman that she was. As for the erection problem that her long-time patient just described, Laurel only saw this as something medical and didn’t at all pick up on Liz’s obviously horny performance. “I see,” Laurel said, “Well, I’ve never heard of such a problem before, but anything is possible.” She shifted in her seat so she was facing more towards Nathan than Liz, “Nate, before this continues any further, would you like your mother to wait in the waiting room? Many of the questions I’m going to ask will be very personal?” After Laurel shifted in her seat her face was literally inches from Nathan’s bulbous cockhead and something in her mind threatened to awaken again but she reminded it that no man had a penis as big as what was in front of her and being hidden underneath Nathan’s shirt. It was probably a large salami straight from the deli, yeah, that had to be it… she told herself.

Nathan glanced at his mother. She obviously wasn’t listening as her eyes were glued to the giant tent in his t-shirt sticking out in front of him. Being that she had laughed at him about that in the waiting room, and after a lifetime of what he saw as most people being mean to him, Nathan figured she was trying to think of a way to pick on him about his condition later. He was already thinking of other ways to be depressed and embarrassed about this as he softly answered the doctor, “No, she can stay. Not like this can get any worse.” He was already too down on himself to realize just how wrong he was.

“Okay,” Laurel said as she glanced at Liz again, “Please, have a seat.” She said, and if she was more mindful of sexual things she might have noticed that Liz grabbed a seat and pulled it put right next to hers so she was on the other side of her son’s cock and practically drooling on it as she leaned in, instead all Laurel noticed was that Liz was sitting uncomfortably close to her. But she ignored as she turned back to Nate, “Well, my first question is if you’ve ever taken Viagra or any other erection causing medicines?”

“What? No!” Nathan said, already regretting letting his mother stay in the room.

“He’s all natural.” Liz proclaimed proudly to the doctor, not noticing in the slightest how embarrassed her son was about this.

“I see,” Laurel said, giving Liz a strange look, mostly because she’d never seen a mother talk about her son’s penis in this way before, but she shook it off and decided it was just because Liz was part of the upper class and they were all a bit eccentric. “Well, how often do you masturbate?”

“What? Um, ugh, um,” Nathan glanced at his mom, he wasn’t sure if he should ask her to leave, and felt too shy to even form a coherent sentence. He didn’t want his mother to hear him talk about his masturbation habits, but he didn’t want Dr. Scots to hear it either.

Liz looked up at her son, smirking like a giddy schoolgirl, her Sex Demon was more or less controlling her actions and she really loved that she got to stay for this conversation, “You heard her, Nathan…How, often, do, you, masturbate?” She said this last word with such a sexy flourish as she crossed her legs and posed like a supermodel in her chair.

She was giving her son such a sexy look that Nathan was dumbfounded by it. So enamored was he by his sexy mother that he just blurted out, “Three, sometimes four times a day.”

“Oh,” Liz said with awe, “Wow, what a stud.”

Four times a day, Laurel thought more doubtfully, men aren’t multi-orgasmic like that…are they? She knew her husband had never been, at least not with her, Dr. Scots was very doubtful of Nathan’s sexual prowess, “Are you sure?” She asked, but realized Kıbrıs Escort that wasn’t specific enough, “Um, I mean, do you have an orgasm every time you masturbate?”

Nathan was still ogling his sexy mother as she started doing different poses for him from the chair, “Um, yeah,” he started not even listening to himself, “Three or four times.”

“A day,” Laurel added for him.

“Huh?” Nathan asked, turning towards his family doctor.

“You masturbate three or four times a day, we established that.”

“No,” Nathan hated being misunderstood, “I mean that I cum three or four times every time I masturbate.” Nathan felt like she was talking down to him, “Doesn’t everyone?”

“What? No!” Laurel said, she wasn’t sure if she was getting her leg pulled or not. But as a doctor she knew she should just believe the patient, “Okay, I’m going to need to do a physical examination of the area in order to see if anything really is medically wrong with you or not.” She glanced at Liz, “You should probably wait in the waiting room.” She explained.

“Hmm? Do I?” Liz mumbled innocently as she looked back to the doctor. She was already coming up with an excuse to stay in the room, but then, her responsible side told her, is that really an appropriate way for a mother to behave? She huffed, and for a second Nathan thought his mother looked exactly like Erika, his beautiful sister, when she was pouting, but then went back to looking like his normal mother and said, “Right. I’ll wait outside,” and Liz got up from her chair to head for the door.

She was stopped when Nathan suddenly grabbed her hand before she could move away, “No wait, Mom,” Nathan said, “I want you here. What if there really is something wrong with me?” He was scared, he’d never realized that needing to jerk off and cum so many times a day was abnormal, and was young and naive enough to not know any better.

“Of course, honey, I’ll stay.” Liz said to her handsome son. “Mommy is here for you.” Liz took a step toward him, close enough her perky tits were only a centimeter from her son’s face and she had to stop herself from reaching out and grabbing her son’s cock through his shirt, reminding herself that someone was watching them.

Laurel was a bit confused by this whole interaction, “Um, you realize he’ll have to be naked, right?” But, she decided that it probably wasn’t too abnormal for a mother to see her son naked, even if he was an adult now. “Well, I guess if that’s okay with both of you, Nathan, please disrobe.” She turned and grabbed her pen to write something on Nathan’s sheet on the clipboard she kept there.

Nathan let go of his mother’s hand and stood so he could take his clothes off. Even though Liz had given him a handjob in the diner and he’d cum on her face that morning, he still felt nervous because she still hadn’t seen him naked!

This wasn’t entirely true, but Liz still swooned a bit when her son took off his shirt and revealed his glorious and muscular chest. Then felt her knees weaken as he dropped his shorts and his gloriously massive cock came into view. Liz wanted to fall to her knees and suck as much of Nathan’s cock into her mouth as she could until he filled her mouth with delicious cream. But settled down in the chair behind her instead and ogled her son’s body from within a foot from his dick.

Laurel had finished jotting down her note and turned back. She was now face-to-face with Nathan’s hard cock. Holy fucking shit! Her mind screamed at her, That’s bigger than my deluxe-sized dildo! And, for the first time in her life, Laurel was turned on by another human being. Nathan was as hung as a horse but his body was like that of a Greek or Roman God, he seemed like the embodiment of Atlas or Zeus to her as his muscles glistened in the fluorescent light. Something Laurel didn’t realize was that what she thought was a completely dead libido had suddenly and totally awakened.

Still, even as her pussy seemed to throb and vibrate in her panties with need, Laurel was so inexperienced with these types of feelings, she wasn’t at all sure what to do with them. She took this as she took everything, professionally. “Hmm,” Laurel said thoughtfully as she leaned in close enough to Nathan’s penis he could feel her breath on his dick, “Your penis size does seem to be a great deal bigger than average.” Laurel, very professionally, grabbed Nathan’s cock with both gloved hands and lifted it up to his chest. She gasped as his shaft stretched up above his belly button and was greatly surprised and aroused, though she was still getting used to this feeling, to see Nathan’s balls. They were just as massive as his cock, big testicles almost the size of tennis balls. Laurel cradled them in her other hand, practically able to feel all the semen sloshing around in Nathan’s cum carriers. Laurel was starting to believe that this man really needed to orgasm many times throughout the day.

Nathan’s cock kept periodically jerking in Dr. Scots soft hands. He was enjoying the feeling, even though it was through medical gloves. And he softly moaned as she started fondling his balls. After being aroused for so long his cock was eager to get any attention even if Laurel was being very professional and wasn’t concerned about his pleasure.

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