The Funeral

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Mike had been a friend and neighbor to Priscilla for over 5 years. He had watched as the Cancer took her strength before it finally consumed her. Now as he stood at her funeral he felt like he had lost his best friend. Even on her worst days when she was racked with constant pain, she greeted him with a smile and listened as he talked about his day or the woman he had screwed the night before.

Those were her favorite stories, she wouldn’t let him just theorize about what happened. Oh no, she wanted all the gory details. She was a great woman.

He looked around at the people gathered around the closed casket. Priscilla had only been 33, to young to be taken from this world. He knew a few people gathered around but not many. His eyes rested on a young woman that looked to be no more then 21. She had Priscilla’s jet black hair and green eyes. Her slender figure was covered in a black dress as she cried quietly into a handkerchief.

An older man standing beside her put his arm across her shoulders and she leaned against him. Mike knew that the older man was Priscilla’s father, he had met him a couple of weeks before when he came over to check on Priscilla. She had been having one of her bad days and the man had asked Mike out for a drink after the visit was over.

He had felt awkward as the man cried into his beer, but he had just been there which is what he figured the other man wanted.

When the service was over, Mike laid the single red rose on the casket then walked away. He had done his duty to a friend; the rest of the time was for her family. He didn’t think anyone would notice he had left anyway, everyone was crying and with someone. He was the only one there alone. He would have been surprised to know that as he walked away, a pair of eyes followed his every movement.

He saw the girl from the funeral again at the reception held afterwards. He brushed his graying dark brown hair back from his face as he walked up to her. “Hi.” He said softly getting a glass of punch.

The girl turned to look at him. “Hi, you were Priscilla’s neighbor weren’t you? Mike something…”

Mike smiled. “Yes, Mike Anderson, I was with her when she died.” Not many people knew it, but he had actually been holding Priscilla in his arms when she passed on. She had been afraid of dying alone and begged him to hold her. He knew he couldn’t deny her a last wish. As she lay dying in his arms, he gently kissed her forehead then watched as her eyes closed and she took her last ragged breath.

Mike didn’t cry at the funeral of his friend. He had spent his grief that day in her apartment as he just held her.

The girl nodded. “Thank you for everything you did for her. My father said you were a great friend.” She wiped her eyes on a handkerchief held tightly in her hand.

Mike nodded, not sure what to say. “And you are?” He finally asked.

She looked startled. “Oh, I’m sorry. My name is Veronica. I am Priscilla’s younger sister.”

Mike nodded again, he knew that Priscilla had a younger sister but he had never met her. Priscilla was always bragging about how she was going to some high class college back east and was at the top of her class. “It is nice to meet you Veronica.”

She smiled through her tears. “Thank you.” She looked around the room then leaned close to him as if parting a great secret. “Can I ask you a favor?”

Mike just shrugged. “Sure.”

Again she looked around before bringing her eyes back to his. “Will you fuck me?”

Mike was so startled by the question, he almost dropped his glass. “Excuse me?”

20 Year old Veronica, let her eyes drift over Mike’s body. He had to be at least 6’2″ and maybe 160lbs. His graying hair was resting just above his shoulders and his amber eyes looked at her in surprise. .

Her body came to life as she looked at him. She had seen him watching her during the funeral and figured why not. She smiled at him. “It’s just that with Priscilla dying and everything, I need to feel alive. I need to know that I am alive.” She lifted her watery eyes to his. “Do you understand?”

Mike lowered his eyes as what she was asking made sense. “Sure, you need to feel alive. I can understand that.” He looked around the room. “I’m sure there are plenty of guys here who would Maltepe Escort do that for you.”

Veronica looked down at her hands. “Most of the guys here are relatives. Plus none of them would understand.” She looked back at him. “You were her friend. I figured if anyone would do that for me, it would be you.”

Mike set his glass down on the table then took her hand in his. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

They had barely entered Mike’s car, before he had Veronica in his arms and his mouth locked on hers. She kissed him hard, her tongue slicing into his mouth, making him moan in desire. He let his hand brush over her 38D tit and felt the nipple harden against his hand.

He felt his cock hardening in his pants and it took all his control to pull away and not take her right there in the car. “I need to drive sweetheart.” He said huskily pulling his mouth from hers.

Her eyes were dark with desire as she reluctantly pulled away. “Let’s go. I need to be fucked so badly.” Veronica’s body had gone into overdrive when she saw him up close after the funeral, but now that she had actually tasted him, her body was on fire.

She knew that part of it was the fact that she was grieving and wanted to know for a fact that she was alive. But she also had to admit to herself that she thought Mike was a hunk and the thought of him fucking her turned her on something fierce.

Mike drove them to his apartment and they ran up the stairs holding hands and giggling like two teenagers out on their first date

. As soon as they were inside, with the door closed, he pulled her back into his arms, molding her body tightly against his own. His cock rose harder in his suit pants as she pressed her crotch tightly against his.

Keeping his mouth locked on hers, Mike lifted her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He laid her gently down on the bed, and then covered her body with his own.

They continued to kiss as he moved his hands roughly over her body. His hands dug into her tender flesh making her whimper in desire. “Oh god Mike, please.” She begged pulling her mouth from his.

Mike moved his mouth to her neck, nipping at the skin as he let his hand drift down her body. He slid his hand under her dress and up to the crotch of her panties. They were soaked with her juices. He groaned against her neck as he let his fingers drift over her. “Oh god, you are so wet.” He slid his finger under the leg of her panties, touching her bare pussy.

“Ugh, yes, touch me,” She begged pushing up with her hips as his fingers explored her flesh.

He let his finger brush against her clit and heard Veronica whimper in desire. He could feel the little nub throbbing against his hand.

Growling, Mike pulled away from her. Veronica was panting like crazy while she wiggled around on the bed. He sat on his ankles watching her for a minute before he grabbed at the dress. “How do I get this damn thing off?” he growled.

Veronica smiled. Sitting up, she pulled it out from under her then pulled the dress over her head. Then while he watched, she undid her bra, throwing it on the floor beside the bed before she lay back down.

Mike quickly shed his own clothes; his 8 inch cock was pulsing furiously and pressed against his stomach. When he was naked, he covered her body with his own again, claiming her mouth in a soul searching kiss while his hands roamed over her.

Veronica could feel him throbbing against her leg, as Mike’s mouth moved down to her breast; she reached down and wrapped her hand around his hard shaft. She slowly stroked him as she repeatedly squeezed and loosened her hand around him.

“Oh fuck, yea, your hand feels so good honey.” Mike groaned pushing his hips against her hand as he lowered his mouth to her breast. He took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking gently on it.

“Agh…” Veronica cried as pleasure flew through her body. Her pussy was pulsing with need but she ignored it. She continued to slowly jack his cock as she pressed her breast closer to his face.

Mike humped his cock against her hand as he sucked hard at her nipple. His tongue moved over it tenderly making her cry out in pleasure. He let his hand move down her body then slide inside the waist band of her panties.

Veronica Ümraniye Escort held her body still as his hand explored her. She whimpered when he spread her pussy lips open then shrieked when his finger brushed over her clit. “Oh fuck, yessssssss.” She hissed bucking up with her hips.

Mike chuckled as he moved his mouth over to her other breast. He ran his tongue lovingly over her nipple, as his hand moved lower. When he came to her slit, he slowly slid two fingers inside her and moved them in and out.

“Oh Mike. Oh fuck.” Veronica cried closing her eyes as she jerked harder at his cock. “Fuck that feels so good.”

Mike sucked hard at her breast while his hand slammed ruthlessly in her pussy. Veronica was crying as she humped her pussy against his flying hand. When he let his thumb move roughly over her clit, she screamed in pleasure as her climax washed over her. “Fuck…I’m cummminnnggg…”

Mike kept his hand moving hard in her panties as he lifted his head to look at her face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open in a silent scream as her body convulsed.

When she started to cum down, he pulled his hand out and brought his fingers to his lips. “Mmmmmm…You taste good.” He smiled sucking on his fingers.

Veronica smiled at him through lowered eyes as she pulled at him. “I want to taste you.”

Mike moved up on his knees until his cock was just inches from her mouth. Veronica opened her mouth wide and let his cock slip between her full lips. Mike closed his eyes in pleasure as he felt her mouth enclose around him. “Oh yea baby, suck that sweet cock.” He ran his fingers through her hair lovingly as she sucked on him.

Veronica sucked at the tip then slowly let her mouth move down over him. Mike let out a strangled cry as he bucked forward with his hips.

She took him further in her mouth while she whipped her tongue over him. When she felt him pressing against the entrance to her throat, she relaxed her muscles and let his cock slide down.

Mike groaned as he felt her throat massage him. “Oh baby, yes.” He groaned slowly fucking her face.

Veronica let him fuck her face as she closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of his hard flesh in her mouth. Mike enjoyed her mouth on him but he wanted to taste her to. The sample he had gotten off his fingers had only whetted his mouth for more. “Wait a minute honey.” He said huskily as he pulled out of her mouth.

She watched him curiously then smiled as he reached down and started to slide her panties down her slender legs. “Mmmmm…I was hoping you would do that.” She purred as she kicked off her panties then spread her legs wide for him to see.

Mike grinned at her as he lay down on his side facing her, he pulled her over onto her side so she was facing him then pulled her mouth back towards him until he felt his hard shaft slide back into her mouth.

He moaned as she sucked at him for a minute then he lifted her upper leg over him as he moved towards her wet snatch. He spread her open then dipped his tongue in taking a long taste. He felt her shiver around him as she moaned against his cock. He flicked his tongue lightly over her clit and heard her cry out against him as she bucked her body towards him.

He grabbed her ass, holding her tightly against his face as he worked his tongue roughly over her clit. “Mike, agh, oh yes, eat me.” She shrieked pulling her mouth off of him temporarily. She engulfed him back into her mouth sucking greedily as her mouth bobbed forcefully over him while she shoved her pussy tighter against his face.

Mike had a hard time concentrating on eating her out because she was working his cock so well that pleasure just coursed through his body. He took her clit between his lips sucking hard on it as he drove 3 fingers into her wet hole.

Veronica cried and screamed against him as she humped her body. She felt her orgasm wash over her once again and had to pull her mouth away to let him know. “I’m cummmminnnnnnggggg again.” She screamed as her body tightened around him.

Mike growled against her as he pulled his fingers from her spasming pussy and slid his tongue deep inside her. Veronica whimpered when she felt his tongue. “Oh fuck, yessssssss, tongue me baby.” She cried İstanbul Escort hoarsely as she rapidly ran her hand over him. “Mike, baby, please, I need you inside me.”

Mike lifted his head and looked into her eyes. They were dark and glazed over with need. His cock pulsed hard in her hand and he knew he needed to be inside her. Reluctantly he pulled out of her grip and moved over to the nightstand. He pulled out a condom and ripped it open with his teeth, before he slid it down over his hard cock while she moved over onto her hands and knees.

He let his hand drift down over her back as he moved in behind her. He pushed her legs a bit further apart until he was resting between them then rubbed his cock against her sopping pussy.

“Oh yea, fuck me.” She moaned resting her head down on her bent arms.

Mike rubbed his cock over her pussy for a minute then lined it up with her willing hole. Grasping her hips, he pushed forward with his hips slowly sliding into her until he buried himself deep within her.

Both of them moaned loudly as he entered her body. Mike pushed forward until he was buried completely then slowly pulled back out. He could feel veronica’s body pulling at him as if to keep him inside. When he was out to the head, he forced his hips forward slamming back into her body.

“Oooooohhhhh…” She cried pushing back against him as he slid smoothly inside her. “Oh yes, so good. Fuck me baby, fuck me good with that hard shaft between your legs.” When he leaned over her back, and grasped her tits in his hands, she turned her head to meet his kiss.

Mike kissed her deeply as he thrust his hips slicing his cock deep in and out of her body. It didn’t take long for him to set up a basic rhythm that had both of them moaning like crazy against each others mouths.

He pumped his hips forward when she pushed back against him then pulled back when she did. His hands mauled her breasts roughly while he fucked her from behind.

Veronica pulled her lips from his as she wiggled her butt against him. “Fuck me harder baby, I need to cum so bad.”

Mike moved his lips to her neck as he tore his cock deep into her body making her squeal with pleasure. His cock slammed hard into her and Veronica met him thrust for thrust. “Fuck me.” She cried as she felt her orgasm rising. “Fuck me, I’m going to cum.

Mike pounded her even harder, his balls slapped forcefully against her as his cock flew inside her like a tornado in a trailer park His panting breath was even with her ear as he whispered words in her ear that turned her on even more.

Her body shivered with pleasure as he told her how good she felt wrapped around him and how he loved fucking her hot snatch. It wasn’t long before he felt her body tighten around him as she found her release. “Fuck meeeeeeeee…I’m cummminnnggg…”

Mike released her tits and grabbed her hips, pulling her violently against him as he searched for his own release. As he felt her tighten around him, he let a loud howl escape his lips as he filled the condom while holding himself buried to the hilt inside her.

Afterwards, he collapsed against her, knocking them both down against the bed. Veronica grunted as the breath was knocked from her when she fell and felt his body collapse against hers. She breathed heavily for a minute then smiled as she turned her head to look at him.

He kissed her on the neck as he let his softening cock rest just inside her pussy. “Feel better baby?”

“Mmmmm…Oh yea.” She replied wiggling her butt against him. “You sure know how to make a girl feel alive.”

Mike chuckled as he pulled out of her completely and tied up the full condom before throwing it away. He laid down beside her and pulled her into his arms. Kissing her head, he ran his hand up and down over her back. “I really am sorry about your sister.”

She nodded against him as she kissed his chest. “Yea, I am to, but at least she isn’t hurting anymore.

They laid like that for a few minutes, just holding each other before he looked at her again. “Are you hungry?”

She lifted her eyes, there was a twinkle in them and a seductive smile on her face. “Are you talking about food or you?”

Mike laughed as he pulled her over on top of him. “Food now, me later.”

Mike made love to her four more times before he finally took her back to get her car. After exchanging phone numbers, he kissed her one more time then watched her walk to her car. He had a feeling he would be seeing plenty of Ms. Veronica.


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