The Lab Pt. 06 – Phone is Still On

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This is the direct continuation of “Phoned-in”. If you didn’t read that, I suggest reading it first so you understand what’s going on.

*** **

After about two minutes of relaxing like that, he turned her on her back and put his face between her tits. She had two children and was not too skinny even before that, so her tits were rather floppy, but quite full and generous. They were also thoroughly wet with her sweat, now starting to cool off. He enjoyed it, rubbing his face on the underside of her tits before biting lightly on her nipples and licking all around the areolas. Looking upwards, he saw her smiling tiredly and questioningly at him.

“I want more”. He said huskily.


“Yes, one more time. I still want your hairy count. Just give me a few minutes to re-ignite.”

From the shelf on the tiled bathroom wall, the mobile telephone was still transmitting the sounds of what was happening in the lab. Currently only grunts were heard, as presumably the professor and M’s wife had settled into a steady rhythm.

Marianne, lying on her back on the dry tiles, smiled again, resigned, stretched her arms and laid her head on them so she could look down at him biting her nipples. Her ass still stung strongly, but she somehow liked the dull ache it was developing. After slobbering her tits, M trailed kisses downward across her small belly, into the hairy bush of her twat. He seemed to enjoy rubbing his face on her, as he treated her crotch much the same as her tits: pushing his nose, cheeks and mouth around her bush, and further down, between her legs. She knew she was very wet from her come, and knew he must feel it too. But she didn’t feel self-conscious. After a thorough fucking like this, everything was ok.

He felt her juices coating his face, getting into his nose, the pungent smell exciting him and making his mouth water. He lapped it up and felt her slowly producing more, becoming aroused again. Smelling something more, he raised his face to look, and saw sperm leaking from her well-fucked anal opening. As he returned his mouth to İstanbul Escort her loose lips, he brought his right hand up and slowly pushed a finger in her ass. It slid in smoothly.

“Hmmmm” she said, like she has just mouthed a tasty chocolate bite, and he felt her sphincter squeeze his finger, then release so he was free to slowly push it in and pull it out. He continued the motion while talking.

“You know, you never did tell me what the professor has over you? I know you are not fucking him for pleasure.”

“Weeeell… didn’t Tania tell you?” she sounded reluctant but not too much. She already surrendered to him completely anyway. What’s another lever to bend her over?

Tania, currently bent over the lab table and being ass-fucked by the professor, chose that time to complain, grunting as she did:

“Isn’t…this …enough? Others will…hhgg… soon… be back. Ughhh! We have to… quit.”

The professor’s voice sounded strained, like he was exerting himself to the max.

“Just. Hgh. Two. Hgh. More. Hgh. Minutes. Hgh.”

“Maybe she did, but I want to hear it from you” M insisted, lightly brushing her clit with his lips. It was fully engorged, and easily seen protruding from the middle of her hairy bush, her labia almost hidden by hairs.

“Well, maybe then I should not tell you” she said with a smile, which turned to a small painful moan as he – again lightly – brushed his teeth over her clit.

“Yes you should” he cut strictly.

“Ok, ok, whatever, don’t bite immediately. Now kiss it nicely and I’ll tell you” she surrendered, but still couldn’t do it without pretence of quid-pro-quo.

“Ok. Start talking.” said M as he licked his lips to make them wetter, then gently wrapped them around her clit and started lightly sucking. After a few seconds of that, he released it, licked it with the flat of his tongue and sucked on it again.

“Oh, fuckfuckfuck, yes I’ll tell you everereeeeytheenih” her voice lost in the moan. He correctly felt she was rapidly approaching a new orgasm, and stopped what he was Escort Bayan doing, keeping only his finger still in her ass.

“Let’s hear it!”

“Ok, this is how it was” she breathed, coming down from her high “he has some e-mails in which Tania and me are arranging to use some data copied from another research and incorporate it in ours. The swine didn’t do anything about it until we published, and when we started receiving quotes for that work, he came out and threatened to expose usssss” as he again started lightly sucking on her clit and resumed the finger-fucking of her anus.

The professor was done, he released with a laud “Yesssss yes yes yes yes yes” every word punctured by a guttural groan by Tania, enduring the forceful plunges of his dick in her ass as he emptied his balls. After about 30 seconds, both him and her went quiet, and M raised his head from Marianne’s pussy to better hear what will happen next.

Marianne continued talking “It was really stupid of us, we could’ve done the measuring for that part ourselves, it would just have taken us a week or two more and made us delay our holidays”.

“Shush!” said M “I want to hear.”

After a minute more, the professor said “No, wait, stay in that position for a moment”, followed a second later by a startled Tania’s voice:

“What’s that!?”

“That’s a vial cork to keep you from leaking” said the professor. “You can take it out when you go home. Now get up and let’s see some work being done.”

Marianne was holding her hand to her mouth to stifle the laughs, although the mobile was on mute.

“Vial cork” she smirked “smart and cruel bastard. Poor Tania.”

“Yeah, I don’t know what I’ll plug you with” said M, continuing his finger fucking of her stretched and still leaking anus and feeling his cock hardening again.

“You know, it’s hurting a little now,” said Marianne. “Should we call it quits for today?”

“Not yet” said M.

He got his finger out of her, got up to his knees and aimed his cock at her pussy. She sighed, but obediently raised Eskort her pelvis to enable him easier penetration. He sunk to the bottom of her pussy in one push. As before, he felt she was so loose that his penis was barely being stimulated.

“Let’s try like this” said M, and gathered her legs in a curled position, with her feet on his chest. Squeezed thighs gave her pussy much needed tightness, which made him feel much better as he started a slow in-and out action.

“Hey Jeannie!” the professor’s voice was laud through the speakerphone. “What’s up? No, I’m fine, in fact more than fine. Yes, say hello from me to her too.”

It seemed he was talking on the phone and M stopped his action, buried to the balls in Marianne, listening to the conversation.

Marianne looked into his eyes and squeezed her right hand between her legs, finding her clit and started gently rubbing it with the tip of her finger, as she usually did when trying to get off herself. She was very wet and had almost reached it a few minutes ago, and now wanted a release.

“No, just wanted to know how are you. Well, in fact, maybe something else. You know that email virus that you prepared for me – yes logger – that one. Yes, well, I can’t read the emails again. I can see old ones but not new ones. Would you come to check it out? Right. No hurry. One hour. Maybe Friday evening? Ok, fine. I’ll let you in and leave you to it. Yes, you’ll get what you got last time. Thanks. See you. Bye!”

Marianne was reaching a crescendo, rubbing her clit furiously, angrily muttering “That fat, stinking, fucking bitch…motherfucking bitch, cow, shit…” as M resumed his fucking, speeding up to match her in tempo.

“Who was that?” he asked. “You… know… who… he was… talking to?”

“Aaarg, yes, agg, go faster, yes I know… gh… a little morr… aaaaagh, yes yes yes…” she spasmed with her whole body as the orgasm took her, squeezing his prick with her pussy and, looking him into the eyes once again, grabbing with her hand between her legs a handful of his pubic hair, pulling strongly, making him cry out as he started cumming deep into her. As he spent himself, they both relaxed in a heap on the hard floor.

“It’s his niece, she’s a programmer of some kind. And a bitch.” she whispered tiredly.

“Then it seems I have to meet her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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