The Life of Kimberly

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Angela White


In six days Kimberly was going to marry a lovely man named Steven. The dress was ready, an off the shoulder A-line that made Kimberly cry when the final fitting was finished, all the arrangements had been made and the only thing remaining was the rehearsal dinner.

Kimberly couldn’t wait to change her name and be Steven’s wife, yet here she was in the parking garage at Wind City Mall sucking the cock of a complete stranger she had bumped into twenty minutes ago, she literally bumped into him.

She had planned it that way.

Kimberly had no interest in this man, this wasn’t cheating, this was an experiment.

As soon as she got into the back seat with this man she put her hair up in a clip. She had no interest in getting cum in her hair, she had spent too much money with the hairdresser and blow jobs could get messy if you weren’t careful. If semen landed on her clothes that would be fine but there was no way she was going to screw up her hair.

Besides, this wasn’t going to take long, Kimberly knew how to suck a cock quickly and efficiently, she had plenty of practice in college, none of them meant anything but that’s a story for later.

Kimberly wasn’t enjoying this part, this was the work, the fun part was getting this man in her car, trapping this man and she had enjoyed that part the most. He had tried to tell her to slow down a bit but Kimberly ignored his pleas and after a few minutes she was drinking his warm semen and licking the last bits off her fingertips. She ignored him while he put himself back into his pants, she unclipped her hair and got out of the back seat. Kimberly smiled at him as he got out of the car, he thanked her.

“Wow, that was really great” he said.

Kimberly got behind the wheel and started the car,

“You’re welcome and thanks again for helping me with my bags” she said as he turned to walk away, but he hesitated, started to turn back, as she knew he would and Kimberly also knew what he was going to say next.

“Hey, maybe we can get together again?” Or “Can I get your number?

But she didn’t give him the chance, she put the car in gear and drove away as he stood their looking stunned and puzzled for a moment, as men do.

Kimberly’s mission was accomplished and she drove happily Anadolu Yakası Escort home to meet Steven for dinner.

Kimberly had been thinking about doing this for a few weeks as the wedding drew closer, and that morning she made up her mind to make the attempt. She showered, fixed her hair and make up and selected the outfit. The outfit was important, Kimberly knew how to dress to be noticed or not depending on the occasion and this occasion required a very specific design.

A black knee length pencil skirt, white button up v-neck silk blouse, unbuttoned just enough so the lacy tops of her bra and her breasts were peeking. Back seamed stockings and a garter belt, normally the garter belt wouldn’t be necessary but Kimberly knew that the clasps would show just a little through the fabric of the skirt. Whoever she ended up blowing that day may not notice the clasps but subconsciously he might and that would help.

If her experiment was going to work, the details mattered. Finally she stepped into four inch heels, enough of a lift to flex her calves and push her ass up into that skirt.

All that was left was to execute the plan.

Kimberly arrived at the mall when it opened a few hours before lunch and she shopped. She needed a lot of bags to carry in order to be successful and buying things had never been a problem for her. Clothes mostly, lingerie of course, the bag with the lingerie was just one of the hooks but probably the most important. The lingerie she choose needed to spill out of the bag a little when she dropped it so her selections were designed to make the most impact when seen by whoever it was she was going blow.

After a few hours of shopping she had plenty of bags, she sat on a bench sipping her Chai Tea Latte and started looking for the right target.

Kimberly sat there for about an hour before she spotted the man who she was going suck off in her car. He was young, mid twenties, dark hair and well dressed. She sat up, gathered her bags in both arms and quick stepped a little to flank him on the right in order to be facing him when she bumped into him ‘accidentally’. She rounded a corner, her head down looking at her phone and she walked right towards him. Kimberly looked up suddenly as she bumped Kartal Escort him feigning shock and surprise and she let the bag of lingerie fall between them.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, you scared me” she did her best to sound mortified.

He stood there a moment looking stupid, as men do and then Kimberly watched him looking her over. She knelt and started to gather the bag making sure her blouse fell open a bit.

He was flustered, flustered was good.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you” he offered.

He knelt to help and she watched him notice the contents of the bag.

“No, it was my fault, my phone distracted me” she said “I’m so stupid”as she gathered up the red lacy bra that had spilled out.

They both stood up and Kimberly placed the bra back in the bag.

“You’ve got a lot of bags” he said.

Kimberly smiled as if she was embarrassed “yeah, I think I overdid it”

“Well, you look put together now” he said. Kimberly didn’t think he knew he just offered up a decent pick up line. She met his eyes and held the glance until he let his eyes fall away.

“I hate to ask, but do you think you could help me to my car with these bags?”

This was the moment Kimberly had been waiting for, the moment she had been thinking about for weeks.

“Um, sure” he said and there it was, Kimberly had hooked him, all that was left was to make the final offer at the car.

He walked her to the car, his name was Scott, she told him her name was Janice, the small talk was tolerable.

Once at the car, he helped her load the bags into the trunk and she turned to face him, smiling as she reached into her purse for her wallet.

“You don’t have to do that, it was my pleasure” he said.

“No, really I need to repay you” Kimberly said.

“No, you don’t, it was no bother at all” he said and shook Kimberley’s hand.

“Thank you” she said with her warmest insincere smile.

“You have a good day, it was nice to meet you” he said.

“You too” and Kimberly waited just a few beats as he turned to go.

“Wait a minute, please” she said.

He stopped and faced her.

Kimberly looked around a bit to see if they were alone then said “can I give you a blow job?”

Kimberly was wet, this was the moment of Maltepe Escort truth, it wasn’t sexual energy, it was predatory, primal.

“What?” He stammered.

Kimberly did her best to look naughty and embarrassed.

“It’s just, um, you’re cute and I don’t know, I thought maybe I’d kinda like to give you head to thank you”

She let that statement hang in the air, waiting.

“Um, here?” He asked.

“Get in the back seat” she instructed him.

And he did.

She didn’t waste any time, she unbuckled, unzipped him and pulled his growing cock out of his underwear, he sat there with an amazed look on his face. That was when she put the hair clip in and lowered her mouth to his cock. He didn’t last long, a few minutes and she was swallowing his semen.

When Kimberly sat up, he had tried to kiss her but she withdrew and got out of the car.

Kimberly felt immense satisfaction as she drove home, she wanted to find out if she could still get any man she wanted and know she knew she could. Her experiment was a success and in six days she would marry Steven and put the years of giving random meaningless blowjobs behind her. Once home, she parked in the garage, turned off the engine, pulled off her skirt and masturbated to climax in the car.

She gathered her bags and draped the skirt over her arm and walked bottomless up to the bedroom, where she changed into shorts and a tee, put her hair in a pony and brushed her teeth. Steven wouldn’t be home for several hours but she didn’t him to possibly smell semen on her breath. She spent the rest of the afternoon clipping tags off her purchases, doing laundry and preparing dinner.

When Steven got home, she greeted him at the door with a kiss and helped him with his things.

“How was your day?” He asked.

“I went shopping and had sex with this really hot young guy who helped me with my bags” Kimberly said straight faced.

“That was nice of you” Steven said smiling and kissed her again.

Kimberly didn’t like lying to Steven and she knew he wouldn’t believe her and he didn’t.

They had a couple drinks over dinner and afterwards she laid him out on the bed. She sucked, stroked and edged his cock for an hour and a half, he came three times. Kimberly needed to have his semen in her stomach, to feel owned, to feel at home, it was something she learned with her last relationship. That’s another story as well for another time.

She curled up in his arms and fell asleep content with the knowledge that she still had what i took.

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