The Monster Pt. 01

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The Monster Part 1

By Charlie Flemming

Copyright 2022 Charlie Flemming

Author’s Note: All Characters are over the age of 18

Week 1: The Monster

Sunday, September 4


Jack was 18, and still incredibly sexually ignorant. He’d never had sex, or even kissed a girl yet. But truthfully, while everyone else had gone through puberty and discovered what they liked sexually, Jack was still completely ignorant on the subject.

In the morning before their family went to church, Jack woke up and took a shower.

His sister, Josephine, though most people called her Jo, was the most popular girls in school. Partly because she was so hot, perfectly fit and tone body, thanks to the yoga she did with her mother every morning, but mostly because she was so confident she completely commanded every room she walked into. She was the exact opposite of her twin brother, who was usually content watching movies or playing computer games in his room, while she was out with her best friend, Rose, and their cousin, Clara, almost every day.

Jo woke up that morning and went to the door of their only bathroom. She assumed it was her mother or Aunt Rita, the two people up first most days in their house, and pushed the door open, since it was hard to hear in their shower, to ask if it was okay to use the toilet while they were in there.

Her voice caught in her throat. It was her brother in the shower, and their shower was large. It had a jacuzzi tub big enough all five people living in that house could probably bathe in it comfortably. Because of that the spray from the showerhead didn’t anywhere near the floor and though there was a shower curtain most found it optional to use it or not.

Her brother Jack did not choose to use the shower curtain that day. She could see his entire body, he was muscular though not overly so. He liked to jog while they did yoga in the morning. He was invited to do yoga with them but always passed for some reason. Now Jo saw what that reason was and her jaw dropped open when she saw her brother’s cock. It was flaccid but it looked like some kind of elephant trunk that hung halfway down his thigh, obviously just as thick as it was long, like three Coke cans stacked on top of each other.

She closed the door as she rushed back to her room. Jo just lay there in the bed for a bit staring at the ceiling as she dreamily curled her red hair through her fingers. Jo didn’t consider herself a slut, but she did like sex a lot, and no guy she had ever been with had been hung like her brother was, even soft he beat them all hard. She bit her lip as she wondered what it would feel like to fuck something that humongous.

It was then that her and Jack’s cousin, and Aunt Rita’s daughter, Clara, pushed her way into the room. Their house was cramped, to say the least. Clara was one of Jo’s closest friends and was almost as popular as she was. Though that was mostly because of her closeness with her cousin.

“Hey, Jo, what’s up?” Clara said as she pushed her way in without knocking.

“Nothing really,” Jo said back, automatically.

“You seem like…” Clara said, she wasn’t the brightest tool in the shed most of the time, “I dunno, you just seem like your thinking about something.”

Jo shook herself out of her daydream, “Um, yeah, well…” She considered telling her cousin about how hung she just found out Jack was but decided against it. If she told her Clara would blab about it all over school, “Just thinking about this hot date I have later.” She lied, she did have a date but she already decided to cancel it. Not because of her brother’s cock (or at least not only because of it…) but Jo had been growing bored with the casual dating world. It didn’t help that most of her boyfriends were particularly selfish lovers.

“Cool, whatever,’ Clara said, as she shrugged. She was wearing her church outfit which was a short red dress with frills. It also showed off a lot of cleavage, but still looked classy enough for church.

Jo caught herself staring at her cousin’s cleavage, but knew Clara probably didn’t mind. She liked sex just as much as Jo and found any excuse to show off her body, even at church. Jo grabbed her own outfit, a solid black dress that she wore every Sunday. “Can you close the door? I need to change.” She explained to her cousin.

“Sure,” Clara said closing the door behind her and then sitting on Jo’s bed. They were close enough they’d seen each other naked all the time, and sometimes showered together. As of yet, nothing sexual had happened between them in any way, they were just close.


While Clara chatted to Jo while she changed, Jack and Jo’s Mom, Sara, came up the stairs to check on everyone’s progress before they went to church. Sara had stark black hair, GG-sized tits, tone thanks to yoga, and, though she looked like an older version of her daughter in both body and facial features she was even hotter in almost every way.

Even though she was very attractive, Magosa Escort Sara was also very ignorant when it came to most things sexual. She had actually only ever fucked her husband who died almost ten years ago. And even then it was some of the most straightforward sex ever. Though she was very sexy, she was not at all sexual in any way.

When Sara got to the top of the stairs, she noticed the door to the bathroom was open a crack. She knew she should have just grabbed the doorknob and pulled it shut, but instead she did something she immediately regretted. She peaked.

Sara saw her son’s body in all its glory. It glistened as the water fell down his body, dripping down his muscular chest to his long, meaty cock. It was like the size of a cock of a racehorse and she heard herself gasp.

Her son seemed to hear it too and looked up but Sara quickly shut the door and hoped he didn’t see her. She stood on the outside of the door for several seconds. Only then noticing that her nipples were hard, her legs seemed hard to stand on, and her pussy was soaking wet.

Sara realized she had a lot to pray for in church that day…


At church, Sara sat away from her son but Jo sat right next to her brother Jack. She rubbed her leg against his just to see if it would get a reaction out of him. Jack pretended not to notice.

Jo was disappointed that he was ignoring her. She knew it was kind of her fault. He was sort of unpopular for the most part so she tended to distance herself from him. She bit her lip as she stared at his crotch throughout most of the church, realizing that he obviously had a huge bulge in his dress pants. She just wondered why she never noticed before.

Jo tried not to care about her brother’s humongous dick, but she couldn’t help it. Even after church on the car ride home, she sat next to him and was practically drooling as she looked at his crotch, wondering if she could do anything to make him hard. Jo decided she didn’t really want to fuck her brother, but she only got to see him soft in the shower, there had to be a way to give Jack an erection…

That’s how she felt until the middle of the afternoon. Jo decided she probably imagined the whole thing anyway, she decided. There’s no way her brother, her nerdy, non-sexual brother, had one of the biggest penises in the world. There was just no way.

Monday, September 5


After yoga, their daughters were out shopping for the day, Rita noticed that her sister was acting strange, “What’s up, Sara? You seem distant.” Rita was almost as hot as her sister. She had long blonde hair and amazing tits though not quite as large as her sister’s. Unlike her sister, or so Rita thought anyway, she had as high a sex drive as her daughter. She didn’t do more than date casually. “Fuck ’em and leave ’em.” She liked to joke sometimes.

“Hmm,” Sara bit her lip as she realized she was daydreaming again. They were drinking their morning coffee at the dining room table. Though their house was very small, they had a small kitchen, separated by the counter between them, into a dining room. Around the corner were the living room with a long couch, a love seat, and a couple of chairs all facing their TV on the wall. On the other side of the kitchen led down to the laundry room and the stairs to go up were in between the living room and dining room in its own separate hallway.

“I said, what are you thinking about?” Rita asked, rephrasing her question.

“Oh, nothing,” Sara said, but knew Rita would just pry it out of her anyway so she just blurted out, “Well, I was upstairs yesterday and I kinda sorta saw, um, my son in the bathroom, um…”

Rita cocked an eyebrow but had no idea what her sister was building up towards, “Go on.” She encouraged.

Sara became flustered and sighed, “Oh, I saw his cock.” She said. Though Sara considered herself religious, she rarely censored her language.

Rita gasped, “What?!”

Sara blushed and looked away, “Don’t look at me like that! I didn’t mean to, I just saw it.” She realized she was getting loud and hoped no one else in the house heard anything they said.

Rita sighed, and wondered Why would that matter? She’s not very sexual, is it a sin she’s worried about committing? “What about seeing Jack naked worries you?” Rita asked a moment later after choosing her words carefully.

Sara couldn’t look her sister in the eyes as she said, “It was probably the biggest, um, penis I think I’d ever seen.”

Rita rolled her eyes. She knew that Sara had only had sex with her husband before and also knew, after getting Sara to admit it, that he was kind of on the small side in that area, “That’s not saying much.”

Sara got wide-eyed as she looked at her sister. She didn’t say anything.

Rita cocked an eyebrow, “That big huh?”

Sara nodded, “It was…” She couldn’t think of the right word for a moment but then it came to her, “monstrous.”

Rita licked her lips without realizing it but Sara didn’t notice. Kıbrıs Escort “Maybe I should take a look at it.” She suggested. Rita worked as a registered nurse at the local hospital.

“What? Why?” Sara asked.

“Well, I am a nurse,” Rita said. But when she saw that wasn’t enough to convince her sister she added, “and perhaps there’s something wrong with your son’s genitals. I mean, if his penis is as big as you say it is, that’s obviously not natural.”

Sara’s face bunched up as she considered this. Her sister had always been something of a sexual dynamo, always going on about her intense sexual conquests to her, even though Sara never wanted to hear it. But she could only think, there’s no way she’d want to see my son’s penis for sexual reasons. I mean, that’s her nephew! She just wouldn’t! It’s too wrong…she must only be doing this because she’s being a concerned aunt.

“Okay, if you think it’s for the best,” Sara said a moment later.


It was Labor Day so Jack was still sleeping in. Rita put a hand on his shoulder and shook him awake.

Jack opened his eyes and saw her. He saw that his mom was standing right behind his aunt. “Um, what’s up? Is everything okay?” He said as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and glanced between Sara and Rita.

“Well, that’s what we’re hoping to find out?” Rita said.

“What?” Jack asked not sure where this was headed.

Sara cleared her throat and stepped forward, “Well, you see um, I saw you in the shower yesterday,” She had always taught her children to tell the truth and she had tried to do the same, “And well, let’s just say that it looked like something might be medically wrong with you.”

Jack blinked, “Um, what?” He was suddenly very worried, “What’s wrong with me?”

Rita spoke up then, “It’s your penis, Jack, your mom just wanted me to examine it. It should only take a few minutes. Be over quicker than your last physical.”

Jack was surprised and wasn’t sure what to say. “Umm,” he mumbled, “but, I mean, I’ve never had any, um, problems with it.”

Rita frowned, this was going to be harder than she thought, “Well, can I ask you some personal questions?”

Jack shrugged, “Sure.”

“How often do you masturbate?” Rita asked.

“Uh,” Jack glanced at his mother, “actually I’ve never, umm, done they before.”

Sara was taken aback. But figured it was because she was in the room, “It’s okay, son.” She said, “I know we’re a religious family but God will forgive you if you, umm, masturbate.” Though she herself hadn’t masturbated in a very long time, she didn’t see it as sinful, not as sinful as murder anyway. And wasn’t going to start punishing or shaking her kids because they played with themselves.

“Your mother’s right,” Rita said though she was surprised at Sara’s response. Rita felt she wouldn’t have given the same response a week ago. She wondered if Sara seeing get son’s penis was affecting her. “Masturbating is perfectly natural and completely normal. Don’t feel bad about it.” She smiled at him and put a comforting hand on his arm.

“I’m telling the truth.” Jack sighed. His face flushed red, but he went on anyway despite his embarrassment, “I’ve tried a couple of times but, um…” He didn’t finish his sentence.

“You couldn’t orgasm?” Rita suggested as she blinked in surprise. “That might mean something is really wrong, Jack. This could be a serious problem.”

Jack’s mouth dropped open. He was very worried just then. “Um, what? What could that mean?” He mumbled.

Rita glanced back at her sister, but Sara looked just as worried. Rita was starting to feel pretty anxious herself, though she had truthfully just wanted to see if her nephew was as hung as her sister implied he was, but now she was worried something else could seriously be malfunctioning with his genitals.

She turned back to her nephew, “I think I’m going to have to take a look.”

Jack was feeling completely embarrassed about five minutes later when he stood by his desk completely naked, his aunt sitting as his desk chair inches from his soft penis. His mother now sitting on his bed and staring right at his crotch. He felt this was one of the strangest situations he’d ever found himself in but at that moment he was more worried about something being medically wrong with him than anything else.

Rita, however, was spellbound. Even flaccid it was the biggest cock she’d ever seen. And unlike her sister, Rita had seen all shapes and sizes before, except for this one. Her sister was right, this was a monstrous cock.

Initially, she was going to put on rubber gloves, but Rita knew she’d probably never get a chance to touch a cock this size again, dammit that it’s attached to my nephew, she thought, and wasn’t going to pass up the chance of feeling every veiny inch of that thing with her fingers.

She gently began to touch it, knowing full well her sister was watching every move from the bed. Being watched doing something so taboo as touching her nephew’s penis was turning her on greatly.

“Tell Lefkoşa Escort me if I do anything that hurts you,” Rita said as she lightly reached around this impressive tree trunk to grab and fondle her nephew’s equally humongous balls with one hand while she gripped his thick shaft with her other hand and started to lightly stroke his flaccid dick.

As she quickened her administrations, Jack’s cock slowly began to become erect. “Um, I’m sorry,” I said as he looked at the wall and away from his aunt’s and mother’s eyes.

“For what?” Aunt Rita said, “It’s perfectly natural. And if we want to complete this exam properly, I’m going to have to get a semen sample, so this helps move that along.” She nodded to her nurse’s bag on the ground by the bed, “Sara, could you get a collection cup? I’ll be able to run tests when I’m back at work tomorrow.”

Sara was lost in a sexual fog when she heard her name. She was so horny she was worried she was leaving a wet stain all the way through her panties and jeans and on her son’s bed. She glanced at the bag when her sister told her to and she grabbed it but there weren’t any collection cups. “Um, there aren’t any?” She said, confused.

Aunt Rita already knew this, of course. It wasn’t like she needed sample cups outside of work, but she played dumb, “Oh, there isn’t? Well, it’s still necessary for me to try to make Jack orgasm so that we know for certain that nothing is wrong down there. Is that okay with you Jack?”

“Um, what? Uh?” Jack glanced at his mother. She had the strangest look on her face as she stared with her mouth open and practically drooling as she watched her sister jerking her son’s humongous cock slowly getting faster and faster as she did so.

Rita noticed Sara’s expression as well and recognized it for what it was, pure unbridled lust. Rita had never seen her sister so horny before! Her sexually uptight sister was suffering from huge-cock lust! And it was the cock of her son! Rita felt her own pussy spasm in a tiny orgasm as she realized her sister was hornier for Jack than even she was at that moment.

“Come on Jack?” Rita said up to her nephew sexily as she moved her other hand from his balls to jerk his thick shaft with both hands. “Don’t you want your sexy aunt to give you an orgasm? Please? Won’t you cum for me? Don’t you want to show your mom what a good, healthy boy you are by cumming all over your aunt’s face? Don’t you want to give me a facial? I love cum on my face Jack and I want you to cum all over me.” She said all this feeling like a slut, especially with Sara watching, but she was losing all control as she felt her pussy tighten and Rita knew she was about to have an incredible orgasm even without touching herself in any way.

Sara was on the verge of cumming herself also without touching herself. She was trying her best to hold back but had been without sex for so long that it felt there was nothing she could do before the floodgates suddenly opened. “OH, SON!” She shouted as she came in her pants, completely sure now that she would leave a stain on her son’s sheets. “PLEASE CUM! CUM FOR MOMMY! YOU NEED TO CUM FOR MOMMY RIGHT NOW!”

Jack had no idea what happened to his mom, and his aunt was starting to moan as well as she came underneath him. And then his balls tightened, his aunt’s and mother’s combined sexual speech being too much for him. And he shot his seed all over her aunt’s face. He came like someone who’d been saving up a lifetime of cum and then some. His first shot went from her forehead to her chin, the next did the same but in the opposite direction so a big cummy “X” was painted on her features. She reaimed his cock to hit her cleavage, not caring at all that he was ruining one of her yoga outfits. Rita wasn’t lying when she said she loved cum on her body and proceeded to aim Jack’s cock all over herself as he kept shooting.

Sara was impressed and super horny at the sight of her son shooting spunk all over her sister. He was cumming so much she wasn’t sure he was ever going to stop. By the end, Jack had shot over 15 ropes of cum on his sexy aunt’s body. By the end, she was just dripping with it as a hundred guys had walked through and cum on her, but it all came from one man. Her obviously very sexually potent son.

But by then, everyone’s orgasms had subsided and Sara suddenly jumped off the bed and out of the room.

“I guess I should have expected that.” Rita said, cum dripping down her face and body, “And I have to shower so why don’t you go talk to her?”


Jack wasn’t sure but his mom said, “Come in.” When he knocked on the door.

“I’m sorry about what happened.” He said as he came and sat next to Sara on her bed. She was lying down staring at the ceiling. Jack tried not to notice there was a very damp wet spot over the crotch of her pants.

Sara sighed and sat up next to her son. She took his hand in hers, “You have nothing to be sorry for. I’m just glad nothing appears to be wrong with your penis.” She smiled at him and then kissed his cheek, “Really, I’m more upset with myself than anything.” She explained as she looked away from Jack again, suddenly feeling very shy. She tried to remind herself that this was her son, but her body was just starting to feel very horny again as she held his hand and felt the side of his body pressed against her own.

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