The Photographers Assistant Pt. 01

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If you are under 18, please stop reading and delete this document immediately. This story is pure fantasy. It does not relate to any real events, either past, present or future, and only suitable for persons over the age of 18, mature enough to understand and distinguish the difference between fantasy fiction and real-life. All character in the story are over the legal age of 18, and only regressed to look younger as part of the story plot line.

Copyright © 2017 by Dennis St.John. All rights reserved.

First Electronic Edition: September 2017


Part One:

Standing under the bight photo lights wearing nothing but a pair of tight, white ‘Y’ front boy’s underpants, a fake tan and an even faker smile, Jake shivered.

“Stand still, Jake and turn your body towards me. That’s better, now lift your head and give me a nice happy smile.” Max Yardley ordered. The click of the camera sounded loud in the soundproof studio, and for the hundredth time, Jake wondered why he’d ever agreed to do this.

Partly it was the extra money, as being Max part time photo assistant didn’t pay much. An extra twenty-five bucks in his pocket for taking the regular models place sounded good when Max suggested it. The guy was a no show for an important catalog photo shoot that paid the bills for the studio. In the competitive field of commercial photography, Max couldn’t afford to lose an important client, especially with the deadline for the client’s summer catalog fast approaching. Jake remembered the day, two months ago when he lay on his bed looked through the help wanted section, not expecting to find a job he was qualified for. At nineteen, no one wanted to hire him, not even for a summer job. With the summer vacation just around the corner and the need to earn some money, he thought it would be easy for him to find something. What was so hard about flipping hamburgers, or bussing table? After two weeks of interviews and being turned down every time, he’d almost given up until he saw the advert for help wanted. ‘Part time photo assistant position’. He immediately called the number expecting another ‘job filled’ in reply. The advert was several days old so quite a few people must have called by this time. To his surprise the owner, a man called Max said the position was still open, and why didn’t he come down and talk it over.

Max turned out to be a big, muscular man in his mid-thirties and a little over powering in a way. Beside him, with his shorter, slim, boyish body Jake felt weak and intimidated, much the same way he did around bigger, stronger, more aggressive guys. He was saying ‘Yes sir’ — ‘No, Sir’ when Max asked him questions without even realizing it.

“You know it’s only a part time position, don’t you?”

“Y…yes, sir.”

“I can use you in the evening after school a few days a week, but mainly on the weekend when I do most of my work. Is that okay?”

“Y…yes, sir. W…what hours do you work on weekends?”

“I usually start at 9 o’clock in the morning, but I do work late. Is that going to be a problem for you, or are you more interested in chasing pussy?” Jake gulped, not use to adults saying things like that to him openly.

“N…no sir. There’s only me and my grandmother. She’d 65 and not interested in what I do.”

“She let you stay out late at night?” Max gave him a dirty grin.

“Um… well… not to so much as let me, but she doesn’t say much the next day if I come home late.” Max nodded absently, as if he understood, thinking more about his good fortune of having this young man answer the advert.

He’d turned down twenty young guys so far that didn’t fit what he was looking for. This one did. On the off chance Jake would work out, Max gave him the job starting Monday evening after school. Max eyed the young man, considering the possibilities. He’d checked his driver’s license and he definitely was eighteen, almost nineteen, but he looked a lot younger, especially as he was only 5′-2″ tall and weighed less than a hundred pounds by the look of it. As a girl, he’d be called petit, but it was his face Max was more interesting in. Jake’s face was soft and boyish in a way. Neither strongly masculine nor overly feminine, and his personality projected a submissive attitude. It was a sure bet he got bullied a lot in High School. College was different but it was still there. Jakes biggest problem would be getting laid, as with his soft effeminate looks he doubted he got much pussy. If things went his way, this could work out very nicely, and it did several weeks later.

Jake did what he was told, moving this way and that as Max ordered him. After a few more ‘safely shots’ as Max put it, Jake gabbed his juice and hurried to the dressing room to change, sucking up half the bottle. This time it was a white tee shirt shorts, and he stood in front of the fan to cool off before putting them on. It was hot under the photo lights, but Max didn’t mind his sweating a little. The one odd thing about the photo studio was, it xslot was located in the rear of a lingerie shop, which Max owned. He said it helped with outfits for the girls in the photo shoots, but it wasn’t until the weekend that he found out what Max meant. Many young women wanted a sexy photo for their husbands, boyfriends, or lingerie shots for a producer.

Those shoots had Jake walking around with a perpetual hard on seeing so much naked skin, boobs and shaved pussy. Even if it was covered by sexy panties. In all Jake changed eight times into various boys’ underwear, including a couple of tight white shorts. These were made of a very thin, silky material that made his cock stand out more than he liked. They were a bit feminine from Jake’s point of view, and looked rather like girl’s panties rather instead boy’s shorts. Max just smiled and said they were perfect. Just what the client wanted.

“Damn it, Jake.” Max swore after taking a few shots. “You need to shave. I can see your bush through the shorts. Now I need to shoot the whole ruddy thing again.” He grumbled. “Go take a shower and shave, damn it!”

“What… I mean… do I have to?”

“Yes! I can’t sell photos to the client with you looking like that. There’s hair removal cream in the bathroom cabinet, go use it.”

For a second, Jake thought of refusing, but the look on Max face said he’d better do what he was told, or lose the job. A little embarrassed, he almost ran to the bathroom. He found the cream and quickly stripped. With a little trepidation he smoothes on the cream after reading the instructions, and waited the prescribed time, before diving into the shower. He watched, feeling a little fearful and intimidated as the hair fell away, and it wasn’t long before his whole crotch was smooth and hair free. It didn’t occur to him to wonder why the client would care if he was shaved or not. While in the shower, Max came in and put a different pair of underwear on the table, and because of the odd colored lighting in the dressing room, Jake didn’t realize they were bright pink until he stood under the photo lights. By then it was too late.

“Okay, stand up straight and put your hands behind your back and look up.” Max snapped, sounding angry at the delay, but he liked the way Jake was so easily intimidated. Jake did what he was told, feeling a bit foolish in this position. After a few shots, Max told him to kneel and put his hands on his ankles, then to spread his legs a little more. Jake become so use to Max putting him in different positions, he didn’t think it odd until later. After the session ended and he dressed, Max handed him another bottle of juice, along with the twenty-five bucks.

“One thing you need to do before you go home is watch a short video of the catalog picture, so you know the different clothing the clients want my models to wear. It changes with the season, but you’ll get the idea.” Thirsty after standing under the photo light for so long, Jake sucked down half the bottle as he settled into an easy chair to watch. If the boss wanted him to sit around and do nothing for half an hour, that was alright with him. Jake didn’t realize just how tired he was until his eyes began to droop watching the stupid video. Feeling a little light headed he watched as boys, girls, young women and men dressed in a variety of spring, summer and winter clothing slipped by, and it wasn’t until Max shook him awake he realized he drifted off to sleep.

“Go home, Jake. The fresh air will wake you up.”

“Okay… yes, sir.”

The next morning, Jake didn’t remember cycling home, or getting undressed to go to bed. Only to wake to find he was still wearing those silky pink ‘boy short’ underwear from the photo shoot. He wondered how he knew their name now, and tried to remember if he’d changed into his own underwear after the shoot. As he was still wearing them, he guessed he didn’t. He did partly remember the erotic dreams he’d had last night, but not the details. They involved slutty pink lingerie, and him wearing them for an unknown reason. Jake’s face got hot, blushed, and even hotter when he stripped the underpants off and found he’d cum in them sometime during the night. He quickly threw them into the laundry basket and dived into the shower, not wanting to be late for class.

Even working behind the photo lights it was hot, but Max kept an endless supply of fruit juice in the office refrigerator, so Jake didn’t go thirsty. Some of the juice tasted a little odd, but Jake shrugged it off to being a different brand than he usually drank. Max insisted he watch a video of the clothing catalog each evening before going home, and it wasn’t unusual for him to drift off to sleep. His dreams at night were full of erotic images, and he put them down to the number of semi dressed females passing through the studio. It did bother him a little when he realized the person in the dream wearing the slutty lingerie was him, but that didn’t stop him jacking off thinking about it.

The xslot Giriş Sunday night sessions were a bit of a mystery, as Max said he didn’t need him for private shoots. Jake did wonder about the young man and the makeup girl who turned up just before the session started. He’d go home, shower and lay in bed trying to imagine what was going on behind the closed door of the studio. That led him to think about guys fucking some of the young girls he’d glimpsed walking from the dressing room into the studio, making him hard and moaning while he stroked his small cock. What worried him more was why his chest felt a little tender and puffy all of a sudden. If his erotic dreams weren’t bad enough, his grandmother had done his laundry, as she’d had since he started living with her when he was ten. What he hadn’t expected was to find the pink underwear neatly folded on his bed on top of his regular underwear.

He’d forgotten he’d thrown them in the laundry basket. What his grandmother thought about it he didn’t know, but either way it was embarrassing. He even took to wearing them to bed at night as the silky material added to his erotic fantasies. As she already knew he was wearing them, he didn’t worry about throwing the cum stained underwear in the laundry basket. What he didn’t expect was for his Gran to go out and buy several similar pairs, all bright pink, and leave them on the bed. From her point of view it made sense. He couldn’t wear the same underwear every day, so she’d brought him enough for him to wear a clean pair each day. It was still a little embarrassing and he felt his face get hot wondering what she thought. Work at the studio settled down into a steady routine with Jake earning extra money by modeling many of the clothes. Then one Saturday afternoon, an angry client stormed into Max office during a break, and the conversation soon devolved into a yelling with the client saying he was going to take his business somewhere else.

“Please. Will you listen.” Max pleaded. “I’m not deliberately delaying the shoot to get more money, I can’t find a model. The girl who was supposed to do the shoot got preggy and bailed on me.”

“So find another girl, for Christ sake. How hard can it be.” He suddenly looked at Jake. “She could do it, she’s pretty enough.” Jake turned scarlet.

“B…but… I’m a boy… a guy.” He stammered suddenly cursing his shoulder length hair. A lot of the young men in college had taken to wearing their hair long, but his reason had more to do with laziness and not going the barbers and get it cut. The man laughter didn’t make him feel any better.

“Oh, sorry. Didn’t mean to offend. You do look like a girl with your long hair and all.”

“T…that’s okay.” Jake stammered, cursing his inability to stop blushing.

“Find someone to do it and I’ll pay extra, but I’ve got to have those photos by the deadline or the printer won’t have the summer catalog ready.”

“I’ll try, but finding a model with the right kind of body and face is tough.” The man walked back and forth across the office deep in thought.

“What about the young guy who did the clothing shoot? He has the right body, slim, not too masculine, and with the right makeup could easily pass for a teen age girl.” Max shot Jake a look.

“I’m not sure he’d go for something like that. You know how boys are, all macho and tough.”

“True, but the one in those catalog photos is perfect for the job. All he needs is the right makeup, get his hair done properly and bingo you have a girl.”

“I don’t know. It’s a lot to ask a young man to do.”

“Look, you and I will be the only one to know the difference. People believe what they see. A teen dressed in girl’s clothes and makeup has to be a girl, right. Besides that, who looks at the models face. It’s the clothes they’re interested in and the price of course.”

“Okay, look. I’ll contact the model and ask him.”

“Tell him I’ll give him an extra hundred and fifty bucks to do it.” And with that he left. Max sat back in his chair and smiled.

“You know who he’s talking about, don’t you Jake?”

“What? No.” Jake had a suspicion he did.

“He’s the client you did the clothing shoot for.”

“Oh god!” Jake dropped his head to hide his red face.

“He already mistook you for a girl when he came in.”

“No way. I’m not going to get dressed up in girl’s clothes and have you take photos of me.” The idea was appalling. If that was true, why was his cock getting hard thinking about it?

“Jake, he’s one of my best customer. If I lose him, I’ll be out several thousand dollars and his future business. I might even have to close the studio if that happens. You know how competitive this business is.” The implication was he’d also lose his job, and the chance to buy a scooter.

“But.. but… what if someone recognizes me?” Max laughed again.

“By the time the makeup girl and the hair dresser get through with you, your own mother… sorry grandmother xslot Güncel Giriş won’t recognize you. Jake, it’s just clothes. You’ve seen the catalog, this is just more of the same for his summer line.”

“I don’t know.”

“There’s the extra hundred and fifty bucks in it for you. You could put it towards that scooter you want.” It was a persuasive argument. “Who knows. If the guys like the results I’m betting he’ll be willing to pay you the same for more work. Think how quickly you could earn the money for that scooter, maybe an even better one.” Jake shivers at the thought of having to dress up in girl’s clothes. If anyone recognized him, they’d call him a faggot or sissy boy.

Even so, there was something exciting about it, adding to the erotic dreams he’d been having lately. Then again, what was so bad about wearing girl’s clothes for a little while. No one other than Max would see him, at least not in person.

“Look, if you don’t want to do it, say so, and I’ll try to find a girl who needs a quick hundred and fifty bucks.” Jake hesitated and Max leaned over and picked up the phone.

“I’ll do it.” Jake blurted out after taking a deep breath. Max nodded and hung up.

“The clothes will be delivered Friday. I’ll set up the shoot for Saturday, and maybe part of Sunday. Okay?”

“Y…yes.” Jake hesitated, wondering what he’d got himself into. Then again, what was so bad about having to wear a couple of dresses and maybe a skirt for a couple of hours. If Max was telling the truth, no one would even know it was him.

“Don’t flake out on me Jake.” Max said, giving him a stern look. “This is too important to me. I’ll even add another fifty to sweeten the deal, how’s that?” Jake nodded. Another fifty dollars sounded good, and go a long way towards the down payment on the scooter. Or maybe even a proper motorcycle.

“You’ll need to do a couple of things before Saturday.”

“Oh… what?” Jake asked suspiciously.

“You need to be smooth and clean all over. I’ll give you some spray on cream to remove the rest of your body hair,” he smiled at Jake’s reaction, “don’t worry, it’ll grow back in a couple of weeks.”

“All of it?”

“Yeah. You need to be smooth and hair free from the neck down, okay?”

“Yes, I guess so.” This was getting worse. “Anything else. What about my hair?”

“Don’t worry about that, other than shampooing it on Saturday morning when you take a shower. I’ll give you some special shampoo to make your hair glossier. Other than that, the hair dresser will take care of the rest of it.”

After Jake knocked off for the day, Max sat contemplating the situation. The shampoo wouldn’t just make Jake’s hair, glossier, but more blond and once he had Jake in girl’s clothes and panties he was going to make sure he stayed in them. He squeezed his crotch thinking about the future. Pretty soon he’d have Jake, or Jackie as he thought of him taking his big fat cock in his sissy boy pussy once he’d fucked the little queer’s mouth. Jake didn’t know it yet, but soon, he was going to be a proper little sissy bitch boy and taking cock on command.

The photos of him wearing the pink ‘Boy’s Shorts’ panties and posing like a sissy boy had already making the rounds with good results. A lot of his customer were asking to see the little fag dressed in slutty girl’s clothes and lingerie. The two hundred bucks he’d given Jake was nothing compared to the money he’d make off the little fairy. Max smiled thinking how easy it was to trap the little sissy. With the addition of hormones in his juice and a mild sedative before he watched the supposed ‘catalog’ videos, he never knew he was actually watching sissy hypno porn for an hour. Willing or not, Jake/Jackie was going to be a good little sissy whore before long.

* * * *

Jake woke on Saturday morning feeling a little light headed and scared about what he was going to do, even with the prospect of earning two hundred bucks. He’d spent an hour last night agonizing over going through with it, or telling Max no. In the end he temporized by using the spray hair remover all over his body just to see how it felt. He didn’t have any hair on his chest yet, and mostly soft, light colored hair on his arms and legs. After waiting the prescribed amount of time, he’d showered and dried, smoothing on the body cream Max gave him. It felt sexy in a way he couldn’t describe, and after he lay in bed, wearing the pink panties, jacking off, and sliding his hand over his body. He half imagined it was someone else touching him, and it made him feel wonderfully dirty. The next morning, he lay there daydreaming about last night, until the alarm clock reminded him of the time. Without even thinking about it, he jumped out of bed and dived into the shower. The shampoo and conditioner Max had given him smelled herbal and girly, but he didn’t have time to worry about it. After towel drying his long hair, he pulled on shorts, tee shirt, his old sneakers, and rushed down to breakfast with his Gran. She smiled and said good morning.

“Morning Gran.”

“Oh, I like the color of your hair.” She murmured.

“Thanks, I’m using a new shampoo and conditioner.”

“Whatever it is it makes your hair all shiny. Off to work again today, or the beach?”

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