The Role Players Pt. 01

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DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction and all characters represented here and in any additional parts of this story are all over the age of 21.

This tale involved crossdressing, bdsm & role playing. If these subjects do not interest you then I wish you well and hope you find a story on the site which you will enjoy.

The main characters in this tale are as follows:

Eric/Holly a 23 year old male who fantasizes about crossdressing, precisely as a submissive maid.

Abagail/Abby a 22 year old female who works as one of the role players.

Andrea/Abby’s mother a 41 year old female who owns the company who moves in next door to Eric.

If you choose to read this tale then I thank you in advance for doing so. When you have finished I hope you will leave a comment or a suggestion and I would ask that you please vote as well.



It was only when I was opening the door to the book shop where I worked that I saw the sign next door in the window. Coming soon to this location: The Role Players. My store was relatively small, but the building where the sign was posted had at one time been a warehouse. It was huge, several stories, and I couldn’t help but wonder who was moving in and what did that name mean? I guess it really didn’t matter though. I had received word last night that the store I worked at was closing in three weeks. There went my job and my loft apartment above it.

The next day I heard voices and pounding going on, and when I looked out, there was a bevy of trucks, construction workers galore and it sounded like they were doing some serious renovation. Day after day went by, the sound a bit annoying, but one day, it seemed to stop and once again my thoughts turned to who might be adjacent to the shop? I found out later that morning.

The book store had never been a busy place, the number of customers on any given day easily counted on one hand. I thought the guy who owned it probably had it for a tax write-off or something and finally just gave up. When the bell announced a visitor around eleven I looked up from the book I was reading only to see a blonde blue-eyed young woman with a smile on her face walking my way. I did what I always did especially around someone as beautiful as her. I had to force myself to not look down while saying, “Can I help you Miss?”

She stopped right in front of me, my eyes seeing her nails, the polish an almost blood red shade as she said, “Hi, I’m Abigail, but people call me Abby. My mom and I have purchased the building next to you. I was wondering if you could tell me where in the area I could pick up some bottled water, it’s a bit warm still inside. The air conditioning people are supposed to be here today but Reno’s a lot hotter than I thought it would be.”

I think all I really heard during that conversation was water, my mind as always a jumble when a member of the opposite sex spoke to me. I got up, turned my back to her and walked over to where the portable fridge was, pulling out four bottles of water. “Uh, the nearest store is about a mile from here, but I have lots of water. Here you go Miss Abby.”

If I had been looking up I would have seen a smile playing on her lips, the manner in which I was acting and the name I had used for her sounding very familiar. Reaching out, she touched my arm and I felt like I had been shocked. My body began to do that all too familiar tremble, my nerves and emotions running rampant as she said, “That’s very sweet of you. What’s your name?”

For a moment, I had absolutely no idea. Finally, I took a deep sigh and said, “Eric Miss, my name is Eric.” Once again I missed the smile but not the soft kiss on the cheek as I felt my blush rise to cover my face.

“Like I said Eric, it was very sweet of you. Thank you Sir.”

A few seconds later she was gone and I let out the breath I felt like I had been holding in. I could still smell her perfume in the air and I sat back down, opening the book, trying to read but unable to concentrate on a single word. Sighing, knowing I probably had sounded like an absolute idiot.

Abby walked back to the front next door and her mother walked up, a confused look on her face as she saw the bottles of water. “The guy next door at the book store gave them to us. He said the nearest store is about a mile away and I guess he didn’t want us out in this heat.”

The woman named Andrea looked at her daughter with a smile saying, “What did you think of him dear?”

“He seems very sweet but extremely shy. He struggled to make eye contact with me and when I introduced myself he called me Miss Abby.”

A bit of laughter escaped the older woman’s lips as she said, “He did? Oh my, that’s…most interesting.”

It was almost four, so I still had an hour before I had to close up shop and retreat to the apartment upstairs I rented. I had given it some thought and before I could lose my nerve, I got four more bottles of water and went out into the blazing heat only to come xslot to a quick stop.

In the window of Role Players a black backdrop was now up and there were mannequins in the window, a total of six. Three were male, the others female. I didn’t really notice what most of them had on. At further glance I would see the men were dressed one in a tuxedo, the second in some type of leather bondage wear and the third a costume like a prince would wear.

One of the female forms had what seemed to be a long, elegant evening gown on while another was dressed like a dominatrix. The problem was the one on the end, the one I was staring at like a deer caught in the headlights, was a French maid. From her black and white finery to the thigh high stockings with three inch heels to match I was transfixed. I never even saw Abby or her mother standing in the corner of the display, both of them watching me as they gave each other a knowing look.

Finally, Abby tapped gently on the window but to no response. She knocked, the sound now much louder, and as I saw her there smiling at me I panicked. The four bottles of water went flying as I quickly turned and almost ran back into the bookstore. Once the door had shut behind me, I had to struggle to get my emotions back in check, thinking about a memory from what felt like a long, long time ago.

“I think I upset Eric Mom, I really didn’t mean to.”

“I know dear, but I think he outed himself and now he’s feeling trapped. Let’s give him a few minutes and maybe I’ll go over and see if he’s alright, okay? For now, why don’t you get the bottles he dropped? As you said, he’s obviously got a good heart but I think there is more to him than possibly either of us know right now.”

It was five minutes before I would close shop when the door opened and a woman who looked to be almost a twin of her daughters except for the age difference stepped inside. I couldn’t help it, my eyes lowered as I heard, “You must be Eric. I’m Abby’s mother Andrea. She’s worried she upset you and doesn’t want you to think badly of her.”

I tried to mumble something, to say the right words only to realize she had moved close, her hand going underneath my chin, lifting it up so I was forced to look at her. Her smile seemed warm, genuine as I heard, “Abby wanted to know if you might join us for dinner tonight. We’ve moved in upstairs in the building and it would make her feel much better if she saw that you were alright. Please young man?” I felt trapped and in reality, that’s precisely what she wanted.

As I followed her into the new store, I felt a bit like I was walking my last few steps to my demise. Now there were two beautiful women who I would be awkward around. Knowing an unmitigated disaster would soon be in the works. As we rode the new lift up to the top floor, once again I missed the smile on the older woman’s face, knowing how both of them affected me.

“You came!” Abby ran up, hugging me as I stood stock still, my hands at my side feeling a panic attack coming on.

“Abigail, let Eric breath, he needs some space, okay?” The young blonde finally let go, almost skipping back into the kitchen as her mother moved in the same direction. “Please have a seat dear, I’ll just get us some wine while Abby finishes with dinner.” I normally don’t drink but I didn’t trust my voice so I sat down on the couch, waiting until Andrea returned with two glasses in hand. She gave me mine and with a smile clinked the two together saying, “To new friends.”

She took a sip and I didn’t want to appear impolite and I did as well. “Dinner’s ready!” We both stood, making our way to the table and the food which awaited. Both of them kept up a running commentary but I barely touched my plate, nervous as to how my hands shook and ended up drinking far more of the wine than I should have. I didn’t even notice when Abby refilled my glass until I found myself back on the couch, feeling a little light headed.

“So Eric, do you enjoy working at the book store?

I took another sip, the wine responsible for my loose lips, or at least that’s what I convinced myself. “Up till now it’s paid the bills but a week from Friday they’re closing it and I’ll be out of a job and a home. I live upstairs but now…who knows?” I tried to act nonchalant about it but saying the words out loud made it all hit home.

Abby tried changing the subject asking, “What about school, did you go to college, pick up a skill perhaps?”

“In College the only thing I learned was that I didn’t fit in there any better than I did in high school. The only thing I enjoyed at either was acting.” I felt the smile on my face as I continued saying, “I could get lost in a part, in a character and when I did then I didn’t have to worry about being…me.”

I sighed, once again reliving the past, unaware that the two women were looking at each other. A silent exchange as Abby’s mother began to speak.

“Did Abby tell you what our new shop is all about Eric?” The words xslot Giriş seemed to be a bit fuzzy or my hearing wasn’t quite up to par as I shook my head no. Andrea gave me a smile and for just a moment I must have smiled back as she continued by saying, “Well, it’s really two ventures in one. Out front, we will sell costumes. High quality from the sensible to the rather extravagant or risqué. The second part of the operation though will be the main focus for us, we will offer others fantasies come to life.”

I must have looked a bit confused as she went on. “Everyone fantasizes Eric. For some it’s a simple thing, rather straight forward. Perhaps a woman who wants to meet a handsome stranger who whisks her away from a romantic evening. For a man, the same thing but the woman finds him in a bar, making him feel special, desired. In the end it’s whatever brings that fantasy to life for the individual.”

Her eyes grew a bit more animated in saying, “For others, it’s a bit more shall we say, decadent? Probably the best example is firsthand knowledge. Like the costumes in the window some men or women dream of being dominated by a beautiful woman or man. For others it’s a French maid or even a pirate who kidnaps a beautiful woman and ravages her. The more extravagant the fantasy, the higher the price.”

I did what I shouldn’t do, taking another drink, though I was already past the point of being drunk. I was more intoxicated by the words I was hearing and it didn’t help when Abby joined in. “My mom and I both are part of a group Eric which brings other people’s fantasies to life. I must have blushed as the young woman giggled.

“Now Abby, don’t tease Eric, it’s not polite. As for me, I’m the dominatrix in many of the scenes which our clientele desire. It’s a perfect role for me and I love to help them experience such things that for many people only exist in their minds. Tell me young man, what’s your fantasy?”

There it was, out in the open. I felt the familiar rush, the tingling sensation prior to my hands shaking, knowing that I could never say it aloud. In the end it would only lead to laughter, then embarrassment. My head must have hung down again as both women looked at each other, the mother signaling to her daughter to draw closer.

I felt Abby move over and sit down next to me, taking the wine glass from my hand and putting it on the table. Her hand found mine and my shaking became more pronounced but she seemed not to care, a smile still on her lips as her mother continued. “Abby thinks she knows your fantasy Eric and if she does, it’s not a bad thing I promise. No one here will judge you or ridicule you. Sweetheart, what do you think he truly wants?”

I wanted to run, getting up and as fast as I can leaving this place. Disappearing and never looking back but once again, as I had been while looking in the storefront window, I felt like I couldn’t move. This time it was Abby who lifted my chin, her blue eyes warm, almost inviting, and her voice as soft as a rose petal in saying, “I think this young man has fantasized for some time about being a submissive French maid Mother.”

She kept starting deep into my eyes, her voice a kind tone saying, “See Eric? No one is laughing, not a single person is saying there is something wrong with that. It’s a perfectly wonderful fantasy, one that many have expressed and even a few have found happiness with. I tell you what, why don’t you take a deep breath and tell us when you started thinking about it, please?”

She refused to let go of my chin, she wouldn’t let me look away, her smile, her kindness something I had never dared dream of. I’d like to blame it on the alcohol but to be honest, I think I simply wanted to tell her. My voice was barely above a whisper. “I…I found some books. They were in a paper sack, in a ditch. Someone had thrown them away.”

I remembered back to what I’d seen. “They were paperbacks and they told stories of women who dominated men. The illustrations were amazing, the men were small while the women towered over them. One of the books was about a dominant woman who trained a man to become her maid. She put him in a corset, then a maid’s outfit and from that moment on, I wanted to be…that man.”

I closed my eyes, waiting for what I felt would be inevitable. Her mother would laugh or she would tell me that she had been kidding. That what I wanted was stupid, foolish, depraved even. Instead I heard the older of the two say, “Eric, as Abby said, that’s a wonderful fantasy. She and I talked this afternoon and since we’re a little more than a week away from opening the shop, we need to do a test run. We were hoping you might let it be you perhaps?”

I felt like I might pass out, the words washing over me as I reopened my eyes still seeing a smile, the eyes now almost playful but not at me but with me. “It would be a lot of fun Eric. My mother always handles the hair and makeup while I do the costumes. I tell you what, we will make you a deal. If you’ll xslot Güncel Giriş let us do this, if you take one look and decide that it’s not for you, we’ll forget all about it and you can go back to your store. We’ll never bother you again, okay?”

A part of me was screaming inside, don’t do this, you’ll regret it. Another wanted it so badly, and in the end, the second won. I nodded my head slowly and once again to my surprise I got a hug and a kiss on the cheek. A short while later I was back in familiar surroundings, my loft apartment wondering what on earth had I done.

When sleep finally came my dreams that night were filled with pictures I had not seen in almost a decade. Instead of them not having unrecognizable faces I saw not only Abby and her mother, but myself as well. When I finally awoke the next morning, the sheets held me captive as if I’d been bound by them and not my imagination.

As the day passed and morning became afternoon I had almost convinced myself that the previous night was simply a dream. That was until Andrea walked in, smiling as she said, “Come on over when you close shop and we’ll get started Eric. Oh wait, we can’t be calling you that. What is your feminine name dear?”

I was scared but I managed to say, “I, I never really thought I would actually need one. I always liked…Holly though.”

I got a full smile for that one.

When I stepped through the entryway next door that early evening I was greeted by the daughter. “Hi Eric, are you ready?” She must have sensed my worry as she patted the couch in the vestibule, motioning for me to join her. I must have let out a bit of a sigh as I heard, “You’re nervous, I know. That’s okay, honest.” She reached out, taking my hand in hers. “Look at me, please?”

As always it wasn’t easy but I did the best I could. “I talked to my Mom and I told her I wanted to have a chat with you before we go upstairs. I have a few observations and I wanted to see if I was right or wrong. Will you answer just a few questions for me?”

“I will try Abby, sorry this is all…new to me.”

“I know sweetheart. Last night had to be difficult for you but now that you’ve told someone I promise it’s going to get easier for you. Just trust us and I swear we will not hurt you. First of all, how old are you?”

“I’m 23 Abby.”

I got a smile for that one as she said, “My mom made me wait until after my 21st birthday before I could join the troupe, I just turned 22. I was able to get a full year’s experience in Las Vegas and then we had a chance to open a store in Reno.”

I nodded, another smile as she continued, “Okay, I’m not asking these questions to be nosy. I just want to make sure we can make this as enjoyable as we can for you. First, have you ever been intimate with a woman?”

This time it just instantly happened, my face turning a bright red but instead of laughter I heard, “I will take that as a no, okay?”

I nodded but still couldn’t look directly at her though she didn’t seem to care. “Now, when you were here yesterday I thought it was a little easier for you to talk with me than my Mother. I think that’s because she reminds you of the dominant women you talked about in your reading. Is that right?”

I felt the hand under my chin, moving my head up, that smile as she said, and “It’s okay if you do Eric, she’s a dominant by nature and like I do, we want you to be happy. So I’ll tell her be herself and you be you, that’s all we want, I promise. So when we go upstairs I’ll nod at my Mom and she’ll know that I was right so don’t be surprised if she treats you differently from last night. Just follow my lead and try to have fun.”

My voice was soft, almost whisper like in saying, “Thank you Abby. For everything.” Once again she surprised me, pulling me into a hug and giving me that same kiss on the cheek as the day before. I felt the warmth of her breasts against me when she hugged me, my nose picked up the scent of her delicate perfume. Why had she affected me the way she did? Abby grabbed my hand and with that, we were off.

This time when the elevator stopped it was on the second floor and when we stepped out all I could see was wall to wall costumes. There was a bit of everything, not only what I had seen on the mannequins but it seemed dozens of others. My eyes taking it all in, missing the quick silent exchange between mother and daughter.

“Over here Eric, we need to take your measurements so that we can get started. I need you to undress for me, please.”

Did I hear her correctly? I wasn’t prepared for exposing my genitals to the two women. At the same time, I had an exhilaration. It was an odd sexual feeling I hadn’t ever felt before. I came to a quick stop, looking at her with what were probably fight or flight eyes but she just laughed saying, “I promise luv, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before and we do need to make sure we have the right sizes so come on now.”

I guess I didn’t move quickly enough, the sound of heels moving across the concrete floor, a presence drawing nearer and then a voice like one that had filled many of my old dreams came forth. “The girl has asked you twice, yet you still resist. Perhaps you need a stronger incentive boy.”

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