The Slave and the Sissy Ch. 04

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Slave kissed Pepper’s pretty face to reassure her before they were both shackled and then gagged, and sat on a prominent open seat on Ayesha’s carriage, their hands bound in front of them; Ayesha loved to display her power and ownership of slaves, and would always ensure other people were made aware of it, even if the chattels were only hers to borrow. Slaves cock was in an erotic quandary as he felt the closeness of his soft sissy; bound and submissive and thinking only of how she could please him, and there before him cracking a whip above the heads of the horses, sat the impressively dominant African woman.

He viewed the globular and formidable arse, splayed on the sprung wooden seat before him, the thong seemingly with a life of its own as it slipped up and down her generous crevasse with her movement, knowing he would be invited to lick the gusset, down which beads of sweat now trickled from her silky dark brown torso; the savoury whiff would drive him crazy. Slaves cock stiffened as he imagined the scent and Ayesha cracked the whip, making her entire body shimmer; her black leather panties tightening laterally across her cheeks as her ass tensed on the thong he would taste.

He was brought round somewhat, when Pepper leaned her head against him to try to gain some comfort, obviously wary of what was to come, and in need of gentle affection; she wished she could be held by Slave’s arms, bound as were hers. Slaves cock stiffened with erotic thoughts from an entirely different angle as he sniffed his soft beauty’s hair; the next day or so would be a truly different experience. As people in the streets laughed and jeered on seeing the captive slaves, Ayesha turned her head slightly revealing a broad smile, basking in their recognition of her power.

The carriage pulled onto the coastal road, and after a short while swung into the drive of a huge white house with its own large section of private coastline. Slave had been here before and had relished those occasions when taken to the beach area, as he had been allowed to refresh, and bathe his superficial wounds in the warm ocean; he nuzzled pepper’s soft red hair as he viewed the vast blueness and the gentle surf, he hoped he’d be able to take her there.

As the Betturkey carriage pulled round to the beach front by the house, slave was shocked by a game being played by some of Ayesha’s buxom and spiteful housemaids. A male was laying spread-eagled, face down in the sand; not only were his arms and legs lashed to stakes, his balls were tied to a fifth stake; his scrotum stretched to tearing point, the pressure on his balls exquisite agony. He yelped in acute pain as a naked black beauty horse-whipped him relentlessly. Slave’s cock was rigid in submissive recognition of her absolute dominance; her athletic form glistened with the sweat she was building up, as she visibly relished her application of the whip, smiling as she thrashed, arse, legs and tortured balls without mercy.

That poor wretch’s physical torture was matched by the mental torture of another; buried up to his neck in the sand and utterly helpless, right at the line of detritus which indicated the high tide mark. He was surrounded by several naked and buxom ebony beauties who took turns in having their pussies and anus’s licked, as the tide lapped up to his chin and around his neck. Slave heard one of them make a remark as she forced her sweaty anus up to his mouth for refreshment by his tongue.

“I can’t remember if the tide is a foot further in, or further out today? We shall have to wait and see!” The terrified male tried to look around, beyond her silky inviting arse in terror, but the hand of another girl, smiling wickedly, forced his face forward to oblige her friends sweaty cleft. The girl smiled with supreme satisfaction as the surf swirled about her outstretched arms and trickled around her captive’s neck. She rolled, laughing, to have her pussy licked and enjoyed the look of the terrified male who was now sure he would drown. The mood of the four girls turned to a mixture of disappointment and new curiosity when Ayesha caught their attention.

“Girls! Finish your games and come and see to my slaves.” Slave could not help but notice when the lithe and sweating beauty downed her whip and moved to the head of the staked male, he willingly kissed her feet as she looked down at him. When she levered the stakes clear and he stood Betturkey Giriş free, his massive erection was there for all to see. It was he who now wore a look of disappointment. Slave could just hear what she said.

“I’m not finished with you; be back at six. You may go away now and masturbate just once.” Despite the fact that other people were there, he grabbed his erect cock as his punisher sauntered slowly away, stroking his eager member rapidly. The athletic beauty took her time in ascending the steps from the beach, making sure her whip snaked provocatively behind her. A broad satisfied smile broke out on her face as she heard the whipped male grunt with pleasure as he viewed the whip and the magnificent naked female who had dominated him. His knees buckled as his cock shot streams of sticky white cream on to the hot yellow sand. He dropped to his knees, still spending as the other three girls stood laughing at his shameful exhibition.

The other male shrieked like a girl as the foam circled his chin and wet his lips and nose. Ayesha frowned and pointed urgently at him; Slave’s cock pulsed at the look of disappointment on the faces of the three well developed black nymphs. They showed their round arses as they knelt and quickly shifted the sopping sand from around the captive. As they hauled him free, slave could see he was bound, wrists behind him, thighs and ankles. He had also been fitted with a crude rubber sheath held by an elasticated strap about his waist; this was the first thing to be undone by one of the girls. As he lay there, wriggling in his bonds at the feet of the three tormentors, the girl with the sheath smiled as she upturned it over his body; globules of creamy white semen dripped and dribbled all over his dark brown skin. He had come several times whilst fearing for his life.

The girls looked to Ayesha and smiled; she smiled warmly back. Her charges were learning her trade very well.

The girls slapped his arse as they untied him, and also told him to be back at six with two other friends. As the three shapely nymphs ascended the steps, he ran joyfully into the surf and dived into the ocean which had seemed so menacing moments earlier.

The spectacle had Betturkey Güncel Giriş Slave rampant and yearning to serve the dusky beauty as soon as possible; Ayesha seemed to notice his urgency and lifted his caged cock by the balls with one hand, and stuck the sharp nail of her little finger through the pee-slit in his cage, teasing the tight bell-end locked within. Slave gasped and Ayesha licked her lips.

“We’ll soon have you out of there; my girls will enjoy watching you shoot your cream when I’ve had my game of you.” The two were unshackled and stripped naked, and were led collared and leashed toward the large colonial style house. The girls delighted in having a white male as a pet and thoroughly enjoyed Slave’s visits, but on this occasion they were enthralled by his soft ginger companion; her soft pure white shape so dainty and feminine as to make them jealous, yet below her sweet belly, atop her girly thighs was the tiny cage and dear little balls exquisitely choked by a band of mother-of-pearl. They laughed and giggled at first, then began to appreciate the erotic situation of this beautiful boy-girl, stroking her little arse softly as she timidly walked in such a feminine manner, keeping as close to her Slave as she could.

They discussed how she had the best of both worlds; she could be made to lick their pussies whilst they played with her pert little breasts and bottom, she could be made to squirt like any boy, and they would so enjoy watching other males fuck her tight little anus. What they found most amazing was her pretty facial features; they kissed her soft cheeks at every opportunity, making her blush pink, much to their enjoyment.

As soon as they entered the huge conservatory, the girls were given the keys and the cages were removed from the two. The girls giggled at Pepper’s little cock, and stroked her little pink bell-end, making her shudder; they then took her to one corner and lay her on some futons. Slave was made to kneel in the centre of the room; his cock erect and dribbling. The gorgeous Ayesha took off her leather panties, then pulled the thong back and forth along her anal cleft and glistening camel-toe just once more as she eyed slave sternly. She then pulled the soiled garment off, and sat cross legged, making sure that Slave got a good view of her sticky pussy and anus before doing so. She hung the thong from the toes of her suspended foot.

“Come slave, crawl over to me and take your prize; I want you to have a good sniff of what a real woman smells like.”

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