The Sorority Sisters: Courtney No. 01

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The Sorority Sisters – Courtney No.1, Adventures in domination & submission

Submissive Courtney’s First Sapphic Experience


Courtney came to me in early February, 2006. She asked for my help in seducing her boss, a man on whom she had a mad crush, and who was the head chef in a fancy restaurant. She was a pastry chef there, part of a team who produced exotic desserts.

Courtney was a naïve 22 year old with little sexual experience. She agreed to put herself in my hands, under my control, for me to teach her and broaden her experience and knowledge. After she had carried out a few simple dares, we discovered that she had some latent bisexual tendencies. I went to work on that with her, targeting another pastry chef, a beautiful blonde named Nicole. From what I had “seen” through Courtney’s eyes, Nicole was either a lesbian or Bi. It turned out she was Bi.

As part of her campaign to attract Nicole, I made Court leave her bra off at work, a bit of a hardship as it turned out. All the staff had to wear heavy white jackets, rough material that buttoned up the front all the way to the throat. Her nipples took a beating in that outfit, but I made her pay that price for me. I wanted her to become constantly aware of her private nakedness and her femininity. What is in a woman’s awareness shows in her appearance and aura.

I made her tease Nicole by leaving the two middle buttons open, and reaching inside to caress her breasts frequently during her shift, which overlapped with Nicole’s by about two hours each day. On the second day Nicole bit. She mentioned that she had seen Court touching herself and asked if there was a problem, an itch? Court was prepped to answer, “Yes, but it’s not a rash. It is an itch, but it’s not on my skin. It’s deep inside my breasts.”

The final tease occurred when I had Courtney go in after her shift was over, ostensibly to check with Nicole on the progress of some special desserts that were started on the early shift and were to be finished on Nicole’s. She wore a thin, silk blouse, unbuttoned a daring extra two buttons, braless and with her erect nipples clearly visible poking at the silk. She stopped and conferred with Nicole, giving her ample views of her naked breasts nestled in the nearly open blouse. She also caught the attention of her other co workers as she passed by them on the line. The first time in her life she’d ever gotten wolf whistles.

The next night the staff all went to a local bar and billiard hall for drinks. Nicole danced with her and whispered that she thought Court’s breasts were beautiful. On a short break they went out behind the place and Nicole lit a joint, which Court tried – her first ever toke. Nicole kissed her there behind the bar, leaving my girl dizzy. They agreed to dinner on the coming Sunday. That dinner, and what followed, is the subject of this report from Courtney to me. Her introduction to Sapphic love.



Hi Susan!

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, hate to leave you hangin’! First and foremost, I never even made it home Sunday night!!!

Nicole picked me up Sunday and we headed up into town. We went to a nice casual Italian restaurant. I ended up wearing a pretty sage colored, cable knit top, v-neck, no bra, and some tight jeans with my black high-cut panties,

(like in your picture). Nic wore a very nice copperish-colored blouse, with black slacks. She did look quite hot, I have to say!!

We had a yummy bottle of Chianti; I won’t bore you with too much of the menu other than to say we split an appetizer of mussels marinara- I am sure you know how much mussels look like tiny little pussies!!! We had a great time, found out more about each other — she is actually from Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh — and talked about work.

I told her more about my lack of sexual experience, with anyone other than myself! She said she found that hard to believe, anyone as cute as me, (blushing!!!) Betturkey and she would certainly like to help me out in that department! (Warming my pussy.) We were having a great time and when the bill came she asked if I would like to go to her place for some more wine!! (Oh boy, here we go?!!!) Of course I said yes so we headed out to her car and over to her condo. We got inside, she grabbed a bottle of wine, a couple of glasses and put on some music, Dido.

We sat on the couch and she pulled out a book of pictures of some of the different desserts and cakes she has made over the years, really nice stuff I will say. We g0t to the end of the book, and she was quiet for a few seconds, finished her glass of wine, poured herself another, gestured to my glass, which I quickly finished and she filled my glass up too. She looked at me and said, “We’ve talked about how you might be interested in sex with another girl, Courtney, I think you are very sexy. I don’t want to scare you or make you uncomfortable, but I want to give you another kiss, okay?”

“Mmmhmm.” I managed to get out and took another sip of my wine before putting my glass down. She leaned in to me and planted her soft lips on mine, gently.

She pulled back and looked into my eyes to read my reaction. I couldn’t say anything, but I looked back to her mouth and then I leaned in to kiss her. I parted my lips and sucked on hers. Her tongue slipped into my mouth, finding mine, swirling around, flicking it. We kissed for a few moments, then I felt her hand on my thigh. Oh Susan, my whole body started to shake, I felt like such a little girl again, like I was at my first high school dance. Her hand rubbed my thigh, gently but firmly. She kissed my neck, softly, ran her tongue up it, found my ear lobe which she sucked into her mouth and nibbled on.

Then her hand was up to my waist, sliding its way under my top, slowly working her way up to my boobs. When she found them unrestricted by a bra, she let out a little gasp, smiled at me, and rubbed the nipple of my left tit. Gently rubbed it, caressed it – all around it — and rubbed the tip of it. My breast felt like I was being given small electric shocks, and they were going right down to my cunt.

I was panting by then. She gave me a reassuring kiss on the lips then lowered her head to my chest. (Flashes of you, Susan, appear in my mind, seeing you with a great big smile on your face, your own hand on your tits, rubbing your nipples, cheering me on!) She placed her mouth gently on my nipple and kissed it so softly, so tenderly – sucking on it, flicking it with her tongue. My hands slid up her back, to her soft hair. It smelled so good, like flowers, and spring rain. Lightly pressing her head into my boobs, I let out a soft moan, enjoying the gentle feeling of a woman’s touch. I reached down to pull my shirt up over my head, and Nicole helped me with it.

She leaned back and started to unbutton her blouse. I watched her hands, waiting to see what her boobs are like, trying to remember to breathe. She watched my eyes, watching her and when she got her top undone, she pulled it off, then reached back to undo her lacy tan bra. Unhitched, it slid off her arms, and I saw my first set of another woman’s breasts in a whole new way. I wanted to touch them, kiss them, taste them. I leaned in to her and slid my head down to her nipples. They are darker than mine, her boobs bigger, fuller, lush.

I kissed one nipple then the other, sucking on them, giving them each their share of attention. I realized the situation and let out a little “hmm!” part laugh, part moan, part realization. I looked up to Nicole and smiled. She was staring down at me with a smile on her face, gauging my mind frame..

She asked, “Are you okay with this still, Court?”


“Do you want to go to my room, where we will have some more room to lie down?”

I just nodded and she took both my hands and led me across the room down the hall to her bedroom. My whole body was quivering with Betturkey Giriş joy, fear, and expectation all at once.

We walked to her bed, much bigger than my little twin size, and she crawled up on it, her ass wiggling beneath her pants, I swear if it could, it would be smiling! I crawled up next to her and we lay down next to each other and joined in a kiss. Our hands moved to each other’s breasts, lightly stroking them, I slid a finger to the underside of her right tit and lightly stroked it there (thanks Susan!) she let out a sigh and rolled her head back to enjoy my touch. I took the opportunity to slide my head back down to her boobs and taste them again. It was so nice to taste somthing so big, soft and sexy, so different from a hard cock.

Now it was her turn to press my head to her, she ran her fingers through my hair and whispered my name. To hear that said in a woman’s voice, in that manner, of sexual bliss… Oh God! She let me taste her breasts, getting them nicely

covered with saliva, then she kind of rolled out from under me and kissed my boobs, her hand working down my belly (Oh Yes!!!) my skin jumped as she reached the top of my jeans, her fingers worked at my button. She looked into my eyes to see my reaction, and I knew she could see that I wanted this soooo much.

She got it undone, unzipped my pants, and then placed her hands at the top of my panties. She slid her fingers underneath them, all the while watching my eyes which now are full of lust. My teeth are clenched, and I’m panting. Her head lowered to my boobs again, and her hand slid lower down through my bush, to my very wet pussy. Her fingers ran around the outside, feeling my outer lips, tracing them, while her tongue worked my nipples over. Her fingers worked their way back up towards my clit, which she then lightly rubbed circles around with two of her fingers, teasing it out of it’s hood.

“OOOOhhh, yy-yy-yessss! Oh Nicoooollllle!”

She giggled, then her fingers worked lower to find my opening, and she slowly teased a finger inside of my cunt. Slowly she slid it in, and kind of wiggles it around inside, then pulled it out, then back in again, gently finger fucking me. My pussy was flowing now, so hot.

My hands left Nicole’s head to hook into the top of my jeans, sliding them down over my hips. She looked up at me, got on her knees, and placed her hands on my pants to help remove my last stitch of clothing. She got them all the way off, and tossed them to the floor. Starting at my feet, she kissed my ankles, rubbing my legs with her hands, kissing her way up to my knees, I could feel her boobs on me now and she kind of swayed back and forth to rub me with her nipples. She kissed my thighs and then her head was at my crotch.

She paused to look up at me to see how I was doing, I looked down at her and said “Please Nicole…”


“Will you taste me?”

“Yes” and she does.

Her mouth dropped to my pussy, gently licking my lips, her tongue catching my juices that have run down out of me. Her nose rubbed my clit as she breathed in my scent, her tongue teasing my cunt. It flicked just inside of me, gently lapping at my wetness. Then she put her face right in close and stuck her tongue into me as far as it would go, wiggling inside of me. I was so close to coming now. My breath quickened.

Nicole sensed my state and started to suck on my clit, sliding her finger back up inside me rubbing the back of my clit from the inside. This drove me right over the fucking edge and I grabbed her head, my legs going right up in the air.

I am humping her face, she stays right in there, sucking my clit, still finger fucking me, her tongue licking up the juices, riding my orgasm.

My head is tossing back and forth. “Ohhhhhh!”

As my orgasm subsided — my hips still twitching — she kissed my pussy and licked some more of my juices. She kissed her way back up to my face. I planted a deep kiss on her mouth, licking some of my own juices Betturkey Güncel Giriş from her chin, her lips, her nose.

“So I take it you kind of liked that, huh, Courtney?!” Giggling.

“Holy shit Nicole that was so beautiful, thank you”

“The night is still young sweetie…”

“I know, I really want to return the favor to you Nic…”

“I would like that”

I took a deep breath and rolled over on top of her. Kissing my way down her neck, her boobs, softly to her smooth belly, I reached her pants. I quickly unbuttoned them, taking the zipper down. I then pulled her pants down and slid them off her legs. I returned to her panties, black, and kissed her bush through them. Then I pulled them down to her ankles and she kicked them off across the room somewhere.

Now here I am, with another woman’s pussy waiting for me to come and taste it. I have practiced this in writing before – with you, and in my fantasies, but now it is game time. I am hesitant yet excited. I work my way up to her belly, I kiss her belly button, stick my tongue inside it and twist it around. I delight in how she shivers under my touch. I can feel her bush on my chest, so soft. Her hands find my head, and they run through my hair, gently stroking.

I know you are watching Susan, waiting for me to go lower, your fingers in your pussy. I jump off the edge and slide lower. My chin slides through her pubic hair, my lips kiss her mound. Lower I go until her pussy is right in my face. I kiss it. Her scent strong in my nose now, I rub her with my nose. My tongue flicks out to lick her outer lips, so soft and full, ready for me. I lick up her pussy slit, my first ever taste of another woman. Let’s just say I am not turned off by the flavor!

I continue to lick her, sliding my tongue inside of her inner lips, tasting her juices. I work my finger into her, gently sliding it in and out — the angle all different from fingering myself. I work on her clit with my tongue while I finger fuck her. She moans and tightens her grip in my hair pulling me in closer. Her pussy is so wet now, wet and hot. Her juices are flowing out of her and I lap them up, not all that different from my own.

I stick my tongue up inside of her, as far as it will go, my nose and lips and chin covered with her love juice. I try and feel anything I can with my tongue. I want to make her come with my tongue. My nose rubs her clit while I eat her out, grinding my face into her. She begins to pant, and her knees come up to squeeze my face and head with her thighs. She must be close, I think, so I continue what I am doing. And she is, she does. She lets out a whimper and groan and I feel her pussy contract on my finger and the juices really start to flow now.

She is tossing and turning keeping my head close to her, “wooooowoooowoooooooo, yessssss. Oh Courtney!!”

I hang on for the ride until she starts to subside, then kiss my way back up to her face, and she has a huge smile on her face. She kisses me and we embrace, in a way I have never felt before: a warm, soft, smooth body, two breasts pressed up against mine, a wet crotch on mine, and we just kind of rolled back and forth as one, so sweet and wonderful, the smell and the feel.

We cuddled nice and close like that for awhile. I couldn’t quite believe what had just happened. I felt so exhilarated, tingly, floating. Soon Nic grabbed her sheets and big down comforter, and pulled them up over us, all the way over our heads so we were completely covered, face to face, legs tangled together, so soft and smooth.

“If you want, Courtney, you can spend the night. I can take you home in the morning, if you want.”

“I don’t think I want to move very far from right here, right now Nic.”

“Mmmmm, good,” she said and gave me a kiss on the nose, and put her arms around me and rubbed my ass, my back. After setting her alarm to get us up at the early hour of 4:20 (nice) we drifted off to sleep, in such a wonderfully different feeling than I have ever had before.

There’s a line in a song by Dido “I want to thank you, for giving me the best day of my life” Thank you Susan, for helping me break down some walls, removing my “armor” and making me aware of the beauty of another woman’s touch, and taste!


Courtney xx

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