Show Boy

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I enter the darken room. A light shines down, the lone bright spot in the room. I head straight to it like always. Illuminated by the light is a black leather chair and a small table with all the things I need. I don’t see him, but I know he’s there. He’s always there, in the dark, waiting for my arrival. This has been going on for some time, this little game, this scene of ours.

I’m dressed as instructed. Black dress shoes and nylon socks, form fitting khakis that stretch to fit over my thighs, ass and groin before tapering to my waist. My royal blue dress shirt is tight, pulled to its limit over my well defined body. My solid powder blue tie is a perfect double Windsor. My face is covered in scruff, the way he likes. My black hair is trimmed short hugging my scalp. The only thing he does not know is what covers my cock. That is my little surprise for him.

Tonight I am alone for him. On occasion others have joined me, when he has so desired it. He does that for me, I think. Tonight it’s just us, though. I like it when it’s just us. The way it started out so many years ago, the way it should have stayed, but I cannot deny him. He does, after all, take care of me in ways no other man can.

I stand in front of the chair, light cascading down on me. I wait patiently for us to begin. He’s drinking me in, admiring my hard body, my soft blue eyes. I can almost feel him touching me from the distance. “Turn around.” His raspy deep baritone comes from the shadows. I give a crooked smile then do as he commands, turning to present my voluminous butt for him. I run a casual hand over my ass, emphasizing the tightness of my clothes, and the plumpness of my ass.

“Turn around.” He orders. I do, hooking my thumbs in my pockets, my fingers framing my overstuffed basket. “You look like a whore. A dressed up whore.” His words are not meant to hurt, only frame the scene he wants. “Are you a whore, young man?” I smiled, amused. “Answer me.”

“Yes, I’m a whore.” I answer, my eyes looking to where I know he watches me in the dark. “I’m your whore. For you, and only you.” My tone is deliberate and reassuring.

“Time to earn your pay whore. Do good, and you may earn a bonus.” I nod, awaiting his instruction. “Loosen your tie.” I take my hands from their resting place, running them up slowly over my hard torso. I take hold of the tie, loosen it, and then unfasten the top button. “Take it off, don’t undo it. Sit it on the table.”

I bend slightly, laying it along the other items he may or may not have me use tonight. I hear a soft grunt of approval as my ass tests the strength of the fabric. “You threaten to split your whore pants with that ass.” His voice cracks with lust. I return to my position, waiting with a grin on my face. “I bet you work out hard to plump that ass up.” He knows I do. “I say we test your pants material. Turn around and put your hands on your head.”

I pretend to not know what he’s going to have me do as I follow his instruction. “Do some squats for me.” I can almost hear his voice crack with desire. “Twenty. Nice and slow.” I spread my legs evenly apart. I take a deep breath and slowly lower myself to a perfect squat. I can feel my ass push out against the tight fabric. My thighs bulge, pulling my pants tighter. I rise up slowly and count out the number. I repeat this over and over again. I can feel the fabric beginning to weaken where I had taken a razor blade to it.

I am going down for my fifteenth rep when I hear the tell-tale signs of the rip. I decide to take it up a notch and ensure his delight and quickly slam down on my next squat. The rip goes down the crack of my ass, exposing the neon green boxer briefs underneath. They hug my ass, outlining each perfect cheek. These are his favorite on me. I continue, doing the remaining reps. I do them slowly, pushing my ass out as much as possible to ensure he can see the hint of green.

I stand there, waiting, knowing just a sliver of the green is there for him to see. I can hear him breath heavy. The anticipation is building between us. I flex my cheeks for emphasis. I put my thumbs back in my pockets and pull slightly. “A whore who wear’s underwear. Such a novel idea.” He finally says. I can feel his eyes fixated on the small sliver of green.

I turn my head to the side. I can feel my cock filling with excitement. I love showing off for him. “I like the way they look on me. I love to stand in a mirror in just them, looking at myself in them.” My tone is low and provocative. I grin evilly, knowing this is getting him off. I continue. “I like the way they hug my ass.” I take my right hand and rub it over a cheek. “And the way it frames my cock.” I emphasis my words with my other hand moving to adjust my cock. “Would you like to see me in just them?”

“In time.” Is xslot his response. “Turn around for me.” I do, my stance arrogant and sure. “Flex for me. Show me those arms.” I know what he was going for. I raise both arms up to show him my well maintained frame. “I can’t see anything. Remove your shirt.” He huffs in annoyance.

I slowly unbutton my shirt, glancing into the darkness as I do. I wore no undershirt. Each button I open exposed my smooth creamy smooth skin. I pull the shirt off then fold it neatly before laying it on the chair behind me. I returned to my position, raising my arms up, my torso forming a perfect ‘V” as my biceps bulge for him.

I am by no means a body builder, but my body is pleasing to the eye. My chest is perfectly developed with crisp lines outlining the muscles, with two dime size nipples that invite a flicking tongue. I place my hands behind my head, eliciting a groan of approval as my chiseled abs pop for him to see.

I continue to pose for, interpreting the command as I see fit, showcasing all of my upper body for him. After five minutes, I stopped, returning to my relaxed position. I can hear his labored breathing. I wait a minute, allowing him to gather himself. “Did you like what you saw?” I smirk. I received no answer. He is still obviously bothered. I rub my swollen crotch. “Do you mind if I get more comfortable?”

I didn’t wait for an answer, I sat down in the chair, removing my shoes and socks. I stand, unfasten my pants and pull them down my thick muscled legs. Slowly I reveal the neon green outline of my hard throbbing cock. I give it a causal squeeze, before blatantly turning my ass to him to gather my clothes and fold them. I sit them beside the chair, moving my shirt on top of them.

“That feels better.” I say running a hand over my bare torso. I turn to show off my hard work to him. “How does it look now?” I shake my ass just a little, causing it to jiggle just a bit. I like showing off for him, toying with him. I turn back around and run my other hand over my seven and half inch thickly veined covered cock. “I like it when you watch me.”

“I take it back, you’re not a whore.” His says from the dark. “You’re a tease.” There is no malice in his words. I can hear the lust dripping in his voice. I know he likes the show. I know he wants more, but I have to pace myself for him. “Have a seat, my little tease.” I sit in the chair, spreading my legs out for him. It’s time for him to take back control.

“Take your right thump, moisten it and play with your left nipple.” I do sucking my thumb then thrumming my nipple slowly as instructed. “That gets you really hot, doesn’t it, playing with your nipple?” I groan something that sounds like yes. “Rub your crotch with your other hand, squeeze that dick for me.” My hand runs over my cock, squeezing it. A wet spot starts forming at the tip. “Good like that. Keep it up.”

I keep stroking my nipple for him while my cock begs for release from its tight confines. My eyes glass over. The sexual creature in me is clawing its way to the surface. My hand ventures from one nipple to the other. My other hand massages my balls, then moves down to pet my needy hole. I let out a soft cry of need to have it touched, to have it filled, to have it appreciated.

“Now you know what it feels like to be teased.” Comes his wicked voice. “Let’s continue our little lesson.” I lick my lips as my answer. My voice lost in lust. “Get on your knees and show me that pretty ass.” I stand up hooking my thumbs in the waist band ready to shuck them down. “No.” His sharp command stops me. “Leave them on.” I claw my chest in frustration.

I rest my forearms on the chair as I get on my knees. I push my ass out for him. “Play with your ass.” He huffs with hunger. “Above the cloth. Be creative.” I think for a moment before laying my upper body on the chair and reaching back and rubbing small circles over each melon. I run a lone finger through my crack, forcing the tight outline for him to ogle. “Good. More.” I squeeze one cheek then the other, before slapping my ass hard, causing my plump ass to jiggle.

I let out low grunts. My breath is quickening from stimulating myself. I close my eyes. I imagine it is his hands, cupping and feeling my ass, stroking my aching hole. I can almost feel those strong hands taking hold of each cheek and spreading them, tearing the fabric to expose me for his pleasure. I want his cock sliding up and down my crack, then into me. My back is arching from the memory of him.

I instinctively bring my hand to my mouth, moisten two fingers then return to stroking my neglected hole. I can feel my finger pressing through the fabric I bite my lower lip, thinking of his tongue swirling, opening me up for him. I let out a stifled groan as I press xslot Giriş harder and harder against the fabric. “Roll over.” He orders. I obey. I’, sitting on the floor, my legs spread and my breath ragged. “Now play with you cock for me.

My crotch is already soaked with excitement. I run my hands over my chest, feeling the hard muscles, lowering them to the ample mound, framing it. I press my hands down, emphasizing my size. I take one hand over my length while the other cups and squeezes my balls. I let out low murmurs of need. My balls are heavy with their fullness. The wet spot grows and grows with each restrained stroke.

“I bet that feels good.” He teases. “Not as good as you want it to be, but it feels good, doesn’t it?” My answer was lost in a groan that rumbles from my throat. “Your cock is so hard and your balls are so full, aren’t they?” He already knows the answer. My eyes plead for my sexual release. “You want to blow your load, don’t you? Too bad you can’t till I allow it.”

I let out a wail of sexual anger. My cock is begging to be freed, to feel the slicked up feel of flesh against flesh. The wetness grows steadily, covering half my shaft. My balls yearn to release their built up reservoirs. I can feel the impending explosion coming. I fight the urge to hump my hand as best I can but I am losing the fight.

“Stop that.” He scolds. “Stand up. Stop touching yourself.” I wince at the reprimand. “Take the dildo and the lube off the table.” I take the replica of his cock, all eight glorious inches of it, and the lube off the table. “Set them on the floor and return to playing with your ass for me.” My body screams for release and disobedience, but I obey. I assume the position.

I claw at my covered ass, my nails raking against the soft fabric. “Lower your underwear, just below your ass cheeks.” I hurriedly pull them down, the cool air hitting my electrified skin. The waist band rests at the bottom of my cheeks, hugging them and, pushing them out and plumping them more. I run my hands over the now exposed skin, enjoying the feel of skin on skin.

“Look at that overly ripe peach.” There is desire in his raspy comment. I squeeze a cheek to show him the firmness. “Show me how you prepare it.” I sit up and grab the lube. I squirt some into my right hand, bring it around and start running it up and down my crack. I push a finger in, leaning over onto the seat. I push in and out, adding a second finger alongside the first. I began scissoring my fingers, stretching my hole, preparing it for the next order.

A third finger joined the first two, stretching me more. I shudder, knowing soon I will have that ache sedated, but not satisfied. I push as deep as I can, three knuckles deep, getting my hole ready. My tender insides welcome the intrusion. They are crying out for more, to go harder and faster. “Show me how you want me to fuck you… with the dildo.”

I pull my fingers from me, sit up and quickly grabbed the dildo. I slicked it up then return to my position. I run the smooth wet replica cock up and down my hole. I moan, remembering the feel of the real thing resting in my cheeks. I slap it against my hungry hole, then position the head against me. I push it in and back, sliding past my ring. I groan at the familiar feeling filling me, but wish was the real thing between my cheeks. I moan with delight as inch by inch I am filled.

I let it rest there, reveling in the fullness. I allow myself to adjust to the welcomed invasion then slowly drag it out till just the tip is in me. I let it stay there just a moment then slam I back into me, burying it to the hilt in me. I let it settle there before I repeat the process over and over again. I’m unaware of the slutty sounds escaping my mouth.

I continue, picking up the pace, my ass welcoming the attention, even if it’s self-inflicted. I grind my teeth, long for the real thing. I am jack hammering my hole with no regard. My free hand leaves scratch marks on my chest, twisting one nipple then the other. My legs spread further, my ass bounces up and down the dildo wishing it were the real thing. “Fuck me, use me baby.”

“You like my cock in you?” I hear the smile in his voice.

“Yes, God, yes!” I howl, slamming the counterfeit cock deep in me. “I want to feel your cock in me. I want your body pressing against me, your cock pulsing in me. I want to feel your hands dig into me, while you split me open.” This isn’t dirty talk, this is the truth. “I want this to be you.” I can hear my yells reverberate in the room. “When will it be you?”

“Enough of the cock.” I hear the pain and desire in his voice. “I said enough!” He shouts when I don’t stop. “Obey me.” I give myself one last thrust before pulling the dildo from my ass. I sit it down beside me. “Wink xslot Güncel Giriş it for me.” I do, flexing my anal muscles, opening and closing. “Good boy. Now you know how I feel when you tease me, wearing clothes that are too tight and barely fit you. When you run around here half naked.”

“I like the way you look at me when I do.” I confess. I turn my head to him and lick my lips. “I like the way other people look at us together in public and know I’m your sexual plaything.” I roll onto my sore ass, showing my hard tent in my underwear. My voice grows bold and husky. “I see it in their faces when they look at us, quietly calling me slut, harlot, whore, trophy boy. All of them jealous because they can’t have me, because I’m yours.”

“That you are.” His breathing is filled with the sensual energy between us. “My trophy boy. So pretty, so sexy, so perfect.” He lets out a sigh of satisfaction. “And so mine.” We sit in silence, him staring at me from the darkness, me regaining my composure. “What shall I have you do next?” I didn’t give him a chance to decide.

I pull off my underwear, exposing my throbbing cock. Thick and full, it’s ready to explode. I stand up and go to the table, grabbing the anal beads. I run the six large connected black balls across my chest. The first is the size of a large marble, all the way up to golf ball size with a loop at the end. I put my knees in the chair and push my ass out.

I reach around and slip the first in, then the next. It takes some work to get all six in but I manage. I can feel the tiny linked balls inside of me. I shake my ass, the tiny black ring on the end slapping my cheeks. I turn around in the chair, sitting with my ass just off the edge. I take the lube and slick my angry cock disobediently.

My cock pulses in my hand. I run my hand up and down it slowly, causing pearls of precum to form on the tip. I run my hand over the crown, coating my cock with my own spunk as I run my hand down it again. I stare intently into the darkness, showing off for him, and only him. I stroke myself slowly, feeling the urge, the surge bubble in my balls. I reach down with my other hand and grip the ring, preparing myself for the inevitable.

I quicken my pace, my hand teasing and coaxing the pent up load from my balls. I can feel it coming up. I begin panting and grunting. I need to release, I want the release. I begin pulling slowly as the pressure in my balls increase. I snarl as the first volley comes shooting up. I start pulling the beads from my ass, intensifying the orgasm twenty fold.

I feel the first hit on my chin, the second on my chest. I lose track of the others as what seems like gallons spews out of me, drowning my body in my own seed. I let the ring slip from finger and the balls fall, bouncing on the floor. I heave a heavy sigh of relief. Reaching up, I wipe the cum from my chin then bring it to my mouth, tasting myself. I swirl the rest over my body, rubbing it into my skin.

“Such a tease.” He lets out a hardy laugh. “I love it when you put on these little shows for me.” I run my tongue over my upper lip. “Still not satisfied?” I stand, giving him my answer as I move toward him. I feel the cum run down my chest. “Does my trophy boy want more?” I step into the darkness. “I guess you deserve a bonus.”

I know where he is. I get down on my knees before him, feeling up his naked legs to his glorious cock. I miss the real thing. The reasonable facsimile I had in my ass was nice, but nothing beats the real thing. I swallow him down to the base. I rest there, buried in his crotch. His hand strokes my head. I go to work, sucking, slurping, and working his cock with my mouth and tongue.

“Oh, baby.” I hear him moan. I smile knowing that I am finally pleasing him, truly pleasing him. “Your mouth feels so good on my cock baby.” I thrust his cock down my throat over and over again. I know he won’t last long. He was playing with his cock while I performed. “I’m going to blow.” I hurry my efforts, wanting to taste him on my tongue, swallow him into my belly.

He lets out a roar. His legs stiffen. I feel my reward filling my mouth. I swallow shot after shot. I lap at his cock with greedy enthusiasms, not wanting to waste even the tiniest drop. I run my hands over his legs. His hand continues stroking my head. With a small disappointment I feel his cock soften in my mouth. I allow it to slip from my mouth. I stand and turn the lamp on. Light fills the room. I lean down and kiss him.

“I love you, my little trophy boy.” He smiles, a hand cradling my face. “You take such good care of me.”

I look into his eyes, and down at his body. This was not the body of the man I fell in love with, but it was the body that housed it now. His frail body was but a shadow of what it was, but I still love the man in it. I bring my lips to his for another kiss before whispering “I’ll always take care of you. I will always be there for you, always love you.” I cradle his face. “You are my husband, and I we will get through this, together.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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