The Therapy Room

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Dakota sighed as she dropped her bags onto her desk. Her laptop in one, and her full purse the other bag, she looked around at the empty entrance to the nursing home where she worked. Her small hole-in-the-wall desk had side access to the front glass doors and she slid in, pulling things out of the drawer to her right that she would need for the day.

Putting everything in its’ place, she plugged in her phone which rang almost immediately. Sighing again, she settled into work. It was only eight a.m. and her day was just starting.

By ten she was already bored. She’d done her makeup, fixed her hair, and had only answered two calls. The weekends were the slowest at the reception desk – one reason why she loved her position. There was no one to bug her. Sure, working the weekends blew, but it also meant that Administration wasn’t there, and hardly anyone came in. She could – within reason – do what she wanted. And to be honest, what she wanted was to fuck. Sighing, she looked down at her scrubs.

She felt pretty plain today, but her eyes caught sight of the junction between her legs before falling back to her purse. She had the little app-controlled vibrator sitting in the bottom. She’d put it in there for random times like this when she really needed to get off and she hadn’t gotten any in a while and needed it.

Putting her phone on break mode, she grabbed the box and opened it, pulling the pink bullet out and putting the box back into her purse. Shoving it into her pocket, she grabbed her cigarettes and phone and headed to the bathroom. She’d barely locked the door when her hand went into her scrub pants. She watched herself in the mirror, her 36D breasts squished together as her blue eyes burned into the mirror.

Gasping, she found her clit almost immediately. Dipping her finger lower, she found herself soaked already and sighed as she slipped a finger in. Holding in a moan, she pulled her hand out and pulled the bullet from her pocket. She turned it on and carefully slipped her hand back down into her pants, sliding it in with ease. Adjusting herself, she quickly washed her hands and exited the bathroom.

Heading down the hallway, she took the elevator downstairs and wound her way to the back smoking area for the employees. Once outside, she collapsed on the plastic bench and lit up.

Not even five minutes later, she heard the door open, and smiled up as Mia, one of her best friends at work, walked outside.

“Hey chick,” Mia said, sitting on the bench opposite of her.

“Hey,” she said, putting her phone down and crossing her legs. She could feel the egg moving around inside her.

Mia immediately launched into how her day was going and all Dakota could think about was the curve of her hips and what she looked like underneath the scrubs. Biting her lip, she tried to pay attention but the feeling of being full prevented her from really concentrating. Imagining Mia’s hard nipples straining against her top, how amazing her ass would look bent over the table.

Shaking herself out of those thoughts, she ashed her cigarette. “Fuck, I’m out of it today.”

Mia only nodded. “Me too. Honestly, what I need is sex.”

“Me too,” Dakota responded, sighing.

She’d been having fantasies about Mia for a while now, since they’d started becoming close and discussing their personal lives. She’d never been with a female, but ever since their first conversation, her fantasies had become more and more vivid…and over half of them included Mia.

“Well, let me get back in here and finish walking these people. I’ll be up at the desk here in a little while.”

“Okay,” Dakota said, smiling.

Usually every weekend, Mia came up to the front desk around 2 or 3 and stayed there helping with odd and end things that Dakota had to do.

After Mia had left, Dakota pulled out her phone and opened the app, shifting her position. She turned it on the lowest pulse, testing out the sound. She could hear it, but she could feel it, too, and wondered if anyone else could.

“Well, not like anyone will be up with me for a while…And when Mia gets up there, I can just play music,” She mumbled to herself.

She stubbed out her cigarette and stood up. She pressed the button on her phone and upped the vibration, goosebumps breaking out on her skin. Making her way back up to her desk, she Betturkey could feel herself tingling, but she knew she wouldn’t cum yet – not with the bullet alone.

For the next few hours, she stopped and started the bullet, teetering on the edge of orgasm until Mia showed up around three. They went outside to smoke before heading back up to her desk.

Just as she sat down, someone came in and was asking a question. Standing up, she leaned across her desk to follow along with them as they filled out a paper hoping to bring their father to the facility. Because no one was there in admissions, it was Dakota’s job to help out any potential applicants.

She was fully engrossed in their conversation that she barely felt the hand on the back of her thigh. It shocked her to stiffness but she continued to converse with the people in front of her. She nodded and smiled as the hand continued up her thigh. It slowly slid up until it was right on the bullet that was vibrating.

She knows, Dakota thought to herself.

A single finger pressed against her opening, moving around, moving the bullet around making her almost gasp.

What felt like an eternity later, the couple finally thanked Dakota and left. Dakota couldn’t help but spread her legs and bend over the table, Mia’s fingers now pressing into her clit through her pants and underwear.

“Naughty,” Mia said, smiling as Dakota turned her head.

“How’d you know?”

“I heard it. Your pussy is right by my face,” she said, her tongue out just a bit to bite on.

Dakota didn’t say anything else as Mia pressed harder, putting more pressure onto Dakota’s clit. She began to press back into Mia’s hand, her breathing getting heavier. Then, Mia pressed her whole hand against Dakota’s opening. Her mouth fell open and she had to cover her mouth to stop herself from moaning.

“Is it remote controlled?” Mia asked, mischievously.

Her hand pulled away and Dakota was able to sit down but she couldn’t stop feeling Mia’s fingers on her clit. Slowly, she pulled out her phone and unlocked it, pulling up the app. Biting her lip, she handed it to Mia.

“So, what happens if I do…” She pressed a button. “This?”

Dakota’s pussy suddenly sprang to life, the pulsing all the way turned up. She knew Mia had selected the highest setting and her fingers were gripping the counter in front of her. She was riding it, almost grinding in her chair until she noticed someone come up to the counter. Thankfully, Mia had mercy and cut the power down.

The person in front of her was one of the regular family members who came in almost every weekend. Dakota knew them well, so did Mia, but that didn’t stop her from amping the power up as soon as Dakota got involved in a conversation. It took every ounce of strength she had not to cry out. Her pussy was hot and on fire. She was sure if she stood up, there would be a puddle in the chair and her pants would be soaked.

After a few minutes, the family member finally left and Dakota threw an evil eye at Mia who hadn’t turned down the power one bit.

“You asshole!” she whispered, furiously.

Mia just laughed. “You’re the one wearing it; I’m not doing anything that you didn’t want yourself.”

“Holy shit,” Dakota whispered, her whole body shaking in chills.

“Are you gonna come?” Mia asked.

“Unfortunately, no,” Dakota said, frowning. “This is nothing but a huge tease. I need more stimulation than this.”

“Is anyone in the Therapy gym right now?”

“No,” Dakota said, shaking her head.

There was no way Mia was really suggesting… Was she?

“Don’t you have a key?”

Mutely, Dakota nodded and lifted up the placemat on her desk to reveal the key.

“Let’s get you some… stimulation.”

Shocked, Dakota couldn’t do anything except follow mutely as Mia took the key and unlocked the door. Dakota barely had time to put her phone on break-mode again before they disappeared inside the huge gym, the door locked behind them.

The room was dark and the blinds were closed but light was coming in through the glass door and window on the other side. There was a set of padded tables in the far corner, away from all the doors and windows and that’s where Mia led her.

Pushing her down on her back, Mia immediately began to pull her scrub pants and under Betturkey Giriş down at the same time. She slid them over her feet and shoes and spread Dakota’s legs.

“Don’t worry – I’ll get to everything else eventually,” she said, her mouth incredibly close to Dakota’s pussy.

She could feel Mia’s warm breath against her clit and then jumped as Mia’s finger started swirling around her opening before sliding up to her clit. She moaned, trying to keep it quiet. Her pussy clamped around the bullet as Mia slowly began to slide it out of her and she groaned, feeling the loss of the vibration.

Mia kissed along her thighs as her hands went up Dakota’s sides and under her scrub top, pushing it upward along with her tank top and bra, exposing her breasts and already hard-as-rock nipples. Sighing in pleasure, Dakota couldn’t help but bite her lip to keep from crying out loudly when Mia’s mouth suddenly attached itself to her clit.

Her hips raised up off the table and Mia threw a hand over her stomach to keep her down. Her legs instinctively widened and she started grinding her pussy into Mia’s face. Every once in a while, Mia would graze her teeth against Dakota’s clit, making her moan, and once she settled down, her hands wandered back up to Dakota’s breasts, playing with her nipples.

Mia’s tongue dipped down into Dakota’s open and dripping pussy, lapping up some of her juices so that she could go back up to her clit. Swirling her tongue around the sensitive nub, Mia began to suck on it, bringing her left hand down.

Dakota’s eyes had closed in bliss but the feeling of Mia slipping a finger inside of her made her eyes pop open. She lifted up onto her elbows and looked down to see Mia’s eyes on hers. Her lips were still wrapped around her clit and she had one – no, make that two – fingers inside of Dakota, pumping away. Biting her lip, Dakota moaned.

Standing up, Mia pulled away from Dakota and switched hands, so that her left hand now had two fingers inside of her. She climbed onto the table, bringing Dakota’s right leg up to her chest and pressed her lips to Dakota’s. Dakota moaned into her mouth before letting her mouth hang open as Mia slipped another finger inside of her.

Her pussy was spread open and Mia had three fingers pumping away while her lips found Dakota’s nipple. She groaned loudly and started humping up into Mia’s fingers. Then the vibrating started again and Dakota’s body shook as she felt the bullet being pressed against her clit.

Her breathing came shorter as her body began to tighten up. With as wet and horny as she’d been all day, she knew it wouldn’t take long once she’d got home, but the fact that Mia was the one who had three fingers inside her, sucking on her nipples was going to throw her over the edge.

She continued to clench as Mia sucked harder, switching back and forth between nipples and Mia’s other hand pressed the bullet harder onto her clit. Suddenly, without realizing it was coming, Dakota gasped loudly and ascended over into her orgasm. Grasping at Mia’s head and arm, she shook through her orgasm.

“Holy…fuck!” she said as she shook, coming down from the high.

Slowly, Mia withdrew her fingers from Dakota and licked them clean before cutting off the bullet. Leaning down, she took one final lick of Dakota, making the other girl twitch and groan. Smiling smugly, Mia climbed on top of Dakota, bending down to kiss her.

Dakota let her hands roam, sliding up Mia’s arms, down her side and up under her scrub top. Her fingers grazed the tops of Mia’s breasts and moved around back, under the tank top to the hooks of her bra. Deftly, she unhooked her bra and brought her arms back to the front. From there, she was able to easily slide under Mia’s bra, the whole time, Mia began to grind against her thigh.

Gasping into Dakota’s mouth, Mia’s entire body came to life as Dakota fingers found her nipples. Moaning, she pressed her clit hard onto Dakota’s thigh. Dakota used her fingers to roll the hardened nipples around, slightly tugging on them. Mia lifted up for a second, ripping her top, tank top, and bra off in one swoop. From there, bending back down, her breast was immediately engulfed by Dakota’s desperate mouth. Her other hand grasped the free one, her thumb rubbing over the nipple. She lightly nibbled, sucked, and licked Betturkey Güncel Giriş her way across both nipples until they were both thoroughly coated in her saliva.

Sometime while she was doing all that, Mia had stealthily pulled her pants and underwear down and completely off and she pulled her breasts away, rising up on her knees over Dakota. She ran her hands up the sides of her breasts and through her hair, making her breasts extend, her nipples out. Dakota took the opportunity to let her hands roam over her stomach, across the tops of her thighs, along the pelvic bone before her hand brushed across the top of Mia’s mound, making Mia moan.

Dakota put her arms up by her ears as Mia began to scoot upwards so that her pussy was in front of Dakota’s mouth and her ass rested on her chest. Sliding her arms down, she wrapped them around the backside of Mia’s thighs.

Biting her lip, Dakota looked up, seeing Mia’s eyes bright with lust between her breasts that she was playing with. Very slowly, she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, slowly tracing around Mia’s pussy lips, dragging a groan out of Mia. She continued the slow torture until finally Mia moved her hips and her clit was right on Dakota’s tongue. Sighing in relief, Mia began to rock back and forth.

Dakota, on the other hand, used her tongue to stroke deep and long, up and down Mia’s pussy from the bottom of her entrance to the tip of her clit and then back down. She used her hands to rub all across Mia’s ass, spreading her cheeks, slapping them slightly, and digging her fingers in. Mia rode Dakota’s face, her hands going down to Dakota’s hair, holding her in place while she rocked back and forth on her tongue. Snaking her tongue down, Dakota shoved it deep into Mia’s pussy, feeling the other girl dripping into her mouth. She moaned, causing Mia to gasp again.

Remembering a conversation they’d had before, Dakota used her hand to slid to the bottom of Mia’s pussy to dip her finger in, get it wet enough and then slid it back to the puckered hole in the back. Mia groaned, feeling her finger there and a tongue so deep in her pussy. She fell forward on all fours, giving Mia a better access to her ass. Smiling, Dakota pressed her finger a bit deeper, making her hole open just a bit before going back to Mia’s clit with her tongue. The older girl started shaking and Dakota pulled away from both holes, dragging a moan from Mia.

From there, Dakota turned around, keeping a hand on Mia’s lower back to make her stay in place. She used her right hand to rub up and down her slit, getting her hand wet, as her left hand teased its’ way from Mia’s lower back, back to her ass. She dropped a few spanks on each cheek and then dipped her finger back into Mia’s dripping pussy before letting it circle around her spread ass.

Mia turned around, watching Dakota work her magic. She felt two fingers inside her, pointed downward, pressing against her G-spot and another one pressing against her back entrance and she dropped down on her forearms, her ass still pointed in the air. Dakota angled herself so that she could thrust her fingers in and pressed her finger deeper into Mia’s ass, watching the girl moan more and more underneath her. She could feel Mia’s pussy clenching and unclenching and knew by the sound of her throaty cries she was getting closer.

She’d always known that Mia was a squirter but watching her pussy up close as it clenched around her fingers before Mia’s hands ripped them away was something else altogether. Dakota knew better, though, and kept a hand on her clit, pressing into it and rubbing furiously. Mia was gasping, crying out every few seconds, pressing against Dakota’s hand hard and then finally, she began shaking and cried out as she exploded, squirting all over Dakota’s hand and the floor.

She gasped, trying to catch her breath as she remained in her position. Dakota smirked as she saw some liquid dripping down her thigh and onto the table below her. Mimicking what she did, Dakota bent down and ran her tongue over Mia’s clit up and up across her pussy and over her ass, causing Mia to shudder and moan one last time.

Smiling, Dakota began to redress as she watched Mia roll over onto her back, her hand going between her legs to cover her pussy. Dakota laughed as she walked back over and leaned down to press her lips to Mia’s. Mia shoved her hand into Dakota’s hair and held her there, deepening the kiss. A few minutes later, Dakota pulled away, breathing heavy.

“We have to do this every weekend!”

Mia just laughed. “Yes, we do. I think I’ll have to bring my toys to work next weekend.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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