Vacation Goals

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Big Tits

She had hoped that some time away at this lively, deluxe resort would offer her the opportunity that she needed and craved. Not even able to remember the last time she had been away from her demanding job in the intense corporate world of banking, she was determined that the physical void in her life would finally be filled.

Her position gave her money and power but excluded her from establishing other than the occasional relationship with men, however short-lived they may be. Her days and nights were spent managing, organizing, and ordering those beneath her. She needed to shed herself of those responsibilities, if only for a couple of weeks. Truly what she sought was to find a man who would take charge. Someone to whom she could physically and emotionally submit before returning to her brutal, pressure-filled existence.

Nature had played a dirty trick on her. While providing her with the intelligence, ability, and motivation to take her to the heights of her profession, she labored through life with the body of a little girl.

While most other girls continued in their physical development during their teenage years, she had stopped just after the first signs of puberty had revealed themselves.

Now in her late 20s, she was but slightly under five feet in height and weighed a mere 98 pounds. Not unattractive, her facial features were small. How many times had she heard the phrase, “cute as a button?” More than she cared to.

Her short, jet-black hair outlined dark brown eyes, a pert nose, and a little round mouth with thin lips. Her lower body had thin though well-shaped legs that met at a tiny, but tight ass before ending at a slim, flat waist that most women would love to have.

Her breasts were miniature, slight little mounds that barely rose from her chest. Her nipples, though, were large in relation to the breasts they crowned, rising first in outsized round bases before peaking in long, stiff protrusions that in full extension could be bent to the side to lay flat against her breast.

Braless, these firm, brown nipples now poked against the pale sheer blouse she wore as she sipped a margarita and perused the night club that adjoined her resort. As well, she wore no panties beneath the short, black leather skirt that complemented the top. She was dressed for the hunt. It was then, through the blaring music and flashing lights, that she saw him standing farther down the bar, swigging beer from a bottle.

He was of average height but his body was powerfully built like that of a man who worked out with weights. Strong arms, wide shoulders and a broad chest that then tapered down to a narrow waist before opening again to hips and legs that rippled with muscle. There appeared to be not even a hint of hair on his deeply tanned body. The tight T-shirt and khaki shorts that he wore accented his build. This man was cut and knew it.

She shot down the remainder of her drink and made her way to where he congregated with his friends by the bar. She excused herself and squeezed beside him, appearing in every way to only be trying to get the bartender’s attention.

As her body made contact with his in the tight quarters, she raised her eyes to meet his. She looked seductively at him and, without a word, conveyed to him that she was his if he wanted her.

He offered to buy her a drink and she accepted. For her, the time that then passed drinking and making small talk was only the necessary passage to what she prayed would be a night for both of them to long remember. He seemed to fit exactly what she needed, a brute, a Neanderthal who would conquer her given the chance.

Finally, she suggested they go back to her suite for a nightcap. Without hesitation, he accepted and they quickly moved to her quarters. Upon entering and closing the door, they moved to the drawing room and he wasted no time. He swept her into his arms and kissed her.

She was engulfed by his arms and torso and felt a warmth and security from his embrace. For a man with such a potent body, his lips were surprisingly soft. Her mouth opened to accept his tongue and, with a growing passion, they stood kissing as their tongues played and their bodies pressed tightly against each other.

His lips left hers and moved to her neck, nibbling and licking up and down from its base to her ears. A wave of chills washed down her body as his tongue flicked at her, leaving wet traces of his saliva as it moved. Her legs began to weaken but his strong embrace kept her pinned to him as he lavished soft kisses at sensitive spots she never knew existed.

Finally, they separated and his eyes met hers before moving canlı bahis down her body and back up again. Their eyes again locked, chests bursting with heavy breathing, and his hands moved to undress her but, rather than unbutton her top, he grasped the top of her blouse and slowly began to tear open its front. With each sound of a button popping from its support, she began to quiver in anticipation of being bared before her conqueror.

As the last button dropped, he pulled the blouse from her shoulders and threw it to the floor. She stood before him, naked from the waist up, her remarkable nipples standing at attention.

He grinned and dropped his head to her chest. His lips completely encircled a breast, small as it was, and sucked it into his mouth where his tongue flattened and began to bathe the entirety before moving its tip to her nipple.

Her eyes closed and she caressed his head as she let the pleasure move through her. The tip of his tongue teased her, moving around the large, swollen aureole before finding its long extension and lightly dabbing its sides and end. He moved to the other breast and granted it the same loving treatment.

He then moved his lips from her entire breast to the nipple itself and sucked hard on it, pulling it deep into his mouth. She whimpered as pure delight coursed along the avenue from her nipple to her loins. He knew just how hard to suck, taking her to the brink of pain before releasing her ever so slightly to enjoy only pleasure.

He seemed fascinated with her small little mounds and, as they stood there, lingered over them, moving from one to the other, varying between licking and sucking. She felt herself getting wet and ached to move on.

She pulled back and began to remove his clothing. She pulled the T-shirt over his head revealing his well-muscled chest, the skin smooth and taut. Her fingers unzipped his shorts and lowered them to the floor. He now stood before her in all his manly glory.

God, what a beautiful body this man had. He was completely hairless, even around his organ. The deep tan contained no lines. He was a Greek Adonis, standing poised to compete.

She lowered herself to her knees and came face to face with his manhood. It was an appendage that belonged on this body. Not great in length, but broad and powerful in its erect state with a huge, mushroom head partially concealed by foreskin. Veins popped up here and there along the shaft before resuming their journey within its depths.

She had never encountered an uncircumcised penis before and relished the opportunity to devour this one. Her tiny fingers grasped the thick shaft as best they could and pulled down. The foreskin stretched to slide over the engorged head before wrapping itself around the soft, sensitive ridge that flexed in anticipation of her touch. She pulled farther until the skin was stretched as tight as possible.

His hand grasped her at the back of her head, his fingers enmeshed firmly in her short hair. He urged her mouth toward his cock and she submitted willingly. She opened her lips as wide as she could to allow the large cockhead to enter her mouth. She felt it slide over her lips and onto her tongue and this stimulation caused it to grow even larger once encased in her warm, wet sheath. It was massive and too immediately her mouth began to fill as she locked her lips tight before allowing them to slide down further past the head and onto his shaft.

She sighed to herself in contentment as, for a moment, she savored her lot. Her needs and desires were being fulfilled as she knelt before this mountain of a man, using her mouth and tongue to make love to his bulky erection. As her lips moved enticingly over the head of his cock and down his shaft, she allowed her hands to delicately roam over his body. She took delight in the feel of his velvety skin and the rock-hard muscles that lay beneath as her fingertips moved over his buttocks, thighs, and hips, before arriving at his chest and abdomen.

As one hand slowly caressed his chest and belly, the other moved to cradle his testicles. Gently, she took them in her fingertips and felt his sac immediately react as it constricted back toward his scrotum. She lightly scraped her fingernails along the taut skin, teasing him with her sensuous touch.

Her mouth full of cock, her lips stretched around the bulk of his shaft, she raised her eyes to look into those of the deity that towered over her. He peered back at her with lust. Her eyes told him that he could have his way with her, however he wished.

He moved his hands to each side of her head, taking total charge of her movement. bahis siteleri With controlled deliberation at first, he began to move her head back and forth, watching as his swollen member disappeared deep into her mouth and then reappeared, getting wetter with each withdrawal. She felt the head travel over her tongue, scraping along the roof of her mouth until it reached her throat, only to be pulled back to her lips, which stretched as wide as they could to accommodate him.

He began to increase his pace, now holding her head firmly in his hands while he moved his hips, injecting his cock into her mouth with steady, aggressive thrusts. She could taste the first traces of his fluids as they seeped from his opening and mixed with her saliva before overflowing her mouth and running over her lips and chin onto her thighs. She grasped his buttocks with both hands to steady herself against the onslaught of power and need.

He commanded her to fondle herself and she obeyed. Her hands moved to her breasts and squeezed them tight as he continued to work his cock in and out her mouth. Her fingers found those magnificent nipples, the source of so much pleasure, and teased them, pulled them, twisted them, finding any way she could find to further arouse them.

Her genitals burned. They ached to be violated by him. She moved her right hand between her legs and began to slide a finger along her opening. Her insides gushed in wetness as she slid the thin, little finger between her lips and, pressing harder, along her clit. Her hands worked in unison, one on her breast and nipple, the other at her steaming gap, rousing the long-lost climb toward orgasm that she had not taken in ages.

Senses ruptured with pleasure as her finger worked frantically between her legs. The orgasm hit her with a rush, rippling through her body and causing her to weaken in submission. But his arms and hands held her head true as he relinquished for not a moment the thrusting of his cock into the wet pools of saliva in her mouth.

As she withered even more, he pulled himself from her mouth. His cock was drenched in their fluids and a clear, rubbery strand lazily dripped from the opening before dropping to her thighs. He lifted her by the shoulders until she was standing before him and, in one swift motion, lifted her skirt until it gathered around her hips before reaching around the to grasp her by her small, firm buttocks.

His meaty fingers glued themselves to her and, with ease, he raised her from the floor until her hips were poised over his hardness. The erect knob aimed itself from his groin toward her opening. The head swelled and throbbed as it anticipated her moist insides. By instinct, her hands grabbed his bulging biceps while her calves came to rest on his hips.

She quivered as she anxiously awaited what would follow. She was struck with the contrast of her lily-white skin against his bronzed body as he stood like some Rodin-like statue planted on the floor. His arms flexed as he held her there, poised for penetration. She drank in the brutal strength that he exerted over her and it enflamed her even more.

Slowly, he began to lower her hips as his fingers pried open the damp slit between her legs. As his cockhead made its first contact with her, heat radiated from its tip through her opening before spreading up the walls of her vagina and through her abdomen. She felt her tiny little lips part and embrace him and allowed herself to melt onto him as he began to burrow his cock into her waiting nest.

She felt virginal again. Though dripping with her natural fluids, her narrow opening and passage yielded only slightly to the colossal cockhead onto which he was lowering her. She dropped her eyes for a moment to watch as it forced her tender lips to stretch until they turned from pink to white with strained effort.

Her breath came in short gasps as the hardness began to fill her. She whimpered as the stretched lips began to loosen and her flow oiled his manhood as inch by inch he pursued the penetration they both so desired.

Again he flexed his powerful arms, raising her until just the tip of his cock grazed her opening, before lowering her with determination. She was at his mercy and with one final effort she sank onto his organ until the soft mounds at the base of her ass came to rest on the top of his thighs.

He held her there as the soft, wet tissue within her accustomed itself to his girth. Finally, he slid one hand over her buttocks until they rested entirely within the grip of his palm and fingers. The other hand slid up her back and pulled her to him until her chest flattened against bahis şirketleri his and her head nestled into the crook of his neck. Her legs locked behind his back. The two of them were one as they prepared themselves for the carnal deed ahead.

His hands began to move her body on his in a slow, sensual rocking as his hips recreated the same motion. She panted in pleasure, moaning her submission in his ear, as she felt him ply his way inside her. The feel of his smooth, muscled body against hers increased her passion even more.

He further pressed her genitals onto his abdomen and his cock sank even deeper into her depths. Now increasing the pace of his motion, the engorged manhood circled and probed inside her as her clit rubbed against where the base of his cock joined his belly.

She felt the sensations of pleasure wash over her and, as best she could, joined him in the sensuous dance they were creating. She allowed him to manipulate her at his will and he brought her once again to the peak of sexual bliss as another orgasm coursed through her body.

Her head fell back, eyes squeezed tight, and the sounds of mournful wailing announced her arrival at the mountaintop of pleasure as she locked on to him with all the strength she could muster. His fingers moved up her back, raising her head until his lips could find hers. His tongue slid into her mouth and moved along hers as her body convulsed against him.

As she began her descent, he remained inside her, his cock still thick and throbbing, as slowly he carried her toward a sofa in the room. Still standing, he laid her on her back on the wide, padded arm and raised her legs until they came to rest on his chest.

She was still in the final moments of her orgasm, her head still spinning in bliss. Nonetheless, the muscular giant above her spread her legs and began his final assault on her womanhood. His cock repeatedly sank into her depths as his hips launched into a rhythm of thrust and withdrawal.

Her head lolled from side to side, moaning, all control lost as he filled her. Her nipples were swollen and ached for stimulation and she raised her fingers to them, squeezing and twisting the long, delicate teats as tightly as she could. She forced her eyes to open and find his face. The look she found was not one of romance, or even passion, but more removed. He had become a creature whose only yearning was, at this moment, to take her as harshly as he could.

She knew not where the words came from as she screamed at him to fuck her, begging him to give her his cock harder and faster. His hips worked like a machine, his cock plunging in and out of her like a piston, toiling with energy that was endless. Each plunge was met by her with equal need as she threw her hips at him. The sounds of skin slapping skin filled the room.

She felt him swell inside her, his breathing came labored, and she knew he was close to his release. She pleaded with him to let her taste his seed. He pulled from her and moved to the side of the sofa, one hand cradling her head as it turned to him, then fed his soaked organ into her mouth.

Her lips locked onto and slid down the shaft as his cockhead journeyed toward her throat. She felt contractions within his shaft as she sucked on it and the first discharge of semen shot forcefully into the back of her mouth. His hand took the shaft at its base and began to pump torrents of cum into the recesses of her wet orifice. The bitter, salty taste of him washed over her taste buds as his load sprayed a coating over her cheeks, tongue, and teeth.

She released her lips and gulped down the first salvo, feeling it seep down her throat to her stomach. He kept pumping, and the first load was soon replaced by a next even more potent one. Eagerly, she renewed her efforts to contain his emission.

Signs of white, creamy cum began to appear on her lips and at the sides of her mouth. It overflowed and began to sneak in rivulets down her chin and cheek, onto her neck, finally coming to rest on his hand and the arm of the sofa.

He thrust into her mouth one last time, his cock at the entrance to her throat, and her lips tried to milk the last dregs of sperm from him. Her tongue slid over his shaft, now drenched in his cum, gathering drops here and there. Her lips wrapped tight around him and traveled one last slippery journey up his staff before she took a final swallow.

His hand clenched her tightly as his cock began to shrink in her mouth. The only sound that remained was their breathing as it began to slow and recuperate from the ardent lovemaking they had just endured.

She closed her eyes and relished the thought that the night was still young. She had already begun to allow herself to ponder the possibilities of what lay ahead for them. And, with a sigh, she was satisfied that her vacation goal had been met.

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