Vegas Night Ch. 2

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Female Ejaculation

After our second wild night of sex, Sandy and I agreed to cancel our other arrangements, dump one rental car and spend the rest of our holiday together. We agreed an itinerary but that it was not to be cast in stone – if we were having real fun (by which we meant ‘fun’ in the enjoying oneself sense and ‘fun’ in the having sex sense!) we’d stay wherever we were until we had the urge to move on.

After breakfast, we ditched Sandy’s car and set off for the long drive up to and through Death Valley, up over the Sierras to Lone Pine and on up to Yosemite where I had booked a cabin. It was early March, warm in Vegas and still snow up in Yosemite but I had been assured the roads were passable and that there were no problems.

I drove and we had not gone far before Sandy’s hand found my zip, eased it down slowly and reached inside to free my hard, throbbing, cock.

“Hmm,” she whispered approvingly, “Don’t need to do any work on him, do I? Solid as a rock. Who’s got a huge hard-on then?” she teased. “Does Max want Sandy to play with his rod? Does he want her to make it all cross so it spits out all that lovely, sticky, white cum?”

“You bloody know I do,” I growled.

“Temper, temper,” she laughed. “Sandy won’t play if Max gets cross.” She let go of me and ferreted in her purse for a second or two. “Well, think you’ll like this. Sandy’s feeling generous and horny as hell.”

I felt her hand lightly grip my throbbing tool but this time it was moist and greasy. The trip into the purse had been to grease her hand with, well, I didn’t know what but it sure felt fantastic. She kept me going for mile after mile,– bringing me close to shooting my load then changing the movement of her fingers so that I didn’t. My jeans were soaked with pre-cum that had dribbled down my rod and through her fingers. We were on the way down into Death Valley by the time I bellowed, “For God’s sake, Sandy, let me come this time! I can’t take any more.”

She let go of me and I thought, “Hell, the bitch is going to leave it at that!” I was wrong. She looked at me and smiled.

“Didn’t think I was going to waste it, did you? Let it go into a tissue and throw it in the next trashcan we come across.” She stretched across the car and I felt her lips close round my glans, her tongue gently caressing it, searching for the spot that would make me come within seconds of her finding it. It was seconds as I exploded into her mouth and felt her gulp it all down. She sucked my clean and dry, eased me back into my pants and slid the zip up.

She sat up and laughed. “There, I’ve had lunch! What are you going to have for your lunch?”

“I’ll think of something,” I joked. “You’ll have to wait and see what.”

She reclined the seat, leant back and closed her eyes. Her legs were slightly apart and her already short skirt had ridden up so that if I leant forward I could see her enticing, scanty, white silk lace G-string. My hand reached over – no preliminaries, straight to the white lace shadowed by the wisps of black curls beneath. The lace was warm and sodden and, as my fingers touched the cloth, so was her skirt. I looked round at her: her eyes stayed tightly closed but her lips parted in a welcoming, contented, smile.

She took a deep breath, her delicious breasts rose, threatening to burst free from her skimpy bra and the tight T-shirt, and exhaled very slowly, a barely audible, “Hmm, Sandy likes that, she likes it a lot! Think you can finger my clit all the way casino şirketleri to Yosemite? Hope so!” Her smile widened and her eyes met mine, diluted funereal pupils half-arising from closed eyes and half from eagerly anticipating my fingers finding her clit. “Maybe if you’re good, I’ll let you kiss it, my clit I mean, when we get inside the cabin,” she teased. “Would you enjoy that?” Her eyes closed and she tossed her head back and forth until it settled in a comfortable position. “OK maestro, get to work on my crotch, pleeeeeeeeze!”

I inched the lace aside and quickly found her firm, succulent, little pink clit. As my fingers gently toyed with it, her hips gently gyrated and her legs parted wide. Soft moans fell from her lightly closed lips, spread into a contented smile. I slowly eased a finger into her cunt, it slid in so easily, almost as if she had sucked it in. For the next few miles, I gently eased it in and out, increasing the pace but to no more than a rhythmic “in – out – in – out.”

She arched her back slightly and eased her arse forward on the seat. “Sandy want two fingers up her cunt, pleeeeeeeze. Sandy want to feel it stretched. Just one, too small for Sandy’s pussy! Me want more!”

Always happy to oblige a lady, I slipped another finger into her warm, wet, inviting hole wishing it was my hard cock, which was desperately trying to fight itself out of my jeans. The miles passed, Sandy’s breathing became deep and slow, she made constant “Mmm” sounds and her hips pumped up and down on my fingers.

“Try three fingers,” she whispered and paused as a slow sigh gushed from her lips. “After a while, try four and a while after that, well, try your whole fucking hand! Sandy’s as horny as hell and her cunt is desperate for a really good seeing to. Finger fuck me crazy!”

More miles passed and we had crossed Death Valley and begun the climb up the Sierras heading for Lone Pine by the time I tried to get my whole hand inside her. I managed four fingers but couldn’t squeeze my thumb in.

“Hmm,” she growled disapprovingly. “Not as big down there as I thought! Either that or your hands are enormous! Still, it’s v-e-r-y, v—e—r—y, nice! I can take that for the rest of the day!”

I continued slipping my hand in and out of her delicious hole, wishing I could lap up the warm juices streaming from it. But habitation, Lone Pine, approached. “Think I’d better stop, Sandy. We’re at Lone Pine and someone is going to see what we’re, what I’m doing!”

“Shit,” she yelled. “I was really enjoying that! Still, guess you could do with a rest from driving and we should both eat something, other than each other that is!” She laughed. “Gonna eat your cock plenty later! You wait and see!” Gonna suck it dry!”

We parked the car, found a restaurant and had a quick hamburger and wandered down the street to a clothing store where we each bought ourselves a Stetson and a bright, multi-coloured, Native-American design, shirt. As we came out, Sandy joked, “When we get to Yosemite, I’m going to parade around the cabin wearing just the Stetson, shirt and my silk G-string. I’m going to raise up the shirt with a belt so that the G-string just shows enough for you to see it and my neat black pubes underneath it. Think you’ll enjoy that? Sure you will,” she laughed as her hand darted to my crotch. “Hell, you’ve got a hard-on yet again! Doesn’t it ever go soft? You’re a randy so-and-so Max, that’s for sure! Always read and willing, eh?”

“That’s casino firmalari me,” I teased. “Like to keep the ladies happy!”

We set off again, this time with Sandy at the wheel. She said she didn’t feel confident enough to play with my cock as she drove but that I was welcome to play with her and I resumed finger-fucking her with relish. As we neared Yosemite, the temperature dropped and although the road was clear, it was bordered by massive piles of snow. We found the booking office, signed in and collected the keys to the cabin that was to be our home for the next couple of days. It was set amongst the trees and the thing that hit us both as we walked hand in hand to the door was the silence — no bright lights, no clanking gambling machines, no Vegas!

As soon as we got in, Sandy threw her suitcase down, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor and said, “Well, I feel grubby. Before I do anything, I’m going to have a shower.” She paused and looked at me quizzically, “Join me if you like. You can scrub my back!”

Not one to turn down such an invitation, as she disappeared into the bathroom and having dispensed with my jeans, I was in hot pursuit.

By the time I arrived, Sandy was sitting on the loo, her legs spread wide apart. “Gotta have a piss,” she said calmly without any hint of embarrassment. She grinned. “Come here, stand there facing me, as close as you can get. Can you pee?”

“Think so,” I muttered, “Seeing you there, the shower running, made me feel like a piss.”

“Good,” she beamed. “Now, let me hold it. Pleeeeeeeze!”

I felt her fingers gently close around my hardening cock. “Not sure this is going to work, Sandy,” I moaned. “You’re giving me a hard-on.”

“Oh, shut up,” she snapped. “Stop thinking about sex for once in your life and think about having a piss!” I relaxed and began a trickle of yellow liquid, which she guided down between her legs to mix with the stream gushing from her pussy. “Mmm,” she mumbled approvingly, “Mine’s mixing with yours, nice. Come on, I’m sure you can do better.” I released all tension and a thick column of yellow sprayed downwards. As it did so, she gently raised my cock, first her tight little black curls were engulfed, then her navel and then her breast. “Come on Max, force it out, spurt it on my hard nipple, make me feel the pressure!” I did my best and saw splashes spatter her face and up into her hair before the torrent stopped. Another “Mmm” passed her lips and she made to get up. She kissed me lightly and whispered, “Sandy’s a very dirty little girl, she’s covered in Max’s piss, it’s all over her. Max got to be a good boy now and get in the shower with her and wash her clean. He’s got to pay special attention to her pussy ‘cos she’s just had a piss and she wants him to taste her juices, not her piss.” She skipped over to the shower and I followed her in, taking my time in soaping and massaging her tits and gently and slowly working down to her pussy before turning her to wash her back and work my way into her arse-crack. Then I turned her again, knelt on the shower floor and set to work on her cunt. I could feel her hips gyrate, Sandy was getting very excited! Suddenly the stream of water stopped, she had turned off the shower but what next? I didn’t have to wait as yellow liquid poured from her pussy and cascaded all over me.

“Oh dear,” she giggled. “Now Max is a very dirty boy, he’s got Sandy’s piss all over him. Sandy will have to wash him clean. güvenilir casino Sandy wants to lick him all over later and she wants to taste him, not her piss. Come on, stand up and let Sandy wash you.”

I stood up and she soaped me all over, caressing me, occasionally giving me little kisses and pausing long enough to expertly bring me almost, but not quite, to coming. She stopped. “OK, enough play for now,” she said summarily. “Let’s get dried and have something to eat. We’re both as horny as hell but making ourselves wait will make us all the more desperate when we get to the real action!”

After we’d eaten, she said she was going into the bedroom, I should wait a minute or two and then follow her. As I walked into the bedroom, the view blew my mind! Facing me was Sandy’s arse — she was on her hands and knees on the bed.

“Hope you’re hard, if not get yourself hard then come up behind me, shove your cock up my cunt, lean forward and grab my tits, squeeze my nipples and bite my neck. You can ram your cock into me as hard as you like — however hard you do it, it won’t be hard enough!” An orgy of frenzy began — my hips pumped backwards and forwards, thumping into her normally tight, firm, arse as it wobbled frantically as my cock pounded into her warm, wet, succulent, cunt. Firm tits became wobbling jello, bouncing dementedly, trying to free themselves from my grip. My grip had become so tight that at times I was scared I would pull her nipples off. “More” she yelled. “Ram it in harder. Squeeze my tits really hard. Bite me till I scream! Fuck the living daylights out of me!”

Our movements had become furious that I had no choice but to tighten my grip on her tits and teeth on her neck to avoid being thrown across the room. After what seemed an eternity of sheer, unadulterated, violent ecstasy, I bawled with clear disappointment in my voice, “I can’t hold out much longer, Sandy, I’m going to come. Way it feels my cum will blast right through you and end up coming out your mouth!”

“Mmm, just a minute more,” she moaned and through all the frenzy I felt her tighten her cunt muscles. “OK,” she bellowed, “Nnnooowww.” I felt my cum pounding into her — thump, thump, thump! “Yes, yes, yes,” Sandy bawled, “Ooohhh, yes.”

We disengaged and she rolled over onto her back, lying there with her legs apart and a huge grin parting her lips.

“OK,” she sighed contentedly. “You’ve been playing with my cunt one way or the other almost since we left Vegas this morning and right now Sandy is a very, very, happy and contented girl. Think we could do with some sleep, don’t you?” She saw my look of disappointment — I wanted more.

“Oh, don’t look like that,” she teased. “We’ve another night here, plenty of time for more of the same — or even better, something different! Come here and get under the covers with me. I’ll lay with my back to you, by arse pressed into you and my knees separated by a pillow. That way, if you get a hard-on it will slide neatly to press against my pussy. You never know, if that happens and wakes me, I might slip it up my cunt and have you wake up and realise you weren’t dreaming you were fucking me, you really were fucking me! You should know me well enough by now to realise I won’t be able to resist shoving your hard-on up my cunt.” She paused and laughed. “And I know you well enough to know there is no way you’ll get through the night without getting a nice stiffy for me to play with!”

So, we snuggled down together, me with my arms tightly round her, her arse pressed against me and, yes, my hard cock firmly planted between her legs feeling it pushing against her warm, wet, inviting pussy.

What happened next? Well readers, don’t be greedy! That’s another story!

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