Walk In The Woods

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we are walking in the woods

it’s a warm, sticky day

and we trek deeper and deeper into the woods

i tell you how warm i am

how i’m getting sweaty

i peel off my bra first

freeing my tits

i know you are watching them sway

and press against my white tank top

you can see the dark areolas

as the sweat pours between my tits

getting the shirt wetter and wetter

then i roll down the waistband of my shorts, exposing my belly

showing you the top of my thong

and we continue walking

i’m letting my ass swing from side to side, knowing that you are mesmorized

finally, you can’t resist

and back me up to a tree

and tell me what a terrible tease i am

you take both of my hands into one of yours

and hold them against the tree, over my head

restraining me

i’m breathing hard from walking

my tits are heaving

the front of my top is soaked

my belly is glistening

and i’m so hot that you can almost smell illegal bahis my pussy

you lean down and start to nuzzle my neck

and ears

making me moan

i thrust my tits toward you, begging for attention

and you start to bite them through the material

with your free hand, you undo my shorts

and i kick them off

i’m captive against the tree in a thong and tank top

hot and sweaty

you lick my body with bites along the way

my knees start to buckle

then you take off your shirt

and undo your fly

“suck it” you tell me

“take my cock into your mouth”

you push into my mouth, as i wrap my lips around you

my tongue lashing up and down the length of your shaft

trying to take all of you into my mouth

you pull out and run your cock all over my face and neck

and then back into my mouth

i’m groaning around your cock

you know how much i want you to treat me like this

i can feel the head of your cock mushrooming in my illegal bahis siteleri mouth

i want it between my tits

you rip off my top

and lay down on the ground

“sit on me”

“i want to feel my cock in your cunt”

all at once, one deep plunge

i let out a long moan

as your cock presses deeper and deeper into me

my tits start to wag as i ride you

feeling your balls press against my ass

i pull apart the lips of my cunt

and press my clit into your belly

we are both dripping with sweat as we fuck

“turn around” you tell me

and i swivel on your cock

my back to you know, i feel you playing with the cheeks of my ass with your hands

one thumb working in the crack

as i get more and more worked up

i lean back onto your thumb

so you know i want more

you start massaging my asshole

as my moans grow louder and louder

your cock is huge in me, as your thumb invades me from behind

i’m almost screaming

i canlı bahis siteleri want to come so badly, but it’s too soon

you tell me to stand up

and bend over and support myself on the tree

my pussy is throbbing

my ass is throbbing

i need to feel you inside of me

first it’s your tongue that i feel

on my ass

then your finger

then your cock

“you want this don’t you?” you say to me

i groan, yes, i do

“tell me what you want, babe, what do you want me to do to you?”

fuck me

please, fuck me


in my ass, i need to feel your cock in my ass

“mmm, good girl”

and you start to work the head of your cock into me

i’m screaming as you take me deeper and deeper

you reach around, and start rubbing my clit, while you are pounding away at me

you push a couple of fingers into my pussy, as you continue to fuck me

i beg you to cum

and i beg you to let me cum

first you let me cum

as you hold me up

i’m spasming around your fingers and cock


as you still pound

just as you stiffen to cum

you pull out of my ass

and release your load all over my back

we get dressed

and continue our walk

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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