Was It The “Wrong” Number? Ch. 14

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Friday, July 31st, 1992, 8:00 A.M.

I walked out of the house to load the last of my stuff to my truck. It consisted of some hang-up clothes and a pair of shoes. I turned to see that Mom followed me out of the house. She smiled broadly before she took me in her arms.

“I’m so proud of you,” she said.

“Thanks, Mom,” I replied as I rubbed my hands up and down her back. She was dressed for work and arranged for another nurse to stay late so she could see me off. They were still very shorthanded and despite her desire to help move me in at school, she couldn’t. I pulled away slightly so we could look at one another.

“Your Dad would have been so proud of you, as well. He was the first of his family to attend college and it would have meant a lot to him,” she smiled. I could see the tears beginning to form in her eyes. She reached up to wipe them away. “You know, this would have been hard enough without everything else that’s happened this summer.”

“I know Mom, I feel the same way. I’m just glad that you’re not going to be alone now. You have a family now,” I said.

“Yes, I do and I’m going to need them more than I care to admit,” she added. “You should probably get going. Brenda has to work again tonight, and I can’t keep her waiting on me.”

“I understand, Mom,” I said. “I’ll call you tonight. I love you.”

“I love you, too, Bradley,” she replied. She hugged me tightly. Without thinking that one of neighbors might see, I kissed her. Initially, she tensed but soon she relaxed and kissed me back with equal passion. We finally parted and she glanced around.

“You’re going to have to work on your discretion, Bradley,” she smiled.

“I’ll try,” I said.

“You’re going to find that easier said than done,” she said.

“That’s true,” I smiled.

“Get going,” she said, as she caressed my cheek.

“I’m going,” I said. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” she replied. She turned and I watched her get in her Honda. After a brief wave, she backed out and headed to the hospital. I got in my truck and headed in the other direction, towards school and the start of a new phase of my life.

I merged on to the northbound lanes of the interstate. Kami and Carly were already living in our house just off campus. I’d stayed another week to help Lloyd out at the meat market since he was shorthanded as well. I owed him, as he’d arranged a job for me with an old friend of his that owned a market close to campus. It was perfect, as it paid a little better, and I could walk to work.

As I drove, I thought about the night before. Mom and I went out to dinner and then returned home for the most passionate love making we’d shared together. It was amazing. There was absolutely no talk of me leaving, as I would be only 75 minutes away. I knew that we’d be home on weekends fairly often, as Kami’s soccer schedule allowed.

I also knew I was not the only one in her life anymore. Mom went to “see” Angie and Richard a few nights a week, and I was certain Jackie was involved as well. After her talk with me about respecting her privacy, I took it to heart. I realized she was right about everything and I was just being a jealous, little shit. I certainly was not in any position to be policing anyone’s activities. I’d just enjoy the moments I could with her.

My mind soon wandered to what was waiting for me when I made it to school. A quick phone call with Kami and Carly the previous afternoon indicated that they were missing me and that I should plan on a quiet weekend with the two of them. I smiled at that thought. A quiet weekend, yeah right. I continued to smile as I drove thinking about the fact I was madly in love with two beautiful girls and they wanted it that way.

The previous three weeks had been a whirlwind as I’d been working as many hours as I could in addition to my other “activities”. I’d accompanied Kami for her tryout at State on July 17th. Carly took a two-week trip to Europe with her Dad and Jenn, so it was just the two of us. I could tell Kami was anxious and I tried to reassure her. As we drove, she told me that she’d never really tried out for a team before as she was always so much better than the other girls. Additionally, she hated that Carly was gone as she’d always been her biggest cheerleader.

“You have two now,” I reminded her with a smile.

“I know that,” she said, playfully slapping my arm. “It’s just that she was always there in the past for the big moments and she’s not now. I know you’re here, but I need both of you now. It can’t just be one or the other. Can you understand that?”

“Yeah, of course I do,” I said. “The things that have gone on this summer, I could never have imagined, but now that they’ve happened, I can’t think of not having you both with me forever.”

She smiled brightly. “That makes me happier than you can imagine. We just need to get her home with us.”

“We will baby, just a few more days,” I said.

The tryout turned out to be nothing more that the coach apologizing that she hadn’t recruited Kami harder in high school. As she explained, she didn’t think Kami wanted Girne Escort to play for a university with a practically brand-new program. Coach Andrews stated flatly that Kami needed to be there the 27th for the first practice. As I was growing accustomed to with her, Kami played it cool and said she’d be there. On the drive home, she let her emotions show.

“This is great,” she exclaimed. “We’re going to play in a new stadium this year. I’m going to get to play against the best girls in the country. I can’t believe she just wanted me to show up for practice!”

“Whatever, she’s been following you. She knows how good you are. You’re good enough to play wherever you want,” I replied. My arm was wrapped around her as we drove, and I leaned over to kiss her forehead.

“Whatever, yourself. You don’t even understand the game,” she laughed.

“I’m trying to learn,” I smiled. “It’s just like hockey except you play on grass instead of ice.”

“Uh huh,” she rolled her eyes.

“I said I’m trying,” I laughed. “You knew you were good enough.”

“You’re so under my spell you wouldn’t tell me the truth either way,” she smiled devilishly.

“Well, that might be true,” I said.

“That’s what I thought,” she said. She reached down in her lap and pulled her Umbro shorts to the side with her right hand. As usual, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I glanced hurriedly between the road and the quick glimpses I got of her wonderful looking pussy.

“At least I know I should never buy you underwear as a gift,” I said with a smile.

“I wouldn’t wear them,” she laughed. Her smile faded and her eyes closed in a sultry look. “These shorts feel amazing against me. The fabric glides back and forth when I’m running. Carly can tell you, I’m so fucking horny after practices or games.”

“I can’t wait to see this,” I said. I reached over and cupped her wet sex. I probed her gently with my middle finger and found her practically dripping already.

“Me either,” she said. I looked up just in time to see a rest area sign. I quickly pulled off and was surprised that it was mostly empty, with just a few long-haul truckers catching some rest in their sleepers. I parked and opened the truck door before reaching for Kami’s hand. In addition to her shorts she was wearing a white t-shirt along with her long, soccer socks and Adidas flip-flops. I looked at one of the picnic pavilions and noticed it offered some cover from prying eyes. I led her towards it and the minute we were somewhat secluded, she squatted in front of me and began unbuttoning my jean shorts.

“I love how you make things happen when you know we want you,” she said. She tugged at my shorts and they were soon around my ankles.

“I’m never going to make either of you wait for anything, baby,” I said.

“Good. I just hate that she’s not here,” she said.

“It’ll be okay, she’ll understand,” I said.

“Uh huh. I’m sure you two whore around with one another when I’m not around,” she said lustily. She grabbed my hardening cock and squeezed firmly.

“We have a few times,” I said with a smile.

“I knew it was going to be dangerous letting you two get together,” she smiled. “It gets me so hot to think about you two fucking.” She began sucking me forcefully. I looked down into her beautiful eyes as she worked my cock.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned, as she took me deep.

“Mmmmhmmm,” she moaned around my cock. Her mouth and hand moved quickly, driving me wild with desire for her. She knew exactly how to get me going. She pulled her t-shirt up and after a brief pause in her sucking me, it was off. She threw it on the bench next to me, before she swallowed my cock once more. I threw my head back in pleasure as she did.

I loved having her suck me, but I wanted her. I needed to have my mouth on her and devour her sweet treasures. I firmly pulled her to her feet and she dutifully knelt on the bench. She pulled her satiny shorts down and I knelt behind her. My tongue sought her wetness and slithered through her puffy lips, drawing her nectar out. My tongue continued upwards across her tiny pucker before I returned to the bottom. I circled around her sensitive clit and she moaned softly. I loved hearing her, and I readily feasted on her wetness.

As I’d gotten used to, it didn’t take long before she gushed against my face. She let out a barely restrained yell as it hit her. I gave her just a moment to catch her breath before I resumed my gentle assault on her clit.

“Mmmm, unnngghhh,” she groaned as her second orgasm hit her not even a minute after the first. “Fuck, baby. That’s so good!”

“Mmmmhmmm,” I moaned as my lips closed around her mound and my tongue ground harder on her love button. It wasn’t much longer before her tight frame convulsed once again. She wiggled away from me before tuning to face me.

“I want your fucking cock,” she growled and took my hands, pulling me to the bench where she’d been kneeling. I smiled at her before I sat down. She put her feet on either side of me. The bench was not very wide and I reached for her tight obliques as she squatted above my cock, knowing I’d Magosa Escort need to hold on to her. My cock entered her wetness in short order.

“Mmmm, that’s what I need,” she said.

“Me too, baby,” I agreed. She’d rode my cock pretty viciously before, but nothing like that day. The look in her eyes was that of crazed lustiness. She reached for a piece of metal framing to steady herself as she rode me. This allowed my hands to move to her tender breasts and I began slowly squeezing her nipples. My intensity increased as did the wildness in her eyes. It hardly seemed like anytime at all before she bathed my crotch with her wetness. Her mouth was agape, and she leaned her head back in sweet agony. My attention to her taut nipples resumed and her eyes focused on me once again.

“Fuck, I love you,” she gasped.

“I love you, too, Kami,” I agreed.

“You feel so fucking good inside me,” she said.

“Uh huh,” I agreed. I was fighting to keep going, but I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. She seemed to read the expression on my face and smiled devilishly. The tempo of her hips increased. I began to rub her nipples again, but she pushed my hands away.

“This is for you now. Give me all of your cum, baby,” she purred.

“Okay,” I said.

“Fill me up good,” she said as her hips slammed forcefully into my own. I grabbed her hips and tried to hang on for the ride. The crazed look on her face drove me wild and I could feel it happening.

“Oh, Kami,” I bellowed as I could feel myself cumming inside her.

“Mmmm, yeah,” she cooed. “Give it to me, Brad!”

“Oh, I am, god I am,” I groaned. Finally, I finished and I pulled her towards me. We kissed voraciously before we finally parted and looked at one another.

“That was nice,” she laughed.

“Hell yeah, it was,” I smiled.

“We should probably get going. What if some family wants to stop and eat lunch,” she giggled.

“Agreed,” I laughed. We quickly dressed and walked out of the pavilion. I saw a trucker walking his dog off the side of the path. I tried not to make eye contact with him, but I noticed him raise his arm slightly. I glanced at him and saw he was giving me a thumb-up sign. I looked up to see a tremendous grin on his bearded face. I told Kami when we reached the truck.

“That’s probably the most excitement he’s had all week,” she laughed.

“Probably,” I agreed.

“I bet he’d really gotten hot if he knew we were cousins,” she smiled.

“I bet he would,” I said as I took her in my arms and kissed her ravenously.

When I arrived at “our” house on the 31st, I saw Kami’s Porsche was gone, but Carly’s Volvo was parked in the driveway. I hopped out of my truck and walked to the front door. It was a typical close to college house that had probably been built in the 1950’s. I hadn’t seen it, but Jackie explained it had been recently remodeled and that she was sure to sell it for a profit after we’d graduated. The front door was locked, so I knocked. The door quickly opened, and I was surprised when Carly opened it completely naked.

“What are doing answering the door naked,” I asked.

“I saw you through the window,” she smiled. “I wouldn’t have answered if I hadn’t known it was you.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I said. I pushed the door closed and took her in my arms. We kissed tenderly.

“I’ve missed you,” she said.

“And I’ve missed you,” I said. “Kami is at practice, I’m guessing?”

“Yeah, she’ll be home around noon. They go back and run at 6,” Carly explained.

“That sounds like a great time,” I laughed.

“No, that sounds awful,” Carly smiled. She took my hand in hers. “Come on, I’ll show you our new home.”

“Okay,” I smiled. It was a three-bedroom house, but they’d already designated one as our bedroom, one would be their study room and the other would be mine. Their room was already fully decorated, while mine consisted of a new chair and desk and little else.

“This will work,” I said.

“I’m glad you agree,” Carly smiled. I pulled her towards me.

“How could I not,” I asked. “I’m living the most amazing dream. I can’t complain.”

“Good,” she smiled and our lips met once again. The tenderness soon passed and the fact we’d been apart for a week quickly overwhelmed us both. We kissed voraciously and I found myself pulling her towards the bedroom. We tumbled on the bed with her on top of me. She began pulling my t-shirt up.

“I was supposed to wait,” she giggled.

“It’s okay, we’ll rest. We have time,” I insisted. I pulled my shirt the rest of the way up before pulling Carly down on top of me. Her big breasts mashed against my chest as we continued kissing. I rolled her over on her back and moved down so I could suck her hard nipples. As always, that drove her wild. She moaned and held my head against her chest as I alternated between the two of them. I reached down and began pushing my shorts down. I got them off and I started to move down the bed so I could go down on her. When she realized what I was doing, her hands reached for my shoulders.

“I want you inside me,” she said.

“You don’t Kıbrıs Escort want me to..,” I started.

“I’ve got enough of that this week. I need your fucking cock,” she growled softly.

“As you wish,” I smiled. I finished taking off with my shoes and socks, before positioning myself above her. She reached to guide me it. I pierced her wetness and pushed forward until I felt resistance.

“Oh,” she groaned. “God, you feel so good.”

“So, do you,” I moaned as I withdrew and pushed back in, beginning to slowly fuck her.

“Mmmm,” she purred and reached for the backs of my arms. I looked down into her beautiful green eyes behind her glasses and smiled.

“What,” she asked.

“I just love you and love sharing this with you,” I replied.

“Me too,” she said. “We haven’t gotten enough time with just the two of us.”

“No, we haven’t,” I agreed.

“I want to share more so that you know that this isn’t just because of Kami, that I’m yours as well,” she said. “I want you to know that.”

“I know Carly,” I said. I caressed her cheek as I continued to slowly make love to her. “I love you, like I love her. You’re both so amazing and wonderful.” She smiled and pulled my face to hers. We kissed and she released my neck.

“That makes me so happy. I’m looking forward to our future,” she said.

“Me too,” I agreed. I increased my pace and I could feel the wetness flowing from her. The soft sounds of our coupling were apparent among our moans of pleasure. I leaned back on my heels and continued to stroke my cock in and out of her. I moved my right hand between us and after rubbing it in the thick nectar on her labia, I began massaging her clit. Her eyes went wide, before they closed as she focused on the more direct stimulation. I moved my thumb slowly and softly, trying to gradually build her up. She became insistent.

“Harder, baby,” she groaned. I rubbed harder and faster. She groaned louder. “Mmmmmmm!”

“Just tell me if you need more,” I panted.

“No, that’s right. Just keep going. OH! Oh, Brad,” she squealed and I watched as her eyes popped open and then closed again. I smiled to myself as I watched her, trying to imagine the intensity of the sensations she was feeling that could evoke that type of reaction. I stopped rubbing her briefly knowing that she might be overly sensitive, but her hand grabbed mine firmly. She simply nodded and I resumed rubbing her most intimate spot. Her hips began pushing off the bed to meet me.

“Mmmm, yeah,” she wailed. “Give me that cock.”

“Uh, huh,” I groaned as I increased the pace of my thrusts to meet her.

“Oh, fuck,” she groaned and I watched as she writhed in bliss once again. Her eyes were wide open behind her glasses and her face showed shock. I looked at her closely wondering if I should continue. She nodded hurriedly and I kept up with my actions. I knew I was going to be coming soon myself, but I wanted to try to prolong her pleasure as long as I could.

“Harder,” she groaned. Assuming she meant her clit, I rubbed it more firmly than I ever had. She threw her head back into the pillow on the bed and bellowed like I’d never heard before. Seeing her orgasm like that, I couldn’t hold on any longer. I thrust into her amazing wetness a few more times and felt myself explode.

“Oh, Carly,” I panted as I leaned back over her. I found I was sweaty from my exertion. She’d recovered and pulled me towards her. We kissed lustily in the afterglow of our lovemaking. Finally, I moved to her side and pulled her over so that she lay partially on top of me.

“That was a helluva start to the day,” I smiled.

“I agree,” she smiled. We laid there holding one another for a long while before either of us spoke. Finally, I did.

“You don’t think she’ll be upset that we started without her,” I asked with a smile.

“She’s always jealous. It’s part of her personality, if she’s not the main focus of attention, she gets jealous. She’s always been a Daddy’s girl. It stems from that,” Carly smiled. “But she’ll get over it. We’ll double team her until she’d slobbering and talking gibberish. It’ll be okay.”

“It’s that easy,” I asked with a laugh.

“You know how she is,” Carly laughed.

“Yes, I do. She likes to cum,” I said.

“As do we all,” she giggled. She turned serious and leaned up on her elbow. Her hand rubbed across my chest. “I know this has all been really casual and the three of us have sort of went along with it. I just want to know that you’re okay with it.”

“Of course, I am, why wouldn’t I be, honey,” I asked.

“Kami has been sure you were, but I’ve had these little doubts. I’ve just been wondering,” she said.

“Why,” I asked.

“Brad, I know we talked about this earlier, but I need to be sure. Kami has been my everything as far back as I can remember. My best friend, then my lover and so much more. We’ve always been so close to one another, and then you come along and then it’s like you’re all she can talk about. I feel threatened.” I started to say something, but she raised her hand. “Please let me finish. I want to make sure that I know how you feel about me independently of Kami. In my mind, I keep thinking you’re going to tell her someday that it needs to be just the two of you and I’ll have to take my chances with her decision.” I looked at her closely and I could see how puffy her eyes were. She was on the verge of tears for something that I hadn’t even remotely considered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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