We Shouldn’t Really Have Done That

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Ball Sucking

Roxie lay face down and naked on the bed, feeling Alan’s fingers tracing lazily along her spine, curving over the globes of her rather plump bottom and skating gently back to the nape of her neck. This was the first time she had been able to feel so relaxed and uninhibited with her new boyfriend, and that was because, for the first time since she had returned home from university in the summer, her parents were away for the night and there was no fear of them being interrupted.

By nature Roxie was a passionate and sometimes vocal lover, and having to remain mute and unenthusiastic for fear of her parents hearing her had put something of a dampener on proceedings until now. She wasn’t normally that shy, but somehow the thought of her parents listening to her urging her partner on as she made love had made her feel distinctly uncomfortable even at the ripe old age of twenty-two. Today she could do anything she wanted and respond in any way that her body chose, and it was an opportunity she intended taking full advantage of.

She rolled over and pulled him down to kiss her, one hand going around his neck to entangle itself in his long dark hair and the other reaching for his very hard circumcised cock. His hand transferred to her full breast, teasing her large nipple between finger and thumb, while she gripped his shaft and ran her thumb over the head of his weapon. She wanted him, wanted him right inside her, spewing his cum deep inside her pussy.

“Mmm, that feels good.” He breathed the words into her ear as her fingers ran along his shaft, making her smile against his hair.

“It’ll feel even better soon.” She reassured him. His hand gripped her breast harder, squeezing her nipple into a peak.

She kissed him again; lips mashed together, his tongue exploring her mouth, fencing with her own. She was sure she could feel her pussy opening like a flower, becoming wet and ready to take him in. She reached out with a leg, hooking his and drawing it between hers, clamping it tight and rubbing herself against him.

“Feel nice?” She asked, breathing the words as she slid herself back and forth on his thigh, her hand still wrapped around his shaft.

“God, yes.” He told her, pushing his thigh more firmly between her thighs.

“Do you want to fuck me?” In truth it was she who wanted him to fuck her.

“Always.” He replied, a catch in his voice revealing his need.

“Do it then.” She told him, squirming free and rolling onto her back.

Just for a moment Alan hesitated as if he wanted to play longer, but now Roxie was having none of it. Her languid approval had been replaced by urgent necessity. She would wait no longer and she pulled him on top of her, parting her legs to let him settle between them.

“Come on, do it to me. Fuck me. Stick it in me and fuck me hard.” Her obscenities spurred him into action, causing him to reach between them and guide himself into her pussy.

“Mmm, that feels good.” She repeated his words back to him as he slid all the way inside her. “I love having you inside me.”

“Are you going to make me cum?” Roxie often liked to talk during sex, especially during the early stages. She loved hearing herself or her partner describe what was happening or what was going to happen.

“Mmm.” Alan grunted his reply as he began to thrust slowly and forcefully into her.

“Tell me!” Roxie repeated her request. “Are you going to make me cum? I want to hear you say it.”

“Yes, you’re going to cum.” He grated into her ear. “I’m going to fuck you until you cum.”

“Are you going to cum? Are you going to fill me with your cream?”

“Of course I am.” Alan was beginning to thrust harder and faster, the words starting to work on him as well.

She locked her legs around his back, holding him too her, hindering his movements and silently cursing the fact, but unable to release him as the first signs of her orgasm began to build deep within her pelvis.

“Fuck me harder.” She demanded, laying the blame for his impeded thrusts at his door. “Come on, harder. Make me cum.”

He didn’t reply, only redoubled his efforts, raising her bottom from the bed as he pulled back against the embrace of her legs. He too could feel his climax building, his balls filling and tightening in preparation. He thrust harder, gasping at his own efforts as he plunged in and out of her wet pussy.

“Oh God, yes. Don’t stop.”

He had no intention of stopping, the pressure, that beautifully painful pressure within his balls was not to be denied and he teetered on the edge of his explosion. Her fingers made claws and bit into his back, the sudden pain incongruously adding to his pleasure.

“Are you cumming?” She asked him, looking for advance warning of his flood. “Tell me when you’re cumming.”

“Soon.” He gasped the single word as he plunged into her, the urgent brevity of his statement bringing her orgasm that bit closer.

She didn’t have long to wait. He drew back and groaned, and she knew what was happening even as he spoke.

“Now! I bursa escort gonna cum now.” His voice was full of pre-orgasmic tension.

His cock slammed back into her, gushing with the first of several long spurts of his semen, pushing deep so that she felt it splash against her cervix, the sensation finally triggering her own culmination. Her talons raked his back and she pushed up at him, trying to take him deeper even as she cried out in the wonderful agony of her climax.

“Yes, yes. I’m cumming.” She shouted the obvious into his ear, wanting a verbal response but getting only another deep groan as more cum flooded into her. She clung to him, regretting his wordlessness but still smiling inside that they had cum simultaneously, a rare but much treasured event.

Their orgasms rolled on until she was left shuddering and sweating with Alan collapsed panting on top of her, both spent, both shaking with aftershocks, but only one of them satisfied. Roxie wanted more. She had waited for a day like this when she and Alan, who she suspected could be an uninhibited, maybe even kinky, lover, would get the chance to satiate each other with a long unrestrained bout of wild sex. Now that day had arrived and she wanted as much as she could get.

He slipped from her, his slimy cock shrinking until it could stay within her no longer, and sprawled on his back. She felt empty, her pussy pulsing as if trying to grip his missing cock. God, how she wanted him in her, wanted to feel his cock up inside her again. She urgently wanted fucking at least once more, but she knew that even a young man like Alan, just two years younger than herself, needed a little time to recover.

She shuffled around, intending to take him in her mouth and suck the life back into it, but he shook his head, feebly pushing her away.

“Give me a minute.” He gasped. “I’m fucked.”

“No.” She corrected, grinning lasciviously at him. “I’m the one that gets fucked, and I want to be fucked again.” She could feel his cum trickling from her vagina and over her anus, cool, slippery and wet.

“Soon, Roxie, soon.” He smiled his consent. “Just let me get over that one.”

She snuggled close to him, kissing his cheek and running her hand over his chest.

“What do you want to do to me ‘soon’?” She whispered.

“I want to fuck you.” He told her, used to her need for talking dirty.

“How do you want to fuck me?” She wriggled against him, trying to hurry his arousal with her body contact. “Tell me.”

“Hard.” He whispered back. “I’m going to ram it into you as hard as I can.”

She groaned at his words. “How do you want me to be?”

“On your hands and knees.” He told her, seeking her submission.

“You’re going to do me doggy style, are you?” She gasped the words. “You want to have me with my bum in the air, showing you everything I’ve got?”

The thought got to her and she reached out her foot, dragging one of his legs between her thighs to rub herself against. She loved the idea of exposing herself to him as he positioned himself behind her. She ground her slippery wet pussy into his leg, feeling it slide back and forth over the muscles of his thigh, her need growing.

“God, I want you inside me now.” She told him, even though she knew it was still too soon.

“Fuck, Roxie, have a little patience.” He was still breathing deeply from his recent orgasm.

“Well, I need something up me.” She rolled back, opening her legs in invitation and looking regretfully at his still limp cock. “Finger me or something.”

He chuckled as he turned towards her. “You tart, can’t you get enough today?”

“Today?” She looked at him with one raised eyebrow and licked her lips. “Today I want anything and everything I can get. I’m so fucking horny you can do anything you like, but start by fingering me.”

He reached over, sliding his fingers through her dark curls and finding her wet slit.

“And how many fingers do you think you can take?” He asked playfully as he found her still gaping and spunk-sodden entrance.

“I told you.” Her reply was urgent and explicit. “Do whatever you want, so use as many as you like.”

For a second or two he considered pushing all of his fingers inside her, and indeed he momentarily played at her entrance with three, but in the end he settled for two, knowing that this would give him better penetration, and he slid his first two fingers into her passage with the others bent back out of the way. She sighed with pleasure and held tightly onto him.

His fingers were not the ideal answer, but they would keep her going – especially if he carried on flexing and bending them inside her as he was doing at that moment, she dug her fingers into his shoulder. God, but he was good, it felt as if he were making walking movements inside her, the fingertips rubbing and prodding at her passage walls rather than simply pushing in and out. She wasn’t ready to cum again yet, but she could quite easily see him bringing her off that way.

“That is so fucking nice.” bursa escort bayan She told him, adding. “I bet I’m still full of your cream, aren’t I?”

She found the idea of him dabbling in his own cum obscenely attractive.

“You’re sopping wet and running with it.” He told her, pushing in and out a little to create wet squelchy noises. She shivered from the implied kinkiness of the sound.

He bent forward and took her nipple into his mouth, nibbling at it with lip shielded teeth. Her arm went around his back, gripping tightly and pressing him down onto the mound of her breast. It felt nice having both her breast and her pussy played with at the same time. All she needed now was her clit to be touched as well and she knew that she’d be climbing the wall.

“Rub my clit, Alan.”

It was more of a demand than a request and so he withdrew his fingers to comply.

“No!” She almost shouted. “I meant as well, not instead of. I want both.”

He shuffled around a little, using the ball of his thumb to stimulate her clit, while sliding the two fingers back inside her, with the others, now straightened, sliding between her bum cheeks and along her crack. She moaned contentedly, bending her legs a little more to accommodate the new and strangely erotic sensation of his fingertips sliding back and forth over her anus as he fingered her vagina.

“That’s fucking lovely.” She told him, wriggling her bottom slightly to allow him more freedom. “Just keep doing that.”

“What’s fucking lovely?” He was using her own penchant for erotic talk against her.

“That is, what you’re doing.”

“What – that?” He wiggled his thumb on her clit.

“Yes, and the rest.”


She wasn’t thinking when she answered. “Yes, everything.”

“Including that?”

His finger bent slightly as it passed over her anus, pressing briefly against her sphincter as if to enter. Her eyes shot open with shock – shock both at what she thought he was about to do, and shock at her own instantly positive reaction. Nobody had ever touched her bum intentionally, and certainly nothing had ever entered her there, but even so the brief touch, the momentary trespass had made her catch her breath and sent her heartbeat soaring. But there was no way she could let him do that obscene, perverted, thing that he had teased her with. No way.

She giggled softly in his ear, trying to cover up her confusion while gently rejecting his advance.

“That would be a step too far, and that’s not on.”

“You can’t beat going the extra step, can you?”

His finger slid uneventfully up and over her anus, but then she felt him bend it slightly as he started the return journey back down her crack. She knew what was likely to happen and she was half attracted and half repelled by the idea. She waited to see how far he would take things, his finger seemingly taking forever to reach her bottom. This time his fingertip actually forced her sphincter open just a little before he withdrew it again and she gasped at the short-lived sensation.

“No don’t, Alan. That’s a bit too kinky.”

“Nice though, isn’t it” He spoke from around her nipple where his lapping tongue and gentle blowing was giving the little nubbin beautifully sensitive goose bumps.

“No!” It was a half truth. She hadn’t really enjoyed that momentary intrusion, didn’t think she’d even liked it, but she couldn’t be sure that she hadn’t. Part of her insisted that you just didn’t go there, just didn’t play with that particular part of the body, but another part of her mind wanted to see what it was like taken further, wondered what it would be like to have a finger playing inside that passage just like the fingers playing in her vagina. She wanted to reject it decisively, but somehow she just couldn’t.

“Liar.” His finger skated down her crack again, but this time made no attempt to invade her. A momentary disappointment ran through her, one that she firmly chased away.

His thumb rubbed at her clit, moving in time with the fingers that pushed into her vagina, the combination making her forget about Alan’s fleeting trespass into her bottom. She relaxed and let him carry on, moving one hand softly along the muscles of his back and resting the other on the top of his head, suckling still at her breast. She watched him sucking at her breast, feeling his teeth gently tugging at her nipple, raising her breast into a peak before releasing it and letting it bounce back onto her chest. She enjoyed the feeling of mild excitement it generated and smiled at the playful glint that she saw in his eye as he glanced at her. He was a good lover, a man who looked to his partner’s enjoyment as well as his own, and she felt safe in his hands. She could already feel the beginnings of another orgasm very slowly building. Another climax before he was ready to fuck her again was just what she needed, it would take the urgency from her arousal and let her properly and fully enjoy his second time.

“I thought you görükle escort liked trying things?” He asked her suddenly, releasing her nipple and looking directly at her.

“I do.” She answered. “Most things anyway.”

“So why did you stop me?” She knew what he meant.

“Because it’s perverted. It’s nasty, dirty. And in any case, I don’t like it.”

“Yeah, and the moon’s made of cheese and I believe everything you say.”

He made a slight movement and she suddenly realised that his fingertip was resting against her anus once again, as if awaiting permission.

“Don’t, Alan.” She didn’t want him there, but she sort of didn’t mind either – so long as he didn’t actually penetrate her.

He made no attempt to move his finger. It wasn’t an unpleasant sensation, having his fingertip touching her there, in fact it was actually quite nice, and so she just let it stay. If, she decided, he didn’t try to force an entry, she wouldn’t object any further. All she was really bothered about were his fingers in her pussy, moving slowly and sexily in and out, the thumb that still stimulated her clit, and the orgasm that she knew they would soon give her.

She pushed the awareness of his finger on her anus from her mind and let the sensations generated by his other fingers engulf her. God, they did feel good. He was still pushing them slowly in and out of her at the same time as he flexed and straightened them, the combination of sensations firing up her burgeoning orgasm. Instinctively she began to move with him, pushing up softly against his fingers thrusting into her vagina and the stroking of his thumb on her clit. She smiled, knowing that she would climax soon.

“That’s it.” She told him. “Finger my cunt and you’ll make me cum again.”

He didn’t answer, but instead her smiled enigmatically and lowered his mouth to her nipple once again, nibbling and tugging at it with gentle teeth.

“Yes!” She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, exhaling noisily as she urged him on. “Push your fingers right in, all the way. I love it when you do it hard.”

She felt his fingers push in deeper, still flexing into searching hooks that rubbed their tips against the roof of her tunnel.

“Oh my god, yes!” She pushed back harder, matching his thrusts with her counter thrusts. “For god’s sake don’t stop.”

He wasn’t going to stop; no way was he going to stop. She smiled happily, pulling his mouth harder onto her breast.

“Keep on like that and it won’t take long before I’m cumming again.”

And it didn’t take long. Soon the growing fire in her belly told her that her climax was imminent and she began pushing up even more forcefully, encouraging him to plunge into her vagina deeper and faster and to rub her clit harder. It was, she could tell, going to be a very powerful orgasm, one of the rare ones that took over her body and made her cry out helplessly in beautiful agony.

He moved his thumb from her clit, folding it under his palm to allow himself more scope to finger fuck her. She didn’t mind, the two fingers plunging in and out of her pussy and the third sliding back and forth over her anus were enough, more than enough, to bring her off. She pushed up further, lifting her bottom from the bed as she matched his movements.

“I’m going to cum!” She informed him, the words tumbling urgently from her mouth. “I’m fucking well going to cum!”

He pinched her nipple between his teeth and pushed into her with rapid fingers, pulling them right back and then slamming them hard deep into her.

“Good, I want you to cum hard.” His voice was muffled by her breast as she squeezed his head down onto it in response.

She was hovering on the edge of her climax, the fierce heat inside her just about ready to explode through her body when she felt the tip of his finger press against her sphincter as he thrust the other two into her pussy. A jolt of unexpected pleasure added to her arousal before it moved away again, but then, as he drove back in, that same fingertip returned, this time pushing just a little way inside her anus. The sensation alarmed her enough to put off her orgasm while her brain tried to cope with the mixed messages.

“Oh god, Alan.” She wasn’t clear in her own mind if it were complaint or encouragement.

He pulled away again, and this time she widened her knees ready for his thrust, pulling her legs further back to give him greater access, unthinkingly giving her consent to his trespass. This time, when he thrust back, his third finger pushed into her backside, going deep into her rear passage, intentionally extended to explore her rectum.

“Oh god, Alan, no!” Her protest was insincere; the words made a lie to her partner by the response of her body, and to herself by the wave of pure delight that swept through her.

He continued to finger her, but now all three of his fingers probed and thrust into her two passages together, pistoning back and forth without ever quite leaving her body. It felt so good. She closed her eyes, unable to face even the privacy of the empty house while she let him push his finger right up inside her rectum. It was dirty, kinky, and it was such a fucking turn on. She hardly dare, even to herself, that it aroused her greatly, even though her delayed orgasm was now back and ready to burst inside her.

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