What Once Was Innocent Ch. 10

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*Sorry it took so long! Lots of things going on. Enjoy!


Makayla sat softly in the leather occasional chair across from Garrett and Rebecca?, who were sitting on opposite sides of the couch. No one said a word. Larissa faced Garrett.

“Well I suppose I’ll just have to start. Garrett, can you tell me just what in hell you were doing upstairs with you daughter?”

Garrett cleared his throat. He felt the stinging fear of what this could all lead to. His heart raced in his chest. His daughter interrupted.

“Larissa, look I know it looked bad, but really… it’s not as it appears.” Makayla knew the answer wouldn’t fly.

“You expect me to believe that you and your father, naked in your room, with you obviously sucking his penis, wasn’t what I thought it was?” Larissa sat firmly, glaring and the little teen tart.

“Okay, so it was what it looked like!” Makayla shouted. “What business is it of yours? What my father and I do is no ones business except ours.” Makayla sniffled as the oncoming tear began to emerge from the corner of her eye.

“It may not be my business, but I’m sure if any one else were to find out, your father would be in a ton of trouble.”

“You wouldn’t,” Makayla dared.

“No, I most certainly would not. You’re right, it is your business. You know I’ve grown to love you both. You’re very dear to me and I would never want either of you in a situation that would separate you. Kayla, I’ve known you since you were just a little girl. But you know… this… this isn’t normal.” Larissa closed her eyes and shook her head.

“What is normal, Larissa? I mean, look at you. You and your husband have sex with anyone you want. Is that normal? Mom is fucking your husband behind your back, which happens to be Dad’s best friend. Is that normal? You sleep with women. Is that normal?” Makayla shifted her body in the chair. The leather creaked, alerting the silence in the room. Larissa seemed to be searching for something to dispute.

“And may I ask how you know all about Liam and my marriage?” Larissa glared at Garrett, but he was sitting as still as a statue, staring at the floor.

“No, he didn’t tell me anything. You forget so easily. You babysat me. While you and Liam were off in your room, fucking for hours on end, leaving me unattended, I found your little home video conveniently laying under a copy of a movie you knew I’d want to watch. You should label those a little more inconspicuously.” Makayla folded her arms in defiance. Silence. “By the way, just how old was that little blond girl you and your husband seemed to be having so much fun with on the video?” Garrett’s eyes lifted to his daughter, in curiosity. “She didn’t look much older then I was back then. And what were you three playing? I seem to remember her dressed in a little flowery dress and calling you both Mommy and Daddy. I watched her stand in front of you as Liam peeled her panties down her legs and then you slowly inched your hands up her inner thighs, up under her dress. Should I go on? Should I tell you about how I saw Liam fucking you from behind while you licked the girl’s obviously hairless pussy? Should I tell you how I watched as you calmly whispered to the girl that it would only hurt for a minute, just before your husband proceeded to forcefully stuff his cock inside her? Or how about when she cried out, ‘It hurts Mommy,’ as you held her down so that Liam could finish taking her virginity? Or the fact that you both left me in a room to see these things at such a young age? So, should I go on about what all happened at your house, while you were supposed to be caring for me?” Makayla’s arms opened in a gesture to continue.

“Um, I… I didn’t know that video was out. I must’ve…” Larissa stammered.

“You knew it was out. If not you, Liam knew. You probably left it out intentionally. You wanted me to see it. But you still haven’t answered the question. How old was she? 12? 13? 14?”

“She was of age, I assure you. She just looked very young. And what we were doing was called role playing. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.” Larissa seemed to be uncomfortable.

“Oh I’ve heard about it, sure. But I know when a girl is of age and when she’s not. So you tell me, what exactly is normal? I love my father with all of my heart. And he loves me. And as you’ve seen, this is all my doing. He is completely innocent. He has never forced himself on me or, for that matter, ever even said anything out of the way to me. I am solely the reason for what is going on with me and my father. We don’t need to explain anything to you. We welcome you into our home and you think you’re going to question us when there is plenty about you and Liam I’m sure my father would be very interested to know about.” Makayla’s eyes cut to her father.

“There is?” Garrett had finally entered into the conversation.

“Let’s not get away from the matter at hand, now.” Larissa tried to regain control. “Now I’m not at all judging you and saying that it’s wrong. I know I Girne Escort shouldn’t have been nosing around a house that’s not mine. I saw what I saw and I just hoped that you two could help me understand.”

“Well now that you’re in the hot seat, so to speak, we’ll tell you. Nice job changing the focus off of you by, the way. But if you need to know so badly…” Makayla looked at her father for approval. He just stared, empty at her. “I have been incredibly attracted to my father for as long as I can remember; even before I knew what sex was. It went way past being a normal adolescent wanting to marry her daddy because he was the only man she knew so well. After that phase, I still had this unknown feeling about him. I loved the way he held me and kissed me and always made me feel like I was the most beautiful creature on Earth. He has always been so gentle. I don’t think he’s even raised his voice to me. He has been the reason I am strong and smart. Mom never took time away from herself to bother with how her daughter was doing in school, or for that matter, what I wore to school. Daddy always took me shopping and helped me with homework. He had time for me, always.” Makayla’s tear fell from her cheek.

She laughed, obviously thinking of past memories.

“I remember how he felt slightly uncomfortable walking through the women’s underwear department, while I picked out new panties and, eventually, bras. He always seemed to be the only father taking his daughter shopping. But he found out, soon enough, that the mother’s around us weren’t so much thinking he was a perv. They were actually surprised, and most often, attracted to him for it. They would gradually make their way to him and bump into us and make small talk. Now I see that they were totally flirting with him. That’s when I first noticed that other women were interested in my daddy. And it made me jealous. Most older people forget that children learn certain things that they probably shouldn’t at very young ages. I, of course, didn’t know how to actually have sex at that age, but I sort of knew the requirements for it. You know, getting undressed, touching, kissing and being close to each other. And, at that age, I didn’t know that daughters shouldn’t have sex with their daddies.” Makayla smiled at Garrett shyly.

“So, out of jealousy, I thought the only way to keep the other mommies away from my daddy was to emulate what I had seen on television or heard from other kids at school. And yes, kids talk about sex. They may not understand it fully, but they know. Anyway, I had never been a private little girl. I ran around in panties through the house all the time. Daddy bathed me most of the time. So I was comfortable around him. I would ask him into the changing room, undressing in front of him and getting his approval of the outfits I had chosen. He obviously had no idea what children liked to wear; especially little girls. But I would take cues from what I had seen or heard and began mimicking them with Daddy. I know now, he never, for once, assumed what I was doing. I would ask him to take my pants or skirt off, while I took of my tops. And hug and kiss him while I was still naked. I always loved coming into the living room and parading my new outfits for him. I lived for his affection and approval.”

Garrett and Larissa sat silently, knowing Makayla had never admitted this to anyone.

“I remember the first time, I practiced what I had seen on Bandy, my teddy bear. I would slide his head up under my skirt and lightly sit down on his little, hard button nose and move back and forth against it. Then, eventually I started taking off my panties and doing it. I remember an odd sensation I had when his nose would hit a certain spot. Later on, I would sit on Daddy’s lap, as I had always done, and slowly began making the same movements. I was curious and it seemed that’s how grown ups did things. I guess he thought I was just a jittery little girl, with too much energy. I just remember how it felt really good.” Makayla waited for any comment before she continued.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I actually learned how to have sex. A friend of mine and I were at her house and she showed me some porn sites on the internet. At first we were bewildered, amazed at how the two people enjoyed it; or seemed to, anyway. Then we found some lesbian sites and acted grossed out at them. But we were both curious. After a while, she and I decided we would practice kissing like teenagers with each other. And, so, one thing eventually lead to another and we began exploring every thing we had saw the other girls do on the internet. I just remember how amazing the sensation was, having her lick my pussy. How it made me shiver in delight and how at a certain point, I couldn’t breath because it felt so good. I remember how she tasted and how her pussy felt to my tongue. So that’s when I learned what an orgasm was. And you know what they say, once you start, you can’t stop.” Makayla Kıbrıs Escort laughed uncomfortably.

“I would lay in bed, almost every night, and think about seeing the man and woman having sex. I would close my eyes an imagine a man on top of me, with his dick inside me and his body moving into mine. I grew so curious about how it might feel. I knew how it felt to be licked, but that had to feel even better. But every time I imagined the man fucking me, it was always my daddy who was doing it.” Makayla saw the expressions on both her father and Larissa face, to the revelation.

“Not long after that is when I started testing the waters with Daddy. I started developing quite early and I thought I had become a woman. Daddy still took me shopping and I still invited him in. Actually I had to beg him to come in. He knew the time of innocence of him seeing his daughter unclothed was over. But still, I persuaded him, as I always have. I had learned sensual ways that women disrobe in front of men, by then, and I used it on him. I would slowly take off my pants and shirt and laugh as I twisted my body around in front of him. He hadn’t seen me naked in quite some time and I remember his curious looks as he saw my breasts. Not sexual looks. Just looks that I’m sure he had never seen a girl blossoming. I stood there, only in my panties, for him to approve. But he didn’t. He just turned away. I felt like I was losing him; like one of those other women would take him away from me. So I asked him for his approval. I asked him if my ‘boobies’ were pretty. He didn’t look at me but he said yes. And then said that I was growing up too fast. I asked him to look at them and tell me honestly. And as his face turned toward me, I stepped closer to him. He was sitting on the bench and I had to be only a foot from him as he looked at them, then up to my face. He said yes, that they were pretty.”

“I began touching them, squeezing them in my hands and told him that they felt weird. I told him that they were really tight and felt so big. His eyes never left my face. He was obviously embarrassed. He wouldn’t look. So I asked him to feel them. He changed the subject and said we needed to hurry. But me being the way I am, I asked until he finally gave in. I remember how his huge hands felt as they touched and squeezed my young breasts. I felt the familiar tingle between my legs. I felt myself growing wetter in my panties for the first time.” Makayla held her breath and sighed lightly as if she were, again, growing wetter from the memory.

“That same day was the day that I had grabbed a pair of thongs that I had seen older girls wear. I thought it was strange how it could be comfortable, but the older boys seemed to like them a lot. So I turned away from my daddy, but I didn’t move away. I stood directly in front of him and slowly inched my panties down my hips. I knew he would surely look with me being so close to him. I remember them clinging to my pussy as I pulled them down lower. I bent over, all the way, until they gathered at my feet. I knew, if he was looking, he could see how wet my pussy had gotten. I was close enough to him that I could faintly feel his breath on my bare skin. As I stepped out of the panties, I lost my balance. I don’t know if I did it on purpose or not, but I fell back on Daddy’s lap. He had to open his legs back when I stepped closer to him. Out of reaction, he quickly reached for me, hoping I wouldn’t fall and hurt myself. I remember his hands grabbing my hips firmly. I made a lot excuses and apologies, just long enough to sit on him. And I felt him. You know… I felt his hardness against me. I don’t think he was thinking rationally anymore from what I was doing in front of him. But I sat there, taking it all in. I bent over to retrieve my panties from the floor, and as I did, I worked myself against him as hard as I could. As I rose back up, I slowly ground my pussy into his crotch. I knew, at that moment, he knew what I was doing. I turned and smiled at him, laying the panties on his thigh.” Makayla lightly groaned. She shifted her weight again in the chair.

“I stood up, standing in the same place as before, and picked up the pair of thongs, again, bending over. I stepped into them as slowly as I could without falling over, letting his eyes go wherever they wanted. As I pulled them up close to my butt, I turned to him so he could see my pussy from the front. I had never felt such excitement in all of my life. To see that small hint of attraction from him was unbelievable to me. To me, he was actually accepting me again. I pulled the tight thong up and asked him what he thought. He just nodded his head and said that it looked nice on me. He stood up, from being uncomfortable with me there, I guess. I turned and shook my butt in front of him, laughing, then turned around and asked if I could have them. When he said yes, I immediately pressed myself against him, hugging and thanking him. I remember how it felt for my breasts Magosa Escort to be against his body. I looked up at him and kissed his lips, then turned to take them back off. I again pulled them slowly down my legs, bending in front of him. As I stepped out of them, I backed up against him, pressing against his crotch.”

Makayla realized she seemed to be really enjoying the recollection, which wasn’t exactly helping the situation. She stiffened her body, deciding she should get to the point.

“Larissa, I don’t really have an explanation about why I feel this way… I just do. There is something deep inside of me that desires my father. Times have completely changed since you were my age and I know you wouldn’t understand where I’m coming from. It’s no secret that mother doesn’t love Daddy the way the he deserves; if she loves him at all. And I know you’ve thought the same thing. When I was old enough to realize it, I wanted so much for him to be happy. I felt like it was my duty, well more so, my honor, to make my daddy happy. Regardless of what it was. I do not think of how things have progressed between us, as sick. It just is what it is. He has not brainwashed me or done anything unless I have asked… well, more like begged for him to do. If anyone is at fault, it is me. I have teased him beyond the point that any man can stand. I know that I am a beautiful woman…”

Larissa interrupted, “Makayla, you are beyond beautiful. There are honestly no words to describe your beauty. You are, most certainly, the most gorgeous young woman I have ever seen in my life. I can somewhat understand with what you have said. I too was a little girl once, and I remember that I always swore I would marry my father. I know it’s just something little girl’s do before they become aware of how things work in life. And yes, I will agree, that I too actually had thoughts about how it might be to be with an older, more experienced man when I was young.” Larissa paused, swallowing the lump down her throat before she continued. “I will admit, I have had thoughts, in the past, of doing certain things with my father. I think most girls with reasonably attractive fathers, have at least had some sort of thoughts. My father was a very good-looking man, as is your father. Garrett is a very, very handsome man. He’s very young-looking for his age and I agree, I see women go out of their ways to get a good look at him or talk to him. So, in a way, part of me could understand.”

“Oh, it’s not just women. My friends have told me, quite bluntly, that they would fuck him in a second. They’ve been saying that since before I can remember. That starts to wear on the mind. Every female near him wants him to completely ravage them, with not a care in the world of any consequence. I can see it in their eyes; in their actions. I see my father’s attraction to me as the most incredible compliment I could ever get. It’s no secret that I get so many compliments from other men, that it has become annoying, in a way. But to have the only man on this entire planet that shouldn’t dare think so, actually thinks I’m sexy. Not only sexy, but he fights with his rational thinking, his morality, to keep his hands off of me. And I’ve made that impossible. I’ve all but thrown myself at him, more times then I can recall, and still he resists me. I don’t know if I just have a very disturbed mind, but my own father being sexually attracted to me is the most intoxicating thought I’ve ever had. To me, it means more then anyone else could ever know.” Makayla felt herself calming from being able to get it out in the open. She had never even told Garrett these things.

“Putting it that way, it does sound very reaffirming of your beauty. Honestly, it is kind of sexy.” Larissa had realized, hearing the words emit from Makayla’s lips, had actually began to turn her on. Listening to her sweet voice recalling such naughty thoughts and the way she had teased her own father, she had visualized the memories in her mind.

“Well, Larissa, think of it this way. Who is the one person in this entire world that loves you more then anyone? That one, and only, person would do anything for you. Even die for you. He protects you, listens to you, loves more then anyone else ever could. He would never let you down intentionally. He is the epitome of every thing you consider a man to be. He is strong, but completely gentle. He loves selflessly. He gives without accepting, or even wanting, in return. He is stern, but also caring. You can still see the sweet, funny little boy inside of him. He makes you laugh like none other. He understands you fully, completely. You respect him more then any other being in your life.” Makayla paused. Maybe that person had never existed for Larissa. She lovingly gazed at Garrett as she continued.

Larissa had an enormous welt of emotion coming over her at that moment. She could feel her throat contract and her eyes becoming watery.

“That man is everything a man should be. No one could ever match up to him. He is not concerned with anyone else, when you are the focus. He does not turn away at head-on questions or obstacles. He doesn’t fuck around on you, knowing instead, of the devastation it would cause you.” She paused. “Have you ever had the honor of having a person like that, Larissa?”

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