You Won’t Remember This Ch. 04

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To those of you who have been waiting for the continuation of this series, I apologize. For those who haven’t read the first 3 chapters, you may want to start there to catch up. Thanks for the supportive comments.


Tuesday evening:

At home I started homework, but my thoughts were miles away. When 10 o’clock rolled around I packed up and took a shower and get ready for bed. Then I sat down to watch some TV, but picked up my phone and checked emails. Sure enough there were two. I opened Kathy’s first.

She said:

“You won’t believe what happened tonight. Now I’m only telling you this because I know you’ll enjoy it…lol. Denice came on to me! I stopped by her place on the way home and we were chatting and as we did, she led me to the bedroom in front of her mirror. Then she was saying how she admired my boobs. Finally she challenged me to take off my top. I said I will if you do.”

“Then she started giggling saying as we stood there topless she was picturing us totally nude! I sort of giggled, not knowing what to expect and she said, shall we? I couldn’t believe my ears, but she grabbed the elastic of her shorts and began to lower them waiting for me. I guess I just followed suit.”

“Next thing you know we were standing there making out and then rolling around in her bed. But you know what? I ate her this time without her being under your influence. And she really came hard…lol.”

“Not sure what to make of it all. I wonder what will happen when we get together again. I wish I was there right now to see your reaction…lol.”

Then I opened Denice’s email:

“Well it happened. I suppose my dreams were a sign of something after all. Kathy came back to my place after we left you just to chat a bit before going home. But I was horny and I guess she was too. She stood behind me at my mirror and began praising me for my breasts. That of course didn’t help my horniness at all…lol.”

“Then she asked if she could see them! I said I will if you do. I was horny and I didn’t want to be the only one there topless. Once we took off our tops, I dared her to take everything off and we both did. From there on it was just sort of a blur. One minute I was kissing my best friend naked, then th next I was in bed with her.”

“Now remember, I’m only telling you this because I trust you. I would die if you ever told a soul about any of this, especially Kathy. But having mentioned my dreams, I figured you deserved o know your analysis was spot on…lol. It is so strange to me. I don’t ever remember having any thoughts about other girls until this happened. She is an awesome lover though!”

Funny how different the two saw the same event. Or maybe that was their mental defenses playing tricks on them. In any case I replied to Denice first:

“Wow, you went from dreams to reality in what, 24 hours…lol. I’m happy for the two of you so I won’t make any jokes. I’ll bet that was a hot evening though. Thanks for confiding. You know it’s safe with me.”

To Kathy I wrote:

“Well, to be truthful it doesn’t shock me all that much. After all you already showed signs last night when you “tasted” her…lol. It didn’t take any convincing to get you to try it direct from the source so to speak…lol. Do you think it was a one time thing, or maybe more?”

I went in and downloaded the video of tonight and watched it, fast forwarding through to the good parts. As I watched, it was recent enough in my memory that I could almost smell their flowery scents and the musky aroma that drifted as they played on the bed. I had to play again so I rewound it to the closeup of Kathy licking Denice’s clit and just let it rip.


The next day school went as usual – boringly. No one called emailed anything until late that night again and then two more tests, one from each of them. I received Denice’s first, so I opened it. It read:

“Kathy and I had dinner tonight at my place. We were only slightly backward about discussing last night. Once we started, we couldn’t stop. She told me she not only enjoyed it, but that she’d always wanted to try that with a girl. She said she never had because she never had the nerve or maybe never found someone she trusted enough to try it with. We both admitted that it was exciting and quite different to sex with a guy. No offense, but guys, even when they try to take their time, still don’t take it as slow as a girl.

“Of course discussing it… well it got us both turned on and… well eventually we ended up in my bed again. I suggested she Taksim Escort sleep over but we both had to be up for work in the morning so she did leave.”

The emails went on and on, line after line. It’s a strange way to read about such a personal experience, but she was giving details. The in the midst of her email, I got the first one from Kathy, but I continued and finished Denice’s first:

“But I have to tell someone. I went down on her this time!” she said. Here they were continuing where I left them and I was missing out. I had to do something about that – after I finished reading their sordid tales.

I opened Kathy’s next:

“I was invited to Denice’s tonight for dinner. Nothing fancy. She made taco salad…lol. But it was obvious there was more to it than dinner. At dinner she began to bring up last night and she said how much she enjoyed that. I had to admit I did too.

“Then after we cleaned up, I sat on the couch and she came in and sat next to me. We were like two schoolgirls, grinning, blushing and not knowing what to say. We both knew what the other was thinking, but neither had the nerve to do anything for a bit, so I turned and just kissed her.

“Well one thing led to another and we were removing clothing so she suggested we go to the bedroom. Well you can imagine the rest, except that this time she went down on me!”

So at least their stories were straight. I replied to Denice first:

“So what did you think of your first experience of giving oral to a female, assuming it was your first since you said you never had these ideas before.”

Then to Kathy I replied:

“Sounds like the two of you are becoming an item! I guess my days of sex are over…lol.”

In that short time I received a reply from Denice:

“I have to admit, it was quite exciting…lol.” That was it. She was excited.

Shortly Kathy replied:

“No way! I enjoy men too much to quit on them (or you)…lol. But since you brought it up, I was thinking wouldn’t it be fun with the three of us?”

Now she was talking! I replied:

“So how are you going to introduce her to our incest…lol”

Her reply:

“Leave that up to me…”


Thursday and Friday’s classes drug on and I mulled my way through them. Friday after school, I got a call from Kathy saying to meet her at my place around 4. She said she’d explain then what it was about. No time for it on the phone.

She arrived at 4 and I said as if perturbed, “Ok, what’s up this time,” hoping it had to do with a 3-way. It did, but not in the way I had hoped.

“I was thinking,” she began, “that maybe somehow you could hypnotize Denice into thinking she’s known about us… you know… what we have going on… all along.”

“How? I asked. “I thought you said you’d take care of this part.”

“Well, I was thinking that while she and I made love, I’d throw in something about having played around a little with you,” she began. “But then I realized she’s an only child and she wouldn’t have any idea what it might be like to live with a brother for years and see… well suddenly see a man there.”

“Oh Kathy, I don’t know,” I said. I was still not very knowledgeable about hypnosis and wasn’t sure that if I simply did that, she might start wondering in her memory, how she ever knew what she knew. And I did know that if thoughts like that ever occurred, it could trigger her mind to begin remembering things I definitely didn’t want her remembering. I tried explaining this to Kathy, but it also occurred to me that if Kathy knew too much about hypnosis, she too might begin to be suspicious.

“Well what do you suggest I do then,” Kathy asked, clearly frustrated. It was something I had thought about after Kathy said leave it to her. I wondered how she’d handle that or how I would if I were in her shoes.

“All I can think of is sort of lead her into asking you.” I said.

To which she blurted out, “And how do I do that?”

Thinking a bit to put the pieces together I answered, “I suppose there is no hard and fast recipe, but I’d do it along these lines. Somehow broach the question as to whether she had ever thought about making love to me.” I blushed as the words came out of my mouth. This was a tangled affair. “It has to be timed right and I’m not sure how to get to that point.”

Kathy sat in thought and finally said, “OK then what?”

“Well, then it becomes a bit easier. You just ask leading questions that make her return questions, such as have you ever Ümraniye Escort wondered what he looks like naked or whatever. You want her to become inquisitive and ask if you have. Then be sure to act embarrassed in answering, although I’m sure you will be,” I laughed. “I’m sure each positive answer will bring more questions. Don’t admit right away that we’ve made love. Make her pull it out of you, and even then, don’t say yes, just look down and let her assume it.”

She though a bit more then said a bit unsure, “OK, I’ll see what I can do.”

I smiled. The discussion ended, I said, “Well now that that’s settled, would you like a relaxation session, or would you rather have sex!” I no sooner said that and I regretted it. She looked momentarily surprised. I was worried about connecting sex with the hypnotic relaxation sessions. Had I blurted it out by accident?

But her expression went immediately to a smile and she said, “Come to OUR bedroom.” I followed her and she an I spent the rest of the afternoon in bed, fully aware of what we were doing and with total abandonment of any societal conflicts.


The weekend crawled by until Sunday morning when I received a long email from Denice. I had wondered what the two of them had been up to and why no email and this explained it. Denice had a date on Saturday evening. It was a guy she had be casually dating off and on. The email began:

“I had a date last night with Tom. You know him. He’s the guy I introduced you to at Clare’s wedding reception.” I did remember him. He was tall without much of a build. He reminded me of the typical nerd, but then maybe I was a bit jealous even back then that a guy like him could get a date with someone like Denice.

She continued, “Again I don’t know why I feel compelled to tell you any of this. There is nothing between Tom and I. But again I needed to tell someone. For no reason at all, I ended up taking him back to my place and having sex with him. I had no feelings for him whatsoever, yet I did it. I hope you don’t think badly of me, but women do get horny just like you guys…lol. He was an attentive lover and I got what I needed. But I feel I used him and he’s a nice guy and I wouldn’t want to hurt him. I feel bad.”

I wrote back, “Don’t feel bad Denice. You gave this guy something he’ll never forget. You shared a very personal part of yourself with him, and it isn’t like you do this with every guy you meet,” I replied thinking she hasn’t offered me any. “He’ll get over the feeling of infatuation, and always have the memories of a beautiful young woman giving him her all.”

So anyway this explains why there was nothing between Kathy and Denice. Yet I was bored and I wanted to speed the process up. I emailed Kathy pretending of course I knew nothing of Denice’s date and asked her how she was doing in getting things arranged. I got this back from her:

“Cool it little brother. This takes time. She had a date last night. She and I are going shopping this afternoon, and probably then to dinner. I hope to be able to initiate the subject and get her on board. But I need to take it slowly. I have to feel her out to be sure she might be OK with it. I’ll keep you informed…lol”

Then there was nothing… for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Finally, around 9, I received an email from Kathy:

“OK, it’s done. Whew, I didn’t think anything would be that tough. Trying to tip-toe into something like incest with a close friend without losing them is a huge challenge. You never know how they might feel. So I began the approach with a small inkling of the subject while we were shopping. I just sort of smiled to myself when she was looking and she asked what I was smiling at. I just said Oh nothing, knowing she would push for more.”

“We were passing through the mens underwear and she asked again so I pointed to the underwear. She looked confused and asked what I meant and hadn’t I ever seen men’s undies before. I smiles mischievously and said softly, have you ever wondered what Michael looks like naked. I was embarrassed saying that so it appeared quite natural. She looked shocked and asked what brought that up. I just said it just popped into my head.”

“She didn’t answer, but instead she finally asked do you? I just gave her one of those naughty guilty looks. She said finding it hard to say it quietly, ‘You’ve seen him, haven’t you!’ I just gave another naughty guilty look. She said this time a bit louder, ‘You have haven’t you.’ I just said ‘shhh… later’ and I winked.”

“In the parking lot even before getting into the car to come home, she started on me. Tell me now all about it… When did you see him… How much did you see… What were you doing… How did it happen. ‘You’ll think I’m terrible’ I told her. ‘No I won’t. Lots of brothers and sisters have spied on one another.'”

“With that I didn’t answer but looked serious since this was the crucial moment. As she was driving, she glanced over several times trying to read my face and then suddenly said, ‘You did more than spy!’ and she was laughing. I took that as not being upset so I said, ‘Don’t tell anyone will you please!’ She said ‘OK, but you have to tell me the whole thing.’ I said I would so I began on how things started and progressed right up to eventually, by the time we got to my place, about how we ended up making love.”

“‘And you never told me any of this!’ she said. ‘Me, you’re best friend… now your lover!’ I kissed her and said that is isn’t something you go around bragging about. She said, ‘I should pull those pants down and take you over my knee and spank your little ass.’ I just grinned and she said so you think I’m joking. Then she grabbed me and pulled me to my couch where she started pulling down my pants. Instinctively I fought but not very hard. She had my pants and panties around my knees and I couldn’t move much, then she sat and pulled me over her lap. I couldn’t believe what was happening.”

“She began to spank me rather sharply at first, one cheek then the other fighting off my defending hands. She trapped my arm away from her using her knees to hold it and the other she pinned to my side as she continued. I gave a few small yelps at first but as she lightened up they became moans. I’m sure we were both quite horny by then.”

“The spanks became pats and they moved all over my rear, down one thigh and up the other very teasingly. Then soon she was rubbing. I was going crazy. I then used my arm trapped between her knees to reach up to her crotch clumsily. With that he hand slid up my inner thigh and between my legs and she said, ‘Does someone want something?’ as she lightly touched me there. I just rubbed my thumb over the material between her legs in answer. She said that we should move this to my bed as she helped pull me up off her lap.”

“Then she headed in undoing her pants as she walked. I took off my shoes pants and panties so I could walk and followed. When I arrived, she was stepping out of her shorts and panties. She smiles straightening up and slipped off her top. Then, watching me do the same, she undid her bra. But then she sat on the bed and said, ‘OK get over my knee!’ I was a strange feeling but it felt so erotic and playful that I did it.”

“She started to spank me again more symbolically than hard saying, ‘So you’ve been having sex with your own brother (slap) and not telling your best friend (slap) and enjoying him all by yourself (slap) and most of all not sharing him (SLAP)’ that one hurt and I jumped a bit, but spreading my legs for balance…lol. Her hand slipped up between my legs and she began to give me one beautiful rub. Then she inserted a finger and I started to really get into it. With that she’d slap me to hold still. More pumping and another slap when I moved until the whole thing became erotic, both the pumping and the slapping were in rhythm to my orgasm! Wow. So I think she’s ready…lol.”

After reading all that I texted her asking if she had given her a nice spanking in return. Her return text was simply, “No she made me get on my knees and eat her!” I left it there and went to the bathroom and wanked before going to bed, not noticing another email from Denice.

Next morning though, while eating my breakfast, I read hers. I wondered if she’d say anything about Kathy and I. That was answered right from the start:

“Well Michael, your little secret is out…lol. Kathy told me about you two and she told me she had told you she was going to. So here I confide my soul to you and you have a secret like this one! That doesn’t seem quite fair. What’s up? Anything else you’d like to share? But seriously, I always knew you two had a special relationship. It’s great to see a brother and sister who care so much for one another. And she told me how wonderful you always make her feel. I sort of envy her, not having that strong a relationship with my brother.”

So, was she coming on to me there – without the aid of hypnosis? No, I suppose she just meant jealous that her brother wasn’t that close. And finally the cat was out of the bag so to speak. Yet there was another hurdle to climb. Getting one of them to suggest a 3-way, even though none of us have ever done that. I decided to wait to see if one of them would arrange it to happen rather than the need for more hypnosis.

To Be Continued…

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