A Cousin’s Reunion

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As a child one of my most favorite places in the world was my grandparents cottage. It was a rustic little place on the shore of a reservoir, set back in a large pine woods in Wisconsin. At night the wildlife fluttered around the cabin lights and by day the wildlife ran or flew from tree to tree in an unending ballet of wild motion. I cant begin to count the number of hours I spent sitting with my grandmother soaking a worm off the dock for bullheads and perch. It was a love of fishing that I just was never able to fully satisfy.

My cousins and we were there frequently in the summer, and while I didn’t always get along well with my one brothers and sister, Julie, the closest in age of my four first cousins, and I got along well and when I wasn’t fishing I was hanging out with her. We didn’t see each other nearly as much in the colder months, since my dad’s job seemed to move us farther and farther from them every few years. But summer was our chance to catch up and talk about all kinds of stupid stuff. I just enjoyed spending time with her… even if she was a “girl”.

Over the years that closeness seemed to fade as we moved farther away and our families got together less frequently. From once every couple weeks it turned to once every couple months. Fall turned to winter and we would get to sled together or play some pool in their basement. Seemed like we did the traveling, but I didn’t mind. I still enjoyed catching up with her when we got together.

The years didn’t seem to change the cottage much though. It was still the same little cottage, the only amenities being running cold water and electricity. We had a flush toilet, but if you wanted hot water you had to make it on the stove. That meant that cleaning up at night wasn’t a bath or shower, but a sponge bath out of the sink. I got very adept at washing my whole body in little more than a liter of water. The lake began to change though. Much of the timber that was flooded when they created the reservoir was being cut off by the feet thick ice in the winter and new fishing holes opened up, if you knew where the original channel was to get to them.

Time finally came when I finished high school and moved out on my own, starting work as an electricians apprentice. It was ok work and it gave me plenty of weekends off to drive the four hours up to the cottage for a weekend of relaxation with my grandparents. My grandfather taught me the routes to get to the good fishing and I loved going out in the old aluminum mirrocraft, the thirty five horse mercury engine making the light weight boat fly across the top of the waves with only me in it. I can’t even begin to count the number of hours I spent slow trolling the mudflats for walleye and northern pike.

As the first winter came in Indiana, I continued to work as an electrician, doing industrial projects with other electricians of the company. I had a knack for it and quickly learned the methods and codes required. I was often assigned to some of the most complicated wiring projects because I could visualize in my mind how each of the components worked. However when work was slow I was often relegated to those kinds of tasks the more senior electricians didn’t want, like changing lights in a parking lot in a snowstorm. Yeah, that was when I decided there had to be a better way to make a living and maybe, just maybe the idea of going to college wasn’t such a bad idea.

Needless to say it wasn’t too long before I was enrolled in a program at Purdue, which would unfortunately take me two more hours away from my favorite place in the world. But that was the cost of improving my options in life.

As my last summer came before school started I spent as much time as I could at the lake, knowing that I was not going to get many more chanced once it started. The amount of time I spent up there also meant I connected with Julie quite a few times as well, spending a lot of time talking about both of our upcoming school years. Even though she was a year behind me, because of my year out working we would end up as freshman at the same time. I could tell she was torn, her current boyfriend was going to go elsewhere, and as much as she cared for him, he seemed to think that his departure to an out of state school was the end of their relationship.

For myself… well I was between women, having recently broken off the engagement with the woman I had been going with for nearly a year. That in itself is another story, but the reality was, I was single and that was fine with me.

My last week at the cottage was going to be alone, my grandparents unable to be there because of their own jobs. I took the whole week off of work and went up to just relax one last time before moving down to West Lafayette. It was a great week with many hours of quiet fishing being spent. In the morning I would sit on the peer and watch the sun rise, the ripples of the lake making the morning sun dance on the trees. It was probably the most peaceful I could remember in a long time. It was Thursday, and I knew I had only one more ensest sikiş hikayeleri day and I was determined to make the most of them. After a nice breakfast of eggs and sausage I put the boat in the water and headed out with a lunch packed, headed for farthest of my fishing spots, not expecting to be back till early afternoon.

It took nearly an hour of motoring to wind my way through the old channel, the trees sticking out of the water only feet from me at times, before I made my way around the last bend to where the upper dam was. As I had anticipated, it was flowing water to hold the reservoir I was on at level while the power company dumped water through the turbines in the lower dam to make power. I rigged my rods and spent the next few hours trolling back and forth across the humps and shoals in the channel and pool created by the water dumped from that upper reservoir. The trip had been worth it and I caught quite a few nice fish.

Of course the disadvantage was the distance I had to go. Now, with lunch well past, it was time to head back to the cottage. My arm was pretty tired of pushing and pulling the tiller when I finally made the last turn around the island and headed across the open water toward the cottage. As I approached the dock I throttled down, surprised to see someone laying out in the sun on the dock.

“Jules! What are you doing up here?” I asked as I eased the boat in next to the dock and shut down the engine.

“Decided to come up for one last trip before I had to start school.” She said as she got up and grabbed one of the ropes from me to tie the boat to the dock.

Over the years I had watched her fill out and had to admit that there was a fair amount of sexual attraction on my end, being stopped only by the fact that she was my cousin and it was deemed….well…wrong for cousins to have sex. This was the first time I had ever seen her in a suit like this though. It was an incredibly skimpy white bikini, the bottoms barely big enough to cover her mound and definitely not large enough to cover much of her well tanned butt. As she bent over her easily C cup tits strained against the small triangles of cloth that made up the top, held in place only by several small strings. From my vantage point down in the boat the view was….spectacular!”

“Glad you came up. Wasn’t expecting you though.” I said as I looked up at her standing on the dock above me, a few whisps of blond hair peaking around the extremely tiny covering over her crotch. I could see there was a dark spot on the white material that had to be wetness from her pussy. The thinness of the suit allowed the outline her meaty outer pussy lips to stand out before the white material narrowed and disappeared between her legs.

The reaction in my shorts was immediate and distinct, with my hardon filling my shorts by the time I gathered my lunch cooler and other odds and ends. She held a hand out for me and I took it as I climbed onto the dock, standing nearly a half foot taller than she was. I looked down at her as she reached around me to give me a hug, noticing that her nipples were hard points jutting out of the front of the tiny white triangles of suit as she moved in against me for the hug.

“Glad we could connect one last time.” She said as she pulled her body tightly to mine, her hips pressing against mine and my hardon pressing against her soft body.

“Me too.” I said, trying not to let my cock override my brain as I felt her hard nipples press against my chest.

It seemed like forever before she finally released me, and keeping one arm hooked around my waist, walked next to me, her hip riding against mine as we walked back up to the cottage.

“So what are your plans for this afternoon?” she asked as we walked up the path through the trees to the cottage.

“Well, I was thinking about a swim.” I told her as we approached the cottage. “It was getting a bit warm out there. Then I have to clean some fish.”

“Oh, you got a few?” She asked.

“Yeah. I got three keepers.” I answered as I pulled the screen door open and let her walk inside in front of me. It was almost gloomy inside after all the bright sunshine outside and I did my best to not fall on anything as I walked through the kitchen area.

“Sounds like a fish fry tonight then!” she answered cheerfully as she headed to one of the bedrooms.

I headed to mine and pulled the bamboo slat curtain closed behind me before digging for my swim suit. I started stripping off my clothes as I called to her. “SO you’re not swimming with me?”

“Oh yeah, I am.” She called back from her room.

“Oh. Just wondered. You already had a suit on and all. I thought you were changing out of it.” I said as I pulled my underwear off and stood completely naked, my cock still rock hard.

“Oh, I couldn’t swim in that one. It would show way too much if it got wet. It’s just meant for tanning.” She called back.

“Not too much for me.” I mumbled as I stepped into my own trunks, my cock bobbing with each beat of my heart as I thought about how she looked in that white suit and how it might look wet.

“I heard that.” She said with a giggle punctuated by the snapping of elastic.

“Ooops.” I said quietly as I pulled my trunks up and tied the string around my waist.

“Are you trying to tell me that you want to see my body?” She called, her voice filled with tease.

“Any guy would want to.” I answered back, feeling a bit self conscious as I heard the curtain to her bedroom, the one next to mine, slide back.

“Well, thank you for the compliment.” She said as she slid the curtain to my bedroom back, not asking if I was dressed or not. “I think your body is pretty good looking too.” Her eyes fixed on the huge boner I had in my trunks. She had changed out of the white bikini into a more modest two piece suit, this one more like a pair of low cut shorts and a halter top, the two large triangles covering her round tits tying around her neck and across her back. “Now are you ready to go?”

“Yeah.” I answered, stepping into a pair of flip-flops and picking up my swim towel. She stepped back and let me out of the room before falling in behind me as we headed toward the door. Once outside she stepped next to me and wrapped her arm around me again, encouraging me to do the same, now that my hands were more free. I felt her hand rest on the waistband of my swim suit as she pulled herself tighter to me, reaching for my hand that was around her waist to pull it tighter. She held my hand against her body, slowly sliding it down as we walked, until it rested on her hip, practically pushing the material of the short shorts down as we made our way down the boat ramp to the lake.

“Come on. Last one in is a rotten egg!” she called, as she ran down the dock and launched herself off the edge into the deep water.

I was a bit more hesitant, not being a particularly strong swimmer and being a bit more leery of the deep water. The shoreline had a nice gentle slope to it for the first thirty feet or so before hitting the edge of the old river channel, dropping off to thirty feet deep in only a few feet horizontally. The channel curved around the small bay the cottage sat on, hooking back out and around the point only a little ways down. The dock stood on the edge of that underwater chasm, allowing the boats to float in the deep water without having to be placed in it itself. Just down the shore a few dozen yards was a nice sandy point that was much more fun to hang out on in my opinion.

Reluctantly I walked to the end of the dock and dove in, surfacing to follow her as she slowly stroked along the shore toward the sandy point. “This is nice. I was getting pretty hot.” She called across the water as I did a slow breast stroke to follow her.

“Yeah, I was toasting. If you weren’t on the dock when I got back I might have just jumped in then.”

“Clothes and all?” she called.

“Oh probably not.” I called back.

“Oh…Skinny dipping then! Naughty!”

“Maybe. But now you’ll never know.” I answered.

“Awww too bad.” She said as she slowed and put her feet down, finding the soft bottom in about four feet of water. She stood up, her tits just above the water level, and waited for me to catch up.

“If you were so keen on skinny dipping, why didn’t you just wear that white suit then?” I teased. “From what you said, it would be about the same.”

“There you go again, trying to see my body. Someone might think you have a thing for your cousin.” She said as she dropped back down into the water and floated as I approached.

“You know, you keep saying that, someone is going to think you want your cousin to be checking out your body.” I answered as I stood up, wiping the water from my face.

“Ohhhhhh so now I’m the bad one?” She called as she rolled over and dove under the surface of the dark water. The visibility in the lake was never good, usually only a foot at best, and on some days much less than that. I could follow her by where the swirls of water kicked up, but wasn’t able to see her per se. I lost track of her and turned around, expecting to find her pop up behind me. I felt her hands close around my legs and then she popped up behind me, in the same direction as he had started. “Gotcha!” she cried as she whipped the water from her face. “You’re it!”

She dove back behind herself and kicked away as I tried to run through the water after her, my steps in seeming slow motion. “Slow poke!” she cried as she gave a few kicks and then floated just out of my reach. With a sudden lunge and dive I grabbed an ankle before she could escape and pulled her back to me, wrapping an arm around her and lifting her out of the water before tossing her, giggling and screeching several yards away.

“You’re it!” I called, keeping the game of water tag we had played so many years ago, going.

“Ohhhh I’ll get you for that!” She cried in mock anger as she tried to run in the water, knowing that the “rules” prevented her from swimming after her quarry. I tried to run toward shallower water when my long legs would give me an advantage, never being one to try to out swim her. She was after all, on the swim team in high school and could easily beat me in that contest.

I made it to shallower water and ran down the shoreline a short distance before turning to see how far behind me she was. That was a mistake because just as I turned back toward her, she launched herself at me, wrapping an arm around my waist and dragging me down into the knee deep water. I plopped into the water on my backside and soon found her standing at my feet, lifting one of them into the air to tip me backwards before she turned and took off, taking huge splashing jumps to put distance between us while I was still trying to right myself.

“You want me to toss you again?” I asked as I was getting my feet under me.

“Gotta catch me first!” she called with a laugh, easily ten yards down the shore by that time.

She tried to continue running, but the water got a bit deeper and her legs just couldn’t clear as much, bringing her to a slow plod. My longer legs were now to my advantage and I quickly made up time on her as she turned toward deeper water where she could try to swim. I cut the corner off on her and dove for her, getting a handful of suit bottom as I flopped into the water.

“EEEEEE” she squealed as I went under, quickly trying to get my feet back under me. I popped up out of the water in time to see her pulling her bottoms back up, getting a quick glimpse of her blond curls before they were covered by the green material again. “So that’s the way you want to play?” she said with a laugh. “Boy are you in trouble now!”

I took her at her word and tried to take off for the shore once again, only getting a few short yards before I felt more than heard her splashing behind me. I felt her hands close around the legs of my trunks and try to pull them down, the snugness of the drawstring keeping them from sliding more than a couple inches down my hips.

“No fair!” she cried as she pulled harder as she was drug along through the water. With her arms wrapped around my leg I had little chance of getting away, but I continued to struggle toward the shore as her hand reached around my waist, pulling herself up my body. Before long she managed to topple us backwards, both of us falling back into the thigh deep water. I twisted and turned to try and break her grip around me, both of us laughing like crazy as I tried to escape. I could feel her hand trying to find the drawstring to even up the odds as I tried to push her off my body. Finally I had done it, broken her grip and was free.

I stood up in the water and started to run, getting only a foot or two away before I felt her pulling on my red trunks again, only this time they didn’t stay on my hips and quickly slid down my thighs to my knees, tripping me and making me flop face first into the water.

By the time I had recovered my suit was around my ankles and she was running the opposite direction, looking behind her and laughing hysterically. I stood up, my hard cock sticking out like a flag pole and pulled my suit up before taking off after her. This meant war!

She dove into the water and disappeared from site. I knew she would come up, but from where. I looked around for long seconds before spotting a swirl to my left. I turned and took off toward it, hoping to catch her as she came up for air, only she didn’t come up. I waited, expecting her any second, only to be surprised as she came up behind me.

“Gotcha!” she cried, grabbing my suit and jerking on it again.

I whirled around, this time not bothering to fix my suit immediately, knowing that if I did she would get away again. I dove toward her, feeling my suit slide down my legs but trying to ignore it as I reached for her body. I wrapped an arm around her waist, planning on pulling her from the water, but instead, she pushed my arms down, trying to slip away.

She broke my grip and I grabbed for anything I could as she slithered out of my arm, getting a hand full of material. I felt her kick and squirm under water as she tried to get away, finally leaving me with a handful of cloth and nothing else.

I popped to the surface, realizing that I had her bottoms in my hand but not her. I held them high in the air as I stood in the waist deep water, waiting for her to come back for them.

“I win.” I called as she came to the surface.

“AHHH You!” she cried as if angry, and launched herself back at me, giving me a quick glimpse of her creamy white ass as he dove under water. I waited for her to come up and try and get her bottoms, only to have her pop up behind me. She jumped in the air, wrapping an arm around my neck and trying to climb my body to reach her bottoms, which were well out of reach. Unable to get them, she tried to topple us over, finally knocking both of us into the water. I felt her slide down my body before rolling us over, ending up with her on top of me. I pushed off the surface and tried to get my legs under myself as she wrapped her legs around me. I felt her pull my arm and tried to extend it as her strong legs clamped around my body.

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