Steve , Sara

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Alison Tyler

Steve & Sara

Steve and Sara were fuck buddies. They were both married but the difference was that Sara’s husband got off on watching Sara fuck Big Black Cocks but Steve’s wife was not aware of Sara at all. However, Sara was trusted to maintain confidentiality.

So when Steve showed up at Sara’s place her husband was expecting him and invited him in. Hubby was going to be an observer of their sexual encounter but Steve didn’t mind. It was part of the adventure.

It was Summer. Sara was dressed in a relatively short skirt and a T-shirt. She had on a thong and no bra. Steve had on a pair of shorts with red briefs underneath and also sported a T-shirt. He could see the impression of Sara’s already erect nipples pushing against her shirt. Steve remembered the pictures Sara had posted on an adult dating site and in one of them her nipples were very much pronounced.

Sara took a liking to Steve and although he did not possess a big black cock, his average size white cock was a welcomed change of pace for Sara.

Steve’s cock was starting to grow beneath his cloths and was Sara’s pussy starting to get wet in anticipation of what was to come.

They approached one another, wrapped their arms around each other and proceeded to kiss. Their tongues wrapped around. They took turns sucking on each other’s tongues while there saliva mixed generated by the strength of their emotionally driven deep kisses.

Sara could feel Steve’s now erect penis pushing against her groin. Her thong was getting soaked by the vaginal liquids seeping out of her cunt. Steve slid his hand up Sara’s thigh to reach her pussy and feel her slit through aile içi seks hikayeleri the material of her underwear. Sara agreed to shave off all her pubic hair before Steve got there. So now when he put his finger around her thong, he could feel the smoothness of her vulva as he inserted his finger into her cunt hole. Steve licked Sara’s pussy juice off his finger.

As Sara was standing there, Steve got on his knees and put his head under Sara’s skirt and then reached up and pulled down her brief excuse for a pair of panties. Sara spread her legs a bit offering Steve complete access to the most personal parts of her femininity. He licked her cunt. His tongue slid up and down her labia and into her vaginal hole. He nibbled on her flesh and pushed his tongue hard against her clit. Her juices flowed into Steve’s mouth as he savored every drop. His continued intense lapping, sucking, nibbling, tongue insertions and sliding of his tongue from Sara’s clit to her ass hole gave Sara an unmitigated intense and violent orgasm. She squirted all over Steve’s mouth and face as she screamed in pleasure and delight. Steve enjoyed every second of Sara’s explosive orgasm and continued to savor all the ejaculation Sara’s cunt had to offer.

Steve stood up, removed Sara’s skirt, thong and T-shirt and then removed his shorts and his own T-shirt. The sight of Sara totally naked was enough to cause Steve’s cock to spring out of the pp hole in his underwear briefs. It was Sara’s turn. She got on her knees and proceeded to suck Steve’s rock hard erection. She was an expert. Her vast sexual experiences including blow jobs gave Steve the cock sucking of his life! She wrapped her tongue along his shaft. She moved her head so that his dick moved in and out of her mouth from the tip of his penis head to a deep throat where his balls were in her face. Sara continued her skillful blow job until Steve couldn’t hold it any longer. His entire body started to shake as he climaxed while releasing what seemed to be a gallon of his cum into Sara’s mouth. Her mouth was so full of Steve’s sperm that it was dripping down her chin. Steve then gave Sara an experience which she may not have had before, he kissed her. They shared his jism as she mouthed Steve. They mixed his cum with their spit and each swallowed a fair share of it. They gazed into each other’s eyes and smiled, having had their first orgasms of the evening.

Sara’s husband who was naked himself by now and stroking his cock as he watched, went to the kitchen and came back with a six pack of beer. As Steve was downing his brew he posed the old joke, “Do you know why beer comes out so fast?” Answer, “It dosn’t have to stop to change colors.”

Steve was recycling while he started to feel another familiar urge. His beer wasn’t stopping to change colors. He had Sara sit on the bed with her feet on the edge of the mattress and her knees parted and her mouth open. Standing in front of her, Steve directed a steady stream of his hot piss into Sara’s mouth. She loved it and swallowed as Steve continued to let his urine flow. Her gave her another mouthful and proceed to piss down the rest of her body. He drenched her tits in his salty liquid. Sara was able to bring her nipples up to her mouth and lick them off. Sara instinctively knew what Steve wanted to do. She reached down and spread her pussy lips. Steve’s aim was good. His pee saturated her cunt. He then moved in closer so that he could continue his piss stream into Sara’s vaginal hole. He penetrated her cunt, giving her a very different kind of douche!

Steve liked the odor and taste of his own pee. So when he went down on Sara this time he got a mouthful of his own pee mixed with her own natural fluids which were flowing heavily once again.

Steve asked Sara to get on her hands and knees in the doggy position. They both enjoyed anal sex. Steve stuck a finger into Sara’s ass hole and moved it around to loosen her up but he needed some lubricant. He maneuvered his cock under her cunt while holding it with his cupped hand. “Now you piss.” he told her. She obliged and showered Steve’s dick and filled his hand with her golden urine. Steve rubbed her piss on his prick and then started to penetrate her brown hole. He moved in slowly feeling the tightness of her sphincter muscle on his penis head and then his shaft. He went all in, and then out increasing his thrust with each stroke. He could feel the climax starting to build, as his balls slapped Sara’s ass. Sara was able to support herself with one hand while masturbating with the other.

In the meantime, Sara’s husband’s cock was stiff and aching as he watched his wife and Steve getting it on. Steve graciously waved him over. Sara turned her head so that she could suck on her husband’s cock.

It was a three-way explosion. Sara’s husband filled her mouth with his cum. Steve filled her ass with his cum and Sara, one again felt the tremor of her body in a mind blowing climax as she rubbed her clit.

They were all out of breath when they sat down and finished off the six pack.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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