A Mile Up And A Few Fingers In

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One summer, my whole family went across the globe for a vacation. We went site seeing, saw a few relatives, etc. I couldn’t go away for that long, since I had work, and was only able to get like a little over 2 weeks off. On the other hand, the rest of my family was going to be there for about a little over a month. I was supposed to fly back alone, stopping at a few cities, including Tokyo, before arriving back in the United States.

I already had my ticket, a window seat on the right side of the plane, and I figured I would just sleep or watch movies during the whole trip back since I was all alone. But that didn’t last long. My dad got a call from his job, and after all was said and done, he was going to fly back home with me early. Since he booked it so late, we couldn’t fly seated next to each other, but the airline accommodated the best they could and put him in the aisle in front of me.

During the flight, which was very long and exhausting, we stopped a bunch of times at different cities. I had a middle aged married couple sitting next to me until we go to Tokyo. There, they got off, and a young Japanese girl sat next to me. The third seat in our area was now empty, and I was going to ask the girl if she would move down one seat and have my dad sit next to me for the rest of the flight back to the United States. Unfortunately, I started the conversation with her without really looking at the third seat. I began talking to her, and she knew English, but she had a bit of an accent and I could tell she didn’t understand every word I was saying, but basically just the gist.

In mid conversation, I noticed the third seats TV was now turned off, so I stopped myself and told her never mind about the whole switch. Only now it occurs to me I could have still done the switch and had the flight attendant turn the TV back on, but too late now. In the end, it turned out better for me, so maybe my lapse was meant to be in hindsight.

Anyways, so I spent most of the rest of the flight watching güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri movies or playing tetris. I got bored really fast and even though I would get drowsy, I never could fall asleep. One time, I nearly fell asleep. I didn’t even notice, but I began to close my eyes and lean on the girl next to me. I woke up only to find myself with my head almost on her shoulder and my hand in her crotch. I didn’t move immediately the moment I woke up, and notice that she wasn’t squirming or even trying to move my head or hand. Eventually I got up and apologized. She just smiled at me, and it was then that I noticed she was kinda cute. She had mid length straight dark brown hair and a nice little nose. I thought about maybe talking to her a little more because she was cute, but didn’t really try.

With about 6 hours left in the flight, I was quickly getting really bored and actually really horny. Everyone on the plane had a blanket, and while I had one covering me, and so did the cute Japanese chick next to me, I didn’t want to secretly masturbate on the plane. I began to look over at the girl next to me, and my mind began to wander. Eventually, I got an idea to be a little naughty with her.

I pretended to try to go to sleep, and I moved my hand so it was basically resting on the side of her thigh, just to see how she would react. Once again, she didn’t do anything, and continued to watch whatever she was watching on her little TV screen. I then decided to go further, and began to rub her thigh. This time she did move a little, this time noticing, but she didn’t move my hand, only just looked down at her thigh and stayed silent. I kept rubbing her thigh, and finally got the guts to look up at her face. It was rather pleasant and surprising to see her just look back at me and smile. I then for some reason got really nervous, and moved my hand.

A few moments later I began to try again, this time not even bothering to pretend I was sleeping. I began to rub her thigh güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri again, this time, her inner thigh. Just like last time, she didn’t really react much, just let me rub her thigh under her blanket. I then got more guts and moved to her crotch. I then began to rub her crotch through her pants and she was no longer just smiling but seemingly beginning to kinda enjoy what I was doing. I was then that the lights on the plane almost completely shut off instead of just dim. Even though there was less light, I once again freaked at the mere flickering of the lights, and I pulled my hand back again.

I then didn’t touch her for about an hour. I had no idea why but I just felt maybe I did all that she was going to let me with her. I reasoned with myself maybe she was too shy to tell me to stop or maybe I was kidding myself she was enjoying it. She also didn’t talk to me at all during this hour, and I figured maybe our little moment of putting our guards down was over. But then she shocked me. She turned her head towards me and motioned and whispered how everyone on the plane was now basically asleep except for us two. I didn’t understand what why she said that until it suddenly clicked.

I then reached my hand from under my blanket into under her blanket. I then began rubbing her crotch again through her pants. She was smiling and I noticed her breathing was getting a little heavier. I then decided to just go for it, and began to pull her shirt slightly up and slid my hand down her pants and into her panties.

The second I touched her pussy, I began to remember back to what one of my friends told me once. She had told me that Japanese girls, and basically Asian girls in general, didn’t really shave down stairs. I now knew exactly what she was talking about, as I felt bush the second I was in her panties. It totally turned me on, even though I had to kinda rummage through to find the folds of her pussy lips.

She wasn’t really wet yet, so I began güvenilir bahis şirketleri to rub her clit a little, which was nice and hard now. As I touched and rubbed her clit with my thumb, her breathing began to increase even more, and she seemed a little flustered now. I didn’t want to her to make too much noise as what we were doing, so I stopped stimulating her clitoris and decided to stimulate something a little less sensitive. I was basically feeling her blind, but I finally found the opening of her vagina, and decided to slide a finger in.

I had my index finger inside her, and began to finger her. I looked up at her face and saw her head leaning back and her eyes slightly shut. I then slid my middle finger in as well, so I had two fingers inside her, and was finger her harder. She responded very well to that, and she was now clearly wet and moist. I then felt I could put at least one more finger in there, so I slipped in my ring finger as well. I now had three fingers in her and was filling her up as best I could. I was now really getting into it, and I could even see the motion of my hand even though she had her blanket covering almost all of her.

As I continued to finger her, She was getting more and more wet, and she was letting out very slight moans now. I began to look around almost paranoid to see if anyone was noticing the noise she was making, but everybody was asleep and I hadn’t seen a flight attendant in over an hour.

I then continued to get her off, and she began to get even more into it. She now began to not just sit back and let me masturbate her. She began to move and squirm slight, and after a while, she began to move her hips, and was almost humping my hand now. She got so into it, that I was no longer fingering her and she was doing all the work. Before I knew it, it became almost gushing with wetness, and I knew she was cumming. She let out a slightly loud moan, and I totally freaked again. Thankfully, no one even noticed, and i slid my hand our from her pussy.

The rest of the flight, we kept exchanging naughty looks, but the lights eventually came back on and they served food. Shortly after that, the lights stayed on and we started our decent into the airport. We landed and after we both stepped off the plane, I never saw this girl again. But I will never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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