Crosswinds Pt. 02 – Dark Currents Ch. 05

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Awesome Cock

***Author’s Note: Series contains graphic scenes of incest***

15 YEARS AGO – Diana pressed her hopeful face against the window as she watched the driveway. She grew unsure of how long she sat in the same position in her room, curled in a ball on the window seat.

“MOM!” Out of frustration, she bellowed. “I thought you said Jenny was coming over!” When she didn’t receive a response, Diana hopped off the seat and dashed through the door, ripping down the stairs, two-at-a-time before jumping down the last four. “MOM!” She screamed again.

“I-AM-ON-THE-PHONE!” Rochelle whipped around the corner and grabbed Diana’s collar. She pushed her into the nearby study and closed the door after her. “Hello?” Rochelle resumed on her conversation. “Yes, sorry. My daughter. So don’t we know why the first quarter budget files were corrupted?”

As Rochelle’s voice faded down the hall, Diana made herself comfortable on the sofa, where she had a full view of the driveway. Heart occasionally skipped a beat in anticipation. Soon she heard the echos of a motorcycle engine, then the blurred figure jetting up the winding driveway. “MOM!” Diana yelled. “IT’S JENNY!”

The cyclist came to a stop several meters from the front door. Jenny’s figure was the spitting image of Diana’s envy; She was a tall, slender woman with buzzcut blonde hair. Rochelle rushed out to meet her, and it was clear to anyone with eyes that Jenny was also the spitting image of Rochelle.

Diana watched her mother retrieve pull a small package from her coat pocket and unceremoniously passed it to the younger woman. The pair shared a few short words before Rochelle turned back to the house. As Jenny counted the thick stack of bills within the envelope, she looked up at the window at the sound of the little round girl knocking happily.

Diana waved the most exciting wave, much to Jenny’s dismay, who threw up a single wave before hopping on her bike and revved the engine. Within another few seconds, she was zooming down the driveway again, disappearing around the patch of evergreens leading to the main road.

Disappointed, dejected, but not surprised, Diana moped back to her room and flipped open her home. After speed-dailing the first number, she waited for the other side to pick up. “Hey,” Diana said flatly.

“Hey,” Maddi replied.

“I just saw Jenny,” Diana said. “She came to get money from Mom.”

“I saw her in town the other day,” Maddi added. “But she wouldn’t talk to me.”

“Me neither,” Diana sighed. “She’s so cool, though.”

“Yeah,” Maddi swooned too. “How many other sisters do you think we have?”

“We’ll never know. Our futa-sisters hate us because we’re so close to Mom.” Diana said. Then she hesitated before asking a difficult question. “Maddi, do you hate me? Y’know, because I get to live with Mom?”

A moment of static silence blurred before Maddi answered. “No, Di. Of course not. I have my own Mom.”

“I love you, Maddi.” Diana sniffled. “You’re my best friend.”

Typing away on her laptop for well over two hours, Maddi found herself pleasantly surprised. The coursework at Moringa was much more challenging than she anticipated. She continued to work diligently on her historical analysis of the 19th amendment to the U.S. constitution until her thin fingers were cramped.

“I shouldn’t have doubted you, Mom.” Maddi smiled to herself. She reclined in her chair and stared outside her dorm window. The fading purple sun still warmed her face. “I’m so lucky to be here,” She said.

Then Maddi’s muscles tensed as the dorm flew open. Mallory slung her back to the floor and hopped on her bed. Pulling her phone from the back pocket of her skinny black jeans, Mallory busied herself in a text message as Maddi returned to her typing. This studious silence continued for several minutes until.

“Maddi,” Mallory said. Maddi didn’t respond, but instead ceased typing and turned to her dorm mate. “I know we haven’t talked much, but I need to ask you for a favor.”

“You treat me like shit for a month, then ask me for a favor?” Maddi cocked her brow.

“Never mind.” Mallory rolled over and returned to texting.

Maddi took several measured breaths, feeling less tense. “What is it?”

Mallory dropped on her phone. She brushed her shaggy ginger bangs from her eyes and straightened her lips. “I need you to help me with a DNA test.”

“Oh?” Maddi perked up. She recently acquired much experience in her many paternity tests and was happy to help. “But I didn’t think you had any kids.”

“I don’t.” Mallory sighed. She pulled her elbows in and propped herself up. “In this case, I’m the kid.” Then a painful pause. “And I want to see if we’re sisters.”

“You?” Maddi gasped. “And me?” She allowed the words to hit her. “So you want to see if Rochelle Masters is your futa-mom.”

“Wanna know what a lot of the girls in my group home thought?” Mallory asked. “They said your mom made those shelters for futanari so she’d sex hikayeleri have a place to store all her children.”

“Yeah,” Maddi said under her breath. “I can see why you’d think that. But it’s hard to imagine because s-she was,”

“An actual parent to you?” Mallory finished. “It’s like she had two tiers of offspring, the few she saw and cared for, and everybody else.”

“She tried her best,” Maddi started. “She gave money to whoever-”

“She was a deadbeat.” Mallory spat. “I don’t care how you spin it. She could’ve given away her whole fortune. What if I just wanted to be held?” Mallory coughed out her tears, not realizing how much she worked herself up. “I’m sorry,” She recoiled. “I shouldn’t have said all that. I don’t even know if she’s my futa-mom.”

“No, it’s okay.” Maddi reasoned. “Even if you’re not my sister, I know there’s plenty of them that were never held.”

“Anyway,” Mallory sighed. “They’ve got those mail-in tests at the drug store. I’ll walk into town and get one.”

“Want some company?” Maddi tried to smile.

Mallory said nothing but nodded after some thought.

Diana stewed at the table alone. The white overhead lights shone with a harsh brightness, making the visiting room appear well-lit, but cold and sterile. As she watched the dozen other inmates meetings with loved ones, she wondered what she’d say to her mother if Rochelle walked in.

“Having fun yet?” Diana’s mother smirked as she sat down across from the smooth white table, a look a pity covered her face. “Diana, what are you doing here?”

“You know why I’m here,” Diana muttered, looking away. “I hurt that girl.”

“Uh, huh,” Rochelle nodded. “And when are you going to pay for what you did to the house?”

“Mom,” Diana whispered.

“Seriously, Di,” Rochelle asked. “Why’d you do that?”

“You know why,” Diana glared. “That house was a prison.”

Rochelle laughed. “As opposed to this?”

“You know what I mean!” Diana snapped. “You never cared about us. Christy and I only lived with you because our Mom died. She loved you, but all she was to you was just another girl you couldn’t stop coming in. She killed herself over it, and you took us in out of guilt.”

Rochelle sat speechless as tears stream down her daughter’s face.

Diana sniffled and blotted her eyes with her sleeves. “I understand why you kept fucking my Mom. You’re my Futa-Mom, and I’m just like you. I can’t stop either. But for the love of God, why couldn’t you have just come down her throat that night instead of making me?!?”

“Diana?” Mary asked. “Who are you talking to?”

Diana looked up. Her visitor finally walked in. Then she glanced at the empty seat, dumbfounded. “Nothing,” She wiped her face again. “Nobody. Please sit down.”

Mary hesitated, running her angular, skeletal fingers through the frays of faded red hair. But her resolve strengthened once Diana recovered from her episode. Garbed in a modest outfit of light-washed denim and long sleeve navy polo, the waif of a woman sat cross-legged across from Diana and smiled. “It’s nice to see you again, Diana.”

Diana blushed. “I can’t tell you how much it means for you to come to visit me.”

“I think I owe you that much.” Mary maintained a modest tone. “You’ve been a great deal of support for me as well. Thank you for helping me get over your sister.”

“To be honest, I’m not over her either.” Diana sighed. “Maddi is a sickness. Even when you recover, you’re still scarred for life.” Then her face softened with a half-smile. “Were you able to make that delivery we talked about? And were you able to record her reaction?” Once Mary gave a timid nod, she smiled. “Good girl.”

“I feel guilty,” Mary stretched her stringy arms across the table.

“Don’t buckle on me now, love.” Diana cooed. “We’re just getting started. Is it okay if I call you that?”

Mary’s alabaster skin reddened, and she smiled awkwardly. “No, I don’t mind. The letter you sent me was very romantic. And the story you wrote along with it was sexy.” She gushed. “But the main character seemed so pretty. I have a hard time believing it was me you were writing about.”

“Of course it was, love,” Diana said. The tips of her dried pink lips turned upward as her voice dropped into a seductive octave. “All the things that I did to her in my story, I want to do with you.”

“Wow,” Mary whispered. “But what about Maddi? You want to do things to her too?”

“Oh, yeah.” Diana glared with wide, predatory eyes. “She’s going to get what she deserves. I think she’ll enjoy it at first, but before she understands what’s happening, it’ll be too late.”

“I don’t know,” Mary cleared her throat and laughed with nervous energy. “At one point, I loved Maddi. She was my girlfriend. And even though she betrayed me, it’s hard to think we’re plotting to-“

“SHH!!” Diana grabbed her arm and hushed Mary with the utmost urgency. “Mary, you do NOT repeat what we’re going to do to her in this porno hikayeleri building. Do you understand?”

Mary recoiled, feeling scolded. “I’m sorry.”

But Diana smiled. “It’s okay, love. You’re still angry at her.”

“Yeah,” Mary admitted. “Especially now that she’s at Moringa University, able to start a new life.”

“She’ll be back.” Diana squeezed Mary’s thin wrist. “And we’ll wait. I’ll be out in another year.” Then a table in the far corner caught her eye. Jackie sat across from a board, muscular man in designer jeans and bright flannel. She initially suspected they were related, but the way they held hands suggested otherwise. “Hmm,” She hummed to herself.

“Is something wrong?” Mary asked, head whipping around.

“It’s probably nothing,” Diana replied. “That’s my cellmate over there. Her visitor looks familiar. But I can’t imagine where I’ve seen him.”

“Are you like her?” Mallory’s blunt question busted the silence as the pair slid across the uneven payment. She swung the plastic bag behind her that banged against her exposed knee.

“No,” Maddi said quickly. She knew what her roommate meant. “I mean, I’m trying to be the best person I can be.”

“That sounds suspicious,” Mallory quipped.

“I have a lot to make up for,” Maddi confessed.

“That’s a respectable thing to say.” Mallory’s voice sounded encouraging. “But how?”

“Come again?” Maddi stopped.

“How are you going to make up for it?” Mallory repeated. She looked around at what was once a quiet, rural main street. Now car sped by the multi-lane road at 30mph. She raised her voice to carry over the roaring engines. “Like what are you doing to make yourself better?”

Maddi shrugged. “I hadn’t thought about it, I guess. I’m just trying not to make the same mistakes again.”

“Huh,” Mallory smirked. “Okay, then.” As they headed down the winding road out-of-town, Mallory watched Maddi back to the bustling town. She visibly shuddered before resuming her pace. “What’s wrong?” She asked.

“Somebody was following us,” Mallory said, voice full of worry. “I could’ve sworn I felt her-A girl from my old college.”

“I dunno,” Mallory jabbed her bony elbow into Maddi’s bonier ribcage. “You just sound a little girl-crazy. When’s your girlfriend coming?”

Maddi frowned and shook her head. All the while, a vision of a young freckled woman kept flashing from the corners of her eyes.

Diana’s toes curled at the apex of her orgasm. She stuffed her face full of the pillow and screamed into the cushion. At the same time, Jackie’s slammed inside her with a final thrust. Diana shuddered as Jackie’s pulsing body stiffened against hers; A rush of hot cream filled her the cock inside her exploded.

“Fuck,” Diana hissed. Once Jackie’s cock slipped from her hot body, she flipped on her back and yawned her thighs. “I think I’ll just let this marinate for a bit.” Her fingers found Jackie’s dripping deposit. She played with the sticky strings as she watched her lover hop back to her bunk. “So who was your visitor today? Brother?”

“Boyfriend.” Jackie huffed. She climbed back to her bunk before her spent body collapsed.

Diana giggled. “So I’m the other woman. You didn’t even have the courtesy to inform me I was a pawn in your infidelity.”

Jackie afforded her a hoarse chuckle. “Travis wears many hats. Boyfriend, dealer, pimp. He’s the one trying to capitalize on my time here.”

“Oh,” Diana blinked. “He looked familiar. But I guess there’s no way I’ve met him before. Speaking of drugs, have you found any coke yet?” Diana asked.

“You interested?” Jackie sat up.

Diana sighed. “Might as well. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. Your cock can only do so much, y’ know.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Jackie’s voice lowered to a concerned tone. “Is that what got you in here? You got popped.”

“No,” Diana said with sadness. “As it turns out, I have a real problem with consent. I gave a girl my baby, but I made a mistake not asking her beforehand.”

“There’s a word for that, Diana.” Jackie spat. “You know that, right?”

“I know,” Diana clutched her temples. “She wasn’t the only one. Another girl was asleep. Then, other girls, I didn’t force them, but I certainly bullied them out of their clothes. You probably think I’m crazy, and maybe I am-but it didn’t even dawn on me how wrong it was. Then my first week in jail, I think I sucked a dozen different cocks. It was just Sandy at first. She was nice enough about it at first. Then she asked me to blow her friend, and then another. Then that Friday, I was escorted to the showers where Sandy’s whole lunch crew lined up and came down my throat one-after-another. I don’t usually mind swallowing, but some of them tasted so vile. I threw up on myself and doubled over. Then they circled me and glazed me with a second-round from head-to-toe. I must say, as dirty as I felt, I’m impressed they could come so much. I nearly drowned.”

“They seks hikayeleri still brag about that,” Jackie noted.

“Of course,” Diana reasoned. “Why wouldn’t they? Young pretty blonde with a rich pedigree. I was ripe for defiling. The only thing saving me from getting full-on gangbanged was my pregnancy.”

“Mmhmm…” Jackie’s voice wavered.

“Yeah, I’ve done so many bad things.” Diana gazed at the bottom of Jackie’s bunk as she muttered to herself. “Such a bad, bad girl.” Under Jackie’s light snoring, Diana rolled from the creaking bed and dripped over to the window. She admired the quiet of twilight lockdown as she resumed her dark monologue. “God, I know I’m bad. But please, please, please let me do one more bad thing-one more wickedly bad thing to punish my sister. Let me be your angel to punish, Maddi. I still have a year to plan what I’m going to do to her.”

“Shots fired on the corner of 34th and 1st,”

“Jackie?” Diana whispered with concern.

Her sleeping cellmate tossed about the bed and continued her groggy mumbling. “Be advised. A plainclothes officer on the scene.”

“Jackie,” Diana closed in on the bed, carefully reaching her hand out to her shoulder.

Jackie’s eyes shot open as she snatched Diana’s arm with an audible slap. Confused and wild-eyed, she stared at the frightened blonde for moments before Diana’s mind begin assembling the pieces.

“You’re a cop,” Diana’s glare sharpened. With her scarred hand in full view, she pondered more. “You’ve been fucking me, and you’re a cop!”

“The fuck are you talking about?” Jackie scowled. “You got your hands on some coke early?”

“That man. He’s not your boyfriend.” Diana deduced. “I remember now. He carried me down my driveway after my house caught fire.”

“Go the fuck to sleep,” Jackie threw Diana’s hand away and turned over.

“Okay, Officer Whatever-Your-Name is.” Diana taunted, her devilish grin returning. “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. The only thing I feel like talking about is the pharmaceutical distribution ring I stumbled upon.” Jackie turned back around as Diana went on. “It’s obvious now you’ve been looking for drugs. You’ve just been looking at the wrong people.”

Jackie cocked a brow. “And who should I be looking at?”

“Ooooh, no.” Diana cooed. “I’m not saying anything else until my lawyer is involved. This scandal is worth early parole.” Jackie turned over without another word. “Jackie, I promise I won’t say anything about what we’ve been doing. But since this’ll probably be our last night together, I think you should fuck me again.”

Jackie sat up, perturbed. “Look at the mess you’ve made.” She gestured at the trail of cum leading to and from the door. “Clean up your fucking slime trail before we get in trouble. THEN you can come up here.”

Diana smiled.

Though she put up a brave front for Sunny, Maddi still had reservations as they sat down for the first day of their ‘Futanari Studies’ class. But one thing she could appreciate-Maddi loved the uniform.

“It’s a lot thinner than I thought,” Maddi mentioned as she ran her fingers against the light fabric of her deep green sweater. “I was afraid we’d be sweating our asses off.”

“Yeah,” Sunny felt compelled to admit. Her slate-grey top afforded a bold contrast against her fair skin. “They’re spring sweaters. Probably perfect for winters on Moringa Island.”

“Who cares what it looks like,” Mallory cut in. She sat on Maddi’s opposite and scribbled in her notebook. “It’s free clothing. You don’t know how lucky you’ve had it.”

“Mallory’s right,” Maddi said with hesitation. “It would be an excellent problem to have either way.

The classroom was a standard size on the first floor of the English building and reminded of her old state college’s generic architecture. The girls sat in the rowed seats near the front of the cozy room. “I do love a stripped-down and simple classroom.” Maddi smiled as the door opened. She’d spoken to Ashley Washington before, but only in passing.

The slender girl sat in the front row as Sunny scoffed. “All the money they funneled into this place, you’d think the learning spaces would feel a little more inspired.”

“Do you ever stop complaining?” Mallory scowled.

“Maybe when I run out of things that-” Then the energy vanished from her lungs. Sunny hadn’t seen Olivia Sabella since their first encounter. But the apparent ‘leader’ of Goldenrod House bustled into the room, staring daggers at Sunny and Maddi. “Oh, what fun.” Sunny huffed.

“That’s Olivia?” Maddi leaned in to whisper. “Doesn’t she still want you to join her gang?”

“Good afternoon, ladies!” Dr. Dominika Bykov strode in with an armful of books, wearing the green sweater and skirt combo, as promised. She admired the five young women through the lens of her black cat-eye glasses. “So lovely to see so many beautiful uniforms.” Dr. Bykov unloaded on the front podium before she addressed the class further. “As you’ve noticed, Moringa University remains committed to a low student-teacher ratio. Futanari Studies will be no different, as each class will carry a maximum of six students. For each exercise, we will disperse into pairs, each with an upperclassman and underclassman.”

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